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The Anticipated Arrival of Global Prosperity – Part 1

NESARA 278Introducing the Global Currency Reset and the Prosperity Programs

Following the entry of Gaia into Fifth Dimensionality on Dec. 21, 2012, her population began the march to full restoration of consciousness. Discussions began to be heard of one element in that march – the anticipated arrival of prosperity on the planet.
The advent of prosperity is an operation of global scope. The higher-dimensional beings who are directing it do not interfere with our free will so the precise conditions of prosperity are not something they can or will simply force upon us.
Granted that past certain divine deadlines for events that arise from the Mother’s Plan, the free will of those who oppose prosperity, Disclosure, Ascension and other similar events can be over-ruled, still the higher-dimensional beings don’t favor that approach and attempt to win concurrence wherever possible. So we should consider these factors when wondering why global changes take or have taken so long.
Since the subject is so complex, I intend to give a straight historical account in this part of the series. Even this will take two or three parts.
Almost immediately after 21/12/12, the Council of Angels through Goldenlight reminded us that:
“Everyone’s needs will be taken care of and all people in the new earth environment will live in prosperity peace and joy.
“‘NESARA’ and the Abundance Programs are simply the manifestation of the spiritual or 5th dimensional plans set up by higher dimensional beings and Saint Germaine, who is one of the overseers of the shift into the new Golden Age of Enlightenment.” (1)
For a wealth of articles on NESARA, the abundance program as described in the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, see the articles listed here: “NESARA or the Abundance Program” at
On Feb. 1, 2013, SaLuSa said that the galactics were aware of our desires to have the prosperity funds released, matters of which the general populace knew nothing.
“We are naturally aware of the ever growing demand for the Prosperity funds to be issued, the announcement of Disclosure and the bringing about of peace. Be assured they will be satisfied before long, and arrangements are well advanced. Your joy and happiness will abound in due course as deep down you know that you are already victorious.
“For you time has speeded up yet in some ways it also seems to be dragging its feet, and you start to become anxious or impatient. Please keep your eyes firmly on the future, and remember that most of you are in an advantaged position to know more certainly of what is taking place.” (2)
A month later, he said that complete debt forgiveness would be part of NESARA. However I’m under the impression that this applies only to debts that are usurious, corrupt, etc.
“With so much debt in the world it is clear that there is only one answer to your problems, and that is complete debt forgiveness. It is part of the plan you know as NESARA, and along with abundance will quickly establish a flourishing community.
“The real answers to your problems are relatively simple, but finding the right people to introduce them is not so easy.” (3)
When I asked Archangel Michael in a personal reading when the changes would occur, he said that they were already underway.
“The changes have already begun.  There is a great deal of what you think of as change, training, re-setting of systems that is taking place behind the scenes.  Those in power including certain financial institutions are very aware there is massive change on the horizon, and they are taking their steps and what is necessary for them not be caught completely off guard or ineffectual.
“So they have been given indicators from different governments and levels of power, what you think of as monetary power, that these changes are already in the works, and there is a great deal of shift – re-engineering, I guess you would call it – taking place behind the scenes, including training of staff.” (4)
He confided that what we were going to see “is redistribution of wealth.  I will say no more because it is going to come as a very pleasant surprise.  But look for massive redistribution of wealth.”  (5)
He related the revaluation of the dinar to efforts to end violence and war in our world.
“Violence in your society, whether it is a war, man against women (rape), has to cease. It cannot continue to exist.
“Now, the re-valuation of the dinar [and other currencies] is related to all of this. It is not just a financial decision. It is a world coming together to halt economic war, and it is a world coming together to re-value.
“And we have said to you that currency would continue to exist for some time after the shift, a few years perhaps, but we never said that it would exist in the same way that is currently available to you. So this re-valuation is already underway. And we do not mean soon, we mean this quite literally. So, it is rebalancing of abundance for many.”  (6)
In keeping with his agreement with Linda Dillon, he declined to give dates.
“You know that I do not and am not meant to give dates. But I tell you, it is already underway. And there are many above and below that are involved in this.”  (7)
And finally, by the end of May 2013, planetary logos Sanat Kumara said we were 70 percent along the way to the first milestone in the process of releasing abundance to the world, which we are expecting daily – namely, the global currency reset.
Sanat Kumara: [The abundance program] is proceeding on course. I am pleased to have this good news for you. It is proceeding exactly on course. And it is a very timely question. It is already underway.
Now, the reason that some of you do not know about this, and it is not generally known, is that there are some provisos of not what you would think of as secrecy, because secrecy in your language has come to take on a rather malevolent tone. So I do not mean it in that way. But there are some things that are taking place that are being done behind closed doors simply because it is part of our plan that it not be interfered with in any way until everything is in place.
SB: So how far are we along to everything being in place? What stage have we reached?
SK: As we say, it is already underway. You are about 70 percent there. (8)
Tomorrow we’ll continue the story from June 2013 to the present day.
(To be continued in Part2)


