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Thank you, David, for another amazing and wonderfully thorough connecting of the seemingly separate pieces gracefully interwoven so we can truly see how ubiquitous, pervasive and powerful the cabal has become over the last two centuries!! As they meet THEIR OWN (unintended) end-Dgame....

Thank you David and your Guides!

CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve

Dramatic new evidence reveals that a secret alliance of US military personnel are working to expose and defeat the Federal Reserve -- and the occult cabal of bankers and industrialists who run it.
The hacker group Anonymous has now gone public with its connection to the US military.
Vital new historical insights into this alliance are also presented here -- for the first time in well over a decade.
More surprises are very likely to be in store. These new developments were predicted in David's new book, now available for you to read!
[UPDATE FRIDAY 8/23: A major insider site we linked to was immediately destroyed by hacking after we published this article. See headline in red.]

Is there any hope for humanity? Or are we doomed -- heading into a bottomless pit from which there is no escape?
A wealth of solid, provable evidence reveals that we are indeed on the brink of spectacular changes -- for the positive.
Comprehensive new evidence has exposed a natural cycle that affects human behavior -- on an individual and collective level. 
This cycle is older than the Earth itself -- and is written into the basic laws of space, time, matter and energy.
The positive outcome of the events we are now seeing will be generated by laws as consistent and absolute as gravity itself.

The idea of cyclical time is nothing new -- but the science to prove that it is real, and how much it affects us, certainly is.
Synchronicity is not only happening in our own lives, such as through the Law of Karma. It is affecting us on a global level as well.

Karma is about to strike the planetary elite -- big time. The signs of what is about to happen are becoming increasingly clear -- and it will be very significant.
The full scientific case of why this will occur -- and how -- is laid out in The Synchronicity Key, which just debuted Tuesday, August 20th.
As it turns out, the most significant events on earth are not random. They are precisely following a script -- written by a cosmic intelligence.
Life on earth is ultimately being guided by this hidden intelligence -- to lead us through an individual and collective planetary awakening.
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Strongly interconnected evidence, from several different sources, suggests we are seeing an extremely significantgeo-political shift for the positive.

On February 28th, we released insider testimony that "Anonymous" was working with the US military and an international alliance -- to defeat financial tyranny.
There is overwhelming evidence that the Federal Reserve banking cartel is responsible for the majority of all the problems in the world at this time.
The Federal Reserve financed both sides of World Wars I and II, and used them to plunder most of the world's gold supply -- in exchange for worthless bonds.
This is all discussed -- along with its profound spiritual implications for humanity's collective awakening -- in The Synchronicity Key.
In this article, we will present groundbreaking new insider testimony about the history of the alliance that has formed against the Fed -- on the US military side.
We will also honor some of the heroes who paid the ultimate price for our freedom in this war -- and name their names whenever possible.

On February 4th, Anonymous hacked into over four thousand, six hundred different executives' accounts at theFederal Reserve -- and openly posted all the juicy details. 
This was on Super Bowl Sunday -- and included account log-in codes, leading capable hackers straight to the beating heart of the Fed.

Anonymous did not claim responsibility for the outage, but the connection between these two events did seem to be far more than a coincidence.
The number 33 is central to the Cabal -- and for many years was the highest rank anyone could attain in Freemasonry.
This outage occurred almost immediately after Beyonce finished her set during the halftime show -- and caused most viewers to abandon the second half entirely.
This seemingly deliberate, well-timed attack appears to have been a "payback" from the Alliance -- to let the Cabal know they are no longer running the show.
The power outage caused a huge bloodletting -- as advertisers spent up to 133,000 dollars per second to be seen in this greatest of all American sports events.

Even though I was feverishly working to finish The Synchronicity Key, I rushed to publish an article about this bizarre outage that same night. 
The Federal Reserve hack is discussed on page 116 of The Synchronicity Key, though I did not mention the Super Bowl outage at the time.
I did, however, reveal "leaked" insider testimony that US military personnel were heavily involved with Anonymous:
Then on February 4, 2013, the mysterious hacker group Anonymous posted private data from four thousand different Federal Reserve executives' accounts -- including private contact information, mobile phone numbers, account log-ins, IP addresses, and credentials. [200]
A Reddit user started calling the numbers, confirmed they were Federal Reserve executives, and said, "The ramifications of that kind of loss of control are severe." [201]
A few weeks later, a key insider revealed that Anonymous was collaborating with patriotic computer experts within the US military, and this was all part of their coordinated effort to defend the Constitution against allenemies, foreign and domestic.

The publisher did allow me to put provocative statements like this in the book, even though no proof had surfaced -- yet-- to back them up.
I have multiple emails that prove I was not permitted to make any changes to the book after May 5, 2013.

Stunning evidence of the US military's involvement in Anonymous arrived on August 9th -- just eleven days before the book debuted.
In order to understand how significant this connection really is, let's first examine the hacking incident a little more deeply.
Two days after these 4,600 different Federal Reserve executives' accounts were hacked, ZDNet revealed how vast in scope this operation really was.
At the time, no one had any idea that an alliance of patriotic oath-keepers within the US military might be involved in this unprecedented event:
After Anonymous posted sensitive credentials of over 4,600 banking executives to a government Web site on Super Bowl Sunday, the Federal Reserve acknowledged the attack in a Tuesday morning statement to affected individuals and press.
However, while a spokesperson from the Federal Reserve told The Huffington Post that Anonymous' claim to the hack's importance was "overstated," information security professionals that serve financial institutions are saying the exact opposite—and are not best pleased with the Federal Reserve.
ZDNet has now learned that the compromised and exposed database belongs to The St. Louis Fed Emergency Communications System.
Update February 6, 1:45pm PST: Chris Wysopal, CTO and co-founder at Veracode, unpacked the hack and calls it "a spearphishing bonanza" and "the most valuable account dump by quality I have seen in a while"in the post Stolen Data Headers From The Federal Reserve Hack.

Here is a photograph of the book, open to the page I quoted from earlier -- about the Anonymous / US military connection.
I believe this alliance is a critical part of how we will go from the "here" of our current world to the "there" of the Golden Age -- predicted in many ancient cultures.

I wrote those passages in the book based on leaked testimony from insiders who had access to highly classified information.
This connection between Anonymous and the US military has now been confirmed by a US military insider to BuzzFeed, a highly popular website.
This secret alliance was first revealed on August 9, 2013 -- a mere eleven days before The Synchronicity Key came out.
The news appeared directly below the riveting new breakthrough of "picnic pants" -- where you get a stretchable "table" that appears between your legs.
I guess that's cool -- if you don't mind "saggin'." It might also be a little hard to walk.
There's so many more places we could go with this... but... no. 

As of today, August 21st, Alexa ranks BuzzFeed as the 70th most popular website in America, and the 273rd most popular in the world:

Due to the huge popularity of BuzzFeed, the announcement that many high-ranking US military personnel are working in Anonymous is a very significant event.

In this groundbreaking August 9th article from BuzzFeed, a military insider revealed that many non-commissioned officers (NCOs) are working within Anonymous.
As we will see, these include many high-level officers with access to extremely classified information.
I have added underlines and / or bold characters, where appropriate, for emphasis.
Anonymous’ Secret Presence in the US Army
An active-duty Army captain and member of Anonymous describes how the organization operates, his own involvement in the Arab Spring, how the crackdown on Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden has affected soldiers, and how more leaks are on the way.
He has agreed to speak with BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity.

Are there a lot of members of Anonymous in the Army?
There are more than you would thinkmore heavily in the techie world [of the military] — especially at Fort Huachuca, where all the intel people are.
A lot of them wanted to get the job [there] because they want to learn secret stuff and have a better personal understanding of how the world actually works.

