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Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values

Thank you Archangel Michael, Linda, Graham, Steve and all your Guides!

Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values – Part 1/2 

The first thing on my mind....Today we listen to Archangel Michael explain what the Company of Heaven does behind the scenes. We hear him arrange a signal to help with discernment and offer to do that for others as well.  We listen to him discuss the wider significance of the global currency reset, which is a global reset of values.
He talks about the rumors of a military coup, the fate of the so-called Black Pope, and the trend of events in Mexico and China.  He discusses “the Event” and the focus on lightworkers. He discusses how to deal with sudden wealth, which include paying off all debt, taking a trip, and most of all having fun. 
Finally he gives us our marching orders at Joshua Tree. 
OK, I’m off to the conference! I may report enroute and during. But last time in Sedona, we were so busy that it wasn’t possible to report very much! We’ll see what happens this time. Thanks to Ellen for our transcript today.

An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, September 16, 2013

Graham Dewyea:  Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth:  Towards a World that Works for Everyone.
I’m Graham Dewyea. Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.
Steve Beckow:  Thank you very much, Graham. And welcome, Archangel Michael.
Archangel Michael:  And welcome to you. Yes, I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of blue. And let us begin this day, my beloved friends, by once again renewing the blue flame of truth that I share with all of you. Let it ignite within your heart, your throat, your third eye. Let it ignite throughout your body, for truth is necessary.
It is one of those elements that our Creator has put in place for us to understand the universe. It is the explanation and it is the substance of the One.
Weeks ago now, I have asked each of you, my family, my circle, my friends, to up the ante. And I repeat this plea this day, for each of you to allow your divinity and our divinity to rise up more clearly within you and to claim that blue flame of truth as you look at your world, as you create Nova Earth, as you bring forth what you desire.
This is the time of radical change, and I remind you — and I reach out to you — my brothers and sisters, we are in sacred partnership. We always have been. And dare I say we always will be? But this is the time of conscious acknowledgment and embrace of that partnership. So let us step forward together as one family, one unit, all one part of the Mother’s heart.
So, I know there is much to discuss this day. Where do you wish to begin?

