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Thank you ArchAngel Michael, Linda, Graham, Steve and all your Guides!

Archangel Michael: Prepare for the Celebration – Part 1/2 

The first thing on my mind....Archangel Michael discusses the Ascension pause, the global currency reset, prosperity programs, general abundance, the need to eradicate debt, generosity and sharing, the lightwork that becomes possible with abundance, the work being done on the entertainment industry and media, the shifts in world government, the future for judges and ministers who fail in their missions, and the progress of Pope Francis. Thanks to Ellen for a speedy transcript, as always.

An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, August 19, 2013

Graham Dewyea:  Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth:  Toward a World that Works for Everyone.
It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m Graham Dewyea.
Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.
Steve Beckow:  Thanks very much, Graham. And just before we turn to our guest, Archangel Michael, I’d like to mention something that I was saying to Linda before the program.
And that’s that we talk about speaking to Archangel Michael or Sanat Kumara or St. Germain, but what we don’t say, very often is that we’re really speaking through Linda Dillon. She is really the invisible person in this, but the person without which none of this would be happening.
So I just want to thank you, Linda. I think you’re one of the most selfless people around. And thank you very much.
Linda Dillon: Thank you, Steve.
SB:  All right. Now, she’s probably getting read to channel Archangel Michael. So, having said that, I’d like to pass it over to Archangel Michael, in case he’d like to make some introductory comments.
Archangel Michael:  Greetings. I’m Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. Of course I want to make an opening welcome, a channeling message, for you know me! I tend to be quite vociferous at times. But let us begin this and every single day anew.
I wish to speak to your hearts, to your souls, to your minds, to your consciousness. I wish to embrace you and to ignite yet again, even higher, the blue flame of truth, the blue flame of justice, the blue flame of peace.
Now, I’ve asked each of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, weeks ago to raise the frequency — yes, what this channel has called upping the ante. And I’m asking you to do this again. Some of you’ve heeded my plea and heard my call. Others of you have forgotten. It matters not.
What does matter is what is going on internally, within thee, and the acceptance, the allowance, the surrender, and the incorporation of higher frequencies within you, the full embrace of love, of the truth of who you’re. The peace within creates the peace without.
When many of you travel with me during what you think of as your night or your dreamtime and we go to the war-torn places, I and you’re wielding your sword and shield, and yes, we’re wielding it in terms of destruction.
But what are we destroying, my friends? Well, we most certainly are not destroying people. What we’re destroying are the illusions of your third, the illusions of control, of greed, of hatred, of racism, of sexism, of lack, of limitation. We’re cutting through those cords, those grids, so that they can no longer be utilized, accessed and be part of the various societies, including western society — let me be very clear about that.
And how do we use our shield? We shield the vulnerable, the open-hearted, the light-workers, the mothers, the children. We shield them from the hatred, from the violence, and from the terror of oppression.
So, yes, many of you’re doing this with me during your sleep time. But what I’m asking you additionally — and by the way, this is not a casual request; it is also essential, a key component of your Ascension and the collective Ascension — what you’re doing is anchoring deeper and deeper, higher and higher the peace, the joy, the knowing of love and the knowledge that you’re nothing but a collection of energy, of love.
That is what you’re, and it is magnificent. And it is to be embraced and to be celebrated. And any fragment that is not of that has no place within you. So, is it a time of greater clearing? Yes. Is it a time of acknowledging and surrendering to the chaos? Yes. Is it a time to be very actively engaged in what you feel is your individual Ascension process and the collective Ascension process? Yes.
The hiatus that has been created by the collective desire of humanity to go forward in this undertaking of magnificence, of which we have spoken a great deal, is not indefinite. The plan of the Mother does not get put on hold, on pause, indefinitely.
