Monday, August 15, 2011

Once It Is Clear Where Everything Is Heading, We Expect To Have Your Full Cooperation and Indeed Why Not, As The Plan Is For Your Ultimate Well-being

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike!
*** gavin

In the heavy vibrations of Duality your physical bodies easily tire, and as each day ends you need to recuperate by taking a period of sleep. Everything is very conveniently arranged so that you have night and day, that fits in with your needs to re-energise yourselves. Consequently you spend around a third of your lifetime sleeping, and you know that it is necessary; as if you are deprived of sleep you become ill. As you rise up so that all changes as you begin to absorb the energy that is around you. Eventually you need little but a short rest period, and no longer require your present intake of solid food to re-fuel your body. In fact your life is no longer ruled by night and day, as you will be in a dimension that has constant light. With your new bodies of crystalline cells, you will find that the conditions in which you live are exactly right for your needs. Be assured when you do not have a heavy physical body, there are no pangs of hunger or tiredness as you experience now.

Many aspects of your lives will change with Ascension, and all to the good. Life will no longer be a chore or a burden. The most noticeable changes will be where your freedom to travel is concerned. In your less dense body you will be able to move instantaneously to wherever you desire, and that means you are always able to contact your loved ones whenever you wish. There is however a provision that requires each souls privacy be protected, and you would first make telepathic contact to gain permission. So in fact, in the higher dimensions you have far greater freedom, and your loved ones and friends are always within contact.

Life on Earth has its high points, but it will never match the advantages of living in the higher dimensions. Perhaps you will find that the most acceptable change is in respect of your use of your time. Where on Earth you often find it difficult to fit everything in, you will experience the exact opposite having all the time you need to follow your pursuits. More so, if you were keen to develop you artistic talent, you could for example “call back” Rembrandt and benefit from his experience. It has to be pointed out that with the higher vibrations you will use your increased powers of thought, and will tend to be more creative with them.

Your lives will bear little resemblance to how they are now, and the benefits will be almost unimaginable. The path to these changes is about to start on Earth, by returning to you your sovereignty and freedom. With it shall come your release from being dependant on out dated methods of travel, medicine and food production. What you have been denied is being enjoyed by the selected few who are part of the covert operations of the Illuminati. You have been deliberately held back, to maintain the old system that feeds the bank balances of those families that are in power. The few control the masses but that is all about to change, and our allies have progressed to the point where the changes can begin. The realisation that you can be lifted up and experience a far better quality of life, will re-invigorate people’s desires and interest in their future. That future is Ascension with all of the changes we have been regularly discussing.

Most important is of course your spiritual upliftment, which is the key to whether you ascend. That is determined by your level of vibration and it must be similar to those of the higher dimensions, if you are to move out of your present one which is the third dimension. As we have often mentioned, there is the Law of Attraction that determines which souls rise up and that applies automatically. It is how your progress or otherwise takes place, and you cannot be in a level other than the one that is consistent with your vibrations. That alone ensures that the different dimensions are always in harmony and balance. On Earth you do have Higher Beings, but they have had to drop their vibrations to be on it. Usually that is for the purpose of serving the Light, and you do in fact have thousands of them with you now, working to raise your vibrations.

We of the Galactic Federation are also part of the Light working teams, and like them we have a specific role to play. As you should know by now, it is to protect you and ensure that the path to Ascension is kept open for all of you that have chosen it. With our presence also comes knowledge of the higher states of being, and glimpses of what your future holds. We are One, and quite naturally there is a mutual attraction between us. You are also genetically connected with us, which is why you will see many humanlike Beings amongst us. We are so much like you that we could easily walk amongst you with hardly being noticed. Soon that will in fact become quite normal, and Disclosure is becoming much nearer to being announced.

In the midst of escalating Earth changes, we pick up a more calming energy that seems to come from the general upliftment of your mass consciousness. We would expect it to continue to rise in view of the ever-increasing levels of Light being sent to you. It is welcomed as there is inevitably going to be a period of some confusion and uncertainty when major changes are thrust upon you. They will of course be understood by those of you who keep abreast of events, and you can do much to share your understanding with others. Fear of the unknown is still very much a problem, but we will quickly explain what is happening as soon as we can. Your support for us is clearly essential, as we desire to involve you in the activities that are our top priority.

Once it is clear where everything is heading, we expect to have your full co-operation and indeed why not, as the plan is for your ultimate well-being. We have the answers to all of your problems, and the inconvenience to you while the changes occur will be minimal. We would say that they will be wide spread and you will be aware of the purpose through each stage of development.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as ever pleased to confirm our willingness to work with you, and you will certainly not be excluded from any of our plans. Be patient now that events are coming to a head, as you must surely realise that we are so near to meeting you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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