Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thank you El Morya and Julie!
Let your Enthusiasm be your Driving Force
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ August 13 – 20, 2013
Enthusiasm and passion are unquestionably required in order to achieve and complete anything that is of value to you. Every step you take that brings you closer to completing a certain task, goal or project is always that much more successful when you include great eagerness for its success. And this eagerness and drive can be added to all areas of your life dear ones not just kept solely for accomplishing certain goals. 
It’s important dear ones to be passionate about the goals you have set out for yourself and for a successful outcome. Be excited that you are progressing on what you are undertaking, by putting your love into every step. Even when you are going through moments of doubt, remind yourself how much this task or goal you are aiming to achieve means to you. 
You have much to be grateful for, including the opportunity to achieve any goal or plans that you have created for yourself. Be grateful for your own splendid enthusiasm, as it has helped you achieve many times in the past in regards to personal and professional life. Be confident when you express gratitude for anything, allow the time you express your thankfulness to be done with love-filled eagerness. Everything you have going on in your life, even the difficult stuff has come to you to help you learn and to become more than you were yesterday, be grateful for their lessons and for the knowledge you have gained from each and every experience. This knowledge could not be found within any text book, it had to be learned through actual experience. Be happy for what you have learned, you are a warehouse of incredible knowledge that will serve you well for future situations where you may be required to support another through your gentle guidance, or it may help you maintain control while facing a new situation because you remembered you have done this before and you have more clarity now, and you are more aware. 
Whenever negative thoughts or actions come into play, enthusiasm is not present for it cannot survive in negative surroundings. If you tend to be pessimistic your enthusiasm will not remain for any great length of time, it will dissolve into nothingness quickly. Positive thoughts and actions is what is needed to keep your enthusiasm alive and for it to flourish. It is very easy dear ones to look for the down side of things and what could go wrong. We encourage you dear ones to always make the effort to look at the brighter side of things and to have a positive perspective. Learn to see the positive even from negative circumstances, they are there, you only need to recognize them and you just might find yourself immersed by waves of incredible enthusiasm that will help to propel you forward to reaching your goals. 
It’s important to have a certain amount of pride for what it is you are trying so hard to achieve. Share with friends and family members what it is you are so enthusiastic about. Each time you are able to discuss with others the goals you are aiming to reach, this dear ones helps to form even more excitement and enthusiasm that will continue to drive you in the right direction of a successful outcome. 
The more enthusiasm you have you will discover your creative side opening up as enthusiasm and creativity go together; one generates and triggers the other. Become creative with the goals you are aiming to reach, as you work through the steps that will bring you to a successful completion look for newer and brighter ways that will add to your experience, possibly making your steps easier. 
Learn to be more initiative, instead of waiting for others to tell you what you need to be doing, listen to what your heart is telling you and take brave steps towards new ideas and ways that will help you fulfill the plans you have created for yourself. The more initiative you are the more enthusiasm you will feel and this positive action and response will transform the dedication you already have for your goal that much higher. Become the leader of your own goals instead of a follower of what others are doing. 
It feels wonderful when you are filled with drive and momentum. As you are moving along dear ones, remember you still must be realistic and understanding. All projects and goals require patience. When you demonstrate impatience along with the expectation of having your goals met right away, you are at that moment bringing all enthusiasm to a sudden halt. In order to see your goal completed you must be patient from beginning to end and the more patient you are dear ones the more stable your enthusiasm will be. 
You are learning so much through each step you take towards the completion of your goals. You are learning about yourself, others and the world around you, even through moments of perfect stillness you are learning. Every time you step forward bringing in new and compelling knowledge that will help you fulfill your goals you are also forming a newer and more wiser you. You are helping to evolve yourself each and every day from the simplest of tasks to the most challenging of situations. Become more aware of each step you take, be enthusiastic to where your steps are taking you as you are not only bringing delight from the goals you are going to succeed in completing, you are evolving yourself and becoming more aligned with your own personal meaning and purpose that is very rewarding as it helps to continue to build on the foundation that is home to your drive and enthusiasm. 
There will be dear souls that will be negative towards your efforts. If the people that are judging you are not being constructive or helpful and are seemingly trying to discourage you from completing your goals, don’t listen to them. Surround yourself by supportive people that are loving and compassionate. They will help motivate you and to keep your enthusiasm alive. Stay strong dear ones; continue with one-foot-in-front of the other through the power of your own drive and passion and you will be greeted by the successful outcome of the goals or plans you were aiming to accomplish. 
Every step you take regardless if you are on the steps to complete a special goal or just doing daily tasks, remember to be energetic; feel good about yourself and give yourself the love and compassion you deserve. Provide your body the nutrition, exercise and sleep it requires that will enhance your energy level. Give yourself the fuel that will help you do all that you need to do throughout your day. Many dear souls begin their day with sugary foods, while sugar only provides temporary energy; it is not long lasting and creates a crash of energy early in the day making you not as productive as you know you could be. Remember dear ones, this is your journey, the tasks and goals you have set for yourself will not be completed if you don’t put your full effort into them. Be positive and enthusiastic about your life, your goals and take the steps to bring more joy and happiness into your life that will emit great energy that will be felt by others in a good way. 
Don’t let excuses cloud your path, be focused and certain of where you are going even if you are taking baby steps. This is your journey, take control of where you are going and how you are going to get there. Don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring, it will come soon enough, live in the present, as it is a gift from God. 
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya 
through Julie Miller

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