I don’t say this to garner or to render you or to place you in any level of insecurity or fear that you’re not doing enough — quite the contrary. I mention this, my beloved ones — my brothers and sisters of blue, of garnet, of yellow, of gold, of silver, of ruby! — I mention this so that you’ll take heart, that you’ll take encouragement and know that what we speak of is not eons or decades away.
So if you’ve stepped back, if you’ve disengaged to a certain extent — no, don’t fall into judgment; be the observer! — but what I suggest to you and what I ask of you is, it is time to re-engage — not frenetically, not in a way that creates turmoil or fear or stress, but in a way that is the excitement and the anticipation of a deeper embracing of the totality, not only of who you are, which would be more than sufficient, but who the totality is, the collective, your star brothers and sisters, the kingdoms, and yes, of course, the divine realm.
So as we start this day — and yes, I know I’ve gone on, but I would be remiss in my service to the Mother if I did not speak of this.
Now, Steve, I know you have many questions. Where do you wish to begin?
SB:  Well, sometimes, Archangel Michael, I wonder why I ask questions because I’d just like to hear you the whole hour long. So please don’t apologize.
Well, we want to go over with you a kind of a roadmap to the new world, but before I do that, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions about the global currency reset and the prosperity programs.
And before I ask those questions let me say that if the global reset, if the re-val [revaluation] happens before September 1, then the teams — the Golden Age of Gaia and InLight Radio and the Hope Chest — will be able to make a tremendous difference; our work on another level will start. But if it doesn’t happen before the 1st we’re going to be in a very tight financial situation. So it’s important to us to know what’s happening there.
We hear that the reset happened on the 17th of August, and then others say, “No, it did not. It’ll happen on the 19th,” and others say, “And that’s the 19th of September.” What is actually happening with the reset? Can you tell us?
AAM:  First, I wish to let you know, dear heart, I’m not just an archangel, I’m a technical advisor. And you’re breaking up again!
SB:  I’m breaking up again? I’m sorry to hear that.
AAM:  But let me continue. I’ve heard your question.  It is my pleasure to speak to you whether you’re breaking up or not. Whether you’re even heard on air or not, I hear and I listen to your heart. And I want each of you to know — and this is not only true of me, but of all of us — first and foremost, we listen to your heart. So let me, if I may, re-interpret your question.
SB:  Thank you.
AAM:  Because I don’t want any listener to think that our exchange is simply about monetary concerns. Now, it would be remiss if we did not say very clearly, we’re fully aware of the financial stresses, strains, pressures, despair, that are experienced by many lightworkers due to financial concerns. But let us start there, but let us also talk about the crux of the matter.
Now, you say if this does not occur by September 1st — and you know what the channel has said about my giving dates, and I would not wish to break that soul agreement that I’ve made with her. But let us talk to the heart of the matter. And that is twofold.
One is are your pleas heard and answered? And the second is, are you taken care of? Are you attended to?
Dear hearts — and I speak to all of you who have worked for the light not only for two or ten or twenty or thirty or eighty years, because there are many of you who have worked for the light for eons?
Or have there been some missteps? Yes. And when you’ve returned home, have we sat and looked at it, analyzed and laughed? Yes. Has it enriched your learning? Yes.
But let us be clear. You, for many of you, you’ve been working diligently at a job…. yes, it has been a job. What do you think the meaning of ‘service’ is? You’ve been working at a job — not without pay, and there have been many benefits, seen and unseen, but you’ve been working at a job without a paycheck.
So what you’re saying, my dear Steve, is, are we going to be able to begin to flow the paychecks, the overdue paychecks?
And the answer is yes. But let us not simply focus on this. And this is why, weeks ago, we have asked for all lightworkers, everywhere, to come together, not simply to heal — can we say the governmental, quasi-governmental and bureaucratic organizations that have been dragging their feet?
Now, do they do this out of a sense of reluctance, or wishing that the financial system of equality not be instituted? No. Those people who are highly resistant to such change are either being ignored or taken care of. Let us put it that way.
