Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thank you to the whistleblower who released this video!!

So this is how bombings, worldwide protests and anarchy is created to manipulate the rest of the world by staging false protests!!


Notice people posing in this video...  I'm at a loss for words to see our fellow human beings conducting such behavior, blatantly lying to the world.

Now think about Aurora, CO, and Sandy Hook shootings,
think about Boston Marathon bombings and 9/11 World Trade Center,
think about the latest protests in Egypt and Syria...
what is real anymore???

Good bye, cabal, we're not believing your made-up false wars and anarchy-producing chaos in order to incite wars which are good for your corporations to sell weapons around the world -- to both sides of the war, making profits the whole time while we kill each other based on YOUR PHONY FALSE FLAGS!

***  WE ARE ALL ONE longer deceived by your corruption and greed.

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