Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thank you Lord Metatron and James for your continual thorough and most informative articles!

I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you! We welcome you here at
this moment in your space and time. We send each of your Beingness an exquisite
ray of supreme love. Oh Dear Human - Feel the love we send, for it is sent in real
time to each of you 'NOW" , in a brilliant beam from a vector of nonlinear dimension
in a wave that embraces each of you as you read these words. Close your eyes for
a moment and receive this energy ! Masters, Can you feel it ? It is unconditional
love and it charges your field, heals your heart and reminds each of YOU of your
true home, your source !

And so as 2013 , Year One of the New Earth, goes into its final phases, humanity
is poised for a renaissance. You are completing an auspicious year, a powerful and
transitional time. The changes that have taken place since the planetary ascension
In the new energy of 2013 and beyond, the ionic ratio is shifting on the planet.

You are being helped to operate into the expansive 12-dimensional access, by solar
radiation. The sun is changing inkind, as it reverses its poles even now in this
exact moment in which we speak !

But far far more is shifting ... including humanity in magnificent ways, some overt,
others more subtle. And so is all around you in what is termed the Aquarian shift.

And so we speak anew this gathering on the Eagle & Condor. We tell you that the
ancient and hallowed prophecy has gone into its post 2012 phase in 2013 Year One
of the New Earth. In many ways it now merges into a greater scope. For indeed the
Land of the Condor has sent energy to the Eagle and symbolic Red Lands and the Dharma
is returning in the energy of the New Earth within the Aquarian Radiation & shift.
A new time is emerging, a wonderful era is poised to form...and Masters it is YOU
that will create it !

Dear Ones, the Ascension of the planet did absolutely occur, and the Ascension of
humanity is on track.

The channel has shared with you the words of the Tibetan Lama.
(Insert) "When the iron eagle flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people
will be scattered over the earth and the dharma (Truth) will return to the land
of the red man."
Lama Padmasambhava, 8th c (aka Guru Rinpoche) Tibet

The Return
Buddhists from Tibet and India have been coming to the sacred portals of Arizona
for decades, and recognize the area as a holy place on the planet. Stupas have
been placed in the region to amplify the presence of the Avatar termed Lord Buddha.

It is said that Sedona is the counterbalance vortex to Mount Kalesh Tibet. ...and
that transdimensional inner earth tunnels connect the two. Tibetan lama Padmasambhave
made an interesting reference to the 'dharma' of Tibet returning to the red lands.

We tell you that the greater Arizona Vortex is now in alignment with the mega vortexial
Peruvian (Condor) centre of Lake Titicaca as well as the Tibetan mega centre of
Mount Kalesh. We tell you than axial-tonal lines have always connected these sacred
places as well as tunnels of ancient cultures.

2014 Moves the Planet
Masters, the Aquarian Shift of 2013 has been triggered by the solar radiation of
your planet. The planet is being orbited by streams on anionic plasma from solar
winds. The ionic ratio has shifted such that many pockets on the planet contain
standing pools of anionic charge.

These are specifically potent in Tibet, Titicaca and the Arizona vortexial centre.
In 2014 the Grand Trines and Sextiles of 2013 have triggered the second aperture
that will occur from mid May to the Solstice in Arizona after the embellishment
of two eclipses in April of 2014. All of this combines with the energy of the living
Earth to manifest the symbology of the flights of the Eagle and Condor and the Return
of Dharma, for it is in the red lands that the changes will be seeded in the north
toward the Ascension of humanity.

So we speak at this time on the Eagle, Condor, Red Lands and that termed the 'Red
path'. We will add that great masters who initiated the 'Spiritual Redpath' were
indeed the same Masters that inspired the movement of that termed the 'Buddhist'
dharma. It is in this way that two prophesies are merging.

Red Path
The system of spiritual advancement and wisdom you term the Redpath was in parallel
in the 'Golden Era of the Redlands' of Mu. It was later reintroduced in Buddhism.
There are indeed many many commonalities of the initial 'Sacred Redpath of the Eagle
and Condor", with that of the emergence of Siddhartha in the 5th century BCE, in
your linear timing.

