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Whatever You Do, Think, Feel & Send Out To World, Happens INSIDE OF YOU: Hurting Another Gives You No Gain, It Throws You Back In Your OWN DEVELOPMENT

Thank you Archangel Azrael and Susan for clarifying your role and the many ways you assist us here on Earth ...I thank you particularly for the meditation you gave at the end of this channeling! I will use it.
I AM grateful.
*** gavin

Archangel Azrael on the Eternal Soul 999
(emphasis added)

Dear very beloved Souls.
I AM ARCHANGEL AZRAEL, also called in many of your Times and various Cultures Anubis or the Archangel of Death- you name it. I do not speak much, at all, nor let you know I AM ALWAYS HERE. But I AM ALWAYS AROUND EACH ONE OF YOU AT ANY TIME IN ANY PLACE. The symbolic Anubis look and Name, given to me in Ancient Egypt, is one of my favorites. I have never been a HUMAN BEING DRESSED IN THAT WAY- I AM THE ARCHANGEL OF DEATH. The Egyptians knew me very well and worked openly with me- and hence gave "a look" to personify me better for the understanding capability of the human brain and limited physical sight.

Your human Words do not MATTER to me or WHO I AM. I am very quiet and my voice is voice-less, at the same time, I have all voices you can imagine- just like I have no face you can grasp and in the same time can have any Face to sooth you in my Presence. I can speak to you in every of your Languages, and connect directly to your Thoughts, Emotions and Souls. My Energy seems menacing at first to many who do not know me- I AM VERY LIMITLESS AND REACH THROUGH ALL DIMENSIONS AT ONCE. I work closely with Archangel Michael, the great Warrior of the Light. The Time has come, to reach deeper into your eternal Being and HEAL- HEAL MY BELOVED SOULS OF GOD! We are all a family- see us as your best FRIENDS sent by GOD to help you reach new Heights for 2012.

When I stand in front of you, it can feel to you like I am not standing on YOUR GROUND, but reach way below, and way up, you cannot see MY END- FOR I HAVE NO END- I AM ETERNAL AND HOLD THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.

This is simply put Human Nature- you fear what you do not KNOW. And so I come to you to reassure you, that I CARRY BRIGHT LOVE-LIGHT- radiating INSIDE, not OUTSIDE. This is why it can seem that way and my dark Energy is in reality AN INVISIBLE ENERGY to anyone I do not show myself fully to. Only when you pass, I show many of you my full LIGHT AND BEAUTY.

Today I come to you through one of MOST BELOVED Channels, to reveal myself more in Detail and explain to you crucial Changes and Healings taking place inside your very core Souls.

Endless Times, I have assisted Souls crossing over to the "Other Side"- as well as the Ones left back still living out their physical Days and Nights. I have also protected dear Souls, who were attacked by Dark Ones. I have unlimited Compassion and can assist you, whenever you are dealing with Situations in which I am the Master- this does not just include Passings out of the physical Bodies, but also letting go of Sadness and Grief stored deep inside your Souls- it is time to let go and let GOD!

Now, I would like to describe to you in further Details, what I can do for you. I am NOT just an Angel of Death or Endings like many of you believe since a long period of time due to Media and Stories told- which are simply not representing me correctly. Fact is the Mainstream Media, in general, spreads many, many Spiritual Lies and this is also something, I am directly aiming at Cleansing now, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

First of all, I do come and accompany the Souls to the Spiritual Realms. I am one of the closest Archangels to your Dimensions, for I cross regularly back and forth between all Spheres. I help the Soul disconnect from the physical, temporary Body, which is like a Vehicle for a Learning Phase, and awaken the eternal Soul to the next Step and Life Form. I assure you most Souls are very HAPPY once they SEE with their Soul and REMEMBER.

When a Soul has done hurtful things to another Soul or any of God's Creations, like Mother Nature, Animals or the True History of God on a Mass Scale misleading and pulling others down through especially Spiritual Lies, I do not take them directly to Heaven. This is a very important lesson I am coming to teach you, so you won't have to waste your precious Time or risk a Spiritual Blockage of your Soul. Whatever you do, think, feel and send out to the Universe and all around you, happens in reality INSIDE OF YOU. Hurting another does not give you any Gain, it throws you back in your OWN DEVELOPMENT- not the other- they get rewarded and compensated with extreme LOVE and PRESENTS.