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On the Reval
SB: Thank you, Lord. A lot of readers have taken up my invitation, which I made just once on the blog, to purchase Vietnamese currency. So now we have a large group of people who probably are listening to this broadcast and hoping you’ll say something about the progress of the global currency reset. So could we start with that please?
AMM: Well, first of all I commend you for all stepping forward in faith, trust, and in the knowing in what for some of you is a very complicated action and what in truth is a very simple action of creation and trust and it is in that action that you are also contributing to the shift in your world and to the creation of the new world. So let us first begin with that.
You say, “I have done this in act of trust, but, Lord, I would really like to know, where is my money?” That is really the heart of this question, is it not?”
SB: Yes, Lord, it is.
AAM: Well as you well know, the Company of Heaven and certainly my sister Gabrielle is a banker of sorts but not the kind you are seeking. There are many forms of abundance that come from us. And we certainly are instrumental in helping humanity in the shift to move along.
But I am pleased to answer your question. And my answer to your question is not significantly different than what I and others have said before. And that is that it is already underway. It is already moving forward.
Now have there been some glitches in terms of, not the bureaucracy … and let me also say that you have been very good in sending the energies to those frontline and middle-manager groups in terms of helping to infuse them confidence, energy, stamina, faith, to help them and assist them in the unfoldment of their jobs.
So they have been feeling much better of late in terms of their tasks at hand. So that is not one of the glitches that we are speaking of.
Now you have not done as well … and this is very true of the lightholder, loveholder community anyway … but you have not done as successfuly, shall we say, the task of letting go of not only your own concerns, but also the collective concerns with regard to doubt, fear, the belief in lack, poverty and greed.
So we would all ask you to continue to work on those belief systems, and the release, complete erasure of those belief systems and embracing at the same time the replacement, which is the confidence and the knowing that not only are you powerful creators of abundance but that you live, you thrive, and you welcome an abundant, equitable universe.
Now one of the factors that comes into play when you are undertaking such a massive reorganization and let us be clear this is a reorganization not only of the financial systems, the global financial systems, the power structures of your planet in terms of haves and have nots but also the elimination and restructuring of mindsets as well.
And for nations states, of which there are many involved … it is not simply Vietnam in this situation … but the nation states affected by this shift have need to feel that they are in a place of security. Now let us go back. Most of these nation states, in fact the power structure … and I am not simply talking about Illuminati or cabal or dark forces …. I am talking about the substructure and the structure or your nation states and of your societies, a given and until very recently when Gaia has shifted, an acceptable given was the belief and therefore the very protracted and grounded reality of greed, of control, of entitlement.
We could go on so what this restructuring, the reset of currencies, think of it that way because of course many of you are emotionally and spiritually invested in this undertaking.
But what you are really invested in is the reorganization, the reset, of the global value systems that are based on the knowing of Gaia’s wealth and abundance, the wealth of your star brothers and sisters, accessibility, allowance, the ability to receive. The concept of lack is simply absurd so you are resetting the entire mindset of these nation states.
And might we say particularly to those people who have been in positions of power and who have seen in various scenarios how all these issues are coming to the forefront for healing and elimination…. And I know I go on but this is important for you to truly understand.
So, when there are situations such as Syria, that bring to the forefront issues of war, mayhem, deadly force, intrigue, lies, what happens is those nations that would be affected by the reset of currency but had reached a place of feeling safe and secure, that their interests were protected adequately in order for this to go forward, become nervous. Markets become nervous and those in positions of control become nervous.
Now, those leading the movement to create these changes have not become nervous. They have not reneged. They have not stopped the process but they have taken into consideration some of the nervousness, the antsiness, the tensions that have been in the air. But has the process stopped? No. So I know that this has been a very long-winded answer to a very simple question.
What I have said has opened up a plethora of questions. Has it not?
S: Well, yes and no. I really would like listeners to understand, to get that what Archangel Michael just said was my first question on my paper which I didn’t need to read out to him. You frequently do answer questions that are in my mind, Lord but I don’t think listeners realize that. So thank you. You have just answered my first question which was could you describe the global operation of something like the global currency reset and you have done a wonderful job of doing it. Thank you.