So it is not truly not just to the red skinned race of the Americas. For these peoples
of the original Atlantean and LeMurian phases traversed from the lost continents
into many lands, including Africa , Asia & Rama as well as the lands referred to
as the (north & south) Americas (from Mu, Og & Oz). To term it as the Redpath confines
it somewhat to the Americas. So having made the point of its true origins, we speak
both in broader terms, and on the America of what may be termed 'First Nation' in
your vernacular.

So to be clear this path was developed by all races & tribes (in your terms) that
lived bucolically and tribally in na­ture. But we will say that this era of the
Native American was a culture that excelled in many ways. In the Americas the
indig­enous tribes developed a great knowingness of what areas of the Earth afforded higher
dimensional energy and what plant could assist in that process. So the practice
of the vision quest, of the purification lodge, of the plant journey were used to
teach, just as the animal kingdom and mineral kingdom were also recognized as being
great teachers and providers. This was the gift of the pastoral life. Sadly, it
is a knowledge that few now hold.

The Eagle and the Condor
Question to Metatron: Can you speak about the prophecy called the Eagle and the

AA Metatron: This powerful prophecy was sent from an energy entourage of what is
termed Star Nation. It was given in varying tiers to the indigenous beings descended
from the Atlantean & LeMurian red race of the western portion of the Americas,
including those whom you call the Hopi & Maya. In this prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor,
the Eagle represents the energies of the North and the Condor the energies of Latin
America. Both were once as one and the prophecy states that when the Eagle and the
Condor again fly together, it will signify the opportunity for the return of truth,
wisdom and balance.

So the prophecy speaks of the current time in which the two lands will mix in a
benevolent contract, sharing their messages and ceremonies once again with all the
people in order to gather in renewed strength and reactivate that which was lost,
that which is hallowed. You see, it is the sacred wisdom represented by the Condor,
the indigenous of Latin America, that has not been as scattered, as diluted, we
might say. Certain countries in South and Central America have retained majority
populace of indigenous people. These peoples have retained their cultural wisdom
in a greater sense than those in the north who have been dispersed and forcibly
changed to integrate in less spiritual more industrialized & commercialized society.

The ancient wisdom of the Condor must go north and that of the Eagle south. It is
to heal both, the Eagle and Condor. That is why those Elders, Earth-Keepers and
Lightworkers of the North are drawn to ancient OG, the Land of the Sacred Lake now
called Peru and Bolivia, and those of the Condor are also drawn to the North at
this time.

The prophesy is in truth speaking of the healing & strengthening of both. The
indigenous of the Condor, which is in essence all of the peoples and lands termed 'Latin America' in current times (from Mexico, and southward Central & South America) have remained
more intact in their spiritual knowledge passed down through the ages.

In North America there has been more of integration into western culture. South
America on the whole projects a more 'family' oriented culture, yet is imbalanced
in its class system and yet lacks greater equity in terms of dispersion of
'opportunity & wealth'. This also occurs in the north, but to a different degree.

We tell you that in the most ancient days it was the Con­dor that represented the
north and the Eagle that represented the south. Both winged beings are interdimensional and were revered as great wise beings and symbolic divine messengers. Indeed these
are among the most noble of avions. The prophecy speaks of the united peoples opening
their hearts and hands to erase oppres­sion, exploitation and injustice. The prophesy
speaks of open spiritual eyes to see the real truth and purpose of life, the wisdom
of higher multidimensional aspect.

The avions will etch the sacred infinity symbol of the number 8 across the skies
of heaven to sig­nal the symbol of renewed freedom. The union of the Condor and
Eagle is occurring now, as we have achieved to the heralded planetary Ascension
of 2012. Now it is the Eagle for the north and the Condor for the south. When they
turn to fly in retro union, the symbol of infinity will cover the hemisphere of
the Americas, you see? This will begin occurring in the New Earth, 2013 and beyond
to in time circumnavigate the globe.

The Eagle Must See. The Condor Must Rise
We offer you another simple yet complex addendum to the prophecy, "Without the wisdom
of the Condor, the Eagle would not open the eyes of the people, without the strength
of the eagle, and the condor will not empower the masses."

