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Fear Cannot Be Present In The PRESENCE OF LOVE. Fear Is AN ILLUSION, Which Does Not "Really" Exist: Simply, a Learning TOOL FOR THE SOUL'S DEVELOPMENT

Thank you IsIs and thank you Susan for reminding me...

"If you focus on LOVE, the Love residing within your Heart, you are free. If you immerse yourself in God's Love for you, and find out who you really are, KNOW WHO YOU ARE, nothing can "touch" you - except LOVE."

I SO love the magic & romance of the story, the lives of IsIs & Osiris. THANK YOU.
*** gavin


Dear beloved Souls of God.

Once again, I come to speak to you of something very important taking Place. I AM ISIS, the Lady of Egypt. The Lady of the Word. Queen IsIs. Mother IsIs. I have a thousand Names, which were created over a long period of Time- to understand me and my Story and identify with it in many different Cultures.

Today, I come to assist you in For-Giving anyone and anything, which has ever hurt your Soul, your Heart, your Body. FOR- GIVING simply means to be FOR THE GIVING AND GIVE LOVE.

The importance of the spiritual Balance is very important to be understood in these Times of overwhelming Changes. I know, my dear Brothers and Sisters, that you are going through confusing Times. But it is just an Illusion. There is no confusion, there is no hurt nor pain, there is only Love and YOU. Your Universe circles around YOU and you have the Power to rise above any situation and change everything in Miracle ways. YOU have the Power and always did! Just use your absolutely FREE WILL.

I tell you, dear Ones, if you are present in your own Middle Point, your core Heart, you are automatically balanced. If you focus on LOVE, the Love residing within your Heart, you are free. If you immerse yourself in God's Love for you, and find out who you really are, KNOW WHO YOU ARE, nothing can "touch" you - except LOVE.

Fear cannot be present in the PRESENCE OF LOVE. Fear is AN ILLUSION, which does not "really" exist. Simply, a learning TOOL FOR THE SOUL'S DEVELOPMENT.

I have went through the most unimaginable Challenges no Body will ever be able to grasp, through my very own Eyes. I have went through Duality, in a physical Body just like yours, and learned my Lesson. Some Times were very hurtful, others were very beautiful. This is Duality!

But finally, the Goal is to reach a CONSOLIDATION of these two seemingly opposing Energies, Experiences, and Sights. Even your physical Body is in some Ways you cannot see during physical Incarnation ETERNAL.

When a Body "passes", what happens in reality is that it pulverizes slowly, and manifests on the other Side - this is the REAL RESURRECTION. You are always WHO YOU ARE. No part of you ever gets lost in Space & Time, it just TRANSFORMS.

As many of you might have heard in modern Stories, and Ancient Ones & Memory, I have promised to come back to assist you.

The reason is to help you REMEMBER- just like I have done in our ancient and today famous Mystery Schools. We would teach and assist our Brothers & Sisters in the Art of REMEMBERING - and if you even analyze the construction of THE WORD IT SAYS RE-MEMBER. So, what has been DIS-MEMBERED can be consolidated and RE-MEMBERED.

Does this make Sense to you, now that you read these words? THIS IS WHAT THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN RESURRECTION IS ALL ABOUT!

The Energy which caused the DIS-MEMBERING was in my individual Case, Seth, my own Brother. He had a weak Heart and even though having a loving, wonderful Wife himself, he wished to have me. I chose Osiris, because I love Osiris eternally. Osiris is a very strong, enlightened Soul, and very courageous. Osiris Un-Nefer taught the People of Egypt how to grow Crops, live a Life of Respect and Kindness and helped to build, together with me, a Kingdom of Light in Egypt. All the People of Egypt loved him dearly.

Seth, felt "small" next to Osiris. He was like his little Brother, who once we were innocent Children, looked up to his Brother and adored him. At some point, he fell into the Illusion of Fear and everything which comes with it: Jealousy, Hate, Darkness.

The Illusion made him believe, that by "killing" Osiris physical Body, he could remove him from his destined Place and overtake it himself, and be LIKE OSIRIS. Receive Love, Respect, Admiration.

He simply wanted TO BE LOVED.

Through his Actions, he caused a deep Wound in my Soul. A deep Sadness I had to heal over many Life Times and factually, in your Time Frames on Earth, thousands of Years.

And when you realize, that LOVE IS ETERNAL, and that the Illusion does not "really" take Place in the ultimate Truth of God, you come to the conclusion, that he never really "killed" Osiris. OSIRIS IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE, just like I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE. There is no Ending, LIFE CONTINUES ETERNALLY.

And so, I am sharing my personal Experience with you, in the NAME OF LOVE, and tell you today, on this wonderful special Day, that I FOR-GIVE.

My dear beloved Souls, let go- NOW- OF ALL WHICH NO LONGER SERVES YOU. Let it go!

I forgive you, my Brother. I wish that you experience LOVE and HEALING. I let you go in Tears of a Final Healing. There is only one THING WE CARE DEEPLY FOR, and this is always LOVE. DARE TO LOVE AND BE LOVED- my dear Ones! Tell yourself, as many Times as needed individually: I AM LOVED, I AM LOVE. I AM LOVED, I AM PURE LOVE.

May every Soul receive LOVE, in unconditional, for-giving and RE-MEMBERING ways.

Channeler: Susan Elsa

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