The slowness of the process from your perspective is that those who are responsible feel this mantle of responsibility and are perhaps over-zealously making sure that every I is dotted, every T is crossed, that things are completely clear and clean so that there can be no back-stepping.
But what we have asked you to work on — and of course you may work on the bureaucratic side as well, reassuring and helping, filling them with energy to work long hours. But the sense of worthiness, which is what I’ve spoken of earlier, weeks ago, also has need to be addressed.
Yes, this surrender to worthiness, to the acknowledgment of love, that that is who you are, comes in layers. But there are many out there — and now I’m addressing my community, my lightworkers; the Company of Heaven’s lightworkers, the Council of Love’s lightworkers — there is no differentiation, you know.
Stop thinking or believing that there is any value in living in scarcity, that somehow this makes you virtuous, or it is what you’ve signed up for; it is part of your soul contract and mission; that it will never happen; that it is always an indefinite ‘tomorrow.’
As servant and clear spokesbeings for the Divine Mother, please, take your sword, take the torch of St. Germain, take the golden flame of Yahweh and eradicate these doubts.
This, more than anything, creates energetic floods in the flow of abundance. And when I say this I don’t simply mean financial abundance. Yes, I know what you say, but that is what we’re concerned about and that is how you spell ‘relief.’ And to us how you spell relief is eradication of doubt.
So let us do this together. Let the concern go and know that you’re exactly on schedule. Put away the worries and prepare for the celebration. Is that clear enough?
SB:  Yes, that’s very clear, Lord. Thank you very much.
(Continued in Part 2.)
by Steve Beckow

Archangel Michael: Prepare for the Celebration – Part 2/2

The first thing on my mind....
(Continued from Part 1)
Steve Beckow: And a second, related question, which, if you would clarify that as well I’d very much appreciate it. The prosperity programs, some people recently, some lightworkers, have been saying they’re a sham, they’re a fake, don’t pay any attention to them.
But there are actually lightworkers who are putting in long hours, creating very long gifting lists…. So, first of all, I’d like to know from you, are they a sham, that’s number one.
But number two, also, when the amounts come in, I think I’d like to know, are they going to be small amounts, or large amounts? And if they’re large amounts, what do you want the people who receive that money to do with them?
AAM:  No. It is not that there are not some shams out there, and this is where your discernment comes forward, of course. But you’ve been told very clearly that there are — and have been for a very long time in planning, hundreds and hundreds of your years — there are 12 prosperity programs that now come to the forefront.
So, yes, use your discernment. But please, don’t dismiss those who have committed in their service, their mission, and their human hours the energies of these programs in service to the Mother/Father One.
So the money. It will be a mixed bag. There will be some that will receive what you’ll think of as small amounts of money to help them, to tide them over until other situations, and, shall we say, greater equality is completely anchored upon Gaia. And then there will be those who, for reasons related to their mission and purpose, will receive more substantial amounts.
And what the purpose of this money is, regardless of what you think of as amounts, first and foremost, this is the final elimination, the physical manifestation of you knowing your worth. It is to be applied to taking care of you, my beloved friends.
So if you receive — and I don’t care whether it is $10 $10,000, $100,000 — if you don’t attend to what is haunting you in the night, to those… yes, those telephone calls that badger you and make you afraid to pick up the phone, those letters that come in your mailbox, the knocks at the door from bill collectors, if you don’t take this funding and make sure that you’ve a sacred nest — we’re not talking about the Taj Mahal, we’re talking of sacred home — if you cannot attend to your family and your family needs, if you cannot afford to send your child to college or pay your student loans, these are the immediate things that we want taken care of.
And I will tell you why. You’ll say, “Well, will not all this debt disappear, Michael? Do I have to spend my money?” You’re the human vessels that are changing the face of your society and how things work. You’re starting the avalanche of debt disappearing.