Yet we tell you both are on track. For the Eagle to fly in the New Earth of 2013/
2014 and beyond, much must be done by Earth Guardians, Earth-Keepers and all spiritual
seekers in the United States. The 'Light-Harmonic' must continually be raised.

The United States has many powerful spiritual pockets, and these are growing in
inertia. But, the great masses of the people in the United States are incased within
gilded cages of manipulated misunderstanding, victims of their own insulation and
imbalanced narcissism.

Few Americans have sovereignty. The common man in the United States is enslaved
by debt, manipu­lated by media and intoxicated by quantity. Sadly, North America
(USA) has become a militant industrial-corporation based on power, greed & profit.
The working class people of America are no longer citizens, they are employees.
Yet the masses do not yet see this truth.

Many Americans are beginning to wake up and are working to change this, but it will
not be easy. It will take time. This is because the government of the United States
does not in the present truly represent all of the people, having taken the path
of power over love, manipulation over integrity.

This will change ...but you must make it so. It will not change by force, rather
by concerted thought. War does not end war, loving peace creates peace. That is
the rubik, the challenge. ...not to become that which you oppose, and yet not hiding
heads in the sand. Only three cultures in time epochs have achieved this, and these
three only temporarily.

Condor - Aristocracy Must End
Now, because the governments of South America became colonized into Castilian
aristocracies, a great separation polar­ized between the controlling patricians of the rich and
the stark poverty of the indigenous as well as many in the mixed cultures of that
termed the 'working class' or poor.

Yet despite this inequity, and partially because of it, a larger degree of the
indigenous peoples retained their campestral culture and knowledge ... especially in the sacred
land of Og, where the indigenous compose a larger seg­ment of the populace and to
a smaller degree in the lands of the Yucatan.

In South America, indeed in this time of the fulfillment of the Eagle and Condor,
much transition is now afoot. There will be a time in the not so distant future
in which South America will displace North America as the primary 'bread basket'
of the world. As its economy strengthens, so will emerge a powerful cry from the
common man for a stronger voice and more equity among all its classes and people.

This is beginning now in Bo­livia, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela and has been evolving
in Argentina, Brazil and Chile for more than a decade as a growing middle economic
class emerges. The Condor of the mighty Andes is strengthening!

While OG & OZ were originally LeMurian in populace and settle­ment, both became
in time more Atlantean after the cataclysms. Many from Atlantis migrated to this
area as well as to parts of Brazil as the lands began to shake. Just as colonies
of OG such as Tiajuanaco still remain in present day Bolivia, so Atlantis had many
colonies in Brazil. The largest were logically in the areas of the massive quartz
deposits and mineral fields.

There are yet today remains of Atlantean ruins in Brazil in Ceara, Rio Grande do
Norte, Piaui, Mata Grosso, Amazonas, Goias and Maranhão. Some are yet to be found
in Bahia and Minas Gerais. The area called Sete Cidades indeed housed a mighty station
of the crystal power system. The Atlan­tean tunnel system still connects OG and
Brazil, which in ancient days was referred to as the Lands of Muir, Mirubi in the
north and IL Barr in the mid section. In Minas Gerais, Brazil and in Samaipata.

Bolivia there are still partially intact tunnel systems that connect to regions
near Cusco, Peru and the Grand Canyon/Sedona areas of Arizona and the crystalline
fields of Arkansas.

The Earth & Starseed Wisdom
As we have told you, the beauty and strength of the indigenous cultures lay in their
understanding of the conscious nature of the earth, the elements, the directions
and the unity of all things. Some have retained such knowledge. There are indeed
those in Latin America, primarily of the Starseed, the indigenous wisdom and medicine
keepers, who are assisting in the healing and awakening experience. Certain sacred
plant ceremonies and shamanic journey quests that allow for multi dimensional clearing
and understanding the sovereign divinity of self are still available in the land
of the Condor and no longer in the land of the Eagle. The culture of facilitating
these sacred plant teachers has essentially been removed in the United States.

