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YAHOOEY ...goodbye dear ego. You served us well in Duality, but that era ended Dec 21st, 2012, and now I thank you for protecting me through the harshness and unrealness we created in Duality. However, you no longer serve us properly, and it's time to bid our farewells.

Thank you Steve and your Guides!

Last Stand for the Ego

Perfect Storm 33In a private conversation a channeler recently said to me that we may go through a “perfect storm” this month designed to roust out of us everything that remains hidden and resists our evolution to the next spiritual step.
On Aug. 1, 2013, the Hathors characterized the period we’re going through as a “chaotic node”:
“Earth’s passage through the summer Solstice of 2013 was an energetic marker for the beginning of a new Chaotic Node. …
“You can expect to see a pronounced increase in emotional instability and psychological imbalances among your fellow humans (perhaps including yourself). The collective social challenges of this will be profound.
“For an Initiate, meaning one on the journey to higher states of consciousness, this particular Chaotic Node is, and will continue to be, both extremely challenging and full of possibilities.” (1)
In his message of Sept. 2, 2013, Matthew Ward characterized the time this way:
“Previously we have stated that Earth is within the energy level that brings forth positive and negative extremes in individuals’ behavior. Along the way to this point in the ascension journey, global restlessness has been increasing as people were responding to a growing sense of urgency to act upon their thoughts and feelings.” (2)
Notice how this fits with what “the General” said the other day in Lorna Wilson’s QHHT session:
“You seem to need a storm to change direction in your thinking and so this coming shift will be your storm. Some of you will learn to dance in the storm. The way to prep yourself is to learn to dance in the storm now and everyday, and to see the light in chaos everyday.” (3)
The suggestion from the channel was that many of us might feel crazy for a while and get ourselves into positions where it looks like we’re defending our principles, taking a stand, etc. But what we may really be doing is getting out everything third-dimensional that we’re attached to in a last stand for the ego.
It isn’t my intention to put out a prophecy. I’m neither trying to do so nor would I want to even if everything said were somehow “correct.”
But it does beg the question of what may lie ahead for us and how we wish to be with it.
I have to confess that I’m already seeing some positional responses from people and wouldn’t be at all surprised if we were headed into an alleged storm even now.
Not that the ego will disappear. It doesn’t disappear, even after several stages of enlightenment. But it does subside, surrender and become like what Sri Ramana called a “burnt-up rope” after sahaja samadhi or Ascension. (4)
If we were headed into a perfect storm, we’d come up against a very difficult decision. There’s a line in the sand on one side of which are those who’ll want to take a strong stand for what they see as their beliefs,  principles, etc. On the other side stand those who are willing to accept what the Company of Heaven has said: That we must have world peace and that means that we have to abandon our desire to have one more go at war.
Occupying that second position is hard. It obliges us to encounter within ourselves all that fears being seen as afraid, ill-informed, taking the easy way out, or abandoning our principles. But sooner or later we have to take a stand for peace and agree to put up with the ridicule and obloquy that may come from that.
A second aspect of this discussion is confronting our fear that, if we choose peace, the dictators of the world will run us and the Syrian people over, take away our civil rights, allow the old financial elite to resuscitate itself and suck up the potential benefits for the world from such things as the prosperity program, etc.
I saw a discussion earlier today that raised the spectre of FEMA camps by the end of the month. I don’t believe the Company of Heaven under any circumstances would allow anything like that to happen. Long ago Matthew Ward said they would permit no such thing. (5)
But again, sooner or later, we have to trust that choosing the road of peace will not result in the loss of our freedoms, the death of thousands more people, the return of financial servitude, etc.
Sooner or later we have to cross the line and mentally and emotionally lay down our arms, so to speak, and ask others to do so as well.  And when we do, we may become the target of that perfect storm.
Were that to happen, I’d need to remind myself that there’s no sense arguing with others on any one individual issue at hand. The minute we do so, we step back into the world of dispute, polarity, heightened emotions, etc.
The other person will argue their side and insist that we argue “ours.” And that risks us going into meltdown and abandoning our intention.
The individual issue is less important than the general need for peace in the world. Therefore we need to shift the discussion from issues to peace itself. Perhaps this reflects what the Hathors called the challenge and the opportunity.
Archangel Michael made this point in our last Hour with an Angel:
“Despite these upheavals of violence, what is really happening is the people, each of you, in tandem with your brothers and sisters of these areas, is saying, ‘No, this simply cannot continue.’
“It is not a matter of which faction is right or wrong, because that is a completely gray area and it has no place, because to determine that someone is right or wrong means that they have greater favor with One, with God, with the Mother. And that is simply not so. It is an illusion of the most dim sort. …
“There is no room for further conflict. Are these situations coming to the surface for the human collective to say, ‘This is too abhorrent. It cannot continue’? Yes. Have these souls died, as a soul group, to make this point? Yes.
“Everybody is playing a role in this unfoldment. But the purpose, the higher purpose of the unfoldment is not to go and play political hockey, but to raise it to a joint decision on the part of all nations that this cannot continue.” (6)
Our future, it seems to me, doesn’t depend on one issue over another. It depends on choosing peace or not choosing peace. And we’ll have chosen peace. The rest of the work is to endure whatever follows – in peace – without being drawn back into issues.
Peace is the default of the universe. Peace is the natural state of all things. War has to be maintained, fed, prosecuted day after day. Peace doesn’t have to be maintained or prosecuted. When all things have done what they do, they return to peace.  Peace is what’s real; war is not.
War has never successfully brought about or resulted in peace. A simple cessation of hostilities is not peace.
Peace is born of itself. Being an aspect of God and a divine quality, it’s sui generis[unique to itself], without cause, without beginning, and without end.
Sooner or later we have to take that monumental decision: No matter what the issue is, no matter what the result, if we want a world that works, we have to choose world peace.


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(4) “The Jnani [sage], although he has scotched the ego, it continues to rise again and again due to prarabdha [karma already in motion]. So, for both the Jnani and the ajnani [ignorant one]the ego springs up, but with this difference: whereas the Jnani enjoys the transcendental experience, keeping its lakshya (aim, attention) always fixed on its source, … the ajnani is completely ignorant of it. The former is not harmful, being a mere skeleton of its normal self, like a burnt-up rope. By constantly fixing its attention on the Source, the Heart, the ego gets dissolved into it [upon attainment of sahaja samadhi or Ascension] like a salt doll which has fallen into the ocean. (Ramana Maharshi, GR, 56.)
(5) “To ease minds about several issues that keep popping up in Internet articles or channeled messages: … Concentration-type camps will not be filled with the millions who oppose government policies.” (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 24, 2008.)
“The millions who speak against US administration policies will NOT be rounded up and put in prison camps.” (Matthew’s Message, May 21, 2008.)
“Fear is being deliberately created by the dark forces because fear’s energy is incompatible with the energy of light, so you can see that the fearful “what if” situations are making the progress of the light more difficult. Instead of feeling fear about the “unknown,” we ask that you send love-light energy to all souls, those who are suffering and those who are causing it, and judge none.” (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 16, 2005.)
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by Steve Beckow

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