Can you imagine how the bank begins to look like when in fact they are not creating and co-opting by usurious fees for what they have loaned you, and that the reverse is happening, that you’re earning interest because you actually have what you think of as currency in a financial institution?
Now — and I hope you’ve heard me — once you’ve taken care of your beloved self — and we’re talking the maintenance and essentials, and yes, that does include frivolity — please, what is your dream?
Last year, I’ve invited you, I’ve asked you, to dream big. Did you think that that request went by the wayside? It did not. So I ask you again, what is the dream? What is it that you desire to create, to bring forth as the reflection of your divinity in honor of the Mother?
Your dream is related, when you’re in honest anchoring of your heart. Your dream is a reflection of why you’re on Gaia at this time. So, let us use a practical example. For example, with InLight Radio it would mean the expansion, the anchoring, the bringing forth of greater ideas, new programs. And radio would come to include telecommunications and TV.
Now, that is not done on a shoestring. We’re clear about this. If your dream is to create a place in the sacred area of Gaia, where many will come together so that they can be together as family, as friends, if your dream is to take care of the starving children in Africa — and I don’t simply mean by sending money — you’ll have the wherewithal to go and do this.
If your mission is to work as emissary, as go-between, as diplomat with your star brothers and sisters, helping to introduce not only technology and science, education, but culture, then you’ll do that.
But first and foremost, declare yourself worthy. So, first take care of yourself. Let the taking care of your sweet being and your family — and that includes soul family in this — be your first priority, and then, dear, heart, begin to create.
Now, the connection between potential and reality is not to be lost. You’re anchoring the higher realms and dimensions, of generosity, of joy, of sharing, of community into the physical form. That’s what these programs are about.
And finally, not only from your perspective, but particularly from ours, it is time.
SB:  Well, Lord, there will be a group that will benefit from the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar and the Vietnamese dong. There will be a group that will benefit from the prosperity programs, and many in that group will pass that benefit along to others. But then there will be others who may be left out of that circle.
When will the general populace start to experience prosperity? I hope I’m not asking a question that violates your agreement with the channel, but in a general way, when can the mass of the population expect to be able to create with resources?
AAM:  Don’t think that there will not be what you’ve called and known as a “trickle-down effect.” There will be. So it is not that there is a significant hiatus, it is what we have always said — it is a domino effect; it is a series of events; it is an unfoldment that will make your head spin.
Now, when you think of it, as soon as creation projects are underway, who do you think is being hired and paid and joyful to work in such undertakings? It is your fellow lightworkers. So what is required is simply to declare yourself and make yourself known.
So it will not be a “Here is one blessing,” delay, “here is another blessing,” delay, “here is another blessing,” delay. No. It is a very rapid shift.
SB:  Okay. Well, that’s good to know….
AAM:  And that is….
SB:  Sorry?
AAM:  And that is why… no, don’t apologize. Never apologize, for we’re having a lively conversation, are we not?
When I’ve said to stay in the center of the fulcrum, not to go to one end or the other, but to stay in the place of balance, this is particularly true with regards to what you’re thinking of as prosperity.
You cannot wander. The potential for misstep is still present, because we don’t interfere with free will. We will never interfere with free will. But the reason that this comes forward at this time is because you’ve reached the place, individually and collectively, of spiritual maturity, that you’ll not, mmm, run wild with abundance.
It is about sharing. It is about creating community. And community is not created when there is everybody inside a house celebrating and wealthy and there is a beggar at the door.
SB:  All right, Lord. Thank you for that. Let’s turn to the area of government, world governance. We just saw Robert Mugabe get elected to Zimbabwe again. And I know that readers have written me and said how disappointed they were. Can you talk to us about the progress that’s being made in the area of cleaning up world government, please?
AAM:  I will tell you this. There is phenomenal — and I use that word in the true sense of the word — phenomenal progress being made on the forefront of changing — what you call cleaning up — world government, government in general.