As these cultures were disintegrated by the European settlers in both North and
South America, much was lost especially in the land of the Eagle. However, there
are now great elders called forth to help restore these lost elements of wisdom
and to reac­tivate this knowledge in the rainbow tribe of all humanity. It is not
a paradox that some of the great wisdom keepers and elders from the golden era of
the red tribe are now reincarnated in other races. Such is the nature of
reincarnational cycle, and indeed the re-emergence of these elders is part of the reactivation phase
required for the Eagle to fly.

While the duality-polarity phase of the Earthplane supports many races, racial
differentiation, just as gender divisions are not your integral divine nature. All of you are integral
beings of light, and there is no 'racial' or gender identity as such in your higher
divinity. Accordingly you reincarnate in all races, all genders identities. Therefore
it is essential that you find unity to move into greater harmony with your true

Few of the indigenous cultures had written languages, so much of the learning was
passed in oral tradition. As the tribes became conquered in war, they were scattered
and forcibly im­mersed into European and colonial teachings. Much wisdom was diluted
and forfeited, as millions were indoctrinated into Christianity and absorbed into
industrial culture.

Starseed and Star Nation
Although the indigenous societies did have a great under­standing of the living
Earth, their wisdom schools existed in small enclaves. Purification lodges, vision
quests and medicine journeys were conducted by highly evolved souls. These elder
shamans had attained the ability to increase their frequencies for Mer-Ka-Na travel
into higher planes. In this Mer-Ka-Na resonance, they achieved the ability to
etherically navigate in timeless multi­dimensionality. Much of this was guided by an etheric
entourage of Starseed, Ascended Masters of Sirius B, which became known to the
indigenous as Star Nation. This discipline was earned. It was not taught to the
populace. Enlightenment has never been achieved in aggregate, rather it is for the
select few who have persevered and chosen to work devotedly for such Mastery.

A great guild of Ascended Masters reincarnated in a cycle from Mu and Atlantis within
the matrix of the indigenous tribes. These omnipotent beings became known as the
Clan of White Ea­gle in the north and the Clan of the Golden Sun in the south.

Both cultures achieved much through many centuries and provided templates for great
learnings to the true seekers in the Americas. This was assisted by holograms of
coded light programmed into golden discs that were transplanted to the areas of
Og, Yucatan, Mongolia and Sedona after the demise of LeMuria. There are in fact
12 golden discs globally placed by the Star Nation of Sirius B, and these are
distributed across the planet.

However, in the dissolution of Mu some of the discs were transplanted. In the
subsequent fall of Atlantis others fell into dormancy, and the harmonic was further reduced.
All were af­fected. As such, the people became somewhat lost for a period and dispersed
into segments. Their systems of belief evolved differently within ritualized ceremony
and tradition.

The Breakup of MU and Atlantis
Now, it has become quite fashionable to view the culture of the LeMurians as being
quite highly evolved, and we tell you that while the LeMurians did have a splendid
phase of great wisdom, it was comparatively short lived. The arcadian society of
Mu did not in fact reach the heights of utopian spirituality that are currently
credited to them. In truth the Atlanteans of the Law of One, in the Golden Age
of Atlantis, reached and sustained far greater spiritual heights than that of Mu.

The societies of the indigenous cultures of North and South America likewise reached
heights of wisdom for a brief wondrous era. Great connection existed between the
lands of the Eagle and Condor and continued for a while even after the breakup
of Mu. Those of Central America and OG had considerable interaction with benevolent
extraterrestrials, as did those of Atlantis, and achieved a phase of vast astronomical
and scientific knowledge.

But as the massive tsunamis of Atlantis swept over the lands of OG and Yucatan,
much was destroyed. A gradual downward spiral began all over the planet. Factions
of the survivors in OG and Yucatan etherically ascended, others went into the inner
chasms of the Earth. Those that remained evolved different lan­guages, and essentially
the unity of all tribes was disconnected in the passing millennia.

So, long before the advent of the European invasions, the people became fragmented.
Basic survival became the tanta­mount priority. Pockets of groups including the
Hopi, Toltec, Mayan, Navajo and Lakota retained etheric interaction with Star Nation
and as such their high spiritual practices and ide­als. Many others did not. In
time, hardships brought tribal wars, cruel tortures, and some denigrated into the
corrupt practice of human sacrifice. Indeed, this was not just in the Americas,
it was global. Much was lost in time.

