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Thank you Lady Nada and Julie!

Feel PEACE Through your Actions
Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ 

August 22 – 29, 2013 
Peace Precious Hearts is a great goal to have. It puts you on the path to live harmoniously with yourself, other dear souls and all others that live throughout your global community. Understand Precious Hearts, when you are on the path to bring peace to yourself, it is definitely an external and internal process. Externally, when peace is achieved you live and behave in a way that demonstrates your respect and love for all other people regardless of their cultural background, personal preferences, or even spiritual beliefs. Internally, peace is achieved when you explore both your heart and mind in order to understand more about your fears, your sudden impulses that can bring about angry outbursts. The internal work you do to understand more of yourself and to discover what it means to be peaceful will create a peaceful life that is based on your beliefs and the lifestyle that you have chosen. When you are living a peaceful life, both externally and internally you are supportive of non-violent responses and reactions, you are tolerant, and you celebrate each day as part of the wondrous journey you are travelling upon. 
As your journey progresses Precious Hearts you will come to realize the importance of living in peace and the responsibility you have not only to yourself but to others. When you are pursuing love be pure of heart, do not have an agenda to try and control others. One of the first steps on the path to live peacefully and harmoniously is that you need to end your need to overpower people and to manipulate situations so they turn in your favour.  Any time you use your energy to control another dear soul, you are imposing your own will upon others, not giving other dear souls an opportunity to express themselves or the opportunity to say no. Every time you try to control an aspect in any of your relationships, the outcome will eventually turn into a conflict. When you step away willingly from the need to control other dear souls and replace this need with a pure hearted approach that speaks of love and respect, you broaden your path and it will lead you further along discovering and enjoying a more peaceful way of living and being. 
Remember Precious Hearts, within you, you house so much power, power that can cause incredible harm or power that create incredible love and compassion. When you choose to demonstrate your personal power that is fuelled by pure unconditional love, you at that time are exerting incredible power and you are able to impress permanent good feelings upon others that are combined with compassion and respect. There is no threat of punishment instead there is understanding; learning to work together to bring about a peaceful outcome that is preferred. You will discover Precious Hearts, those around you will respond in a positive manner when you treat them with respect and decency. 
Explore learning new skills. Discover your ability to negotiate, how to resolve conflicts and how to assert stronger and effective communication with others – the value of listening. Precious Hearts learning these new skills are essential. The stronger your communication skills are, you will know how to effectively and efficiently resolve conflicts, and move through tense situations much easier. Understandably not every situation that breathes conflict can be avoided and not all conflict is necessarily bad if you know how to handle yourself and you can communicate well with confidence. Moving along your path to bring more peace and harmony into your life means you are able to speak clearly of the message you are trying to relay, there is no confusion – the clearer you are, the more peace will be felt as an outcome even while working through conflicting situations that exploded out of misunderstandings. 
Living in peace and harmony can be brought into your home and workplace; it goes where you go. When you are interacting and communicating with other dear souls, learn to avoid being demanding, don’t threaten or be critical. Any time you communicate negatively you are encouraging conflicts to arise. It is important Precious Hearts, when you communicate with others, regardless if they are members of your family, friends, co-workers or passersby speak to them with respect. Each person underneath all their titles and position are really equal. They have feelings, needs and they all have a heart that beats love as much as yours does. Not everyone knows how to express their love, but each day is a new day to learn this and to bring peace and harmony within all areas of your life. You can be an example of what it means to live with peace and harmony. 
Be confident Precious Hearts, not only in your own abilities but in the abilities of other dear souls. When you are approached to give advice, go out of your way to not provide controlling ideas that could easily interfere with the person’s life. Instead offer insights without bias attached. Don’t assume you fully understand what the other person’s problem is because they have asked you for a little help. Simply be there for them without judgement or criticism. What you will develop between you will turn into a deep bond that is based on compassion and respect and through this kind of interaction you are also cultivating a stronger hold on peace and it is becoming one with you more and more. 
It is understood Precious Hearts how much you like to share of your accomplishments and of your opinions. Each of you have so much to share and you learn and grow from one another; becoming teacher and student interchangeably. While you are interacting and communicating with other dear souls learn to be reasonable regarding your own beliefs and remember other people’s beliefs and convictions are equally important. Of course it is much more of a challenge to be open-minded while conversing and working with diverse people in order to establish understanding, but in the long run Precious Hearts, it is worth the effort. Not only will you grow as the divine being you are, but you will create more harmony and peace with those you in communicating with and this great peaceful feeling will fill your heart with great satisfaction and you as well will feel the peace of your actions. 
As you learn to be more reasonable in regards to sharing your own beliefs, take this time to reflect and to question these beliefs. Explore them and learn how different or how similar yours are with others. There are a lot of fundamental similarities among people of various faiths and beliefs and they can be easily seen with an open heart that is giving, loving and respectful. Remind yourself Precious Hearts, if you like to be treated nicely and with respect then you need to be able to reciprocate this to others. Kindness attracts kindness. 
Discover new ways and new things to do that will improve your life. When you are able to clearly see you are demonstrating excessive negative behaviour towards others, learn where this is coming from; take responsibility for your actions and for the energy you emit. It can be difficult to slow down and see where peace and harmony has not been rooted within yourself and life, but when you take the time Precious Hearts you will make positive strides in your own progression on the path you have chosen that will bring you to living and being in peace and harmony. 
You know how serious life is. The challenges you have already faced, the daily little ones and the unknown ones that are yet to come all require pure focus and effort to move through them, to gain the lessons they hold and to use that information to become more knowledgeable from those experiences that will lead into greater wisdom. It is important Precious Hearts to still be able to laugh, to find joy even during the most difficult of moments. Laughter and humour are great tools to dissolve tension and alleviate stress. During those stressful times it is important to practice patience and tolerance. Have tolerance and patience for others is equally important, and have patience and tolerance for yourself. Appreciate other people’s diversity, respect others and respect yourself. When you are able to let go of discriminating thoughts and behaviours you are giving way to God’s infinite love and light to embrace you and you are allowing yourself to live more peacefully and in harmony. Living peacefully and harmoniously is a choice, it is a way anyone can live and the work to get there requires great effort and we know if you really want to, if your will is strong and fuelled by love you will succeed any goal including living a life that demonstrates peace, harmony and tranquility. 
Keep in mind Precious Hearts, when you are living in peace with yourself and with all others, the use of violence in order to be heard is never considered. Violence is not your way of dealing with difficult situations or people…compassion is. There will be others who will try to impress upon you that it is okay to exert violence, it is then you hold firmly to your beliefs and turn down this negative invitation to cause harm instead of creating peace. 
Holding within your heart, peace and harmony for all peoples of all cultures and ways of life is valid and meaningful. Begin bringing peace and harmony to your own life, become a trend setter for peace, be the peaceful and harmonizing light for others to follow. 
And so it is… 
I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada 

through Julie Miller

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