Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thank you Archeia Lady Patience and Julie!

Face your Situations with Patience
Message from Archeia Lady Patience

Beautiful Bright Hearts, there is so much for you to learn from patience that will add and create even more character, lift your life and increase the level of happiness within all aspects of your precious lives. 

It is understood dear ones how difficult it can be to wait for anything. Children of various ages realize this and know this as well as the adults. The world which you live runs on fast, everything is moving fast. Even your food can be fast. All the new and improved ways of living has taken on a fast way of living, where waiting for something is becoming novel and unappreciated. Many dear souls are physical affected by their inability to patiently wait for anything, blood pressure rises during line ups; stress is increased over matters that are simple because impatience has encouraging them to move at a faster pace. 

Comprehend Beautiful Bright Hearts that true patience is your ability to put all your desires on the backburner for an uncertain amount of time. Being able to wait patiently is precious and it is also a rare virtue but it is one that can be improved. You are become so used to getting your way, the very idea of having to slow down, to wait or to become a bit more accommodating gives you an unpleasant feeling because you have forgotten what it means to be patient. 

God has been merciful and patient with you during each and every turn in your life. He understands; He is endlessly compassionate and infinitely loving. When you apply more patience in all the many facets of your life a purifying process begins to polish your level of understanding, makes your happiness more profound, it encourages you to focus more and brings renewed hope and offers peace as a reward. 

If you are parents or caregivers of young children, you know it would be unwise to give into every desire of the children that are in your care. They would not learn to understand what it means to be patient or appreciate the lessons that come with patience. Understandably children are not the only dear souls that require instant gratification, that require to be spoiled with material gifts and attention. Maturity comes to all, young and old by learning to wait. 

Come to understand the value of patience and that it is much more than waiting for something, anything to happen. Within the time that you are waiting is an opportunity to learn. What it is for you to learn is up to you, but the opportunity exists within the waiting period that you are presented with and it isn’t nothing because there is always something to learn. As you increase your level of patience you also come to the understanding of the necessity of effort. In order to see a job or task through you must apply effort and not allow yourself to get discouraged if the outcome seems longer to reach. Be patient, keep applying your deep hearted effort and you will have your desired outcome. Remember dear ones; all things come to be when it’s time. Not everything can be rushed. 

When you grasp what it means to be patient and the importance of applying more patience in more areas of your life, you will also come to realize being patient is not a passive choice and it is never considered a failing. When you apply patience you are demonstrating endurance, the ability to bear difficulties with great strength even if there is a little feeling of fear, the love that is in your heart encourages you to keep going, to try a little harder and be a bit more patience. And it is known Beautiful Bright Hearts that every time you have applied true hearted patience you have always endured, always succeeded and you have learned so much during that time. What you have learned about yourself is incredible, and what you learn of others especially those closest to you is equally important and all together empowering you with deeper knowledge on a whole that eventually becomes wisdom as you learn to apply what you have learned with patience. 

When impatience is being demonstrated, regardless if it is you or another dear soul what you are seeing is a clear indication of selfishness – a characteristic that describes someone as being self-absorbed. There are many dear souls that have a need where they must be the center of all the attention. This kind of behaviour does not demonstrate pure compassion or unconditional love. There is no learning here, what often occurs is a block of energy, they become stagnant because they are too absorbed with their own wants and desires that they often forget other people have feelings and needs as well that are equally important and worthy of respect. 

God is always patient. He loves each of you. He knows the learning each of you must do and He knows you will come to understand the value of patience and you will learn this by experiences that require patience. He does not pass judgment or criticize if your learning is slow. The one who passes criticism or negative judgments is you dear ones. Learn to be more tolerant and patience with those around you and with yourself. Come to the conclusion that the other dear souls that are a part of your life, regardless how big or small that part is are also learning. And all this learning is done through mistakes and all mistakes are opportunities to bring improvements, change and new ways of living and being. Show a little compassion and through your compassion patience will show its beautiful head. As you are learning Beautiful Bright Hearts to interact with others with more patience, don’t give up on them and never give up on yourself. 

There are several times in your life where you called upon God for guidance. Know Beautiful Bright Hearts God always answers, yet sometimes His answers are not given as quickly as you may have hoped. Remember His answers always come in time and through ways that are recognizable by you. Sometimes it will take a few minutes, or a couple days to receive His answer but other times it has taken a few years. Through the time you are waiting, He has given you a gift and that gift is time to learn more of yourself and of others – the time to develop deeper wisdom based on actual experience and that gift Beautiful Bright Hearts is also His blessing to you while patiently waiting for His divine response. Blessings come in many guises and through each blessing that is realized, patience always played an important part. 

We know it can be difficult to see where God has already laid a helpful hand during your earlier experiences. Try reflecting back to situations that you have passed and realize that each experience included essential learning blocks that helped to form and create the very foundations of your character that is with you now. You character has changed, and it always changes and it changes when you change. Sometimes the change is slight, but it is still there and with your patience more changes will come that will increase your understanding and happiness. 

The virtue of patience Beautiful Bright Hearts is also very healing and liberating. It has the ability to heal you at the soul level which will touch others with a higher level of kindness that demonstrates you have unlocked the divine treasure of self-knowledge, understanding and you have learned how to transform yourself into being a more patient person that demonstrates God’s presence actively working lovingly through you during each instance of your life. 

When you practice patience, you are telling in quiet yet loud energetic volumes that you are not quitting, that you are staying with your current task until it’s completed and you are applying your whole effort to see it through that will bring the results you have been working towards. In addition, when you are practicing patience you are respectfully withholding your angry outbursts and resisting the temptation to lash out with unkind words. You do this Beautiful Bright Hearts because you know getting heated or angry does not help you achieve any outcome you are hoping to reach. Face your situation, regardless if you are working alone or with others with courage, grace and faith. Everything you do that has any amount of challenge all carries a lesson and through these lessons the patience you apply will help to lift your life, intensify your happiness and nurture your character. Don’t be afraid of becoming more patient, embrace this virtue and make it a part of you in all areas that you are part of – see this as a strength that will help you overcome the hardest of situations that will bring you to peace and happiness with others and most importantly with yourself. 

I AM Archeia Lady Patience 
through Julie Miller


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