How do you know who is in Anonymous?
Initially we have the handshaking phase. The lingo is still relatively unknown.
In conversation, you drop in jokes. If you are with someone on a mission, you’re like, “Man, there are over 9,000 reasons that this is a bad idea.”
That initially establishes friendship.
Once you feel comfortable with the person and they aren’t just posing as part of the culture, then you talk about what they’ve done and how much a part of it they are.
It gets to the point where you are discussing individual operations.

What are the most popular operations amongst soldiers?
Anonymous is so distributed and leaderless that everyone has operations they love and hate.
Operation Cartel, especially at Fort Bliss. Operation Dark Net was universally loved. And Operation Paybackwas pretty well received….

Would the military consider you a white or black hat?
The military sees me as black hat.
[DW: This means he is doing secretive work that would be considered classified, covert and negative to most people -- like spying.]

Is that a fair assessment?
All hats are gray. Every white hacker I know has a night job that is very much a black-hat job….

Does the military know about the Anonymous presence?
Pre-Manning, there were several academic papers put out trying to analyze it and school the leadership.
Because the Army is a very top-down organization, they assume that [Anonymous] is too.
Leadership wasn’t concerned with it until Manning happened.
Then they read everything under the [lens] of what Manning did and it just scared them — scared them blind.
They know we are in there and they assume that we are all going to do a Manning or a Snowden.

How have they addressed it?
Every six months you are mandated to get a Threat Awareness and Reporting Procedures Brief.
It used to be very much like how to … spot the Iraqi contractor who is pacing off your base.
Now it is, “Look at the person at your left and right. Are they espousing social beliefs that don’t line up with Army values? What websites do they go to at work?”
[This is presented] with the caveat that it is OK to have political beliefs that are different. You get a heavy-handed feeling.
I have had more than a few officers come up to me and as we are trying to talk about [Anonymous] they are worried, like, “Are you CID [working undercover for the Central Investigative Division]?”
Because you always worry about that.

Are the retaliations against Manning and Snowden discouraging Anonymous activity and the desire to leak information?
A lot [of Anonymous members] have been in long enough and are jaded. They are watching as the government comes down harder and harder.
There is a growing sense of disdain and hatred because we are complicit in it.
There are some secrets that need to be secrets, but the stuff [the military] keeps secret just to protect the bottom line — you just feel like you are selling your soul every day.
That is a lot of the motivation. Especially for people of the generation that believe that information should be free.

Are we going to see more leaks?
A lot [of Anonymous members] are mid- to high-rank NCOs.
They are well-respected, have connections, and overly large security clearances.
A lot of people who are part of the [Anonymous] culture are just dying at this point for something to come across their table that isn’t already out there.
It is so easy to leak information that if you want to, you can do it.

February 28, 2013 was the first time I publicly announced that Anonymous was working with the US military to defeat financial tyranny.
I revealed this connection after a stunning event -- the first resignation of a Pope in over 600 years, and a big bolt of lightning striking the Vatican that same night.

I considered this lightning strike to be a large-scale, easy-to-understand manifestation of synchronicity -- for all the world to see.
It definitely seemed to foreshadow that major changes were on the way -- including the complete exposure and downfall of financial tyranny.
Here is the excerpt where this connection between Anonymous and the US military was first made:

Lightning Strikes Vatican: A Geo-Synchronicity?
I have heard from insiders that Anonymous is not just a bunch of kids. The alliance of nations I've been speaking to you about -- now over 150 in total -- is providing direct support.
This includes patriotic aspects of the US military.
Computer hacking has become a mission-critical aspect of their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
As you may remember, Anonymous recently hacked the Federal Reserve -- and released all kinds of secure information. There is apparently much more data where that came from. 
Furthermore, hacking has completely wiped out Cabal bank accounts -- leaving them without money, in free fall.

The insider chatter is that Anonymous presented the Vatican with similarly damning information. It was literally the "offer you cannot refuse."
Had this offer not been taken, unbelievably damaging information would have been made public -- including video.
What we are seeing, in short, is a gradual process of change. Everything is being done slowly, so as not to upset the public too much.
However, the symbol of lightning -- once seen in context -- is a powerful indication that Benedict's resignation is a very positive event.

As you can see, insiders revealed that Benedict was ordered to step down and resign -- or else.
The "cover story" was that he was suffering from health problems and could pass away at any time.
However, since his health has continued to be stable, and he obviously doesn't want to have to pretend to be sick, he has suddenly changed his tune.
When he is asked why he resigned, he now says "God told me to."
Benedict Blames “Mystical Experience” for Resignation
Former Pope Benedict cited his advanced age and failing strength as the reason he stepped down from the Church's highest office on February 11, though recent comments reveal a different motivation behind his unusual resignation, the first in 600 years.
Benedict reportedly underwent a "mystical experience" during which God inspired within him an "absolute desire" to devote his life to prayer.
He now lives in a secluded residence in the Vatican gardens where he receives few visitors and is uninvolved with Vatican issues, though he holds the title of Pope Emeritus.
According to Zenit, Benedict replied, "God told me to," in response to an inquiry about his motivation for stepping down.
A senior Vatican source corroborated the story, commenting, "The report seems credible. It accurately explains the spiritual process that brought Benedict to resign."

Admittedly, there are certain differences between the whistleblower testimony in BuzzFeed about Anonymous and what I've heard from my own insiders.
The whistleblower appears to discuss Anonymous as if it arose fairly spontaneously, has remained loose, and has no central command.
However, what I've heard is that this group is very organized -- and is now finalizing a plan that has been evolving for many years.
Insider info dating back to 1995 reveals a horrible secret. Several early leaders of this patriotic alliance were tragically murdered -- in a single event.
As is so often the case, the murders were covered up, blamed on a random accident, and all investigation of the disastrous event was suppressed.
However, this attack did not destroy the alliance. Other key members survived -- and moved on to France and Europe to continue building a coalition.
Their work has now paid off handsomely -- as the alliance has since become truly international, and highly effective.

These core Alliance members eventually partnered up with a resistance group that had been quietly working in Russia since the 1700s.
I do not know exactly when they worked out an agreement, but there is abundant evidence and insider testimony that they partnered up.
I discussed the 200-plus-year Russian alliance in The Nightmare is Almost Over: Part I. Certain passages are worth repeating again:

You may be surprised to learn that the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was financed and supported by Wall Street. This is one of many points I make in my new book, The Synchronicity Key, which will be unleashed this August....

An alliance of Russian Christians has been quietly working to defeat the Cabal ever since it started in 1776 with the "Bavarian Illuminati."

According to insider Dr. Peter David Beter, who was John F. Kennedy's top, most trusted banker, this Christian resistance sect was "at least two centuries old" as of 1977.
This dates the alliance all the way back to when the "Illuminati" was founded in Bavaria -- in 1776.
Most surprisingly, this Christian alliance worked for sixty years to eventually oust the Bolsheviks -- a powerful faction of the Cabal -- in the 1970s.
Several key moves were made right under their noses -- including the assassination of Josef Stalin on March 5, 1953 and Khruschev's de-Stalinization campaign in the 1960s.
The deeper cosmic context of both of these events is clearly explained in The Synchronicity Key.
The Bolsheviks had no idea what was going on until the trap sprung on them in the late 1970s. This quest for planetary freedom is still ongoing as of today.