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by Steve Beckow

The Anticipated Arrival of Global Prosperity – Part 2

Reset 223(Continued from Part1)

Introducing the Global Currency Reset and the Prosperity Programs (Continued)

On June 11, 2013, Archangel Michael reminded us that “this gift of abundance and economic freedom … is part and parcel of the restoration.”  (1) Before we experience a restoration of consciousness, if I interpret him rightly, we’ll need to emerge from debt and all the worry and stress that it brings.
On June 12, Ashtar through Philipp mirrored the excitement we’d feel once prosperity arrives.
“You were told that the transformation of your financial system is a done deal and only waiting for implementation. Additionally, you were told that the dark Ones have no more power to delay or to prevent this any longer. This we can confirm, and you will also see why this is so important.
“In the coming days and weeks you will learn more about it and – even better – you will experience it. We are looking forward to seeing how you rub your eyes in disbelief, asking yourself: ‘Is this really happening? Am I dreaming?’
“After this short period you will overflow with happiness and will be totally excited. This in itself will lift you up a great deal, and your vibrations will be raised to a higher degree.”   (2)
He revealed that financial prosperity will ease the way for Disclosure:
“So why do I, Ashtar, tell you this? Because the joy that you will experience with the introduction of the new financial system is absolutely critical to, and will form the basis of, Disclosure taking place.” (3)
We’ve all watched an endless series of alien scare flicks and can appreciate some of the reasons why the galactics feel the need to ease into Disclosure with financial relief coming first.
St. Germaine told us through Valerie Donner in July:
“There is much that we would like to see improved that will affect you in a material way. It would make your lives easier and you have asked for this abundance. You deserve it. I have desired this for you too.
“I would like to see the floodgates of prosperity opened for you so that all will have everything they need or want.” (4)
Like Archangel Michael , he agreed that “one way or the other this is part of the implementation plan to restore balance and justice upon a parched planet.” (5)
Sheldan Nidle painted a picture of the creative explosion that would happen for humanity after prosperity began flowing freely.
“On your world, many are using their good offices daily to carry out the great shift we are telling you about. These groups and sacred families are doing this as part of their mission to help us bring this new epoch for humanity into being.
“Right now, there is a flurry of activity preparatory to delivering a great wealth to you all. This wealth is to be used to produce new and suppressed technologies, resulting in a great unveiling which will reveal all the wondrous advances that humanity has made over the years but which have been stolen or sequestered.”  (6)
It will usher in a new age of truth and freedom. He too sees our galactic family joining us at that time.
“Releasing these discoveries is only a by-product of what your prosperity will bring: we as a people possess abilities that the dark lords of this realm greatly feared and did everything to suppress. This suppression will now end, and truth, great learning, freedom, and sovereignty will be your prosperity’s primary yield. 