So we tell you that potent and brilliant gift of the red path, and indeed the hope
of the Eagle and Condor prophecy, is the reactivation of the ancient schools of
disciplines offered to the individual and of the knowledge of the living planet.

And we tell you this wisdom is inclusive of all wisdoms of heart, of love and of
understanding. All knowledge is the knowledge of Love, and Love is the way, the
only way to a better world.

The Rainbow Tribe of All Mankind
What is presently misunderstood by many is the reincarna­tional cycle in the
progression of man's sojourn. This is not to point fingers, because most of your 'western'
patriarchal religions either dismiss or misunderstand mankind's reincarnational cycle within
multidi­mensionality. If this concept were better comprehended, humans would perhaps
truly understand the importance of all tribes as the unified rainbow tribe of all
mankind, of every race. You see, while physical tribal heritage should be honored,
the soul's rein­carnational heritage is truly of much greater bearing. Truly all
of you have been every race and every gender.

So when ancestry is honored, know that it is an indispensable truth that some of
the extraordinary elders and medicine keepers of the Native American past are now
walking the Earth in bod­ies of all races. That is why so many non indigenous people
are drawn to the wisdom of the Earth knowledge and wisdom disci­plines of the Redpath!
You see, it is because they have lived it in past lives and still live it in the NOW of multidimensionality.

In kind, those that understand the law of balance of the multi­dimensional Self
will understand that many of the conquistadors, officials and gold miners that took
away indigenous lands are now in red bodies in order to balance those very actions.

There is beauty in this truth! In fact we will tell you that the reason there are
so many casinos on tribal reservations in North America, is because the gold miners
have reincarnated into the race and onto lands they 'took' and are trying to bring
back the 'gold' they have taken away. It is not the highest path way, but is yet
the 'karma' of balance. So it is always a great truth to understand the true nature
of self and the reincarnational process. You are beings of light, and you will
experience life in all races, all genders.

Yet we add, that a great debt is owed to those souls who have chosen the righteous
path of indig­enous lifetimes, both past and present, in order to pass down and
maintain these sacred disciplines. Then and now, these lifetimes have been ones
of devotion and hardship, choosing to live on the land amidst prejudice and economic
hardship, oin most cases away from the trappings and luxuries of wealth.

So the Eagle and Condor prophesy is to involve all races of the tribe of mankind
in reactivating what was great in ceremony and teaching. Indeed there are great
elders in both red and rainbow skins that have been called by soul contract to
unite all peoples as part of the fulfillment of this prophecy. This task is daunting,
and much respect is owed to those souls who diligently work to achieve this balancing
unity. For the rainbow tribe of all mankind to drum, sweat, dance, council, quest
and sing the unification songs of prayer, honoring the sacred lands, elements and
directions in devoted reverence is of benefit to mankind and to the Earth. Do you

Spirit, Religion and Dogma
The channel asks about dogma and protocol. Dear Ones, we tell you that no one religion
on your planet carries all the answers. Truly, spirit is found in the church of
the heart through the intent and impeccability of the individual. Spirit knows no
dogma, group consciousness fields and systems of belief form dogma. The paradigm
is love, and love begets unity. Love your­self, and be kind to one another, for
disciplines of enlightenment are as varied as the flowers of the field.

There are many paths for a man to walk, and all those of in­tegrity will find their
light. So it is always true that discernment is required.

Disciplines in the wisdom schools of ancient ceremony evolved in time. Indeed systems
of belief in some areas are being refined somewhat in the new paradigm. Integrity
of intent is the key. Spir­it acknowledges all! Indeed you are all sparks of the

Masters, the flesh offering tradition which has been utilized by many religions
including Christianity, Islam, Redpath and Hindu are a choice based on tradition
and the group consciousness of belief systems. There was a time in which such
disciplines of mind control over body physical had its seeming logic, for the winters were harsh,
and the summers were dry. Food was scarce. Developing the will to sustain such
hardships in ceremony served to allow the body physical to be controlled by the mind, you
see? But there is a fine line of important separation between 'flesh of­ferings'
that are intended to control body through mind and self flagellation based on the
erroneous belief of human unworthiness and original sin, you see? Intent is key.
So it is an individual choice of free will in duality based on belief, and therefore
it is not to be judged. But we tell you in the new paradigm it is truly neither
appropriate nor required.