That [sixty-year] experience [of defeating the Cabal] has left them with very definite, vivid opinions about what does and does not work when dealing with people like the Bolsheviks and Zionists.
They also know that rapid, radical change of any type opens the door for revolution -- and where there is revolution, Bolshevik-Zionist agents will be there to exploit it.

Although this alliance apparently suffered setbacks in the 1980s and again in the 1990s, Gorbachev definitely appeared to be a part of it -- with his plans for total nuclear disarmament.
Furthermore, several of the insiders I know have said that Vladimir Putin is the most visible coordinating member of this alliance today.

Edward Snowden has almost certainly been in direct contact with the Alliance the whole time -- and was brave enough to take on a dangerous mission.
I published the article excerpt you just read on June 8, 2013 -- right as the NSA documents started leaking, but before Snowden had identified himself.
Since he was never successfully apprehended, no one in the Cabal has been able to torture him and try to find out more about who he is working with.
Very soon after Snowden became a public figure, he ended up in Russia. This was no accident. I highly doubt he ever intended to go anywhere else.
As I wrote on June 8th, before Snowden was even identified, "Vladimir Putin is the most visible coordinating member of this alliance today."
The Russia connection to the alliance is also directly addressed in my new book. We will have a lot more to say about it in a subsequent update. 

The Western media is now desperately trying to paint Russia as a totalitarian state that is crushing homosexuals and their civil rights with force.
Several people in the comments section have bought into this -- and angrily wrote, "How can you support Russia, given what they are doing?"
I encourage you to read these media reports with a very healthy degree of skepticism, given what we know. Here is what Fulford just said about this issue:
Fulford, 8/20: Media Disinformation About Russia
Reading their “newspapers” and watching or listening to their broadcasts you begin to enter a surreal world in which Russia’s Vladimir Putin is not a democratically elected leader but rather a tyrant....
Many of my otherwise well-educated and intelligent family and friends here seem to think, for example, that homosexuals (or whatever the latest politically correct label is) are jailed and persecuted in Russia.
This is because of relentless and increasingly crude propaganda about a law that makes it illegal to promote homosexuality to minors.
In the West, of course, there are severe jail terms and persecution in place for people who promote heterosexuality to minors (it is labeled pedophilia).
In any case, the people who rely on corporate and government media (including much of my family) for information in Canada have been left with the untrue impression that homosexuals were being imprisoned and tortured in Russia.
This is fascist propaganda at its most blatant.

Another important clue that Snowden may be part of a greater alliance is that he was secretly collecting classified data since April 2012. 
At the time, he was still employed by Dell -- in a job he'd had since 2009.
It is entirely possible that Snowden came into contact with the Alliance during his early years at Dell -- particularly with his existing military background.
Snowden Downloaded NSA Secrets While Working for Dell, Beginning in April 2012
WASHINGTON, Aug 15 (Reuters) - Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden began downloading documents describing the U.S. government's electronic spying programs while he was working for Dell Inc in April 2012, almost a year earlier than previously reported, according to U.S. officials and other sources familiar with the matter.
Snowden, who was granted a year's asylum by Russia on Aug. 1, worked for Dell from 2009 until earlier this year, assigned as a contractor to U.S. National Security Agency facilities in the United States and Japan.
Snowden downloaded information while employed by Dell about eavesdropping programs run by the NSA and Britain's Government Communications Headquarters, and left an electronic footprint indicating when he accessed the documents, said the sources, speaking on condition of anonymity.
David Frink, a spokesman for Round Rock, Texas-based Dell, declined to comment on any aspect of Snowden's employment with the company, saying Dell's "customer" - presumably the NSA - had asked Dell not to talk publicly about him….
Some of the material Snowden downloaded in April 2012 while a Dell employee related to NSA collection from fiber-optic cables, including transoceanic cables, of large quantities of internet traffic and other communications, the sources said.
Snowden has said he left Dell for a job at Booz Allen Hamilton in Hawaii around March of this year, specifically to gain access to additional top-secret documents that could be leaked to the media.

This new information makes Snowden's activities seem far more organized and premeditated than they originally appeared.
He was confident enough to extract highly classified info from Dell, and then take another job with a top defense contractor just to collect even more.
Snowden seemed to have a great deal of confidence that he would not get caught -- or that if he did, he would be able to retreat to a safe place.
We also can see he was on a mission to gather and release classified documents to the media for well over a year before he finished the job.

Snowden may have been contacted by the Alliance as a brave soldier whose loyalty and honor could be trusted after he posted on Ars Technica in 2010.
Here is another key excerpt that suggests how the contact could have started -- through the same basic "vetting" process described in the BuzzFeed article.
In February 2010, while working for Dell, Snowden wrote in an internet technology forum, Ars Technica, that he was bothered by technology companies allegedly giving the U.S. government access to private computer servers.
"It really concerns me how little this sort of corporate behavior bothers those outside of technology circles," Snowden wrote under the screen name "The True HooHA."
"Society really seems to have developed an unquestioning obedience towards spooky types.”

In case you don't know this -- and our international readers in particular may not -- "HooHa" is a military expression that is shouted as a group, to build team spirit.
By posting as "The True HooHA," Snowden was revealing that he was a patriotic, honorable and highly motivated warrior.
He may well have been contacted by the Alliance after complaining about the "unquestioning obedience towards spooky types" in our society.
The rest is history. And at this time, history is still being written. There are many critical data points to consider.

More than one insider has revealed to me that a significant majority of the US military -- at least 60 and possibly now over 75 percent -- is directly opposed to the occult "New World Order" Cabal running the Federal Reserve.
The commanding officers of some divisions are now 100 percent in agreement of the need to bring down the Federal Reserve and restore the Constitution.
Before the BuzzFeed article, there was no major, public indication that the military was working against the Federal Reserve -- other than the groundbreaking Veterans Today website.
Still to this day, Manning and Snowden are generally being seen as loners, operating in isolation -- and not members of any greater alliance.
However, the US military alliance against the Cabal was first publicly revealed by Sherman Skolnick -- all the way back in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
Skolnick was one of the only people to disclose any tangible information about the alliance at the time -- and his work has since been forgotten.
Another brave witness, whose testimony coincided with Skolnick's on several key points, is Rayelan Allan of

On April 17, 1995, eight high-ranking US military members of this secretive, patriotic alliance breached normal protocol and boarded a plane together.
As you will soon see, this was a very important flight. They were about to press criminal charges against the President -- in an attempt to take down the Federal Reserve.
All eight of these brave, high-ranking officers were killed when their plane crashed -- and the event reeked of deliberate sabotage.
The details and names of the victims will be shared a bit later -- as well as the verifiable, official records of the crash that still exist.
Only two days later, an American federal building, housing FBI personnel, was attacked and destroyed -- allegedly by a fertilizer truck bomb.
This is what the steel-reinforced concrete building looked like before the explosion:

A significant portion of the front of the building collapsed, from the bottom straight up to the top -- just like we would see in a controlled demolition.
Military experts concluded that a homemade Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) charge could not have cut through steel I-beams anywhere near this effectively.

The entire site was demolished and back-filled with concrete barely over a month later, preventing any further on-site criminal investigation.

The amount of ANFO in the truck was nowhere near enough to cut through so many steel I-beams with such accuracy and precision, top to bottom.
Eyewitnesses reported hearing and feeling multiple explosions over the course of 10 seconds -- but were pressured into accepting the official story.

