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Step Up in Consciousness or Full Restoration? 

September 2013 – Part 1/3  

Ascension 3928When I asked Archangel Michael last February to estimate the time until the full restoration of consciousness, he said that it would occur between Feb. 2014 and Feb. 2015. Here’s that conversation:
Steve Beckow:  I’m very much cognizant of the channel’s agreement with you around dates, but the problem that I am having is that earlier you said [the full restoration would happen in] months.
Is that as in less than one year, or is it in more than one year?
Archangel Michael: It is around a year.
SB: Around a year, is it under 2 years?
AAM: We would say yes.
SB: All right, because light workers may get very, very testy, touchy, if we passed a year and something had not happened, we need to try to give them as much certainty as is possible given all of the other factors that are at play.
AAM: We understand this.
SB: So just to clarify. We’re aiming for [around] one year, [but] it may take longer, [although] it won’t be two years. Is that correct?
AAM: Now we are not saying that this is ironclad, but that is the 99% percent likelihood, yes.
SB: Then to clarify again, the 99% likelihood is that it’s under 2 years?
AAM: That is correct.
SB: And we are aiming for under one year. Is that correct?
AAM: You are all aiming, and so are we. It is the Olympic sprint. (1)
Other channels have come out more recently discussing a significant event that will raise consciousness and some have placed that event in September 2013, some specifically on the Equinox, Sept. 21, 2013. Some say that what we’ll experience will be a step up in the overall process of full restoration of consciousness; others say it will be full restoration. I’ll ask Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, Aug. 5, 2013, which is correct.
I personally lean towards the interpretation that we’ll experience a step up in consciousness and that the step up for many will not result in as noticeable an impact as we may wish for. It may be a transformation or reorganization in consciousness at a deep level without propelling us somehow into what we’d ordinarily think of as a “higher” plane of feeling or experiencing.
Cosmic Awareness through Will Berlinghof actually named Sept. 21, 2013. Most of us are weary and wary of dates and don’t traffic in them any more. But I cannot hide the fact that Cosmic Awareness has cited one. Nonetheless he says only that a new level will be reached, not that this is the full restoration of consciousness.
“This Awareness says that come September 21, it will mark a new birth for all. Those who have actively been pursuing the inner work may find that they awaken into a new level of reality but are still very incompetent in walking in that new reality, in functioning in that new reality.
“That there will still be need for ones who are their guardians, their caretakers. That they must see and understand that to believe, to expect that one will automatically reach an advanced state, be a fully evolved and grown-up adult being, is not that which will likely occur for the majority.”
“Indeed if one does see now and understand now that the process will continue but a new level will have been reached, will have been achieved that allows new growth and the formulation of new belief patterns, new programming, that it will enhance the journey after the ending of this nine-month period.”  (2)
He denies that we’ll be fully formed or functioning at the highest levels. So for him this is a stair-step experience.  He warns against us expecting too much an being disappointed.
“For those who expect on September 21 that they will be fully formed, functioning at the highest level and have not prepared themselves sufficiently – there may be disappointment as their expectations are not met.
“For those who expect a similar event they expected for December 21, 2012 and an immediate shift, events occurring on the day that will change all – there will again be great disappointment, for September 22 will dawn as it did nine months previously when December 22 dawned and many were disappointed that the world had not changed to their expectations.”  (3)
He compares us to infants who have finished the first year of life.
“Hold rather the expectations, the open state of mind and consciousness that now the next part of the journey begins, the developmental stage of the young infant learning how to cope in the new reality it has emerged into, that it has been born into. An infant does not display great anger and frustration upon its birth when it cannot walk, it cannot move beyond elementary movement. It simply goes through the process day by day, acquiring new skills and new capacity.”
“That the first year of life is extraordinary in nature, for that which is the newborn infant grows and learns many things, including how to move, how to talk, how to walk. By talking, this Awareness must state It is not referring to full conversations but the making of noises that elicit response from those around and the developmental process of speech begins and develops in this timeframe and beyond.
“What this Awareness is saying is: do be patient, do understand that it is still a developmental process that one is going through, although it is not that of the actual infant being born but rather the spiritually aware infant that is emerging into the new reality that is opening, that is commencing.”  (4)
The new energies will bring many rewards, he says.
“But this Awareness must also say that there will be many rewards, many experiences of profound wonder and rapture. That new energies are much more available and that as one grows in their understanding and appreciation of the new reality they are finding themselves in, the examples of miracles and wonders will also increase.”  (5)
Our lives will be much different to what they were prior to 21/12/12.
“Still it will be much different to what was before December 21, 2012, will be different to what it has been during the last six months and the next three months of the nine-month period. That this Awareness says to one, to all: that which awaits you is still that which is of a truly amazing proportion to what one once knew to be so.
“That this Awareness says it is the start of the new beginning, the new threshold of experience of that which this Awareness has called planet A/B, and that having reached this birth, this new emergence into the new reality, to have the trust, faith and patience to continue on the journey.” (6)
Tomorrow we’ll look at what Ashtar has to say about what’s fated to occur in September.
(Continued in Part 2. You’re welcome to read ahead.)