But the restriction of the female, exclusion or limitation by race and fear of
reprisals are inappropriate in any dogma. Be­loved, this applies in all your religions. Elders
of the rainbow tribe of humanity on all true paths are revealed by the love and
integrity of their light quotient. You are all Elders of your Divine Nature. You
are all sovereign beings, and we honor you! This is the rainbow of the Eagle and
Condor. You are all sparks of God. Spirit sees only the heart. So we honor all of
you in those disciplines of your choice in developing the inner eye, of com­municating
with the living elements, directions, celestial beings and in developing unconditional
love and understanding of the unity of all life!

The Unity of Titicaca and Sedona
Now, for the Eagle to fly, an essential part of the heralded Eagle and Condor reunion
involves the hemispherical planetary balance. Certain key powernodes in the land
of the Eagle, North America, are clouded and are being revitalized from the land
of the Condor. The key powerpoints that are aligned to the United States from South
America are assisting in this vital balance. A great connection has always existed
between the vortex-portals of Sedona, Arizona and Lake Titicaca. You see, the two
are meant to flow in symmetrical counter balance. But that ancient energetic ley
route has become less effective, and it is now to be repaved and retread as 2012
has completed. That portal which is called Lake Titicaca is much more intact and
more capable of feeding and healing the other.

Some of the once potent centers in the North are diluted, sur­rounded by commercial
interest. As such, clearings and revital­izations need to occur, and many new portals
are emerging. Do you recall the biblical allegory of Jesus casting out the merchants
from the Temple? You see, portals and celestial points are living Cathedrals because
of their natural magnetics and alignments, and they were never meant to be areas
of commerce and hous­ing. That is why indigenous caretakers designated certain
sites as Hallowed Earth, and only adepts were able to live within the energies on
a permanent basis. That is why many of the potent vortex-portals in the United States,
such as Monument Valley and Grand Canyon, were designated to the care of certain
indigenous tribes. In later years others were protected through divine guid­ance
of inspired human beings into reserves you call National and State Parks. Indeed
this is part of the Eagle and Condor. It is why many from the land of OG are drawn
to the Eagle, and many of the Eagles are making pilgrimages to Lake Titicaca.

Lake Titicaca is among the most pure of portals; it is a po­tent battery for both
receival and transmission of coded higher dimensional energies required for the
Ascension of both the Americas and indeed of the planet. Lake Titicaca corresponds
to the Ascension in many different ways. It is a consciousness that enlivens each
dimension and relates to the individual within a specified frequencial resonance
of these dimensions. Do you understand?

At Lake Titicaca these frequencies are fixed to humanity and more readily available
to those who align with them. Sedona is being directly boosted by an axial tonal
line from Titicaca. You see, Sedona and Lake Titicaca are fixed to certain beings
among humankind and to the very consciousness that directs the planet. Both are
very potent and very important to the Earth grid, the celestial heavens and indeed
to mankind.

And so the axial tonal line connecting Sedona to Titicaca will remain connected
as an umbilical feed of sorts until such time that an upshift will complete itself.

Just as humanity will remain in the 3rd dimension for a time until the shift of
humanity comes, so will Sedona be brought into greater energy in the Ascension of
the Planet, which indeed has taken place.

We will say that the energetic field, the very length, breadth and vitality of the
vortex of Lake Titicaca is one of the largest on your planet. It is important that
you understand that Lake Titicaca is energetically balanced; it is neither male
nor female, it is both. That is why many are drawn there. We assure you, if it was
either one or the other, the feminine energy or masculine, Lake Titicaca would not
draw that amount of power, it would not contain the equilibrium, you see? It contains
proportional levels of both, and as such the potency, the harmonic and the harmony.

So the consciousness of this vortex will balance any human that is in imbalance.

