Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Divine Design: A Prosperous & Sane Realm For You To Meet Your Space & Spiritual Families and Resume Meaningful Relationship w/Your Inner Earth Cousins

Oh, what can I say? ...This is SO FLIPPIN' GREAT!
Thank you again, Sheldan, GF and SH.
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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
(emphasis added)

Dratzo! We return. By increments, your world is being magically transformed. The old order, the last dark cabal, is being de-clawed. Those who represent the new way of the Light have taken stern preliminary measures to ensure that the long nightmare through which you have lived for generations and millennia has come to an end. Your period of limited consciousness is in a state of partial hibernation. Events have occurred that are sapping the life out of a once-vigorous dark entity! The dark is watching as its wealth and its formerly vast resources slip away. This is being effected by a series of special agreements, and by some soon-to-be major nations that, using their growing prestige and special diplomacy, are formulating a new economic system and a way to force the dark's major governments from power. Such a shift in power is most disconcerting to the dark. The cabal and its numerous associates are not yet ready to admit defeat and formally permit this new reality to manifest. It is being done for them. Agreements and a special force from Agartha and the Galactic Federation are now preparing the way for your new reality.

This new reality is based on a new financial and governmental prototype that is, in turn, founded upon transparency and organizations designed to serve you, and not various self-interests. This new societal model requires vast input from those it serves. Accordingly, you are needed to interact on a daily basis with these new organizations. Banks and financial services are going to be required to treat each customer as if they were wealthy depositors. In fact, you are swiftly destined to become so. Moreover, the caretaker governance will be requesting your constant input. Bear in mind that government exists in a society to serve its citizens. This need gives rise to committees, town house forums and daily periods where people can address any grievances and provide helpful suggestions for improving the interaction between government and citizen. In this new reality, you will evolve away from the ineffective, dark-oriented reality to one in which it is your responsibility to assist in making the new model work effectively and efficiently.

It is everyone's responsibility to make these new economic and governmental models work. The Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation have provided you the resources to fund this new economic model. The same is true of the new caretaker governments. Here, the various secret societies dedicated to the Light, the Agarthans' liaisons and a number of extremely wealthy and well-placed individuals have come together to ensure these new temporary governments have the necessary expertise to succeed. The essential element is you. Welcome these moments to join together and use what Heaven so miraculously has thrust at your feet. We in the Galactic Federation come to assist, advise and guide you. The Ascended Masters likewise are deeply devoted to seeing these preliminary steps lead to your swift return to full consciousness. Your destiny is assured. The dark's former agents are being prepared for their inglorious exit from your lives. The time has come for a new Light-filled world to be born!

First contact is a wondrous event that is set to happen in divine right time. We are poised to intervene as soon as Heaven so commands. Until then, as you can see, we are undertaking tasks that will assist both our Earth allies and your Ascended Masters in bringing you to a new realm of Light! We have applied our talents to devise a galactic option that removes the dark's last cabal from its former position of unchallengeable power. Your Ascended Masters have formulated a complex plan to manifest your new fully conscious realm. Most of this grace-filled scheme has now been manifested. Already, the new financial plan is secretly in effect in many parts of your world. The massive amounts of gold and silver needed to carry out new hard currency provisions are in place. What remains is the final set of maneuvers that will alter the internal organization of the American government. The present illegally-imposed regime is fighting a holding action to preserve the dark's ill-begotten corporation.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Over the past few weeks, we have been working closely with a group of 12 specially-selected liaisons from the Agarthan cities of Shambalah and Telos. These individuals previously operated as intelligence gatherers. They were personally acquainted with all major parties involved in our "discussions" with the American government. Using this background information, we have developed strategies whose primary purpose is to permit this government to sign off legally as regards the agreements made in Europe earlier this year. Moreover, these liaisons gave us some crucial advice on where those individuals who are to form the new "provisional" American government can be kept safe. We need to be able to produce these people at a moment's notice once we announce this new government's existence. Their important advice also concerned the best way to approach the current President and how to announce the shift in governance.

These special liaisons have over 160 years in aggregate experience in such matters. Governance on your world has evolved into a kind of "old boys and girls club" that makes it difficult to successfully conclude a serious set of negotiations without the presence of former or current members of "the club" on your team. The underlying idea is to make the other side's team realize we are serious indeed and are sincere in our intent to bring these matters to a triumphal conclusion. We began the closing part of these talks in late July and are now reaching a series of successful "choice points" with the American government. These discussions will set the stage for manifesting a new reality. In one way or another, the many decisive events now taking place around your globe involve the policies and procedures of this current regime. The end result is that these policies are about to be fully abandoned.

We are busy discussing a full and formal transition that effectively cancels the vast body of statute laws that began appearing suddenly at the start of the first Grant administration. The US is to be returned to a constitutional/common law precedent that promptly restores to you your full citizenship and launches your claim to complete individual sovereignty. These claims can be of equal use in establishing this on a global basis. Our teams are using these special moments to create the umbrella structures that can be employed to maintain this new reality. Our divine design is to produce a prosperous and sane realm in which you will be able to meet your space and spiritual families and initiate a truly meaningful relationship with your Inner Earth cousins. This, of course, is all on the way to your reclaiming of full consciousness and the inestimable wonders that go with it!

Today, we carried on with our reporting and presented a brief overview of our transformation of your reality. This operation has taken decades to get to where we are now. As we alight on the threshold of victory, bear in mind you have great responsibilities that demand your full attention! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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