Monday, August 12, 2013

Thank you Saan, Arcturian Councils and Wes!

The energies fed by the collective are lightening as much as the energies you’re being given from the higher dimensions, as you each learn to refine your vibrations and find yourselves and your experiences lightening as well.

You have so much wonder and amazement to experience still as you ascend into truly blissful and pure states of consciousness, and the meditative vibrations you’ll access upon feeling the effects of the latest important alignments your collective has passed through will unlock new realms of perception and understanding in you.

Indeed, your aim as Godsparks of Source has always been discover and expose newer realms and frames of perceptual consciousness, and this is what you’re doing now as you ascend into such greater perceptions.

Your physical ascension process is being driven by and in the realms of spirit, and beyond your physical bodies, each of you maintain multiple, active roots in various higher realms and with various Federations and organizations. The work you’re doing for the Universal ascension goes far, far beyond the ascension of the Earth’s collective, though we note, as many others have, that your Earth’s ascension will be most instrumental to that of the Universe.

What you experience and feed into on the Earth drives the experiences had on entire planets far away from the Earth or from your perception, as this is your supreme power as a Creator.

Perceiving of the Reality that Resonates with You
It’s beginning to be discovered and has been various times on your planet that you’re the conscious Creators of your experiences. Those who believe themselves to be products of the Creation of an outward entity whom they must gain the good grace of by following a certain strict set of guidelines and dogma, will come to understand the distorted nature of such ideals.

Religious souls could certainly have a hard time coming to terms with our existence and our presence, and the general fear and mistrust that could be bred in your collective surrounding our existence is a big reason we’ve remained in your skies and stationed near your planet.

We’ve remained near you as your collective consciousness lightens, and as has been said by others, your collective vibration must resonate at a purer frequency than it currently does before our presence can be allotted.

This is because of the nature of our dimensional consciousness, and because you’re meant to perceive of aspects of reality that resonate with the specific frame and mode of consciousness you exist under, collectively and individually.

While plenty of awakening Lightworkers would love to see our presence and widespread disclosures regarding such presence come about on your world, the majority of the collective of Earth still ignores or, underneath their surface, fears our presence.

With such fearful vibrations present, which have indeed been purposely manifested and fed, your collective vibrations are not yet allowing enough for our presence.

If we could only properly communicate the importance of your perceptual consciousness matching the realms we exist in and the higher-dimensional forms we take, than you’d understand why you’re unable to perceive of us from a third or fourth-dimensional point of view.

Worry not, dear souls for as we’ve mentioned, your collective is indeed entering purer and purer planes of consciousness in every moment.

Bypassing “Fancy Words”
Many souls are being worked with in the realms beyond their conscious understanding to be more allowing of topics or ideals that they’d previously scoff at or, at the very least, not resonate with, and this is being done in accordance with the incarnation and activation of millions of Lightworkers on the surface of your dear Earth.

So many Lightworkers from so many different organizations and Federations have incarnated on the surface of your planet, and the purer vibration of each of you affects your collective in every moment.

Things have been said by channeled sources, such as the fact that your Light emanates out to every facet of consciousness around you in every moment, that don’t tend to be explained in a scientific or intellectual sense and thus, could otherwise be seen as simple fancy words or glittered impressions.

When we refer to the presence of each of you heralding massive Light in your collective consciousness, we speak of a very real effect that we would show you if we could.

Dear scribe, the image we’re sending you is that of Light flooding out from a single individual, like water from a hose, and seeping into the consciousness and perception of every soul around them.

Imagine your field of Light extending our miles and miles beyond your physical body, in every direction. Imagine Light pouring and flowing out from within you in every moment, and this Light being picked up on and radiated by everybody within your multi-mile radius.

This is the reality of your presence on the Earth and the effect it’s having, and we don’t say this to paint our communication with fancy words or express something intended to boost any ego-driven perceptions of yourselves as Lightworkers.

Encouraging Lightworkers
Much of what’s said by us in the higher realms could be seen as leaning toward favoring Lightworkers or complimenting you in undue ways, but in our view, complimenting you is a necessary aspect of giving our messages and of supporting the work you Lightworkers are doing.

All around your Earth, confidence can be put down and discouragement can rein. This isn’t the model for the new paradigm of cooperation and unity you’re all working toward, and in such a paradigm, encouragement will be encouraged.

This is because you have much more to offer the Earth’s ascension than you yet know, and even those of you performing multiple duties for the Earth’s ascension in every moment are being called to activate your greater potential.

We want you dear Lightworkers to know of the good you’re doing and the massive effects your very presence on the Earth is heralding. We want to encourage you to be the best you can be in every moment, and to shine your Light if Earthly circumstances could otherwise prevent it.

We ask for you to encourage yourselves and to treat yourselves as the Divine Godsparks you truly are, because plenty of people on your Earth will choose not to see you or themselves in such a light.

