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Thank you ArchAngel Michael and Steve!

Wisdom from a Celestial Being – 1

... the last thing on my mindHere are short pieces from Archangel Michael that have not been posted before, insights into our work here on Earth and what we can expect in the future.
On the Coming Start of Prosperity
Let’s get to the heart of the matter.  … It’s not simply about the money.
Yes, the money is the vessel, but it is the symbol and it is so important.  I cannot stress how important this is.  It is the symbol of freedom, but it is also the symbol, the currency of spiritual and emotional maturity.
Now, the difficulty that has been encountered, and I give you a little history lesson if you will bear with me.  The difficulty sometimes with what happens with human beings is that they come to the portal, they are receiving the blessings, and what happens is they revert to the old patterns.
So it is very important because it is not that the old 3rd can never be reconstructed.  People can try.  Now, will it succeed?  No.  But, can people try?  Yes, and that is not the purpose.  …
So, it is not that the journey is done simply because there is financial relief.  Now we know, and I have always known, my dear brother, that this is not a case with you or those who are close to you, but it is an important message that will need to be reiterated.  So in other words, while we are saying, to all of you, do not forget the R&R.  But it does not mean that life just becomes the R&R.
There is work to be done – joyful work – in the building of Nova Earth and the joining with your star brothers and sisters, the wing makers of the future, whom you are in your now.  It is a time when you are moving from preconstruction to construction, and that means that the foreman needs to be on duty. (AAM, Aug. 6, 2013.)
AAM: What you have understood as NESARA is basically a reorganisation of financial systems which provided debt relief and equalisation, shall we say, to the masses. Now many of the things that the Company of Heaven, the company of Earth, and the company of star beings have planned has certainly gone slower than anticipated. …
Because of that, yes, there are what you would call pre-NESARA bridges, situations of people or organisations that have ample monies, funds, and generous hearts.
So there will be programs both private and what you would call quasi-public that are being put into place and will be put into place. Some of them are already in place, you know. They are just not well known always.
There will be programs that are put into place to assist people and particularly lightworkers, lightholders that are in what you would think of in the Third Dimension as dire financial straits. The purpose of these monies or these funds is to help people to be able to breathe and to do their work, their sacred journey work, the work they have volunteered to do with myself (AA Michael) and others during this time of transition. (AAM, Personal Reading with C, Nov. 19, 2011.)
On the Value of Clear and Accurate Information
The strongest, the strongest weapon, the strongest defense, other than a pure heart, is in fact, in your realm, the dissemination of information that reaches the masses, that is clear, that is accurate, and that is coming from a place of absolute love.
It does not judge, it does not condemn, it does not choose sides, it comes from a place of equality and openness. Now that does not mean, my dear friend, that discernment is not more critical than ever, and it would be erroneous to believe that all opinions are accurate. Or that they have a need to be quietly disseminated, they do not. And that is why it is important to have the clarity of, yes, discernment. (AAM, Feb. 18, 2011.)
On the Extent of Outside Interest in Our Ascension
So many, as they deal with the changes that are now rampant, their concern is about the Earth and about their journeys and about their — in some situations — survival, in the most basic of senses. But this is not simply about the unfoldment of the human collective, those who have chosen to be in form on Earth at this time.