This is happening, a great deal is happening, on the unseen level. And what do I mean by that? It is exactly the same as what I’ve been speaking to each of you, my beloved friends, about in terms of finding your heart, your balance, your worth and eradicating doubt.
Do you not think that every leader — and we use the term not simply to represent the official leader of a government, of a nation, but the leadership in terms of the collective — they are being worked on, some in containment, some not?
Some are already very clearly having what you would think of as a change of heart, an awakening. The face of leadership is changing, period. And what you think of as leadership is going to shift back to the collective, to the people.
And that is true not only in what you think of as, oh, very violent, controlling, subversive, suppressive, dictatorial, whether it is declared as such or not, situations. It is also going to shift in what you’ve thought of as perhaps more liberal or open societies. Because even in what you think of as the open, clear, democratic nations, the cadre of the inner circle and the back-door politics have to shift.
So is the angelic realm and the masters, particularly Sanat Kumara, working overtime? Yes. But it is changing one heart at a time.
And you say, “How are we going to do this?” Each of you, at different times in your life, has experienced a change of heart. And there have been the changes of heart that have taken a long time, in your view, perhaps years or even a decade, but each of you has also experienced a change of heart because your perspective, the lens of your consciousness perceives differently, has informed your heart and allowed your heart to see the truth. And your change of heart happened in a moment, in a millisecond, in a heartbeat.
So don’t think in terms of shift of leadership that we’re talking decades. Don’t forget, Gaia is anchored in the fifth. Do you really think — aside from anything we would do — do you think that Gaia or your star brothers and sisters, all of whom are existing in a higher dimensional reality, can or will tolerate government that is not based on love, on fairness, on serving the people, not taking from the people? They will not.
So you’re talking rapid change. You’re asking timelines. Next year when we speak on this very program — so let us mark the day — your world and government will look very different.
SB:  Well, that’s very reassuring. Could we turn to the area of the mass media and the entertainment industry. I notice that when I turn on my TV, when I need a break, we’re either in alien invasion week, or the return of the living dead week, or predator week, or fear-for-another-reason week.  And I presume that this was all put into place some time ago by the cabal.
When will we start to see some programming that isn’t trying to raise fear in us? And the same could be asked about the mass media, the newspapers. When will see them start to put out news that isn’t designed to make us afraid?
AAM:  You’re beginning to see — and yes, there are certain networks that certainly love to promote fear and misinformation — and let us tell you how this is working. And it is not working very well. Because their plan is being co-opted.
Do you not think we have the ability to shift realities? Let us hear some examples. There are certain networks that choose to propagate fear, misinformation, hatred, revision and derision.
So you say that you turn on your television set and you see alien invasion week. And is it not laughable? I mean, truly. Yes, there is high drama, and much intrigue.
But when you look at it from the place of the independent observer, it is so absurd, it is laughable! But, yes, we know, not everyone is seeing it that way. But let us tell you how it is being co-opted.
First and foremost, it is anchoring in the psyche, in the body, in the bone of the humans, particularly the children — and we use that word to refer to children up to 30 — it is anchoring in them the full acceptance that, of course, aliens, star beings, alternate forms of life, are real.
So that belief system is already present. So, although it has been filmed with much drama and misinformation, for the sake of making money and selling mayhem, it has shifted the awareness of beings, of humans, to a radical acceptance of life off of Earth.
The second thing that is being accomplished, even if there was not interference, or intervention, from your star brothers and sisters — which I will talk of in a minute, that it is bringing the fear right to the surface. It is bringing the anger, the fear, into a bodily form, and what happens when there is your resolution or denouement is that the fear escapes the body.
But what is happening is that while that fear, while that fight-or-flight drama is going on is that energetically molecules — and this is where your star brothers and sisters are helping — molecules, thousands and thousands, of the energy of fear, of fright, of the feeling of powerlessness, are coming to the surface and being released.