Discouragement will give way to unity consciousness and encouragement in the new paradigm you’re entering and building, and these elements of the new paradigm aren’t to be brought about or enforced by us in any way.

Rather, your collective will awaken to the necessity of unity consciousness and encouragement as you embrace continually-pure states of consciousness that you’ll come to be collectively aware of, and the infinite projects you’ll start bent on cleansing the Earth and lightening the vibration of your collective will see you able to enter the fifth dimension marvelously and with Loving ferocity.

You’re being guided in every moment by us and so many others, and because of the work you’ve performed on the surface and in the realms beyond your conscious understanding, our presence will come to be accepted by your collective in a much more rapid timeframe than it could otherwise be.

The Rapid Nature of Earth’s Ascension
This is due to your efforts on the ground and to the fact that Earth’s ascension has always been a very rapid one, and progress that could otherwise take centuries of your time can be made in relatively small increments of time because of the rapidity of your collective ascension.

Such rapidity is allowing you to reach a purer state of consciousness and understanding in much smaller frames of time, and it’s because of this as well that we continually encourage your blossoming-forth.

Waves of bliss will be able to be felt and enjoyed in the minds and hearts of each of you as you open yourselves up to the blissfully pure state of consciousness we’re delighted to speak to you from, and you’ll find yourselves uninhibited in the amount and purity of energy you can bring through yourselves and funnel through for various uses.

We note the eagerness in many of you to see the most widespread changes come about and to throw yourselves into the building of your new Earth, and while there’s indeed so very much to do, we express that those of you at the forefront of perceiving the higher dimensions and ascending have largely made it to the pure states of consciousness you’ve made your ways to the Earth from.

We say this because your perception of the higher dimensions underneath your surface is growing, and at your surface many of you are feeling the increased cognition and the purer perception that results.

You’re gaining great insights into the higher dimensions as you take in and absorb continually-pure frequencies of Light, and the veils and barriers that have previously kept you away from our realms are dissolving more than ever.

What is fed or allotted into your vibration will, in many cases, determine the settings you find around you. Where you feed or keep your vibration or consciousness, you’ll continue to experience elements related to such places in your personal Lives.

Leaving a Fragment of one’s Consciousness
Soldiers who suffer with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and flashbacks are experiencing aspects of their consciousness and perception that have been left in the places they experienced their trauma in.

These souls have left a fragment of themselves and their consciousness in such places because of the extremely-disconcerting nature of what they experienced, and they experience what every person on your Earth does in much more intense and bold ways because of the nature to which they’ve been scarred.

While soldiers who suffer from such things and who’ll be give higher-dimensional assistance and aid when they’re ready experience a much more turned-up version of what we speak of, each of you will notice and experience recurring themes in your Lives related to previous places, people or things that you previously held close to you or that were previously big parts of your Lives in one way or another.

Your vibration remains where you were, long after you’ve left any place. The fact that you’re energy-beings of transparent spirit and consciousness means that you can be in far more places at once than you’d expect, and the consciousness that is You isn’t limited to a physical body.

The being of consciousness that is You is transparent and is, at its most basic form, energy that’s exchanged and felt everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. You leave your vibrational output on everything you experience and every person you encounter, and likewise, the vibration of the people you’ve had exchanges with and the places you’ve been remain with you for a long time.

Ponder the fact that an active part of you exists everywhere you’ve been and within every person you’ve encountered. It’s truly mind-boggling, is it not?

You’ll come to learn about this and so many other startling truths as your collective braces the pure states of intellectual understanding and perceptive consciousness we continue to mention.

Deciding to Incarnate on the Earth
From the higher dimensions, you could quite easily fathom the metaphysical wonders we discuss and are ourselves able to perceive in every moment.

You were able to exist in and enjoy the wonderful ascended landscapes that await your perception of them in this time, and you were able to enjoy yourselves and your experiences as you helped various civilizations and collectives to evolve.

There was a facet of existence, however, that you hadn’t yet glimpsed.

There was a realm so challenging, so testing and in need of assistance and uplifting, that many of you simply couldn’t ignore the call. You’re spiritual explorers by nature, and the vast majority of you have come to the Earth as a result of your desire to seek, expose, understand and know every facet of the harmonious Creation around you.

This desire influenced your incarnation onto a lower-dimensional planet far away from the harmony and unity prevalent all around in the realms you existed in, but nevertheless, you were eager to find and rediscover the higher dimensions from such a planet.

You knew that your perception of the realms of spirit from the lower-dimensional Earth would help uplift the collective enormously, and you knew that you’d enjoy the experiences you had immensely as you came to find enlightenment and came to enjoy your Earthly experiences.

It was known by many of you that the struggles would be nearly endless and more difficult than could be perceived from the higher dimensions, but you knew that a silver lining was present; a grand Light at the end of the long, dark Earthly tunnel, so to speak.