Various key details, including expert military testimony on what really happened, were revealed in this article from March 11, 2004:
The first expert to go public with the ANFO discrepancies was USAF Brigadier General (ret.) Benton K. Partin.
Sitting in his living room in Virginia and merely looking only at photos in Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News was enough to catch his discerning eye.
The exposed rebar on the severed columns at the third floor level was adequate evidence for Partin.
He knew that an air blast from a truck on the street could never remove reinforced concrete and steel.
Then he noticed the remaining standing columns between the truck and the one taken out in the left center of the Murrah Building.
He knew this was impossible, unless there were charges planted at the collapsed column.
Partin noted three such columns from the magazine photos and found a fourth by viewing expanded fire department photos on a later visit to Oklahoma City.
Later study revealed the macabre evidence of a fifth charge having been detonated underneath the children's nursery on the second floor.

The typical "disinfo" move at this point would be to discredit the witness, General Benton Partin. However, this is not so easy to do, given his background:
General Partin's credentials and military record are impeccable.
Most of his 31-year career in the air force was spent in demolition.
He headed up the USAF's Explosive Research Laboratory.
If the FBI were really looking for the truth in this case, could they find a better expert witness than Ben Partin?
The theory of the ANFO bomb exploding in a truck on the street and wreaking the kind of damage seen for blocks around is akin to a pea-shooter bringing down a spaceship.

This attack occurred deep in the heartland of America -- in one of the reddest of all red states. It was before the Internet -- and therefore got much less publicity than 9/11.
However, this could be seen as a "dry run" for a similar and much bigger operation six years later -- namely 9/11.
Part of what they may have been testing was to see how easily the public could be fooled by a steel and concrete building collapsing like balsa wood.
The shock of this attack, coupled with a controlled mainstream media and no widespread internet use, erased the suspicious deaths of eight top American military personnel only two days earlier.
On August 9, 2000, Rayelan Allan of Rumor Mill News shared what her husband Gunther, a member of the alliance, told her the day the officers' plane crashed.
On April 17th, 1995, I received a telephone call from my husband, Gunther Russbacher. He said, "The war has begun!"
I asked him what he meant. He said a Learjet had just crashed in Alabama. On board were 17 Admirals and Generals. They were on their way to arrest Bill Clinton.
All the military men were killed.
That same day, Sherman Skolnick was told the same thing by one of his sources.
The same day, Oswald LeWinter talked to a reporter for a major New York newspaper. LeWinter told the reporter the same thing -- and it was published -- April 19, 1995.
No one paid any attention to the story because in the early morning of April 19, 1995, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City blew up.

The attack on the federal FBI building was blamed on a right-wing, patriotic, gun-toting conservative who believed in "conspiracy theories."
According to various insiders, this was a direct attack against the alliance.
Right after the Cabal killed some of the top members of the alliance, the people most likely to support them were framed as terrorists.
Anyone who supported their goals, in the fight for freedom, could then be labeled as a "paranoid nutcase" who needed to be terminated with prejudice.
This disaster came to be known as the Oklahoma City Bombing -- and the "patsy" was Timothy McVeigh.

Very few people are aware that Oklahoma City occurred just two days after a major, documented plane crash that killed top military personnel.
The haze and trauma of the bombing, coupled with a controlled media and very limited internet usage, made the airplane crash easy to cover up.
I have never shared any of this data before -- including the words you are about to read from Sherman Skolnick.
His testimony had quite an effect on me when it first appeared, and I recently went back and tracked it all down again.
Skolnick continued writing about Oklahoma City, delving deeper and deeper into its glaring inconsistencies, right up until 9/11 occurred -- six years later.
In fact, by the time 9/11 came along, so many damning investigations had been written about OKC that I had finally gotten tired of reading them all.
9/11 followed a very similar blueprint of "controlled demolition" -- where a false-flag terror event was used to traumatize the public, force through restrictive legislation, and demonize any and all enemies of the government.
I briefly mentioned Skolnick's insider leaks in my three-hour appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on August 19, 2013.

Skolnick's earlier data can be time-encoded thanks to the "mirror posts" that appeared on
Another key form of validation is the data-mining tools at, which keeps snapshots of every site online -- and the dates when they were taken.
Skolnick's testimony adds significant supporting evidence to the claims we've been making about this international alliance.
In order to validate what Skolnick said about the alliance, it is first important to demonstrate the credibility of his insider sources -- in two key areas.

Sherman Skolnick claimed to have access to many insiders, and was a frequent guest on Jeff Rense's radio program -- at
In my view, Skolnick was always the most highly-connected and intriguing journalist Rense would interview -- given the power of his sources and their information.
The most shocking development in those early years was when Skolnick accurately predicted that the 2000 election would not have a clear winner -- before it actually took place.
He attributed this foreknowledge -- which was time-encoded on the internet in provable ways -- to "profound sources"in the US government.
Unfortunately, Skolnick took the secrets of who his "profound sources" were to the grave.
These "profound sources" may have been very, very high-ranking US military members -- at least. We may yet find out who they were.

One accurate forecast from Skolnick appeared on October 31, 2000 -- before the election ever started.
In it, Skolnick boldly predicted there would be "an organized constitutional crisis" in the 2000 election.
Apparently the original plan was to install a Rockefeller as president in the aftermath of the confusion.
This idea was obviously aborted in favor of the Supreme Court handing the undecided election to George W. Bush.
The important point here is that this prophecy was clearly put in writing before the election actually started.
I am sure many veteran Rense readers remember this sequence of events well -- as it was very dramatic at the time.

All the links I had inserted in this article were fully viable right before we published. That is no longer the case.
Now, every single link to, including the main homepage, simply appears as a blank white screen.

Given the power of the information, and what is happening right now in the world, this is no surprise.
This unexpected event only makes the case even stronger. None of this will change the outcome of what is about to happen.
As a result, I have now gone through and restored all of the links -- with time-encoded references.

And now, let's read an excerpt from Skolnick's article where this stunning prophecy was first made.
October 31, 2000: The Scheme to Make Jay Rockefeller as President
I have strong reasons from profound sources to believe that a so-called "Emergency" may follow the year 2000 Presidential Election.
And that there is a further scheme to install Jay Rockefeller as the unelected "President" or "King" of the U.S., all without having him on the Presidential Election ballot....
Since my stories are often so far ahead of the "parade", they are often misunderstood by those without our benefit of some one million documents, records, tapes, and details.
I do not reveal sources. I do not want to hear one of my sources later was in a plane that somehow blew up -- or that his or her body was found floating in the canal.
To protect my sources, I have in 40 years as an activist been eight times jailed for contempt of court for refusing to divulge sources or how exactly we investigate deep plots and corruption.
Will there be an orchestrated "constitutional crisis" favoring installing a Rockefeller as "President" or "King"?

In other articles, Skolnick revealed that George W. Bush was planned all along to be taken down by scandals soon after he was elected.
This, at least, was the original intention of the Rockefellers, who apparently masterminded this plan -- and are one of the key Federal Reserve families.
Clearly, the Bush family is not seen as equal to the Rockefellers in their pecking order. George W was originally seen as a sacrificial pawn.
In the ensuing years, this battle between Bush and Rockefeller has ultimately led to them becoming separate, violently-warring factions.
I have now heard this from more than one independent insider.
The Rockefellers did not care if the Bush family remained in power -- and in fact only wanted to use them as a stepping-stone in the election.
However, the Bush family itself had enough military, intelligence and financial power to beat back the Rockefellers.
At least some of this power seems to be derived from a powerful alliance with Israel, as revealed in earlier articles from the testimony of Peter David Beter.
[UPDATE 8/23: Both Beter and Skolnick were Jews. I support Jewish people wholeheartedly. It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the government of Israel.
The problem is not being caused by "Jewish Bankers". Obvious "paid bloggers" are trying to use this angle now to discredit this article.]

