Sunday, August 7, 2011

There Are Many Things That Can Be Done To Make This Process of Ego-shredding Much Easier: Most Important ...Sit Quietly and Reflect on Everything

Thank you SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council!
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Message From The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa

It is now time to let those discouraging voices in your head lay to rest. Many people have insecurites as to what they believe, and this is caused by their ego, whom does not want to 'go.' You have all become very close with your egos over the past millenia, so close that it now seems more difficult than ever to peel it off of oneself. These are times that were both prophesized, and spoken about by us many times in the recent past. You are in the intense period right before everything comes to fruition, these are the times we asked you to remain your strongest. These are the times to fully ground oneself in spirit, as earthly things are swifly becoming no more, only to be replaced by the Divinity inside of you all. There are many things that can be done to make this process of ego shredding much easier, and the most important thing anyone can do is to take some time to sit quietly an reflect on everything. This has been said before, but now is the time for reflection of all of you experienced whilst on Earth. You have all been through very much in the last millenia on Earth, and you have learned many difficult lessons pertaining to lower dimensional Life. We will forever and always continue to remind you how proud we are of you all, and you will understand this pride for you once you come to know our true history together. When we say we are proud of you ,we mean obviously not in an egotistical sense. It is possible to feel pride for oneself or another, without ego getting in the way. Like many other things, pride was one of those that had come to be distorted by illusion. This (lessons of pride) has been just one of the many lessons you have been going through.

Allow yourselves to fully connect with the energies of the Divine, and you will see yourselves on the absolute right track. As many of you are beginning to discover, many of your earthly problems are caused by yourselves, and your continued interest in earthly things. We have said many times, everything you used to know is falling away, to be replaced by that which you knew even before your earthly lives. Much will be happening soon in the way of startling revelations, in this sense we ask you all to 'hold onto your hats'. While many of you think this whole thing has dragged on, and change is seemingly never going to happen, we wish you to know that once everytihng does start, it's is going to rapidly pick up. When these original plans were 'drawn up' is was anticipated that we would give you all a waiting period after the inital disclosure, before we went ahead with First Contact. This waiting period is something we still plan to let happen, only now it will be a much shorter period. Where before we were to let a few weeks or even a month go by before continuing this process, the waiting period will now be much shorter. There will still be one, as we have to let humanity have some time to soak these truths in. As always, we expect your controlled media to take advantage of this waiting period, to play upon fears of 'evil aliens'. While the media will no longer actually be controlled once discolure is announced, old habits are hard to break and there will be many journalists, bloggers and article writers reacting out of fear to our presence. For those of you who know the truth about us, those who know we are not evil invading aliens and rather the exact opposite, will be able to see through these 'news reports' just as well as you have been able to see through the rest of them.

What many brand the 'conspiracy media' will also be producing their versions of fear based stories concerning us when disclosure occurs. Prepare yourselves for illusory 'news' with big headlines like, New World Order Working with Aliens to Wipe Out Humanity. They will be prevelent for a short time, as many have fears of us and through the law of attraction, those fears have to be manifested before we can move on with everything. For many who are unawakened this period directly after disclosure will be a rough one, as the presence of extraterrestrials being known takes many out of their comfort zones. We will give much care to those souls who are not fully ready to know these truths, as always we wish we could give more but this is a very big job to do, and it fills us with joy to inform you that the ride is nearly over!

Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and I send my Love and healing thoughts to any who are willing to pick up on them. Much has begun to take form on your surface world, through our efforts and the efforts of your Agarthan cousins. Our excitement grows daily as we watch you all work your ways through the last rounds of what some know as the 'ego game'. You are at the end of learning your lessons in duality, and the finish line is in reach, so to say. Allow yourselves to become the Light at the end of the tunnel, for yourselves and for everyone else. Some have begun to notice that others around them who before would reject any ideas pertaining to extraterrestrials or spirit, are now in their own ways beginning to open up to these truths themselves. The purpose of this ascension is to get as many to ascend with dear Gaia as possible, and daily the number of awakened souls is growing. Dear ones, I ask you to truly ponder this when I say that millions of souls on your planet have and are awakening to the truth in one way or another. You all have your own unique ways of 'getting there' and it has just been so great to watch souls who would have never considered ideas of spirit, now fully investing themselves in such.

When we are with you much will be 'discovered' pertaining to your past with us, and your past with the soul that is Gaia. Dear Gaia has always resonated at the fifth density, but by the actions of those on her surface, her body traveled down as far as the third. Your planet has been close to death, but through our efforts up here and your efforts down there we have brought Gaia away from the brink of death and back to the brink of ascension! It's funny in a way, as the dark ones that now wish they could destroy your planet and all living on it, are actually the very reason your planet wasn't destroyed so long ago! As hard as it may be for some to believe, the dark hats on your planet currently who attempt to refuse to give up power, actually came here to save your planet and make sure all ascended properly, even themselves. The deal was that they would be the ones to balance out the seemingly unending negative karma you had all worked up, by showing you your misdeeds on the world stage. They more than accomplised this, but money and power are highs that have proven very difficult to give up by your dark ones. This has now become a non issue, as they have backed themselves into a corner with the fall of their, unfair at best, empire. Please know that despite the short waiting period after disclosure mentioned before, things will be moving so fast and you will all be very surprised at the speed of the changes.

I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the Pleiadian High Council, send our infinite Love as we ask you all to pick up on it. You will be seeing us in person very shortly, we continue to ask you to ready yourselves for everything that is to be occuring, as Life will never be the same.
Channeler Wes Annac

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