You knew that truly glorious metaphysical perceptions awaited your grasp of them from the realms of the Earth, and you knew that if you incarnated onto the Earth you’d be given a very special and specific assignment of helping awaken the Earthly populace with the energies your presence and your individual awakenings would herald.

Helping Lighten the Collective Energies
You knew that you’d be able to do so very much for the public, and that you’d be able to help anchor the energies of the higher dimensions in very grand ways. You have indeed been able to accomplish this goal, and have expanded upon bringing our energies through by bringing many of us from the higher dimensions through quite directly to speak with you and offer the energies we speak of.

As many of you likely know by this point and as has likely been said by others, the communications we give and those given by the Company of Heaven overall are given as an aspect of the effort to increase the purity of energies being funneled through the collective consciousness.

As we speak with you and offer our energies, energetic alchemists in our collective are funneling enormous amounts of continually pure Light through to the minds and hearts of each of you, and this energy also spreads out to the collective consciousness as a whole.

We’re helping you to assimilate massive quantities of pure Light energy with each word you read and each bit of our energies you absorb, and underneath your surface and at your surface for many of you, you’re already very skilled energetic assimilators and alchemists yourselves.

The awakening Lightworker collective has been practicing mass transmutation of the bulk of the collective dense and negative energy for quite some time. This process has been ongoing since before your year 2010 but, like many things relevant to your ascension processes, hit a major stride-point on the 21st of December 2012.

Since your entrance into 2013, the Lightworker collective has taken on much greater amounts of the collective negative and dense energy being passed around and fed, and have worked much more fruitfully than ever before on transmuting such energy.

In doing so, you dear Lightworkers have honed your transmutation skills and will be able to use them in the time ahead for the mitigation and overall cleansing of the pollution prevalent in your skies, water, air and on your ground.

Cleansing Pollution with Transparent Logos Energy
You’ll be able to use energetic transmutation to mitigate and cleanse the bulk effects from the pollution that’s been manifested and fed for so long, and the Pleiadians and Sirians especially take to stationing themselves in your skies already to perform what, to your collective, would seem to be very advanced and intricate healing and cleansing jobs.

As has been disclosed by others, formulas are indeed downloaded into Gaia’s atmosphere and along with this, pure energy from the hearts of those aboard the ships (giving the formulas) are added and mixed in with the energy given out in your skies, much of which is unseen.

This energy is transmutation-based in nature and serves to cleanse pollution to the extent allotted by the souls who manifest the energy and feed it through their sentient technology.

Because of your collective freewill measures which see you naturally experience at least a portion of what you manifest for yourselves, the Pleiadians and Sirians as well as we, who do occasionally take to assisting in the cleansing effort, can only cleanse so much pollution and see the results of humanity’s actions go un-experienced.

Again, this is because of your freewill measures and because we seek not to solely cleanse your Earth without the assistance of the awakening humanity.

We ask each of you to send your Lighted energies and intents toward the cleansing of your skies, especially when seeing chemtrails or other forms of pollution that are being mitigated and in some cases, cleansed altogether.

Chemtrails specifically are still being sprayed in many places on your world, and this is in part because your collective is intended to garner awareness of what’s being sprayed as your cabals step up their efforts to spray your skies in increasingly bold ways.

They’ve taken a great many measures to pollute your skies with chemtrails and chemical skies, and to an awakening soul who wouldn’t understand the presence of the Pleiadians, Sirians and the rest of us around your planet or the mitigation efforts we help perform which aren’t directly noticeable in the physical, this could seem to be a desperate or fear-inducing situation.

However, beyond the pollution we allow to be manifested because we seek not to “do the work” for you, we are indeed cleansing the bulk of what would otherwise come about because of chemtrails.

Collective Freewill Stops Disaster
Chemtrails will continue to make individuals sick who are kept situated on a certain vibrational frequency, but the wide-reaching effects from chemtrails expected by the cabals won’t come about because they violate humanity’s freewill contract and what your collective is known to want to experience in any given moment.

Some could look down upon your freewill measures for seeming to stop a complete intervention on our part, but we should point out that your collective will has aided you tremendously. The cabals have wanted to create disastrous events and scenarios that simply cannot be brought about, because the expectations and wishes of your collective consciousness don’t allow for them.

Very few individuals on your world want nuclear war, and the thoughts and feelings of the vast majority of your collective are against it. As a result, you naturally receive what you manifest for yourselves, and the potential for nuclear war is of a much smaller percentage than you’d expect. (1)

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that your individual and planetary vibrations will continue to lighten until our presence and that of every other ascended collective is able to be disclosed and understood on your world.

Continue to help lighten the planetary vibration in any moment you feel you can, because the vibration you give out will strongly determine where your collective is at along your process in every moment.

Thank you to Saan and the Arcturian Councils.


Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

(1)- I believe Matthew Ward has said something to this extent as well, regarding nuclear weapons and the collective consciousness.

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