Again, the plan began with George W. Bush being forced out of office by scandals, early along -- including revelations of rape and hard drug use.
Cheney would then become President (gulp), and then would appoint John "Jay" Rockefeller to be Vice President -- thanks to the 25th Amendment.
Shortly thereafter, Cheney would be forced to step down due to his heart condition and other health problems that could be manipulated or induced.
The 25th Amendment would then allow Jay Rockefeller to become President of the United States.
Skolnick also said the Rockefellers pushed for the 25th Amendment in the first place, specifically to make an operation like this possible.
You can read more about it in Skolnick's article from December 17, 2000 -- as the tense and bizarre election crisis was raging on.
The Alleged Election: Is It Over? (12/17/00)

Although Skolnick never predicted the specific details of 9/11, his sources did accurately forecast an upcoming "expected financial debacle" in 2000.
Even more surprisingly, Skolnick said this "expected debacle" was hoped to create "the overthrowing of the American Central Government" and Constitution, "and [would cause] the nation [to be] run by Martial Law."
After Skolnick's previous success with forecasting the 2000 election, this was quite a chilling thing to read -- and I always studied his articles carefully.
Thankfully, this did not happen -- but the USA PATRIOT act was passed right after 9/11, and it did indeed strip us of most of our Constitutional rights.
This excerpt is from December 8, 2000 -- over a month into the artificially-engineered "constitutional crisis" of the 2000 election that Skolnick had already predicted.
Election Mess a CIA Covert Operation? (12/8/00)
The American CIA and their "privatized" adjuncts, such as reportedly Wackenhut, have long engaged in overthrowing foreign governments, assassinating popular U.S. leaders and officials, and causing fake foreign and domestic "emergencies" and coups.
WHY is it hard then to believe they would not also orchestrate, on a vast scale, the overthrowing of the American Central Government, to favor, for example, the British -- itching to return us to a puppet-colony status?
Some contend we may see the American Constitution overthrown by such means -- and the nation run by Martial Law as a way of dealing with an expected U.S. financial debacle.

Skolnick also leaked data that used to be considered "conspiracy theory" -- at least until the last few months.
The surveillance is nothing new. All data on the Internet has been filtered and captured ever since it first started.
Insiders have known this all along. The Internet was, after all, originally called ARPAnet, and was made by DARPA -- a US defense contractor. has been capturing all publicly-available data on the internet since the late 1990s, and they are merely a private corporation.
Skolnick: Carnivore Eats FBI
Remember Frankenstein's Monster? It turned on its creator.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation created a system called CARNIVORE. It has become the Big Ear and the Big Eye at Internet Service Providers, ISPs, and Online Services.
Without court orders, but with the apparent acquiescence if not complicity of e-mail servers, it intercepts and analyzes gargantuan amounts of e-mail, supposedly for the FBI investigations.
The Bureau-crazies have been spending too much time emulating George Orwell and his "Big Brother".
Some believe it to be a spy system, an offshoot of PROMIS, super software used by secret political police, like the FBI, worldwide, to track so-called "terrorists" -- code word for those unfriendly to the Established Order.

In this next excerpt from February 5, 2001, Skolnick revealed that British banking interests were planning an "unthinkable expected disaster" in America.
Skolnick's intel clearly indicated this disaster would be "possibly [the] worst in the history of the Western world."
It also would apparently lead to the "general collapse... of American markets, stocks, bonds, commodities, U.S. currency, the works."
Skolnick had already talked extensively about how the Oklahoma City building seemed to have been brought down by controlled demolition.
He was now told there was a plan to create a huge catastrophe, and then seize control of the US economy -- by buying now-devalued assets for pennies on the dollar.
Remember -- at the time, no one else was publicly predicting that an epic disaster like 9/11 was being planned and expected.
In hindsight, Oklahoma City seemed to be a "practice run" for 9/11, on a much smaller scale -- to test many variables, including the public reaction.

Here is the Skolnick quote I mentioned -- which in hindsight does appear to be an accurate prophecy of the overall environment that 9/11 would create.
American Troika Part One – February 4, 2001
By the year 2001, the Brits were in a position to expect and promote the general collapse, possibly the worst in the history of the Western World, of the American markets, stocks, bonds, commodities, U.S. currency, the works.
The Brits thereby hope, as prophetically outlined by Congressman Louis T. McFadden in the 1930s, to grab up U.S. properties at a penny on the dollar and use U.S. assets to underwrite foreign speculations.
In what the Brits expect to cause, the clearing houses themselves---unthinkable expected disaster---would collapse, making most trades on the exchanges uncollectable.

In the aftermath of the stolen 2000 election and these rumors of a massive, planned disaster, Skolnick's next report dates to September 1, 2001 -- just ten days before 9/11.
Here, Skolnick again discussed the US military alliance against the Cabal, which was one of the ongoing themes in his articles.
The comments in brackets are Skolnick's own insertions:
In several of my stories circulated and posted on-line in the past, I wrote exclusive details of the highly patriotic group of 24 flag officers, that is U.S. Admirals and Generals, who at least since 1995, had sought under the Military Code to arrest Clinton for treason at the time he was Commander-In-Chief.
If he charged them with mutiny, they were prepared, if they survived, to defend themselves with documents proving Clinton's treachery -- aiding and abetting sworn enemies of the United States.
Since 1995, ten of this group have been assassinated, including General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District, and Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest naval officer in uniform.
And a group of top military, murdered via a sabotaged plane crash, April 17, 1995, near Alexander City, Alabama [two days before the bombings in Oklahoma City, which Clinton used to try to restore his failing power].
Assisting this group was William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence, likewise assassinated.
[Our interviews with family members, close associates of the victims, and others tending to have direct knowledge convinces us of the validity of these details.]

Some skeptics have questioned whether this April 17, 1995 crash ever even took place.
An Aviation Safety Network writeup of the crash, and what apparently went wrong, can still be found in a post dating back to April 17, 1995:

Here is an Air Force writeup on the disaster from April 18, 1995. It can still be found on in a snapshot taken on April 3, 1997.
WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- Eight people were killed when an Air Force C-21 Learjet crashed into a wooded area near Alexander City, Ala., about 6:30 p.m. CST April 17 [1995].
The aircraft, assigned to the 332nd Airlift Flight, Randolph AFB, Texas, was flying from Andrews AFB, Md., to Randolph, but was diverting to Alexander City Airport, Ala. -- 35 miles northeast of Maxwell AFB, Ala. -- after experiencing an in-flight emergency.
Among the dead were Clark G. Fiester, assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, and his military assistant, Col. Jack Clark II; Maj. Gen. Glenn A Profitt II, director of plans and operations, Air Education and Training Command, Randolph AFB, Texas; Maj. Hubert B. Fisher, who was assigned to the Pentagon; Capt. Paul Carey, instructor pilot; and 1st Lt. Paul M. Bowers, aircraft commander.
Also killed were retired Air Force Maj. James K. Horne; and a U.S. Army sergeant, both space available passengers. Army officials have not released the soldier's name pending notification of next of kin.
Fiester and his official party were on their way to Brooks AFB, Texas, to present an acquisition reform briefing to personnel at the Human Systems Center.
"We are deeply saddened by the loss of the eight people who perished in the C-21 accident in Alabama," said Secretary of the Air Force Sheila E. Widnall and Gen. Ronald R. Fogleman, Air Force chief of staff, in a joint statement.
"Two of the Air Force's senior leaders were aboard the plane -- Clark G. Fiester and Maj. Gen. Glenn A. Profitt II -- and we are grateful for their contributions to our nation and those of the other passengers and crew aboard the aircraft."