“Above all, this time will bring us family, and joy of a kind that we have not known before!” (7)
The Company of Heaven through Goldenlight reassure us that all is proceeding as planned and the release of a stockpile of funds can be expected soon.
“Do not worry, things are shifting and changing on your earth and all is proceeding as planned.. Your ascension, which is simply a harmonizing with the higher dimensions, is occurring slowly over time… anything faster would be a shock to your systems.
“The release of a large stockpile of funds has also been planned for eons so that their release would coincide with the raising of the consciousness of humanity…we are sending you a mental picture of this now – yes, it is an escalation of the light and a turning away from the dark, and even those who were once in the cabal are turning away from that now because their frequencies are being raised from the influx of higher dimensional energies.”  (8)
They predict the release of wealth will lead to the unification of the world and the fall of borders that is a facet of the NESARA plan.
“Yes, the wealth is going to be redistributed and it will finally dawn on mankind that yes, we are all One and yes, there will be new governments and no borders, for everyone will realize that they are all in this together – One People, One Planet Earth, working together for the benefit of All, not the elitism of the few.”  (9)
In a later message, Sheldan returns to the subject of abundance, describing the transition from fiat currency to asset-backed currency and the fall of the financial elite.  He predicts our partnering with government to usher in a new wave of change.
“Gone will be the supremacy of the power-hungry elitists and of an untouchable corporatocracy intent on driving your globe into ruin. As you know to your cost, these dark coalitions imposed illegal amounts of taxation and debt to control and enervate you, and the purpose of the new governance is to rectify this unlawfulness and free you from decades of debt slavery.
“There is to be a new hard-currency system which will end the manipulation and oppression of a fiat-currency system. This fiscal ‘dry-rot’ will be transitioned rapidly to global currencies that are backed by precious metals, and your new governance is to support and promote not only the hard-currency system but also the beneficial social programs which accompany it.
“As these nuts-and-bolts aspects roll out, your rapid inner growth will enable you to partner meaningfully with government, to formulate and then oversee the changes you wish to see in your quickly transitioning world.”  (10)
Ashtar returned at the end of July to predict the global currency reset.
“This NOW moment is truly an intensive time period. There are many things in store for you which will bring you the confirmations you desire. The currency revaluation – as well as the transformation of your financial systems – are but two important things to come very shortly.
“To use one of your expressions, we would tell you ‘All systems are GO!’ The necessary preparatory work has been completed and we are awaiting the right moment for implementation – and this moment is imminent.
“The changes will gather speed in earnest and you will pleasantly be surprised at what will come to you blow by blow. All is going as planned and as communicated by us.” (11)
And he adds a mention of “the Event” he predicts for the end of September that will see a forward step in consciousness, prior to restoration which will come later.
“The veil at the end of this trimester will not suddenly lift – your return back home to full consciousness is a process. But there shall come a point in your journey where you will take a big step forward to enable you to build upon this step, to integrate all that you have achieved so far in every cell of your Being, and to allow you to go ahead with your journey back home to where you belong.
“And the moment for you to take this step is just around the corner. You will make great progress and be pleasantly surprised with your achievements.” (12)
You can see that the Company of Heaven are doing everything it can to prepare us for what’s soon to come. Tomorrow we’ll look at their messages in August.
By tomorrow, we’ll be in September, the first day of which is when the Pope removes immunity from Vatican officials, Janet Napolitano resigns from the Dept. of Homeland Security and Ben Bernanke steps down from the Federal Reserve. Who knows what may happen then? Rumors are flying fast and thick.
Excitement is being followed by disappointment and then more excitement.  For those who are weary of the roller-coaster ride, the Arcturians gave the soundest advice today:
“Every issue of normal daily life is spiritual activity overlaid with third-dimensional concepts. This is why there is no need to separate your spiritual life from your every day life as so many do — it is all spiritual. The work is to see the underlying reality of all things.” (13)
That underlying reality is to be found in the center, where the Self of all resides, which is itself the only permanent thing, towards which all these events tend. And remaining in and of the center is, for me, the answer to the pace and flurry of events as we enter a time of major world transformation.
(Continued in Part 3)


