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No Dramatic Collapse of Governmental or Financial Institutions is in the Offing

Thank you Archangel Michael, Matthew, Steve and your Guides!

No Dramatic Collapse of Governmental or Financial Institutions is in the Offing

Capitol Building
Predictably still here in 2014, 2015…
Many people are asking about new governments, the end of the Federal Reserve, etc. But I have to say that my understanding is that, as a result of the success of containment and in order to avoid pandemonium, the Company of Heaven doesn’t intend to preside over the collapse of governments or the implosion of the financial system.
They’re draining resources from the cabal, arresting some who continue to engage in corruption, and easing certain structures down, but I’m not sure that we should expect dramatic collapses.
On the matter of the Federal Reserve, Archangel Michael has said:
“There will be new vitality breathed into the area of the Federal Reserve. It is in conjunction with the, what you can think of as, global reorganization of financial systems. …  I am not speaking of the collapse of financial systems, which would cause panic and disarray. But what we are talking about is reorganization.”  (1)
I cited Matthew Ward some time ago saying that governments did not need to fall any more to accomplish the purposes of reformation.
“The provision of NESARA that calls for the resignation of the entire US government no longer applies. The act was written more than a dozen  years ago when the president was a top-ranking Illuminati—he is among the defectors who became active lightworkers—and almost everyone in Congress was either a member or under the control of Illuminati outside the government. Rejoice with us that this is not the case today!” (2)
Archangel Michael supported what Matthew said.
“There is phenomenal — and I use that word in the true sense of the word — phenomenal progress being made on the forefront of changing — what you call cleaning up — world government, government in general. …
“Do you not think that every leader — and we use the term not simply to represent the official leader of a government, of a nation, but the leadership in terms of the collective — they are being worked on, some in containment, some not?
“Some are already very clearly having what you would think of as a change of heart, an awakening. The face of leadership is changing, period. And what you think of as leadership is going to shift back to the collective, to the people.” (3)
This is true in what we think of as democratic regimes, but it’s also true, he says, of dictatorial regimes.
“That is true not only in what you think of as, oh, very violent, controlling, subversive, suppressive, dictatorial, whether it is declared as such or not, situations. It is also going to shift in what you’ve thought of as perhaps more liberal or open societies. Because even in what you think of as the open, clear, democratic nations, the cadre of the inner circle and the back-door politics have to shift.
“So is the angelic realm and the masters, particularly Sanat Kumara, working overtime? Yes. But it is changing one heart at a time.” (4)
He predicted that the change would be swift and that, when we look back a year from now, much will have shifted.
“Each of you, at different times in your life, has experienced a change of heart. And there have been the changes of heart that have taken a long time, in your view, perhaps years or even a decade, but each of you has also experienced a change of heart because your perspective, the lens of your consciousness perceives differently, has informed your heart and allowed your heart to see the truth. And your change of heart happened in a moment, in a millisecond, in a heartbeat.
“So don’t think in terms of shift of leadership that we’re talking decades. Don’t forget, Gaia is anchored in the fifth. Do you really think — aside from anything we would do — do you think that Gaia or your star brothers and sisters, all of whom are existing in a higher dimensional reality, can or will tolerate government that is not based on love, on fairness, on serving the people, not taking from the people? They will not.
“So you’re talking rapid change. You’re asking timelines. Next year when we speak on this very program — so let us mark the day — your world and government will look very different.” (5)
Those areas that are unused to democratic rule may take a while longer to settle down but eventually they will reach a consensus, Matthew says.
“In mid-eastern countries where the people have ousted despotic or dynastic rulers, freedom is new and it is natural that there is confusion about leadership and governance. Eventually a consensus will be reached in each country and the kind of democratic rule that best suits each will be instituted.
“Syria is somewhat different because disparate groups are battling the Assad regime—their purpose is the same, but each group has its own agenda, so to say. When victory does come, there will be a time of severe dissension led by the most radical in the groups until common sense and wisdom prevail; then a coalition will be formed to move the country toward a peaceful stability.” (6)
The people will not stand any longer for the old ways of control, Hilarion tells us.
“The voices of their people have begun to swell in a spontaneous rejection of the old ways of maintaining power and control at the cost of those who would be put into the direct line of fire.
“The writing is on the wall for these leaders as they look around and realize that the people they have been elected and sworn to serve are not pleased by their choices and are willing to stand in the streets in the millions until the leaders have no choice but to stand down and find another, more peaceful way to resolve conflicts. … Those in power can do nothing without the people if the people choose to not follow.” (7)
And Jesus as well says that the time for controlling others is past.
“The time is over and it was over in my time when you try and tell someone what to do. You have seen and now I speak to the populace, you have seen this does not work. Leadership is assuming the mantle of responsibility. And you lead by example. …
“Will there be naysayers at this juncture, will there be those who want to shroud you in doubt? Yes. But that is their issue, not yours. Leadership in this time and in this occasion is about stepping forward.” (8)
In every country, Matthew says, the demand for transparency in government will end the old secrecy and corruption.
“As for transparency in governing, this will come about with the demands of the citizenry—not just an end to secrecy, but to political self-service, corrupt justice systems, and the corporate money that underlies many governing bodies’ policies and legislation.
“The outcry for change is not only in the United States, to be sure!  Egyptians, Brazilians and Russians are among others who also are demanding that their respective governments serve the people’s best interests. In every nation where beneficial changes are needed, the persistence and courage of grass roots movements, some with external support, is what will manifest them.” (9)
So the transformation in government and the economy will be swift; it will not involve the chaotic collapse of institutions; and it will be by the will of the people using those who have experienced a change of heart where doing so is practical.
This is different than what we heard a few years back and reflects the shifts that have been made in the interim.


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by Steve Beckow

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