Monday, September 30, 2013

Video: 9/11 Truth – US Secretary of State John Kerry Admits WTC7 Brought Down in “Controlled Fashion”: What do you mean, John Kerry, that WTC7 was brought down in an controlled fashion --Our government has been adamant for 12 years that terrorists from the Middle East lead by Osama bin Laden had attacked WTC, the Pentagon, and other areas on American soil. It was those vicious terrorists that brought down WTC Twin Towers and WTC7 ...WASN'T IT??? Yeah, right, suuuuuure it was the terrorists ("wink wink, grin grin, nudge nudge, say no more"): Dear dark cabal... your gig is up, your lies will be revealed.

Thank you American Kabuki, Stephen and your Guides!

Video: 9/11 Truth – US Secretary of State John Kerry Admits WTC7 Brought Down in “Controlled Fashion”

This video was originally posted  on YouTube last Thursday September 25, 2013 but it didn’t say when it was recorded. I did some research and found it was filmed at a 2007 Book People Presents function in Austin, Texas, USA where now US Secretary of State John Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz were speaking about their then-new book, This Moment on Earth. Interesting then, that it appears to have surfaced in this moment.
The video features Mr Kerry in a slightly uncomfortable Q and A where two audience members ask him separate questions seeking the truth of 9/11. Here are his responses: 
In case you can’t quite hear, the first question relates to the finding of thermite in the dust around the World Trade Centres back in 2001.
The second question relates to WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein’s  2007 comments that they had “to pull” Tower 7 down in what many now say was a controlled demolition.
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