One who is overly macho or overly feminine will receive the opposite to obtain
the balance. In your current scientific understanding, you might think that the
presence of anionic and cationic, female and male would neutralize one another in
bonding. It would seem so, but that is not the case. Rather, they activate one another.

This rare point on the planet which is BOTH a human chakric center and planetary
chakra consciously directs and regulates itself according to what is needed for
balance, do you understand?

And so the Condor of Titicaca feeds that harmonic equiva­lence into the Eagle of
Sedona ... and in time both will renew in greater strength within the New Earth!
And in so doing, they will awaken the golden peace that many of you found so fulfilling
in the brilliant and compassionate heart of the Redpath (and in Tibet) in this
2013 and forward dawn of Earth's long heralded Ascension. For truly now is the
time of the Rainbow Tribe of All Mankind to stand in unity!

JT: Greetings, Metatron. While I have been involved in metaphysics most of my adult
life, it was actually the Redpath, the series of seven annual five day vision quests
and seven shamanic journey ceremonies that seemed to accelerate my spiritual

Can you speak of these modalities?

AA Metatron: Indeed! Although you have had many lifetimes in the sojourn of the
Native American, it is a greater thread that draws you and others to this great
society. Truly of all the realms existing throughout the history of the planet,
the golden era of the Native American was one that despite hardships offered
opportunitiesfor prodigious spirituality, wis­dom and inner peace. It was indeed a brief but
golden era that many are still drawn toward, you see. It afforded mastery to those
that sought it in a more feasible manner than any other society or culture has ever
achieved since the long passed golden age of Atlantis. Many great souls and avatars
were part of this epoch. It was brilliantly unique in the manner of incorporating
the beauty and consciousness of what we would term the natural world and all its
kingdoms. Yet again be aware that fasting or vision questing has been utilized
by all ancient wisdom societies in all part so the planet, in every epoch.

Prayer Fast and Vision Quest
Specifically that which is termed the prayer fast ritual has been quite prolific
in exponentially advancing many seekers to gain access to the inner worlds and
higher dimensions of the God mind. We will say that many Earth-Keepers first gained
such knowledge through the uniquely effective modality of fasting termed the vision
quest while embodied in the Native American lineage. These were lifetimes of great
advancement. And so this is true for many Lightworkers and Earth-Keepers now on
the planet involved in the work of the Ascension.

The vision quest is a sacred and ancient technique of prayer fasting. It evolved
into its four year ceremonial practice with the Native Americans, but in fact prayer
fasting has been a means engaged since ancient days by all humankind to seek the
inner God. The LeMurians, Atlanteans, Egyptians, Hindu, Gnostics and Buddhist were
among those that rigorously utilized supervised disciplines that involved fasting.

It occurs in almost all of your mystical sects even today for devout seekers.

The indigenous of the red race evolved and adapted the vision quest as an ancestral
multi-layered mechanism for teaching seek­ers to become luminous beings. Many of
you, including the channel, used these methods in many past sojourns. So we tell
you that these modalities were of great benefit when conducted in sacred intent.

Fasting in natural solitude is a prac­tice that clears the frontal mind and opens
and punctuates that which you term the subconscious. Vision quests involve clarity
of intent with meticulous preparation, and all the sacred kingdoms of the celestial
and earth nature became the teachers. Indeed, it is a great travesty that much of
this sacred wisdom has perished in the industrialization of your world.

Dear Ones, as in all of our messages, we ask you to use your discernment, accept
what resonates, and discard that which does not. For ye are Masters ! We tell you
that the Earth has Ascended, and a New Energy abounds. The Ascension of Humanity
will indeed follow. You are on track ! It is time to co-create in coherency the
new world that you desire. It is a time to gather, to meditate and visualize in
theta field the New Earth.

And now we say again, please know how deeply you are loved. We ask you to walk
in honor, respect one another and al­low each the freedom to find the wondrous light
of heaven that shines in each of your hearts. Do not forget to love yourself, and
ever know that you are Beings of Light, you are Spirits of the Divine having an
earthly experience. Master - Create it !

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!
... And so it is... And it is so...
The above channel is copyrighted © James Tyberonn All Rights Reserved

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