The heroes who perished on this flight included Fiester, Profitt, Clark, Fisher, Carey, Bowers and Horne.
Notice that a US Army sergeant was on the plane -- and was not even named.
It is highly unusual for the military not to honor a fallen soldier.
In Vietnam, my father was assigned to peel potatoes all night on KP duty if he misspelled a dead soldier's name by even a single letter.
We will see the deeper reason why this soldier's name might have been withheld in a minute. Apparently he was a suriving POW from Vietnam.

It is very suspicious that top military officers died in a fiery plane crash just two days before the Oklahoma City disaster, which had all the hallmarks of an "inside job" like 9/11.
According to USAF Brigadier General (ret.) Benton K. Partin, the Murrah building was likely attacked with "controlled demolition", not a fertilizer bomb.
Rayelan Allan's insider husband Gunther was very distraught by this plane crash.
According to Rayelan's sources, Gunther was part of a patriotic alliance they called "Faction 2". This group intended to bring down the Federal Reserve.
April 17, 1995
At 4:30 AM I received a phone call from Gunther. He... told me that war had broken out. He meant between the Factions.
He said to pull back from everything I was doing and go in to "defensive posture".
I asked him what had happened. He told me that a Learjet, full of Admirals and Generals was on its way to testify against Clinton.
He told me the plane had crashed. The Generals and Admirals had been murdered to keep them from testifying.
This phone call came in April 17th, 1995. Two days later the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was blown up.

As Rayelan's quote goes on, we discover that she and Gunther were involved in a massive transfter of stolen Austrian gold -- in 1994.
This gold would have been used to create the world's first currency that was backed by precious metals -- and could be used to defeat the Federal Reserve.
The Euro obviously was co-opted by the Cabal after this, and was backed by nothing -- but that apparently wasn't the original plan.
The sabotaged plane crash effectively broke the momentum to create a powerful new currency to beat the Fed.
This [plane crash] happened one year after Gunther and I and many others had worked to arrange the largest gold transfer in history.
It came from the Philippines and eventually ended up in Austria. It was the Austrian treasury that was stolen by Hitler at the beginning of World War II.
I was told that it was going to be used to back the Euro.
The Euro would be the first gold-backed currency; and then, one by one, the rest of the countries around the world would also back their currencies with metals.
But shortly after the Learjet crashed, the Murrah Building was blown up -- and the game plan was changed.

As Rayelan reveals here, this airplane sabotage forced the living members of the alliance to flee. Skolnick had more to say about where they went.
In the meantime, pinning the event on McVeigh -- who was admittedly a radical extremist -- helped demonize the people who might have resisted the Cabal.
Those who had been planning to abolish the Federal Reserve had to flee in order to stay alive.
The Murrah bombing was blamed on "patriot" Timothy McVeigh, and our government declared war on Patriots, militias and Faction 2.
At this time, I was certain that the FED was about to be abolished.
Then OKC happened, and suddenly all of the men who were working to restore gold backed currencies were gone. Disappeared.
I never knew if they were dead or went underground.

Rayelan's data clearly shows that the main goal of this alliance was to bring down the Federal Reserve -- and end financial tyranny.
In order to do this, a widespread effort was being made to reveal the scope and depth of the problems in the American government.
Finally, after all these years, this long-standing plan to awaken the public is being fulfilled -- with devastating effectiveness.
Skolnick's insiders did not reveal that these officers had targeted the Federal Reserve -- or if they did, he didn't write about it.
However, there are so many corresponding details that it does appear that Rayelan and Skolnick are talking about the same event.

In another article from May 11, 2001, Skolnick revealed the fates of these brave, patriotic officers who died fighting for freedom.
Oklahoma City Bombings: Split in FBI? 5/11/01
President Clinton felt his power slipping away. The 1994 Congressional elections, considered by fellow Democrats as a Clinton-caused disaster, brought in a noisy GOP majority.
In the spring of 1995, a small group of highly patriotic flag officers were plotting to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton for giving military secrets to the Red Chinese, a sworn enemy of the US.
[This would have been] an arrest provided for and authorized under the military code.
As titular head of both the U.S. civilian and military Establishment, Clinton, on the other hand, could have arrested the 24 Admirals and Generals for mutiny.
If they were not assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with proof, such as Clinton giving, to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, in the White House and elsewhere, U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets.
Giving aid and comfort to a sworn enemy of the U.S., the classical definition of treason….

As our quote goes on, Skolnick reveals more detail on how these heroic warriors were assassinated.
On Monday, April 17, 1995, a military jet planeload of top military was enroute to Dallas.
They had onboard what is not supposed to exist, an American prisoner-of-war, prepared to finger the Pentagon as perpetuated by Clinton, as continuing the POW/Missing in Action cover-up from the Viet Nam war.

You read that right. Apparently there were still POWs in Vietnam, well over 20 years after the war ended.
The reason why the Air Force News Service could not name the Army sergeant in the crash is that he was supposed to have died -- twenty years ago.
And -- even worse -- he may have already been documented as a POW, and was officially listed as dead long ago. 
Imagine if a ghost like this suddenly appeared -- as if out of nowhere -- and America was told their leaders knew about him all along, and covered it up?
What if there were many others like him -- and their identities were all going to be revealed as well?
The Alliance felt a one-two punch like this -- revealing treasonous dealings with the Chinese, and the betrayal of our POWs -- would create a massive surge of public anger.
This, in turn, would directly pave the way for an avalanche of disclosure. Suppressed information could then start coming out by the truckloads.  
As the avalance raged on, many truths could be revealed -- and the public might actually believe them, even in the face of mass media propaganda.
This could easily lead to a widespread, public demand for the Federal Reserve to be abolished -- and the Cabal leaders to be prosecuted.

In this next quote from Rumor Mill News, in 1998, Rayelan Allan revealed the fate of the POWs who were involved in this operation.
On April 17th, 1995, a Learjet crashed. On board were Generals and Admirals who were getting ready to arrest Bill Clinton for treason.
Two days later the Murrah building was bombed and we heard no more about this mysterious plane crash.
The treason they were going to arrest him for involved the normalization of relations with Viet Nam.
Evidently Commerce Secretary Ron Brown had been paid $700,000 to rush through this normalization pact. The only thing that stood in the way was the American POW's that Viet Nam still held.
The decision was made by a few covert men to try to rescue some of the POW's before the normalization took place.
The story, which has been confirmed by Joe Jordan of the National POW Taskforce and by Sarah McClendon, the senior White House correspondent, is that close to 30 live POW's were brought out of Viet Nam and taken to Leavenworth prison to get them ready to be absorbed back into society.
Evidently one of these former POW's was on board the Learjet that crashed on April 17th, 1995.
The Generals and Admirals were getting ready to go public with the proof that there were other POW's left behind in Viet Nam after the normalization treaty was signed.
According to Joe Jordan, these men were murdered by the Vietnamese shortly after the United States signed the normalization treaty.
If this story got out, charges of treason would have been filed against the President and many of his cabinet. Therefore, a major diversion needed to be created.
The people who were doing the accusing needed to be put on the spot.
The President and his advisers silenced the ever-growing chorus of critics by accusing them of creating the atmosphere that generated the Oklahoma City bombing.

As Skolnick's quote goes on, we find out that the victims' families were not allowed to have any possessions or details from the crash.
Very likely, the possessions would have had explosive residue on them, thus proving that this event was the product of a deliberate sabotage.
Not everyone in the alliance was killed in this attack. The surviving members fled to a suburb outside of Paris, France.
From sabotage, the plane blew up in the air, killing all onboard, near Alexander City, Alabama.
The Pentagon made every effort to cover up what happened.
Families of the victims were reportedly not permitted to have any possessions or details.
There are strong reasons to believe the plane had a portion of a group of "Seven Days in May" style military officers plotting a coup against the White House.
Thereafter, the small group of other flag officers, out of uniform, took up residence in a Paris suburb.