Are they in the forefront? Yes. But it is so much bigger than that. Yes, I know, my beloved brother, that I am speaking to one who understands this, but nevertheless it bears repeating that the effect and the ripple of what takes place now, with the raising of frequency vibrations, with the opening of hearts and minds even, it travels far, not only throughout this universe, but many universes. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 16, 2011.)
On the Uniqueness of Each Person’s Mission
Remember, dear heart, what we have said: you build the foundation for communication with the humans and with your star brothers and sisters; you build the ethical platform. You are a writer. You are a communicator. That is the mission that you have chosen throughout time and space, and we want to tell you what a good job you are doing. Do not doubt yourself, and do not allow the fears, the drama, the chaos of the human interactions to affect your knowing of your mission and purpose.
Your mission and purpose is unique. Each person upon the planet is unique. Each soul is unique. And therefore it is something that cannot always be fully understood or embraced by another. Often, it is the human way to say, “Come and join me. Take my path. Understand my journey, participate in my journey.”  And of course, that is the building of unity and community, but it cannot override, replace, what you are intended to do, for your plan of unfoldment within the greater Divine Plan of unfoldment.
So I say this to you, but I say it also to your whole group: focus on who you are; revel, celebrate, and expand the core of your heart and your dreams, because that is the reflection of why you are here, and that is the reflection of what you really want to do. (AAM, April 10, 201.)
On People’s Innate Discernment
People know in their hearts, they know truth when they read it, when they hear it, when they receive it. …
Everyone has said, “Oh, nobody wants peace. The economy is in a shambles the banks are declaring falsities; everything is falling apart.”
And because of that, because of that breakdown, now is the time for everybody who holds peace in their hearts, and it does not matter what ray, what color, or planet, what realm they hail from, because the choice has been to be here at this time of magnificent change.
Yes, there are many naysayers, but the heart of the populace, the heart of the majority desire this peace. And we do not mean an absence of war. We mean the presence of peace as you have been describing it. (AAM, Feb. 18, 2011.)
On People’s Desire to Dispute and Engage
There are many, and I observe them as do many of us, who want to jump on their horse. And what happens when you are doing that, not that there is not need at times for defenders of various positions and rights, but what it often is it creates a continuity of the duality. It is a continuity of the old. And what is not what we are co-creating with you. It is a very different paradigm. (AAM, April 26, 2011.)
On Perro, the Intergalactic Language of Dip0lomacy
AAM: Long ago, during the―slightly after, when peace was being formulated, after the intergalactic war, there was a form of conversation that was developed by the Unified Forces, the Intergalactic Council.
And this language was called Perro, P E R R O. And what this language is―and it is something that perhaps we could share with you and that you could practice―it is using language without any emotional charge at all.
It takes time and patience to do this, but what you are doing is conveying purity of information. So, when you are in situations that might be volatile or stressful or filled with drama, reach an agreement, a rule of engagement, that you will use Perro so that the emotional charge behind the words is dropped.
SB:   Is that the same as what I call neutral language, Lord?
AAM:   Yes, you remember using Perro from that time.
SB:   Oh, okay. Because you have to use it in a courtroom.
AAM:   Yes, you do.  And it is a way for information, even points of view, to be communicated, but without the emotional charge or the devastation. It is in this way that the inter-galactics came to be able to communicate with each other without the horrors of war attached. It is a very useful form, even to this day. (AAM, April 10, 2012.)
by Steve Beckow