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by Steve Beckow

The Anticipated Arrival of Global Prosperity – Part 3 

Reset 4039(Concluded from Part2)
Introducing the Global Currency Reset and the Prosperity Programs (Concluded)
We can see how much the Company of Heaven have been discussing this topic lately – or perhaps how much we’ve asked them to discuss it – by the length of a series merely outlining the arrival of abundance.
I’ll end the story here, give us a day to catch our breath, and then start in on other aspects of the global abundance program.
The final post in this series is long, for which I apologize. However the reval is expected any day and I’d like at least to have this introductory discussion before us before the reval hits. Once it does, things will become busy again.
On Aug. 6, Sheldan Nidle’s sources described the events we can soon expect as a “cavalcade” and said prosperity comes first.
“The first act in this cavalcade of events is, of course, the release of the various funds which mark the segue of your globe’s monetary setup from dishonest fiat currencies, so prone to unbridled speculation, to those backed by precious metals. These new true-value currencies are to trigger a global revaluation, and indeed, the first of these is ready for distribution.
“Further, the initial rounds of the prosperity disbursements are also ready to be launched. These financial adjustments will effectively drive the old interests from power and allow the inauguration of legally based de jure governance. As you know, these are only the opening moves of what is to come.” (1)
I asked St. Germaine on An Hour with an Angel on Aug. 15 to describe what the global currency reset was all about.
“You have an expression, I think, that is still in force, and it is called “practical magic.” Now, this, what you are thinking of as a reorganization of financial values has been in the works for a very long time and there are many that have been involved in this issue of dong or dinar, or what have you — currency traders, they are called — for, oh, decades. Some have spent their entire lives simply focusing on this issue.
“So this is nothing new. What is new, what has shifted is the coming together of spiritual values with the practicality of what you think of as currency. Now, the history of this — and you know it has been exceptionally rocky! — the history of this has literally been tied also to Archangel Michael’s strategic peace initiative for the globe.
“And what we know to be true is when there is equality there is a less, lessened desire to create war and mayhem. Now, we are not saying that fanaticism will go out the window, but we are not funding mayhem and fanaticism.”  (2)
He characterized the global reset as it applied to lightworkers as a “delayed payment” for work that has been ongoing for decades.
“What we are funding in many ways — not entirely — are many lightworkers who wish, and who have earned — let me be very clear about that; many of those who are receiving this blessing have been doing the work for decades. So it has just been, in some ways, a delayed payment.
“Now, what we are also seeing — not hoping; seeing — is as these resets, these re-evaluations of what you think of as currency occurs is that it will bring a lessening to the civil strife that is happening in some of the affected countries.”  (3)
He cited the example of Iraq.
“So, for example, right now you have a great deal of civil unrest, and might we say on the verge of war, or civil war, in Iraq. What we are hoping for and what we were expecting to see is that this will have a tendency to stabilize not only the lightworker community — because when a collective comes together and realizes that they have been acknowledged by the world’s financial community as having value, it changes the mindset. So, the sense of desperation begins to dissipate, like smoke.”
The participation of lightworkers in the reval will bring relief to them, their families, and other lightworkers.
“The purpose of so many lightworkers being part of this, what you can think of as one of the golden rivers, is for them to be able, just as I have said, to take care of themselves, their families, their friends, but also to begin to create just what you have outlined in your book, dear heart, a world that works. …
“As Michael has beckoned to you last weekend, please begin to let those who are feeling that need is something that is part of their lives, let go of that illusion! And let the abundance — and when we say ‘abundance’ we mean it in every sense of the word — let the abundance flow.”  (4)
I asked him how the majority of the population who did not buy Iraqi or Vietnamese currency and were not enrolled in the prosperity programs would receive abundance and he replied.
“It doesn’t matter if your role, mission and purpose has not been to [purchase] dinar or dong or French currency — which I am preferential to — it does not matter if you have not been participating in a prosperity program. That does not mean that you will not be a recipient of that abundance. The whole idea is sharing.
“When you share, when you have that diamond on your plastic placemat [a reference to his practice of leaving a diamond on the placemat of each guest at his 18th-century dinner parties], you don’t feel the need to get a gun and go rob a bank. You don’t feel the need to feel badly about yourself because you can’t send your child to swimming camp, or you can’t buy enough bread, or you can’t pay the mortgage.