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The Company of Heaven’s Role in Large Events
Second question, though — the reason I’m asking these questions, or thinking them — and you’re answering them — is that I don’t think lightworkers, and others, always get an idea of the vastness of the operation. They certainly don’t have an idea of what the Company of Heaven, what the celestials, galactics and ascended masters are doing behind the scenes.
You’ve answered the first part. You’ve given a tremendous overview. Could you now tell us — because we don’t know — could you tell us what’s the Company of Heaven doing behind the scenes? What does it look like?
Do you follow my question?
AAM:  Yes, let us be concrete. And I want to go back to how we started today.
SB:  Please.
AAM:  And that is to remind each and every one of you, our beloved friends — that expression that you have, ‘boots on the ground’, well, you are our boots on the ground, our feet on the ground.
But what do we do? Well, there are some things that we do and do very well, and there are some things that we are not fully involved in because of this aspect of free will. But let me be more precise.
One of the advantages, and one of the reasons, by the way, why some of the masters who had fully intended to already be some of those feet on the ground, why we are here is not simply about currency exchange. It is about this reset in values, what you have termed divine qualities.
We have the capacity, even with the element of free will, to have a longer view than you do on Earth. It is simply because we are in a different reality and we have a different understanding, and certainly time is a different measure, shall we say, than what you are working with.
That doesn’t matter. You have many other fine qualities.
But what we will do with people, shall we say, not only in key positions, for there are some of you that have heard our whisper to go and buy dinar or dong, etc.,  or to go to this place and move, or to do this session or not. So we are always planting these ideas.
But one of the things we do is we also plant the longer view, so that a person who is involved in a highly complex situation — which this is, by the way; because it is not just about money, it is not just about currency, it is about values — in key people we will plant the longer view.
We will inspire, if you wish to use that word, the longer view so that they have like a flash of lightning the understanding and all the steps to what can be accomplished many steps out if they simply do A, B, C and D.
And then what we do is we create circumstances — again, beyond the number of variables that you can humanly juggle, although there is that part of you that can assist, and does — but we create situations and combinations of energies that then allow that to come to fruition.
So it is akin to laying out the banquet table, knowing it will be a delightful feast — everything is prepared. Now, can we make you eat? No. But usually — not always, but usually — the inspiration, the vision, the unfoldment that has been planted within is so beautiful and so clear that it is almost like a compulsion on the part of the individual, or in some situations, the group, to proceed in a certain direction.
Now, in amongst that — just like you have groups upon the planet, you have some people who are interested in human rights, some that are interested in the cessation of conflict and war. Now, that is right up my alley, along with communication.
Then there are those, shall we say, that would be under the auspices of Gabrielle, which is minute organization, everything in place, the central administration of the universe, every I dotted, every T crossed.
Then there are those that are working under the grouping or the auspices, say, of Jesus Sananda, which is truly about two things — creating abundance, yes, and compassion.
Then there are those who are the teachers. And then there are those who are the communicators.
So each group is working intently on various aspects of this unfoldment. It is not as simple as simply one head of an International Monetary Fund making a decision. It is far more — far more! — complex than that.
So, for example, in a situation where you are wanting a revalue in a country that is very dictatorial and violent. Well, then, those who are above and below with me, but the Company of Heaven, my legions, we are working in the anchoring and the toning down of that violence, that dictator, that dictatorship, that structure. And then right behind us is Jesus Sananda and his group, introducing greater compassion and understanding for the populace.
SB:  Lord, may I interrupt for a moment?
AAM:  Yes.
SB:  Does that apply to Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe?
AAM:  Yes.  It applies to a multitude of projects, of which this currency, financial restructuring, whether it is prosperity programs or revaluation, or NESARA, all of these, whether it is the cessation of war, whether it is feeding the hungry, all of our projects are interwoven.
That is why so often we use the example — and we want to emphasize the example — of the new grid. The tapestry is interwoven. So there is not one project that stands alone, because the impact on other things is that ripple effect. That is the domino effect that I have spoken of in terms of a series of events.
They are all together. So, for example, when last we spoke, or when you spoke to us as a collective, and you asked about Barack Obama and his desire to go to war in Syria, and we said, “Instead of just listening to the words, watch the energy. He is practicing a strategy of stalling.”
Now, has this been looking like a defeat for Obama? Does it look like an embarrassment for Obama? Yes, in your world it certainly does. And do you think a star brother who has been put in this position to ensure certain things come to pass cares if he is embarrassed? Not one iota.
So it is important in your discernment to look at what is truly unfolding and not just look at what is occurring on the surface, and I say this to you because on the surface there is so much turmoil, there is so much confrontation, there is so much chaos, but this has to be cleared.
And I want to say these words of encouragement:  the clearing, collective and individual, that is taking place is above what we anticipated. Now, from your perspective, we understand. You are shaking your heads and pulling out your hair — if you have any — and saying, “Lord, why is it taking so long?” And we are doing everything we can to move this along in a very, very timely, immediate approach.
So do not pay attention to what the naysayers and those who are clinging to the thready fragments of the old third are saying. Acknowledge them, send them love and keep going.
SB:  That is indeed helpful, Lord. Thank you. That was a much fuller discussion than I ever hoped for. So thank you. And I will now smartly move on to other topics, because I have a few to ask you.
The “Black Pope”
Here’s a question that’s just come in [from Geoff West via Skype]. Recently the Superior General of the Jesuits, Adolfo Nicolás, came out on public record speaking out against the war in Syria. This individual is what some have called the Black Pope. This individual rarely appears, let alone speaks, in public.
Is this new individual working in partnership now with Francis to change everything in the Vatican?
AAM:  That is correct. And he was given a choice to either work with Francis or get out.
SB:  All right. Anything more you want to say about that, Lord?
AAM:  Well, I think that pretty much says it all.
SB:  [laugh] Yes, it does!
AAM:  It is funny. Because there are times when I know, in my voice, my actions, my manner, where you will sense some impatience or frustration. Now, it is not that we do not experience or have emotion. It is just not on the same level experientially as you.
Now, tolerance is a divine quality. And it has need to be anchored so deeply within the human consciousness, psyche, actions — and it is something that we practice, and practice and practice (we’re hoping to get it right) — tolerance has brackets on it because there are certain things — behaviors, mayhem, murder, hatred, abuse, violence — that are not to be tolerated. And so what Francis is doing in a very gentle but very clear and loving way is making sure that his people understand those brackets of tolerance.
So they are coming into line.
SB:  Okay. Thank you, Lord.
by Steve Beckow
(Continued in Part 2)

Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values – Part 2/2

The first thing on my mind....(Continued from Part 1)
Rumors of a Military Coup
There were rumors last week of a military coup. How did those rumors get started, and how should we proceed with rumors like that when we don’t have the opportunity to confer with the Company of Heaven?
I can’t just ring you up on the phone and say, “Is this true?” And I can’t say, “No, it’s not true,” because I don’t absolutely know. So how do we lightworkers proceed in a situation like this about which we don’t know and can’t confer with you?
AAM:  Very simply, first of all, go into your heart. Yes, I know, I am being repetitive. But nevertheless, you are saying to me, “Michael, I do not have discernment,” and there is not one of you out there who does not have enormous capacity of discernment.
So you go into your heart and you say, “Does this feel real?” Or, “Does this feel like a distraction?” Because that is what it was. It is a distraction. You see, it is part of that behavior that is trying to keep the old paradigms and illusions in place.
Because what would a military coup in America entail? It would entail massive chaos. And it would entail a set-back in the unfoldment of the collective Ascension.
So when you see something like that — and I am not saying that there are not such actions taking place; there are — but when you see something like that and you know immediately, “Well, this can be a false flag, because it is a distraction,” then discern in your heart. Simply call me. I will give you a yes or no.
And then proceed.
SB:  How about something a little more tangible than that? Like, for instance, you once said that you would give me a signal of a sneeze in a certain circumstance. Is there a signal that you could give that would say yes?
AAM:  How about a cough rather than a sneeze?
SB:  Sure. I need the sneeze for the other circumstance, so a cough would be fine.
AAM:  That is correct.
SB:  Okay. Thank you for that.
AAM:  So, all of a sudden, you feel like you are coughing. You do not have a cold, you do not have phlegm.
SB:  Right.
AAM:  So yes, you just start coughing.
SB:  Thank you.
AAM:  And I say this to all of you! If you want a signal, whether it is someone blowing in your ear or touching your arm or the sensation of assent, then tell us what you want, and we will comply.
SB:  Oh, that’s wonderful.
AAM:  But then, when we comply, you have need, please, to trust it!
SB:  That’s wonderful, Lord.
The Trend of Events in Mexico
Now, a listener has written in who’s very concerned about the course of action that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is taking. He’s worried that [coughs] pardon me. This was not a signal, right? [laugh]
AAM:  No.
SB:  Okay. He is worried that…
AAM:  You are getting it. Do you understand what I am doing to you?
SB:  No…. What were…
AAM:  You are coughing.
SB:  Oh! Very good! Thank you! [laugh]
AAM:  There’s your answer.
SB:  There we go! Okay. Thank you! That’s very good.
No, I’m not going to pre-guess you. He’s concerned that the Mexican president is taking them back into corruption, fascism, etc. Could you give listeners in Mexico a short rundown of what’s happening in Mexico at those levels and what they can expect in the future, please?
AAM:  They are experiencing the breakdown of the old, much the same as you will see in many places in the Middle East, or in Africa, or more subtly in North America or in Europe.
So what you are seeing in Mexico is the grabbing — and I do mean grabbing, lusting — after power. Because there is a sensation — and it is a correct sensation — of that level of power/abuse dissipating, that the military and the higher, what we would call secret police and the leadership are losing control.
So what they are doing, it is the same as when you see someone stocking up because they believe there is going to be a snowstorm and they are going to be caught in the house for several days. So they are trying to stock up power.
So, be the observer of this. Stay out of their way. This is the death knell. Mexico has a very violent history, but it also has a very rich and sacred history, and a history of divine intervention, particularly by the Divine Mother.
There is a very special place in her overwhelmingly big heart for the people — the people! — of Mexico, for the purity and wisdom of the people. Now, that is not to say that they are not sophisticated, because they are. But sometimes the most sophisticated population is also the clearest about how above and below interact, interface, come together and co-create.