Wisdom from a Celestial Being – 2

... the last thing on my mindHere are more short pieces from Archangel Michael that have not been posted before, insights into our work here on Earth and what we can expect in the future.
On the Need for Personal Responsibility
It is a time of incredible, remarkable, miraculous transformation for the human race. And there is a need for many voices, different slants on the same process, the same journey, for people to come to understand that transformation ― it is not only a process, it is a choice.
And it is the choices that are being made, not the big choices ― of course, that includes the big choice to go forward ― but it is the small, everyday decisions, actions, and making time to understand the impact of what you are doing, and allowing the partnership with us, the partnership with their own guardians ― what they think of as guardian angels or guides ― to allow that to emerge, and to allow what may at moments feel dissociative, may feel confusing, but to keep going.
It is the teaching and the sharing of the assumption of not only personal responsibility ― and that is a word that is often avoided ― and taking action in the here and now of your reality, to go forward. And it is a feeling of, “no matter what.” (AAM, April 25, 2013.)

On the Impact of the Energies on People
Archangel Michael: It is about the unfoldment of a plan of the Mother upon this beautiful planet, but it also about a race … a human race, becoming. Yes, we know that it looks like turmoil and upheaval, but great strides are being made. They are not being made in the forefront of the news, but they are being made in the corners of peoples’ hearts and minds, so be encouraged, dear friend.
Steve: Thank you Lord. What do you mean by “great strides are being made?” So often we hear general statements, but we don’t really know what is going on. It is said to be behind the scenes. ­­­­ But what is it that is going on?
AAM: When I have said, “great strides are being made,” I do not necessarily mean in what you are thinking of as the places of decisions and power. I am talking about in the quiet of peoples’ hearts and peoples’ homes. There is a growing intensity. Now you well know, that the energy that has flooded your planet now for some time — and that is beginning to lessen — that is why you are feeling slightly better, but this energy has been penetrating the entire field of each and every person on your earth, … on your planet.
Now that energy is transformative. And it has the ability to, … yes, in some, create chaos and further turmoil, but in many, it has broken through to their hearts, and in many ways it has re-opened or re-activated their hearts. It is brought them back to what is really important in their lives, in their values, and in what they want to see and accomplish during this life, yes in a whole variety of ways – and a whole variety of belief systems as well.
The belief systems, as long as they are anchored in love, do not concern us, really. It is the belief systems that have been rooted in the old human ways that have caused difficulties in the past, so when I say that great strides are being made, I mean that the fear, the anxiety, the sense of hopelessness, the sense of being completely detached from the rest of humanity, … that is changing. And it is changing rapidly. (AAM, Sept. 13, 2011.)
On Trust and Safety
In order for this plan, and can we say it is a plan, of human and divine design to work, this trust and this feeling of safety has need to be present.
Because you know this about the humans – if they do not feel safe they are not comfortable – they are able, but they are not comfortable – and they do not tend to really go where they are not comfortable.
So they do not engage in the highest frequency possible. What they do is there is a reverting to the patterns that make them feel secure.
And for many, … that pattern of security rather than confrontation which is proven dangerous in many lifetimes – that pattern is withdrawal. (AAM, May 6, 2013.)
On Starseeds Clearing for the Collective
S: Am I being used, so to speak, to illustrate the need for lightworker clearing?
AAM Yes. Very.
SB Can you say a little more about that for my own comfort. And also for the readers of the blog. They need to know that lightworkers are often being used for this purpose.
AAM But they are being used and that is part of the soul agreement. That is part of being the activators, the human activators for the growth and the ascension particularly now that you have decided to ascend as one together.
So if you do not have human activation, if you do not have the clearing coming forth that is necessary for the anchoring in physicality of the higher realm and vibration, then you do not make the transition as smoothly or as effectively or as rapidly as all of you are wanting.
So yes you are acting as catalysts, not only to each other, but especially to each other, but you are also doing it for others as well. What you would think of as the main stream.
SB We know about being catalysts and we know about clearing for the collective. But to actually be used as a model, an example, an instance, to have some piece of our history or whatever reactivated so that people can see someboyd going through this, is that also part of this?
AAM Yes it is.
SB There are other lightworkers out there who will say, “Oh my God,” is there anything you want to say to other lightworkers about this?
AAM What I am saying is, is that this is part of the service work you have volunteered for. This is part of your expression of love for the Mother. Do not be surprised my dear friends if things that you thought were ancient history are being revisited and they are coming up again for that activation and that clearing.
SB So we shouldn’t be ashamed of sharing about it?
AAM There is no room for shame. That is outmoded. We want you, all of you, to get to the point where you can laugh about clearing and say – here we go again so that it is smooth as running water. Because that is what it is – it is running Light. (AAM, May 6, 2013.)
On Starseeds Wearing Blinkers
[All Starseeds come from higher dimensions to assist with Ascension. Almost every reader of the blog, I have found, is a Starseed. Therefore what AAM says here could be said of any of us.]
Steve: I am not an enlightened man. I can only see so far. … Will my vision expand at some point?
Archangel Michael: It will. But … let us back up. You are an enlightened being. You just don’t know it yet. …
If you came with full capacity and meaning, yes, vision, the hearing, the knowing, the full memory, the access, all of the above, and you were to communicate to humans, to the collective, there would be a sense of separation. That is why you, as so many, have been kept under cover.
And we don’t mean that in a limited way. Because you have the human experience with that sense at times of limitation, at times of frustration. And so when you turn to your brothers and sisters, it is as one. Now, even as you are part of that, you are raising the vibration by who you are, by what you do. And yes, dear friend, the vision will come. It will absolutely come. (AAM, Feb. 18, 2011.)
On the Continuance of Money after Ascension
SB: Sanat has said that NESARA money will remain in circulation for 18 months.  Is that the case?
AAM: There is a desire for so many to have forms of currency. It is not an issue [with us].
SB: All right. So, forms of currency after Ascension?
AAM: Yes. Some will not use it. Some will simply create.  It is part of the understanding that some are going to be on a faster track than others, that is all.
Some of you are already in the fifth and creating from the fifth. Understand that. Whereas some are still in what we would call the old-third paradigms. Those who have been running for the door at the last minute, those are the ones that will want to hold on to their currency. They will be in a new realm, but they can be secured. It is not an issue. (AAM, April 10, 2012.)
BY Steve Beckow

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