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The Office of Poofness: September 22, 2013

poof 1Stephen Cook /Golden Age Gaia: OK we do seem (and I repeat: seem)  to be on a bit of a merry-go-round…but, as ZAP says, it will stop soon. What IS happening is BIG. So we must be patient…we really have no accurate concept of the sort of hard work that is being done by so many behind-the-scenes – above and below.
Greetings and Salutations,
I couldn’t have said it better myself, so here it is direct from Poof:
“As a man deeply involved in all of this is fond of saying, ‘it doesn’t matter what it is, it takes a week for them to do it’. Massive things have transpired since last Sunday, which actually began Thurs, a week ago. Constant movement to completion has been taking place.
“Many are distracted by the media events, which have been like spooks chasing you in your dreams, scaring the crap out of everyone, who lends them an ear. The native American shamans teach one how to deal with the goblins in your dreams: ignore them, with your focus forward, and they won’t activate.”
From ZAP:
Hi All,
Very good news on the historic bond redemption front, as funds have been released for this purpose and the show is underway. As I said, everything was on a hair trigger, and this continues to be true. Now that funds have been released, the global settlements can happen (if not already done), and the RV can occur, and the Basel III protocols can be fully implemented.
Not bad, delayed, but not bad. They have been trying to get the RV done every single day, but for whatever reason, like bribing others in the food chain at Wells Fargo to throw a monkey wrench into the works, the RV keeps getting snookered every day.
They are running out of monkeys that can be bribed. And the word is getting out to all monkeys that their fate is sealed if they accept the bribe. They get arrested the next day or shortly thereafter. Idiot monkeys, but I guess greed is still a powerful motivating force.
Is the RV a scam? LOL. Ya right, sure it is. That’s why untold trillions of dinar are changing hands, why monkeys get arrested, and the governments are purchasing – because it’s a scam. Good call. Now who said this was a scam again? Which version of crystal ball were they looking into?
Again, there are questions in respect of the prosperity programs. These are meant for the fulfilment of the Divine Plan where our humanity gets a shot at breathing again. Many subscribed to it and waited. And waited. Meanwhile, the cabal was chewing away at the fabric of our financial infrastructure meaning to destroy any and all hope, and divide the populations into the ‘have’ and ‘have-nots’ on a systematic global scale. They came close.
Q: Zap, been in these programs for over 25 years. Not getting any younger. We are almost into Oct. it’s about this time of year when all the news starts to sound not very positive. Seems all the gurus are backing off on payday time. Some even saying next year. Not too excited about another Christmas with just a chunk of coal in the sock again. Man, I hope I’m wrong this time. Thanks for your reply if you think I deserve one. BC
BC, we all got lumps of coal for all this time, not only 25 years. Your patience is staggering, and you have not become bitter like many have. Good on ya. Your patience will be rewarded big time. Everybody’s will. The gurus do not have a timeline, and do the best-guess thing based on available information. I wish I could pin it down myself, but that timing is in divine hands, not mine. I can only tell you that it will be real soon now as the cabal is being dismantled and rendered ineffective.
One thing all must realize is that the trading programs, upon which these vast amounts of money are generated, really do not need to be there. They increase the size of the bubble only, and are harmful to a large extent. The reality is that the matrix funds of our humanity are locked up in special accounts overseen by the elders and the councils under the watchful eye of the old man. He himself cannot withdraw a single penny (although, he can) because if he does, then all the other keepers can follow suit, and withdraw their funds and use them.
If they did that, the whole plan would unravel and be destroyed, and our humanity would not be able to get up from under. So, it remains locked until the right time. This is when you will see the release of the PP. And I can assure it is not 25 years more, or a year, or even 6 months. It is much, much closer than anybody realizes. It may be in the next week or very latest, the first part of next year if certain timelines are extended. Either way, it is inevitable, and will happen.
Q: Hi, Thanks. :) I have no info yet on how the good guys expect to handle it if a participant in the PPs should pass away just prior to deliveries, particularly if payments will be made by way of a Trust arrangement as Poof had always said. Presumably one could name someone in his or her Will as “designated Beneficiary” (?) but I don’t know, so far, how word of that would be given to the good guys. Perhaps we’ll hear more about that from ZAP in one of the Sunday newsletters.
Blessings. H
Whoever is in the programs, and passes before they are paid, then rest assured the next available beneficiary will be looked at to receive. Nobody gets left behind. They will search until they find somebody to receive. Remember the purpose: to get the money out to humanity for the purpose of the reconstruction. The Alpha, Omega, Komax, Farmer, and the Dragons fund and all others will pay out, and give our humanity the breathing room to fulfil their destiny, and create the next paradigm they are meant to.
It is all about us and what we can do in our evolution. We have an astonishing gene pool that is absolutely precious. Keep that first and foremost in your mind when you talk to a neighbor. He is you. You are him. Individuated of course, but part and parcel of one and the same thing. We are amazing.
Another important item is the impending bankruptcy of the USA. News of this let out a couple of weeks ago is true, and this is imminent. Gee, how come there is not much press about this one?
Remember the information let out that the Tier 1 folks that got paid (payments in escrow at moment), where they had to sign a gag order and also swear allegiance to the new republic of the USA? Well, the new USA will replace the old USA, but not much is being said here at the moment, as this is of extreme sensitivity, and therefore, not much can be said at this time.
I have not said much about the project side thus far except to wait a bit more. The reason is that the infrastructure to support the fundings for the projects is underway, and will be completed in the next weeks. Then and only then will we be getting in touch with the project submitters and getting that show on the road. So far, about 100 billion has been allocated for the preliminary project fundings, and the trillions are being structured for that release. Much more on this next week.
In Hong Kong, the teams have been very active, and forensics done on the heritage accounts the bankers and others have been pilfering have resulted in major arrests of the HSBC (bank) crowd, and all the gold has been taken from their hands and placed in a safer bank. This is very good news, since this gold is the underpinning of the redemptions of the historic assets.
So, bottom line this week:
  • Funds are released and the historic assets are being redeemed
  • The Wells Fargo monkeys are being arrested daily
  • The RV will be forthcoming anytime (again that word)
  • The PPP will be released to the participants within the next while but no longer than 6 months now
  • The USA (Corporation) will experience bankruptcy in a week. (This information was made public by various news agencies recently. Remember the new banking year starts Oct.1. Many countries as well as banks around the world are also on the same schedule).
  • The USA (Republic) is destined to replace the corporation
  • The idiots in power will be arrested for stealing and other less wholesome acts against our humanity
  • The reconstruction projects will start within a month
Be patient, be good, be legal and always tell truth
In love and light in our service
POOF Says:
It seems I have to go back to something I haven’t spoken of for a long time. There really is a world government and it has teeth, it’s located in Brussels. The bankers know this and have tried by hook or by crook to avoid its edicts. American bankers trying to hide behind the US government or the fed so they keep the crap kicking. These international agencies like the World Bank, world court, and the IMF, know the score. They also know there are people on this planet who have more power and clout than the usual suspects here in the states. When those folks are dissatisfied with things, Brussels will hear from them, and when action is needed, they will move accordingly. These programs, because they have international implications, have been managed from that level. Even bankers are employees, if you understand what I’m saying here, step across some lines out here… they quickly are reminded of their place.”
That includes the top guy at WF, (who) was recently replaced – or shall we say ‘thrown under the bus’  – by the cabal. He was not as untouchable as he thought. Like the kid’s song says: “the wheels on the bus go round and round” thump, thump!
Love and Kisses,
Susan & Staff
Office of Poofness

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