And that knowingness is still very present in Mexico in the people. And the people will rise up — no, not in armed revolt or revolution. It will be the turning point, and the corruption and the terrible violence that have plagued this nation will be disappearing.
The Chinese Government and the Chinese Elders
SB:   Thank you, Lord. I’d like to direct your attention to China now for a moment. In analyses of what is happening to push forward the baseline of light, the front edge, the leading edge of light, people talk about what China is doing.
But I think in many conversations they confuse what the Chinese elders are doing with what the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party is doing.
So, they’ll say that, “China owns this,” or “China is doing this,” or “China wants this.” Could you please just give us a short typification that separates out the two and says what each is doing?
You may not be able to talk much about the elders, and I understand that. But could you separate out what the Chinese government is doing so that we can understand who’s leading what, please? If it’s possible.
AAM:  There are several divisions in China. So there is the government of the day – which is the apparent power — and then there is the true power, which is very similar in many ways to Mexico. No, there isn’t… well, there isn’t obviously the same level of corruption and violence, but make no mistake that it is there.
Now, the elders have been in place for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And if there is something that is to be said about the elders and the Chinese people, and even the current government, it’s that in terms of that long-view vision that I spoke of earlier, the Chinese and the culture of the Chinese think in terms of future.
They think in terms of, oh, hundred-year spans or fifty-year spans, whereas much of the world tends to think in terms of one year, five years, ten years. So there is a longer view that exists in this part of the world. That is also true to some extent of Japan and Korea, but not the same extent as China.
One of the things that the Chinese government is doing is they are acting very much in a very strategic way, but like a steamroller. And they are just rolling along. And one of the most evident signs of this is if you look to the pollution, the terrible pollution that they are putting on Gaia and on their people that is causing very severe health problems.
And that is not acceptable. And it is not acceptable even with the different value on what we would call human life, because there is a sense that there are always more people — we’re talking to you about the governments now — there are always more people to fill the spaces to keep the steamroller going. But the elders and the people do not feel this way.
And so what you are seeing in China — well, there is this new wealth and this new experience of wealth and worldly goods I guess you would say. There is also this feeling that they are losing their soul. And this is very much in some ways what occurred during the Cultural Revolution.
And it will be a different kind of revolution, but it will be the people rising up and wanting not to lose their spirit, what is valuable in this culture, which has always been, by the way, a very strong attachment to Gaia, a very strong attachment to family and community and to history.
So, the pendulum has gone about as far as it’s going to go in terms of this steamroller effect. And it is going to come back to this place of balance. So it will require some intervention, not only on the part of Gaia, but also you will see some very dramatic clean-up efforts by your star brothers and sisters where China is concerned.
And so that is where China is headed. They have pushed about as far as they can go. Now, do they believe that in terms of the current government leadership? No. They believe that they will be the world dominant force.
Now, what is also occurring is this reset of values, not just money, but values. And as you well know, the Chinese money — the old money — is very significant in this restructuring of financial situations across the globe.
You will be rather surprised, delightfully surprised, when you fully understand — and it will be after the fact — about who the major players are in this reorganization. Because there are many who cannot, for reasons of safety and fluidity, step forward and make their presence fully known.
SB:  Well, that’s tantalizing, Lord. We look forward to seeing that.
I have two questions before we probably need to end the show, and I’ll tell you both questions first so we can allow time.