So while the intention of, in this case, shall we say, Hollywood was simply to make money and create fantasy, in fact, it is performing a very good release mechanism for many, for every person that is watching these ridiculous cinemas.
Now, thirdly — and I’ve referred to it a little bit — is your star brothers and sisters — yes, I’m allowed to speak of this — have amazing technology. And what is being instilled into all of these what we would call hate broadcasts, whether it is news or film, is a deeper understanding of your star brothers and sisters. It is not interfering with free will.
But it is instilling, within the consciousness and within the heart, a longing for greater contact, to know your star brothers and sisters, a longing for this vision of ships or encounters on Earth, on Gaia, or in the heavens. It is instilling a deeper sense of knowing.
Every film, and the more ridiculous the more the infusion, at this point on the planet is being infused with an over-ride, alternate program by your star brothers and sisters. And this has been true for about a year. Yes, it is part of the assistance that they are giving for the Ascension process.
SB:  That is very, very interesting. I think we have about five minutes left, so let me ask you this question. I think something that has broken my heart the most in our modern world is to see the justices of the court and the ministers who have gone astray.
Some justices have been sentencing people to jail just to feed the private prison systems, making money from that, and others have been political in their decisions. And ministers have been involved in all manner of amazing improprieties.
How are we doing in that whole area, Lord? What is being done to assist the justice system and the ministers to come out of that era, please?
AAM:  Now, let us speak first of the justice, because you know this is my realm. And it breaks your heart, and it breaks mine as well. Yes, you never think of an archangel having a broken heart.
But the trust that has been given to these beings — and yes, we can include the ministers in this, because it is the same — they have been given spiritual law to adhere to, and they have strayed. And this has been based on self-interest and control. And not even adhering to human law as expressed, let alone universal or spiritual laws of balance.
Many of these beings, when they acknowledge or see — and yes, they have a tendency not to look in the mirror — when they come to understand, can we say, the error of their ways (the only way you can put it, because you cannot stand in judgment) the very, very large percentage of them will simply choose to leave.
They will be welcomed home with open arms! They will have the chance to reflect, to reassign, to begin again. And there will be many who will choose to do this, because the feeling of overwhelm may well sweep them away.
Now, will they be given assistance? Of course. Not only by their circle of guides and guardians, but by the Company of Heaven. There are legions of angels at work in addition to the angels on Earth, your star brothers and sisters above and on Earth. But many of these will simply choose to depart.
When we were having the conversation, shall we say, oh, eighteen months ago, there was much discussion of an alternate planet for people to continue on. That is not really in place at the moment.
They will return home, and then they can choose where to continue on to. But let us say that the key to this is not simply them leaving; it is for each of you, my stalwart, strong brothers and sisters, to find forgiveness in your hearts.
This is the sign of the peaceful warrior. It is compassion. It is forgiveness. And it is the acknowledgment, yes, with sadness, that some lost their way. And particularly during this time of Ascension and this opportunity to become, these masters who chose to come to Earth during this time of change have erred.
So send them help, tenderness, forgiveness, and let them go as they choose. Because there is no room for this level of self-interest, particularly whether it is human law or spiritual law. There is no room for one to be out of alignment.
SB:  All right. Thank you, Lord. I’m told that I’ve room for one more quick question, so let me ask you. How is Pope Francis doing?
AAM:  Well, is he not an interesting character?
SB:  Yes, he is.
AAM:  He is doing phenomenally well, superbly. He has begun a very radical shift within what you think of not only as Catholicism but what we would refer to as spiritual enlightenment. He has started out, from our perspective, small, but it will continue to speed up. Watch Francis closely. He is setting the new grid.
SB:  Very good, Lord. Well, we’re glad to hear that. And thank you very much for coming to us this morning and telling us what’s happening in our world.
AAM:  Dear heart, it is my joy and pleasure. Go with my love, always, and go in peace. Farewell.
SB:  Thank you, Lord. Farewell.
by Steve Beckow

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