“When you have enough, and all of you have come here with the agreement intact that you would have enough, that … some of you would experience lack so that when it occurred you would boot it to the curb! So, you say, ‘But, Germaine, when?’ And what I say to you is what you hate to hear, is very, very, very soon.”   (5)
I asked him what he was referring to when he spoke about the abundance program as a whole.
“You are talking about planetary abundance, and what you are talking about … is various rivers of gold that are flowing quite rapidly all over your globe, all over the planet. And yes, we have spoken extensively last November about the various abundance programs, and particularly about the Trust.
“But let us review what we are discussing and where we are.”  (6)
And he began a wondrous tale of gold brought here from other planets, alchemically created, taken from illicit stores, etc.
“Throughout the ages, through the interplanetary transfers, through the creation, shall we say, alchemically or even by simply setting aside — you have that expression in your society — great wealth has been accumulated.
“Now, when you are thinking about the prosperity programs, what you also tend to do is you tend to think of world revolution. And yes, there is an evolution and a revolution in terms of societal structures, and the sharing of wealth — and I mean this is a concrete manner, at this time.
“But what you don’t often look to, and what I have alluded to back in November is what about the wealth that is directly in front of you? What about the storehouses of gems, of gold, of money, of various things?
“So you will also look — and this is an aside — to those areas where there have been storehouses of which you are all aware of wealth that has simply been set aside for a privileged few.” (7)
I asked him how the galactics would access treasure that had been sunk in ships in places like the Mariannas Trench. He replied:
“It has not been a difficult process at all. Now, don’t forget, we work with energy. Your star brothers and sisters’, what you think of as, technology is a different use of energy.
“Let me be very clear. The Americans aren’t the only ones who have, hmm, shall we say, placed for safekeeping money, gold, treasures, underneath the waters. It has been a practice for hundreds and hundreds, in some cases thousands of years. And it is an open secret above and below.
“So it is rather humorous. Now, … there are many, many space stations that are located actually underneath what you think of as your oceans or large bodies of water. So it is not a matter only of your star brothers and sisters going to recover. But they are already there, and their ability to teleport to various locations is as simple as snapping your fingers. So it is simply not an issue. …
“Has the gold, has the various riches been recovered? Some have, and some are in the process. But do not worry, dear heart. We know exactly where things are.”   (8)
Sheldan’s sources returned to the subject on Aug. 20 to tell us that everything had been placed in readiness.
“The major agreements pertaining to the setting-up of the new monetary system are done, and documents are shortly to be signed which will establish the procedure for replacing the world’s fiat currencies with hard ones. These agreements will be implemented once the required signatures are in hand. Each nation is to receive a portion of the bullion presently held in vast secret depositories and this will guarantee its new hard currency requirements.
“Another issue to be resolved was the date upon which this was to be done, and this is now decided; however, the timing will remain under wraps until this activity is completed.” (9)
Sheldan added in a later message:
“The new hard currencies to be issued are at their global distribution points, and so the age of fiat money and the fiscal abuse that it inspires comes to a close. We are entering a time when prosperity for all is to be the norm and the old ways are to become horror stories, loved by none!”  (10)
Archangel Michael returned to the topic on Aug. 21 and characterized the abundance program in the same way that St. Germaine had, as a delayed payment for the work of lightworkers.
“It would be remiss if we did not say very clearly, we’re fully aware of the financial stresses, strains, pressures, despair, that are experienced by many lightworkers due to financial concerns. But let us start there, but let us also talk about the crux of the matter. … And that is twofold.
“One is are your pleas heard and answered? And the second is are you taken care of? Are you attended to?
“Dear hearts — and I speak to all of you who have worked for the light not only for two or ten or twenty or thirty or eighty years, because there are many of you who have worked for the light for eons. ….
“But let us be clear. You, for many of you, you’ve been working diligently at a job…. yes, it has been a job. What do you think the meaning of ‘service’ is? You’ve been working at a job — not without pay, and there have been many benefits, seen and unseen, but you’ve been working at a job without a paycheck.
“So what you’re saying, my dear Steve, is, are we going to be able to begin to flow the paychecks, the overdue paychecks?
“And the answer is yes.”  (11)
Abundance is a topic that the Company of Heaven are discussing quite freely and expansively now. Let’s rest for a day and then return to other aspects of the upcoming arrival of abundance, expected … there is that dreaded word again … soon. If the reval does occur in the meantime, however, I’ll need to break away and attend to the business it creates.


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by Steve Beckow

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