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Advice on Managing Sudden Wealth
SB: Undoubtedly some people as a result of the show may go out and buy Vietnamese currency … or even dinar [I recommend Vietnamese dong.] …  if they do perhaps you could give them some counsel so that they don’t find themselves, by a process of unconsciousness of mind, in a deficit later on. I have heard this happen. I have heard of people who don’t know how to handle this sudden wealth.
AAM: Let us address the issues of currency and wealth. This is the practice of prudence. Now we know that prudence is not one of the more popular divine qualities and yet, my friends, it is perhaps one of the most essential.
First of all, do not over-extend yourself. First and foremost, we do not counsel that anyone, for example, not buy food or keep a roof over their head so that they can invest in currency.
No, that is not the way because that is not taking care of and honoring yourself and your family. It is also a desperate need. It comes from a place of neediness and a belief that ultimately, unless you do x, you will not be taken care of, that ultimately you are not worthy, and you do not live in an abundant universe.
So first of all do not go on a buying spree. That has never and will never be our guidance.
Secondly, if you participate in this, the whole idea is the reset of values, of grace, of charity. There is so much more joy in sharing. No one is intended to be a miser in their house with the doors locked and the windows closed, counting their gold. There is no joy in that.
So the joy is in the sharing, with your friends, with your family. First and foremost attend to yourself and your friends’ and family’s needs.
And I am not speaking of being overly cautious because the whole idea is the knowing that you can create, that you are part and participating in creation. So take care of yourself.
Pay off all debt. Make sure it’s gone. Not because there will not be debt adjustments but because we do not want you, any of you, having that stress. It weighs on your shoulders. It weighs on you heart.
Pay off the debt. Make sure there is no such thing as mortgage.  Make sure you have the roof over your head that you desire.
Take a trip. Play. Gather. Build. Come together as community. These are the things we wish to see. And there will be small projects like fixing the roof of your elderly neighbor. And there will be larger projects that you will participate in like feeding the community in Africa and making sure that their infrastructure is reconsructed. So it is both.
Mainly enjoy it. It is a gift.

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Joshua Tree
Now, as you move towards Joshua Tree, know, my friends, that so do we. Yes, of course we are everywhere at once, but we will accompany you and be in the full presence of your glory. You come together as circle, as family, as one. And what do we wish? What does the Mother wish you to accomplish? The complete surrender of the old paradigms. The movement and the anchoring firmly into the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth. The embrace of the possible and the embrace of the impossible, the embrace of each other.
The charge is to laugh, to play, and to accept with your heart what is being given and what has been prepared for you. And then to carry that back to your communities and to share it, to build, to create, to bring forth Nova Earth. That is what we ask of you, and that is what you will do.
“The Event” Has Already Begun
The expansion has already begun.
SB:  Now, when you say “expansion,” Lord, you’re referring to what others call “the event,” are you not? The event that will see the expansion of consciousness?
AAM:  That is correct. It is the expansion of your consciousness, of your awareness, of your heart, of your potential, of what you think of as your abilities and capabilities. It is time to grow.
SB:  Okay, Lord. Well, thank you. We have a few minutes left in the program. Let me ask you this question. One… a person said to me, “I would like you to take the emphasis from lightworkers and expand it generally,” but I keep saying to myself, no, lightworkers are leading this whole mission, and I actually want to continue to talk to lightworkers. What would your advice be on that question, Lord?
AAM:  You are emissaries. You are wayshowers, you are pathfinders, you are regridders, reweavers. If leadership — and I use this in the communal sense of the word — if leadership does not have a clear sense of direction, of mission and purpose, how do you lead? How? No, it is important for the lightworker community because they have stepped forward and acknowledged, remembered, whey they are here.
So we are in this sacred partnership. Are we in partnership with every being on the planet? Yes. But it is difficult when you are in a partnership and the other person does not realize it. So we are working with those who realize we are in partnership. And so that is why we are having these conversations.
So, does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.
SB:  And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?
AAM:  Exactly, until it is one family and one path.
SB:  All right, Lord. Thank you very much, and I hope I see you in Joshua Tree? [laugh]
AAM:  I will be wearing blue.
SB:  Wearing blue! I look forward to it immensely, Lord. Thank you ever so much.
AAM:  Go with my love. Farewell.
SB:  Thank you, Lord. Farewell.
by Steve Beckow

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