Skolnick then tells us that a year later, the Chief of Naval Operations and the Director of the CIA were both assassinated -- apparently because they were part of the alliance.
Colby's murder has received far more scrutiny over the years -- and was discussed by Dr. Steven Greer in a radio show I did with him recently on World Puja.
Here is what Skolnick had to say about these two very high-level assassinations:
A year later, the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, apparently aware of the coup, was assassinated and covered up as a "suicide", a favorite whitewash by the monopoly press.
And about the time of Boorda's murder, was assassinated William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence.
He reportedly was assisting the plotters with detailed data.
Colby's death was explained by the pressfakers as a "boat accident", although his friends contend it was murder.

Once the Cabal's suppression of history and media finally ends, the plane crash of April 17, 1995 will become a far more widely-known event.
The inevitable movie scripts that will be written about this alliance, once it is successful, will undoubtedly feature this as a major scene in the film.
This distaster was a major awakening for the alliance.
They hadn't been careful enough -- and murderous force was used to block their agenda.
The scope, drama and horror of the Oklahoma City bombing -- including all the innocent children who died -- sent a very clear message:
"Don't you ever try something like this again. Not only will we kill you, we will kill many other innocent people as well. 
We have absolute control over the media -- and with their help, and a little staged terror, you won't even be a memory within 48 hours."

OK. I get it. This is not easy to read. It is very upsetting to realize that people do exist who think and act this way.
It is, however, absolutely necessary that we understand what is going on, and the secret war that is being fought, in order to heal our planet.
Laughing about it, and mocking the messengers, may be a comfortable defense mechanism -- but it only perpetuates the problem.

After the shocking horror of 9/11 took place, Skolnick became much more specific about this insider military alliance -- and what their plans were.
Skolnick: Overthrow of the American Republic, Part Four – 10/22/01
Because of war-time-like mass media censorship in the U.S., few, if any, dissenting views on Afghanistan are reported by what some call the monopoly press.
Some in key places, in fact, do oppose the policies of George Herbert Walker Bush as to the Mid-East.
Although his son is the current "occupant" and "resident" of the White House, the Elder Bush, as the puppet of the American aristocracy and the oil cartel, appears to be giving the orders.
The Bush family are certainly well aware that if something goes wrong, they are all subject, suddenly and with scandal commotions, to be thrown away into history's junk-pile.
Among those who oppose their policies are some sixty U.S. Admirals and Generals.
They do not simply go along with the Establishment parade, awaiting their military retirement and their pensions. [More about them later.]
A growing number of thinking people are becoming aware that the whole September 11, 2001, violence is just another step in making common Americans docile, to the point that the U.S. Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, could easily, bit by bit, be suspended and the American Republic ENDED….

These sixty US Admirals and Generals were well aware that they were sacrificing brave soldiers' lives to line the pockets of the wealthy with oil money.
They were not at all happy about this -- and quietly planned to do something about it.
A growing number of better-informed folks understand that the entire Afghanistan Affair revolves around major oil companies, tied to the Bush Family, for some years now planning a natural gas/oil pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan, Red China, and elsewhere.
The Kabul government apparently demanded too high a cut of the action, thus interfering with the pipeline plan.
Remedy? Simple. Find an excuse to try to overthrow, by force, the Kabul government -- and replace it with one that will NOT question the pipeline deal.
Is the oil-soaked, war-mongering, monopoly press, shackled and hand-cuffed as they are to the American aristocracy, prepared to finger the Bush Family as tied to the oil cartel and their Afghanistan pipeline plans?
What the sixty very brave, very patriotic U.S. Admirals and Generals will do (out of some 600 flag officers), while understanding this treason and dissenting from current policies, remains to be seen.

As you can see, fully 1/10th of all "flag officers" in the US military supported a major overthrow of the Cabal shortly after 9/11 -- according to Skolnick.
This number apparently has risen quite significantly in years since then, as the truth became widely known -- outside of the controlled mainstream press.
In this next excerpt, Skolnick reveals that this hidden, military alliance believed a coup d'etat was absolutely necessary to restore the Republic.
Contained in some of our prior stories are the details of the 24 flag officers, as authorized by the Uniform Military Code, who vowed to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton for documented charges of treason.
As we have written in exclusive prior stories, if Clinton arrested them for mutiny, and if they were not assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with documents of his treason with Red China and Iraq jointly with the Elder Bush.
Ten of those original 24 flag officers have been assassinated. Some of their names are in a prior part of this series.
What will come of the current 60-such flag officers who apparently oppose George W. Bush? History will tell.
A very high, non-U.S. military officer, extremely well-informed, contends that the U.S. is facing a land-war military disaster in Afghanistan.
Obviously, if true, it could bring down the American Central Government -- and with it the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.
The 60 American flag officers agree, and assert that a coup d'etat, for the good and not for evil, is absolutely necessary to save the American Republic.

By 2001, Sherman Skolnick had openly revealed that there was an alliance of patriots working to save our planet from financial tyranny.
However, a coup d'etat in America would not be sufficient to solve this problem -- it is much bigger and far more international than just the United States.
The patriotic US military "flag officers" who fled to a Paris suburb after the 1995 airplane sabotage have apparently helped consolidate a vast international alliance.
Russia is playing a key part in this alliance, as I said earlier. Snowden's amnesty in Russia is a major clue that supports what our insiders have been saying.

Computer hackers have always been a key part of the US military alliance.
I have been told that a significant number of ordinary hackers who get caught and arrested end up enlisting, rather than going to jail.
Quietly, the patriotic US military has built up a vast army of computer hackers -- well over 40 percent of all enlisted personnel, I was told.
The hacker group "Anonymous" is apparently a visible, public manifestation of this ongoing military hacker alliance.
The propaganda, spin and disinformation machine is so effective that many people still do not believe an alliance even exists -- or has positive intentions.
Nonetheless, I have had personal contact with insiders who are involved in this alliance, to varying degrees.
This did not come easily. I have had friends die and others get poisoned and brought to the brink of death -- but I did not stop the work.

There has been ongoing, intense discussion within the alliance about what they should do and when they should do it.
Major action has been planned on several past occasions, and aborted at the last minute -- including February 2012 and July 2012.
Apparently a much stronger effort was made beginning in October 2012, as they further realized the scope of the difficulty that would be involved.
The controlled media is so powerful that even an event as earth-shaking as the LIBOR scandal did not create sufficient public momentum for change.
Thankfully, the scales finally tipped beginning on May 13, 2013 -- the day after I had a dream telling me disclosure was about to begin.
The controlled media is doing its very best to whip the public into a paranoid frenzy about these events as the plan moves into its final stages.

There are many indications that we are soon heading into a mega-event -- where vast changes will occur in a short period of time.
I am continuing to have very intense dreams about an imminent future event -- and insider testimony mirrors the intuitive data.
This event has already begun, thanks to the NSA disclosures -- but it will very likely become far more dramatic as the weeks roll on.
I do believe the results of this will be extremely positive -- though it may cause genuine fear when the biggest events first start happening.
There will also be a mass grief process to go through as people come to grips with the truth of the planetary elite who were running the show.

UPDATE 8/23, 10:53 am: ISN'T IT INTERESTING...
Right now, one of the top stories on Huffington Post is asserting that the FBI has "dismantled the leaders of Anonymous".
This is all based on arrests that didn't even happen this year -- but were back in 2012, before the epic Federal Reserve hack.

