Monday, August 5, 2013

Thank you HeavenLetter and your Guides!!


God said:
Although I am silent, I am never speechless. I speak in a language deeper than words. I speak in a universal language. I speak in the boom-ta-boom that underlies all language. It is a soundless sound that vibrates. I created Creation with sound, and I maintain what I have created with sound. Even a molecule sounds. Bells are not the only instrument that peals. All the extant in the world is a sounded vibration. A vibration has a beat. A beat moves. It repeats itself. It echoes itself.
It is said that I, God, cannot be seen. You see replicas of Me all the time.
When you see the Ocean, what are you seeing?
When you see the desert, what are you seeing?
When you see a glass of water, what are you seeing?
When you see a grain of sand, what are you seeing?
When you see a smile, what are you seeing?
When you see a child, what are you seeing?
And when you look into someone’s eyes, what are you seeing?
You are seeing evidence of Me.
When you feel the sun on your back, what are you feeling?
And when you feel the wind on your back, what are you feeling?
And when you feel good, what are you feeling?
When you feel love, what are you feeling?
If I am Everywhere within Everything and Everyone — where am I not?
When you are having a good laugh in good company, with Whom are you enjoying?
When you jog, with Whom are you jogging?
Now, you, for I know you very well, may ask:
“Hey, God, when I am in bad company, with Whom am I?”
I say: “You are with Me. You are never without Me. Never ever. Even when you are afraid, I am with you. When you feel alone, I am with you. When you feel miserable, I am with you. For Heaven’s sakes, I am internal to you. In every atom, I AM. In every cell of yours, I AM. In every bite of food you eat, I AM. I am your innermost being. We share Being. That means We ARE. You ARE. You and I ARE. There is no you and I. There is I. We are One. I am called A Supreme Being. You are not called a Supreme Being, and, yet, when We ARE One, what can you be?”

Okay, I suppose you can be called a less than conscious Supreme Being. It is not that you have not attained the heights. It is that you don’t see the height at which you stand. Human error, beloveds. You don’t have to err. It is not true that it is human to err. True, human beings have fooled themselves. They have fooled themselves that they cannot see. And, yet, perhaps not seeing is not even an error because not seeing contains the possibility of seeing. You are on your way to seeing, to cognition, to Self-Realization. You spot where you are and Who you are.
It is not that the lights go on. The lights have always been on. It’s just that you have been blind to the bright light that you are. You, Who has always been in the Light, don’t see it because the idea of such Light is too dazzling for you.
It is as if you had been presented with, let’s say, a hundred billion trillion dollars. You couldn’t see it cuz your mind couldn’t accommodate all that wealth. It is like your not being able to see your car keys right in front of you. The difference is you know you have car keys.
About your Brilliance, about Reality, about Infinity and Eternity, you couldn’t grasp, or, rather, you couldn’t hold on to the idea. Whatever ideas you have had about yourself, they are not enough.

Heavenletter #4636 In Every Atom, August 4, 2013

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