If you commit wrong, to another, and cut their free will, or even pull out someone from their physical Body, at a point which has not been permitted by me, the Archangel with the Authority to do so for GOD, I take your Souls to a neutral Place first.

There, you are confronted with all your Actions and completely "isolated." Meaning, I make you feel and see and go through the exact same Situation you inflicted upon another Creation of God. This is way more extreme in the Spiritual Realms, that it is to LEARN YOUR LESSON AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS WHILE STILL ON THE EARTH PLANE. God does forgive, just go out NOW and MAKE IT ANEW, MAKE IT GOOD AND WELL AGAIN- a simple SORRY shows a lot of Courage and Heart Power and always makes us proud. DARE TO CHANGE TO A BETTER! You have the free Choice to do so- NOW.

When a Soul has no such burdens weighing down their spiritual Energy, I help you to let go of your Life, beloved Ones and any Attachment to who you were in your temporary physical Body. You lose all age and sickness, all limitations and fly free toward the Heavens. Oh, how beautiful you will find the next Life forms containing a lot of BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL SURPRISES!

Some Souls, have to go back into a temporary physical Existence, to once again, repeat the same Lesson if not learned yet. This has happened many Times and with many Souls, for you simply cannot ascend to the next and very high vibrational Life Form, if you don't learn the Lesson to be ready and ABLE TO EXIST IN HIGHER DIMENSIONS. Fear, cannot exist in Heaven. Greed cannot exist in Heaven. Manipulative Thought cannot exist in the heavenly Spheres. Anything which does not come from a Heart of pure, unconditional LOVE and LIGHT cannot --and does not-- exist in Heaven.

There is a lot of past Sadness and Grief, that many hold on to, because they got used to it. What is happening now, for 2012, is that not only the Sadness stemming from this current Life is being HEALED, but parallel all other Hurts from the Accumulation of all your Lives in ONE BIG CONSOLIDATED STEP- as well as all other Soul's pain who have lived before you on this Earth Planet. This is a very extraordinary and wonderful Opportunity for all of you, dear Souls.

Always REMEMBER, my dear Ones, there is not such thing as END or DEATH. It is an Illusion. Death, how you call it, does mean nothing else but THE VEIL itself. It must be this way, for you have to be free to live your temporary physical Life, without being confused by a too wide sight on things- so you can focus on THE NOW. If you did not have this limitation on your Sight, you would wish to go away from the Earth Plane Existence, for there is a lot of Beauty in higher Dimensions. Also, it is some type of Protection Program- for the higher Spheres, so they cannot be seen nor entered by anyone not ready- nor understood and analyzed and abused- like unfortunately some few Souls living on the Earth Plane would try.

I would like to give you an Exercise now, to open your Heart more and more, wider and wider to LOVE and God's LIGHT. I can make your most inner Core Heart sparkle with heavenly Energy, a bright Light which makes all Darkness dissolve.

Sit in a calm, relaxing Place. Take a Candle, in white or gold or silver. Light it, asking for me, ARCHANGEL AZRAEL ANUBIS to come and help you light the LIGHT OF YOUR HEART. You might even want to scratch your Name and I WISH FOR ACTIVATION OF MY HEART'S LIGHT into it. Be creative, be yourself.

Then, take 9 deep breaths. Relax your Mind.

Start now to shift your Perspective on Death- tell yourself- IT IS JUST A VEIL- a Stage of Transformation ONLY. A CURTAIN.

Then, hold your Hands upwards, with your Palms up toward the Heavens. Imagine, how I come to you and hold your Hands gently, like a friend, a brother, a father, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Receive slowly my WHITE CRYSTAL LIGHT into your Hands, let it flow through you, all of your Being, and cleanse and cleanse you. Take your time doing this exercise. Let all tears flow, that come up. Intense LOVE energy most surely will make you cry. It is a good sign. Crying out all Sadness, Mourning and Fears is also a very good Sign of Healing. And let me assure you, the strongest Man is able to cry, and it is to us a sign of pure Strength and Honesty of the Heart.

Repeat this exercise now, weekly if you can. And tell me, while you do it and all emotions come up, about all the burdens you wish to heal and let go. Tell me, like a friend, what you feel, what you think, what you ask yourself, what you would like to understand, or how much you miss a Loved One which already passed into Spiritual Form. I will listen and never judge. I will comfort you and lift all heaviness from your Hearts.

I AM ARCHANGEL AZRAEL and I am here to assist each one of you with my full LOVE.
Channeler: Susan Elsa

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