The now-documented US military connection is never mentioned in the article. Instead we get flag-waving patriotism about the FBI's brave and noble work.
Anonymous is smeared, villified, laughed at (such as with "Commander X" in the pictures section) and threatened.

Their work to restore freedom is dismissed as "yacking on Twitter" in the next excerpt.
I agree that some hacking is very detrimental -- but the positive aspect of Anonymous is completely ignored.
When we read more closely, and overlook the spin and the smears, we see they are very much alive and well:
The 2012 arrests relied on the help of a key informant, Hector Monsegur, aka "Sabu," who was caught and then cooperated with the FBI. The fear that one of their own could turn them in has sowed distrust within the hacking collective, according to Berglas.
"The movement is still there, and they're still yacking on Twitter and posting things, but you don't hear about these guys coming forward with those large breaches," he said.
"It's just not happening, and that's because of the dismantlement of the largest players."
Gabriella Coleman, a professor at McGill University who studies Anonymous, said there was "no doubt" the arrests dealt a major blow to "a central node of activity" within the group. But Anonymous is still very much alive, she said.
"They could easily emerge again as a force to contend with," she told HuffPost in an email.

With this new evidence in hand, it should be fairly obvious that this alliance has been working many years to destroy financial tyranny and restore freedom.
Based on the new science in The Synchronicity Key, it appears that much greater forces are in play than they may have realized.
We now have solid proof that historical events are not random. If they had succeeded earlier in their quest, it would have been the mother of all historical events.
What we now know is that the most significant events in history occur at very precise moments of time -- and are repetitions of events that happened before.
9/11, for example, was only six days apart from a similar event in a previous cycle -- which adds up to one quarter of an Age of the Zodiac.
I will continue discussing this science, and its implications, in future updates, radio shows and the like.
Right for now, in case you haven't already seen it, I discuss this science briefly in the new video that announced the book.

We put this video together from a much larger taping that will be produced and released soon enough. We are still working out the kinks.
In the meantime, check it out -- and you can help us fight the fight by locking in your copy of The Synchronicity Key while it remains at a low, introductory price.

The Alliance moved into an open war with the Cabal in 2011, when Neil Keenan produced a trillion-dollar lawsuit against the biggest banks.
I just spoke with Neil a few hours ago and there are major new developments. Everything is heading in a very positive direction.
The Alliance has stopped leaking specific details of their next moves to Neil and other insiders I know, in order to avoid compromising operational security.
One of the most surprising things we find in the new book is that Keenan's lawsuit happened exactly one Age of the Zodiac after a similar war got started in Roman history.
This is only the most recent of a vast number of correspondences between Roman and American history throughout the 20th century, as I mentioned in the video.
If we hadn't learned our lessons on a collective level, World War III would have started in 2011 -- with massive loss of life.
The fact that the tables have now turned against the Cabal, and the war is being fought against them -- with far fewer atrocities -- is very positive.
Furthermore, this same Zodiac cycle reveals that the war should hopefully be complete by 2014 -- and will involve a stunning victory for humanity.

Numerical synchronicity is discussed extensively in the book -- and right after I published this article at 8:15 pm California time, August 22nd, 2013, the patterns appeared again.
The post went up at 22:15:45 and was modifed at 22:20, on 8/22. It had 20 hits and 45 revisions by that point. 45, 22 and 20 are important numbers in the cycle science in the book. 
The cool part is that I don't have to do any work to get this to happen. I just choose to grab them and add them in when they occur.
I feel these are positive, benevolent messages revealing that positive forces are assisting this work -- and all the brave heroes who are doing their own part.
The synchronicities can be very intense -- as in a recent article, when I went back to check on it at the exact moment that it reached 22,222 hits.
The repeating "22" theme appears agian here, in a different way -- and I did not plan this.
Synchronicity is happening to more and more people all the time. It breaks down the illusion of the "real world" -- and shows us something far more interesting.

Right after posting this, I realized that this was also the 1145th piece of content we've posted to this site, and has that ID in the main link -- showing the 45 again.
I popped right back in here to make that point, and now the hit counter has gone up to 72.
This is another very significant cycle number in the book, revealing how long it takes for the earth's axis to drift through one degree of "precession."

I was about to dash out the door and go take a walk, even though it's already dark outside, as I've been sitting in this chair all day.
I then realized I had forgotten to add a key excerpt from Rayelan Allan about the POWs.
I jumped back in here for the third time -- and now the hit counter was at 222, further supporting the 22,222 I just mentioned and the 22s already in this piece.

The cycles of history are working our seemingly "random" behavior in much the same way as you see here.
I am not consciously aware of this, but it still happens. The most surprising discovery is that all of written history is a fractal -- telling the same story again and again, in very precise time intervals.
This is such a huge paradigm shift in how we think, and how we see ourselves, that it will undoubtedly be a while before it really sinks into the mass consciousness.
Nonetheless, I do believe that it is (ahem) only a matter of time.

The Synchronicity Key is the most hard-hitting, supernatural and mind-blowing work I've ever written.
I'm very proud of it -- and I feel the significance of what we are now learning cannot be understated.
Send in your comments and reviews. The science is so integrated and vast in scope that the only negative feedback I expect to see will be the typical character assaults.
The attack against Skolnick's website makes it all the more important that we get your support on this book, so its contents cannot be suppressed.
I do admit that I have many flaws -- and I am sorry I could not make this one free, as I did with Financial Tyranny.Otherwise I couldn't have afforded to do it.
When I write a book like this, it is translated into many languages -- and can have a much larger impact.
If we do make it onto the New York Times best-seller list, with your help, the timing will be very auspicious -- since the stories that dominate our headlines right now are a key part of the narrative.
I can't wait to see what happens when people who are not already "switched on" to this sort of advanced science read it -- and confront the evidence.
We certainly do live in interesting times! I thank you for joining me in this quest to find -- and use -- the Synchronicity Key!
[UPDATE 8/23: As of today, Amazon slashed the price by another two dollars! I don't know how long it will last, but this makes it an even better deal...]

Available in hardcover, audiobook and ebook formats!
#1 Best-Seller in "New Age Divination with Prophecy" category on Amazon!
#45 in all books on Barnes and Noble, 8/20
#60 in all books on, 8/20

The first detailed review of The Synchronicity Key came from Pauly on, as of yesterday night, August 22nd:
I haven't been able to put it down. It's been a marathon. It's a beautiful narration. Like storytelling liberally spiced with (for me) unique information and connections. So many connections.
I have been reading spiritual books for a long time, and at this point I often find myself reading books and nodding in agreement and familiarity. And if I'm not nodding, that usually isn't good.
This has been different. I am humbled by this one. Not that I am unfamiliar with major concepts, .. but the connections and details.
And the flow of interspersing and weaving in and out of David's personal life and experiences, and that of others, and of arcane knowledge and discoveries.
The connections! Everywhere. This book is not about knowledge however, it is about experience. And it is about intentions and attention. And paying attention to the universe of life talking to you.
I find that my perspective has shifted. Awakening is not so much about my thoughts and feelings. It is about my will. My intention and attention. To be awake is to pay attention. How could I not know this! ... I did. ... And I didn't.

To be awake is to play with an amazing interactive universe. Our will is meant to control our thoughts and feelings, with more than a little help from our friends.
I thought I knew that. But I haven't been nodding lately. I am very impressed and processing.
What a great job of storytelling, and very nicely edited. A big thumbs up.  [Five-star rating!]
by David Wilcock

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