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Thank you ArchAngel Michael and Steve!

Archangel Michael: Expect Miracles – Part 1 Preamble

The first thing on my mind....Archangel Michael catches us up with some of the major events in our world, including the “event,” the reval, NESARA, containment, the chaotic nodes, President Obama, etc. This first part is preamble. You’re welcome to go directly to the second part if you wish to pick up with Archangel Michael immediately. Thanks to Ellen for her speedy transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, with Archangel Michael, August 5, 2013

Graham Dewyea:  Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone, and Linda Dillon, author of The Great Awakening. It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m Graham Dewyea.
Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.
Steve Beckow:  Thank you, Graham. And just before we get underway, you’ve led a workshop over the weekend.
GD:  I have!
SB:  Can you tell us a little bit about it, and how it went?
GD:  Yeah. I led a retreat here in Vermont this past weekend. And it was a real pleasure and a real honor. As you know, and perhaps our listeners know, I’ve taken a step back this summer, from doing radio work, but my heart is still there as a lightworker.
And the workshop I did was entitled Heart Centered Living:  Embodying the Heart of a Peaceful Warrior. So it was all about stepping into our hearts, living with open hearts and with the knowledge that when we do that we step into a world full of joy and miraculous possibilities, including greater connection with Source, ourselves, each other, our beloved Gaia and all beings on her.
So it was this really wonderful connective, powerful, high vibrational experience that I was just deeply honored to be part of. And I know the participants expressed feeling really grateful, and it felt like where we are headed as a theme. So it was a welcome experience.
SB:  Is this your first time leading a workshop?
GD:  First time doing this kind of workshop. I did some stuff at the Sedona conference, but more as a larger public speaking engagement addressing some of this theme. But this was more roll up your sleeves, let’s dive in, do the work, and really open our hearts. So it was a really beautiful experience.
SB:  Wonderful. Well, I hope we both see more from you in the future and that we’re able to attend it. In the months ahead, perhaps we’ll have the wherewithal to travel back east.
Well, let me welcome Linda, who’s been away for a bit. Linda, welcome back.
Linda Dillon:  Thanks. It’s great to be back. And I want to thank those who stood in for me while I was gone as well — Christina Mahler and Blossom Goodchild. And I know that their shows were absolutely wonderful.
But I have to tell you guys, it is wonderful to be back and feeling pretty much like myself again.
I wanted to share some of the miraculous things that have been happening. And particularly in my meditation this morning with Archangel Michael — well, with the entire Council of Love at that point, but withArchangel Michael in particular, getting ready for this momentous occasion.
Hour with an Angel always feels huge because I know it’s our chance as InLight Radio to speak to each other — but Archangel Michael came in very strongly, huge — bigger than my house! — and indicated to me that it’s time for us to up the ante, that he is upping the ante, and that in the realm and the level in which we are communicating, working, acting, playing… the bar is being raised.
Now, he asked me, as we begin, to remind each of you to be in your hearts as you listen, not only listening to this Hour with an Angel today, no, but to listen with your hearts consistently, and to make sure that his blue flame of truth is burning brightly.
So, take a nice deep breath and make sure you’re going into your heart and you’re feeling that beautiful flame of blue of our wonderful Archangel of peace.
Michael also reminds us that eons ago he gave us his sword and shield, and he gave us these as tools — particularly useful during this time of change — to destroy illusion, to keep away falsehood, to cut away those cards, those false grids or vasanas that do not serve us.
So, in your dominant hand, feel that sword of Michael, and in your other hand, feel the shield of Michael, that shield that protects us and keeps everything that is not of love away from us. It just bounces off our shields.
But also during this time of creation it’s important to realize that our shields are also magnificent magnets, and on our shields, individually, we’ve carved, we’ve written, we’ve inscribed the creations that we wish to bring forward for Nova Earth, not just as a collective, but individually as well. So it’s everything from clean water and clean air to personal partnership and sacred union.
So, in your other hand, feel your shield, and here we are — what a team, across the world, equipped as we begin our work again with Archangel Michael.
Thanks, Steve.
SB:  Thank you, Linda, for that reminder. And I’ll give you a chance now to transition into receiving Archangel Michael. And of course I can certainly say that I’m ready, I’m sure Graham’s ready, and I’m sure all of us on the Nova Earth Foundation are ready, and looking forward to the ante being upped.
(Continued in Part 2.)
by Steve Beckow

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