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by Steve Beckow

Step Up in Consciousness or Full Restoration? September 2013 – Part 2/3

Ascension(Continued from Part 1.)
Ashtar first mentioned the subject of an event expected in September 2013 through Philipp in February 2013, at almost the exact time I had my discussion with AAM. He referred to a column that appeared in Denise LeFay’s writings.
“Please (and this is very important) let us look upon what has led to the change of the Divine Plan. It is actually not a change but a fulfillment of a request. And who has sent out this request? Who has sent out this plea to our Creator to have more time to allow more fellow human brothers and sisters to jump on board the ship called Ascension. Yes, you and only you! Let us explain.
“You sent out the plea for prolongation of the Ascension process (which contains, as you all know, the Disclosure process). Your plea was astonishing and the Creator and all of us are so very proud of you. It has proved how far you have come on your journey, that you would put the well-being of the collective over the individual’s goal. And this goal, of course, was to get over the Ascension finish line as quickly as possible.
“The Creator has answered your plea and put in place a nine-month grace period which Denise Le Fay has talked about. And thanks to you all, we now have many more visitors in the skies to help coordinate your ascension process (big smile). It is getting quite crowded around your planet!” (1)
He tells us that the grace period will end in September 2013.
“This grace period until September 2013 was not easy to provide you with. Please don’t forget that although you put your focus on your Ascension and that of Gaia, the last which has already taken place, this whole picture is much more complex and broader than you think.
“Now you are in this transition period, which is very short even in your terms, and we recommend that you use this short time very wisely. We will elaborate more upon this in a later channeling, since our channel is getting tired.” (2)
Ashtar returned to the subject on July 31, 2013.  But on this occasion he doesn’t speak of what is to happen at the end of the trimester (i.e., in September) as crossing the Ascension finish line but as “a big step forward.” He says:
“The veil at the end of this trimester will not suddenly lift – your return back home to full consciousness is a process. But there shall come a point in your journey where you will take a big step forward to enable you to build upon this step, to integrate all that you have achieved so far in every cell of your Being, and to allow you to go ahead with your journey back home to where you belong.
“And the moment for you to take this step is just around the corner. You will make great progress and be pleasantly surprised with your achievements.” (3)
Ashtar suggested that the galactics may use the uplift gotten from the financial transformations to  disclose their presence.
“We have previously informed you that the prerequisite for our widespread appearance on your world would especially be the transformation of your financial systems. Furthermore, we have told you that the uplift experienced as a result of these transformations would increasingly enhance your ability to absorb the news about your Star Family. We will use this uplift to introduce ourselves to you, our brothers and sisters incarnated on the surface of dear Gaia.”  (4)
The next conversation about the subject happened when I asked White Cloud, through Blossom Goodchild, to comment on Ashtar’s claims.  Like many sources, he began by declining to give dates.
Steve Beckow: Ashtar said that he believes that the final stage could be in September. Archangel Michael has said, no, it’s probably more likely between February 2014 to February 2015. But then there are other channels — I won’t mention their names — but they are saying just what you’re saying, that it’s quite close.
First of all, can you give us, not a date, but a kind of an approximation of just how close we are? And then I have a couple of other questions as well.
White Cloud:  I would say to you — and if you were to see your Blossom at this time, all the time you have been speaking I have a huge grin on her face, because there is this… the word I am giving is ‘desperation’ for people upon the planet that are so eager for things to really begin to transpire, if you like. But I would say to you, because Blossom knows this, and many know, that we do not give of dates anymore.
SB:  Yes.
WC:  Because it is too… when it cannot work in the way we had, perhaps, planned, et cetera, it is too detrimental, in the long term.   (5)
He suggested to us that the more we live in joy, the more quickly we bring the events we wish to us.
White Cloud: What I would say to all about this is, if you are to live your life in the way that is desired — and that is by living every moment that you can in joy — working with that, concentrating only that, focusing only on the joy of your life, then it is that you are raising the vibration.
And the more the vibration is raised, the more quickly these things shall come about, that you are desiring. (6)
He then turned his attention to what he calls “the Event,” which will see “a showering of love … upon your planet.”
White Cloud: I spoke yesterday as well of ‘the Event’ that many speak of; and many thought it was to be after December last year. But I am saying to you, this Event has not gone away. This Event will be taking place.
“And it is a showering of love that will descend, if you like, upon your planet in a way that has not been done before. But that Event can take place, for simple terms, depending upon the happiness of those souls on Earth.  …
“I would say the Event that is coming, yes, that is joyful, it is indescribably joyful.   (7)
The Event will affect all life on Earth.
White Cloud: This Event will affect everything, but regarding souls on Earth, for instance, and, well, I would say everything else as well, it is depending on the vibration that that living aspect of something resonates upon.  …
This Event will bring about an energy…. You know that an energy came in on December 21st of last year, and it is affecting many. But nonetheless that energy is there in a more subtle sense to each soul. Whereas this will be, I would simply say, far less subtle.  (8)
I commented that I wondered whether this Event was to be just an early Ascension wave or the Event and White Cloud did not specify a step process but turned to a different subject.
SB:  I guess what I was wanting to clarify was whether this Event that you’re talking about was what Archangel Michael has talked about as early waves, or whether this is the Event. And you have answered that. You have said that it is “the Event”. (9)
Does silence betoken consent?
Tomorrow we’ll look at what Jesus and Saul have said through John Smallman about this transformative shift on the planet.
(Continued in Part 3. You’re welcome to read ahead.)


