Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thank you Archangel Haniel and Julie!

Don’t LET your Comfort Zones Inhibit your Growth Potential 
It is well understood that most dear souls prefer to live within their comfort zones in all their aspects each and every day. Most of the time the realization of having comfort zones in more than one area of your everyday life goes unnoticed. If you ever take the time to look at all the comfort zones you live within such as your health, financial status, and within your relationships you will discover behind them there are a few limiting beliefs that are firmly placed. Understand dear ones, that limiting beliefs are boundaries regarding your abilities which you have been influenced to feel as being true. Your limiting beliefs also support your comfort zones because they give you a feeling of safety. If you take a brave step outside some of your comfort zones and expand these areas that have been restricting by working on improving your emotional health you will begin to attract more successful outcomes in other areas of your life. 
It is essential to understand what your comfort zones are. All comfort zones are your upper limits of your performance. Anywhere above this limit, many fear going because it would mean you would be walking in unknown territory and you find it is much more comfortable and easy within the limiting walls of your comfort zone. Comprehend dear ones, your comfort zones are invisible except for when you look at areas in your life that you have tested your comfort zone and you have stepped beyond your comfort zones and brought yourself into higher states of knowledge and awareness. 
Your current life illustrates which comfort zones you have worked with and some of your comfort zones are unconscious, meaning they are hidden from your awareness. The comfort zones you have set out for yourself even unconsciously you have been placed where they are for your own ease and comfort and within the boundaries of your comfort zones you have developed techniques and systems on how to seek balance in your life while remaining within the safety of your comfort zones. Your comfort zones dear ones is a place where you feel most at home and comfortable, where no risk is involved and there are no growing pains felt from stretching beyond these invisible perimeters 
To question yourself in regards to knowing if you live within comfort zones is by being able to identify if you have brought temporary or permanent change to your emotional, financial or physical environment. When you have expanded your comfort zones effectively and positively, your changes will come spontaneously and they will remain permanently. When you have only applied quick cover-ups to areas that really need an honest look-over and change, on appearance your quick-fix attempt to what needed improvement will appear sharper and improved but this cover-up will not be permanent nor will it provide automatic changes. The quick fixer upper approach works on a temporary basis but has no long term affect and slowly the corrections you tried to make by covering them up slowly rises back up and sometimes the damage has grown significantly. If you look at your life now, your total life dear ones, do you feel disappointment by some of your changes that you have brought that were only temporary. It can feel frustrating to see problems resurface when you thought you had worked them out. 
Learning how to identify and increase the boundaries of your comfort zones does require a little work, but we remind you dear ones the outcome is worth your effort especially if you truly want to bring long lasting change. We understand that it is hard making decisions and choices because some of them cause you to struggle with them for hours that can easily lead into days whereas other choices are done so easily and quickly. It makes little difference if the choice you are currently facing is easy or difficult, you still have to take the action and choose. And depending on what you choose you will either remain within the comfort zones you have established or you will expand them even by a little. 

Taking affirmative action is hard. It requires you to think of all the pros and cons of what your choice will bring as your choices are also your responsibility. When you increase your comfort zones you have made choices that were outside of these zones, you have pursued something you have not done before or really thought of. 

Be gentle with yourself when you are moving beyond your comfort zones because where you are stepping is beyond the safety net you have created. When you begin to step into new areas from the choices and decisions you made understand you may feel a certain amount of discomfort. You will feel a new elevation of stress until the discomfort eases off and you come to trust where you have stepped into. The discomfort you may feel when you first step beyond your comfort zones can be used as motivation to help you to continue to move forward. 

Many dear souls do prefer to remain within their comfort zones, they avoid taking risks or trying new things and many are truly happy living their life this way. But dear ones if you want to truly change or grow, you will have to deal with a little discomfort as your comfort zones grow and expand to accommodate the growth you are going to attain. 

As you step forward into new and exciting areas that were one-time unknown, remember to be mindful of your own discomfort. Try to realize when you first began to feel the discomfort your new changes brought you. What did you feel? Did you feel queasy or the flutter of butterflies in your stomach during the time you contemplated taking affirmative action into a new direction? Or did new anxiety find its way to you after you have made your big decision? It is important to observe your findings because through them you are able to know much more of yourself and you discover ways on how to respond to what you are feeling as you move through your changes. 

When you are able to really feel the discomfort, we encourage you to describe the feeling and experience. You may describe your discomfort being felt in the center of your stomach, or you may describe your fears as reactions to the new and unfamiliar changes. When you have acknowledged your discomfort and you have described to yourself the feelings and experiences you can begin moving your attention away from the feelings you have been undergoing. Instead dear ones, begin to focus on the goal that your new actions have brought you to attain. 

Remember dear ones while going through the changes to expand your comfort zones it is helpful to be able to envision yourself taking the required actions that will bring you to what you want to achieve. Visualize each step going well and you are progressing with ease and closer to the goal you expanded your comfort zone to achieve. While you are envisioning yourself moving closer to the goal you wish to achieve, we encourage you to embrace the good feelings you will feel after successfully reaching your goal. We wish to remind you dear ones that the comfort zones that are within you were created to by all your experiences you have had so far. 

Give yourself some of your own love and compassion because many of those changes were difficult and the promise of success into unknown territory was shaky but you continued to move forward, some days were harder and more frightening than other days, yet you managed, you survived and succeeded. When you bring new changes to your life, you will feel discomfort, you will feel new feelings and emotions but you will be okay. You are strong, and you have proven already just how adaptable you really are. Changes are hard, but they have the capacity to bring good once all the fear of the unknown has melted away. 

Discover your inner strength and unlimited courage when you bring new changes and expand your comfort zones – you may come to realize that there was a whole other you just waiting to face those changes and to show the world and most importantly yourself that you are capable and that you are strong, and the love you have for yourself will carry you through each step. Believe in yourself dear ones, trust in the choices you are making and ensure that you follow them through in order to feel the satisfaction of their completion. You can do anything you want to if you believe you can. 

And so it is…

I AM Archangel Haniel 
through Julie Miller 

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