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by Steve Beckow

Step Up in Consciousness or Full Restoration? September 2013 – Part 3/3

Ascension 48291(Continued from Part 2.)
At exactly the same time (July 31, 2013), Jesus and Saul through John Smallman were also predicting a rise in consciousness soon. Said Jesus:
“Humanity’s arduous journey home to Reality is almost done as the energies that are assisting you approach their peak intensity. They will then move you onwards into an energy realm that will sustain you in a totally new and inspiring way.
“You have been in the process of preparing to integrate with this new (to you) realm for the last several decades, and a part of that preparation has been to encourage and enable an enormous increase in your awareness of the interconnectedness – in fact, the Oneness of all that exists.” (1)
In a later post, Jesus reiterated that “you are racing towards the finish – the moment of your awakening into the realization of who you truly are. … You are rushing homewards, and nothing now stands in your way.” (2)
On July 31, Saul also commented on the expected consciousness shift, which he called “fully conscious living.”
“When your move into fully conscious living replaces your present illusory state of existence, as it very soon will, you will be so engrossed with the new environment you are busy adapting to that your interest in ‘what is to come’ will have evaporated, because you will experience it as being no longer pertinent or of interest. In this new ‘now moment,’ there is no future, nothing to look forward to, because there is only the eternal, joy-filled now moment.
“You truly have absolutely no idea of the wonders to which you will soon be gloriously re-exposed, when you awaken into your natural and divine state as fully conscious entities at One with God.” (3)
He appeared to couple the rise in consciousness to adaptation to events in other arenas; probably the financial among them, but also possibly Disclosure.
“Your lives are about to change, drastically and forever! And the changes that are about to occur would absolutely blow your minds if you had to negotiate your way through them while still operating within your present, unbelievably restricted and literally disabled human intelligence, rather than those divinely created and infinitely talented minds with which your Father endowed you.”  (4)
He went on to describe the state we’ll be in then.
“What has been your experience until now – the state of conscious awareness that in your collective human experience has been considered normal and acceptable to you – is about to disintegrate, be blown away, and replaced with a state which, in comparison to what you have come to accept as normal, is utterly beyond ecstasy.
“The joy that is about to envelop and embrace you can be neither described nor anticipated because it is completely beyond the ability of humanity’s limited intelligence to even conceive of. Imagine a small child being taken for the first time to the most magnificent amusement park on the planet and on arrival there, being given an unlimited supply of tickets for all the rides. Can you put yourselves in its shoes? Even if you can, you have not even started to conceive of the joys that await you when you awaken, shortly, into your natural and fully conscious state.” (5)
So something wonderful will happen in September 2013. Whether it’ll be just a significant step forward in the transformation of our consciousnesses or the full restoration is not agreed upon by our sources. Whether it will be a dramatic or a subtle shift, we don’t know.
I’m inclined to think it will be a significant step forward in our process, but not the restoration in its entirety. But that’s just a guess, I’m afraid.
It will be accompanied by an ongoing financial transformation into an abundance economy and it may be accompanied by Disclosure. It won’t be the end of history for us, but a new stage in our unfolding penetration into the Fifth Dimension.


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by Steve Beckow

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