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There Will Never be Another 9/11  

9/11 11We continue with our look at the events of 9/11 and following through the eyes of Matthew Ward.
Who Was Responsible for 9/11
Relative to dark thought forms, those of antiquity were attracted by those in the planning of “9/11,” and the force of that combined energy enabled the Illuminati to manifest that tragic day. (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 24, 2008.)
The enormously profitable illegal drug industry funds both factions’ “black ops,” including terrorist activities blamed on innocents and vast underground areas where their scientists conduct unconscionable experiments on humankind and develop spacecraft, weaponry, surveillance and weather control systems using technology introduced by the “Little Greys.” (Matthew’s Message, July 27, 2008.)
It doesn’t matter who occupies the Oval Office – this same situation would exist because both Illuminati factions have the same intention, to control your world. Their strategies differ, but the agenda is the same, and that agenda is to conquer other countries through fomenting civil wars, economic enslavement or outright invasion. (Matthew’s Message, Nov. 4, 2004.)
Are Muslims Responsible for “Terrorism”?
I shall speak first in a third density context about the countries with the most media attention: Iraq and Afghanistan, with on-going combat, turmoil and US-installed puppet regimes; Iran, the next nation on the dark ones’ agenda, thus the rhetoric about the need to stop its potential to develop nuclear weaponry; Pakistan, with its serious political unrest; the Zionist-led 60-year conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians; and now Lebanon.
Very few of the violent incidents in that entire area are the work of the “Muslim radicals” who are blamed for them – this is part of the propaganda to instill the idea that the new enemy of peace and freedom is the Islamic religion. The “insurgents,” the political label given the ones trying to free their people from foreign occupation, in previous times were “patriots” fighting to liberate their countries from foreign oppressors. (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 27, 2008.)
There will Never be Another 9/11
While we cannot assure that never will any terrorist acts be successful, we absolutely can assure that none on the scale of 9/11, as currently being speculated, will happen. (Matthew’s Message, May 28, 2004.)
[9/11] is when Earth chose never again to experience such death and destruction at the hands of dark ones, and in honoring her free will choice, God authorized off-planet helpers to use their technology to prevent all such unconscionable attempts anywhere in the world. Since then they have done so successfully on as many as a dozen occasions. (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 24, 2008.)
There will not be another 9/11 effort. … It’s not that there are no plans afoot for that kind of disruptive event, but no effort of that magnitude will be permitted to be successful by means of your space brothers’ technology. (Matthew’s Message, March 1, 2004.)
God has authorized ET civilizations to prevent all major terrorist attempts, which they have done successfully several times during the three years since September 2001. I have mentioned this in previous messages along with stating that small events undertaken by zealots dedicated to avenging perceived wrongs against their people cannot be thwarted. (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 6, 2004.)
Many attempts rivaling “9/11″ that have been undertaken have failed due to the vigilance and technological capabilities of these on- and off-planet beings. This is not interference in your affairs or a denial of the free will of the dark minds, it is in response to the massive free will desire for freedom from terrorist activity that these beings are acting.
Terrorism on a smaller scale, while resulting in needless death, anguish and property destruction, is not under the same purview, and those acts are officially blamed on people who had no hand in them at all. While it is true that hatred is the motivation for the occasional “suicide bombing,” it is far more often true that menial puppets of the dark masters are performing in accordance with mind-programmed signals. (Matthew’s Message, Dec. 31, 2003.)
You may have heard that two vast underground areas that housed Illuminati-controlled laboratories, vehicles, weaponry, storehouses and living quarters were destroyed, but it was by safe technologies, not nuclear devices; and some within the Illuminati camp have been removed from power, but not by killing them. As both defensive and offensive measures, the light forces use only the power of light and technologies that have no harmful aftereffects.
They are aware of Illuminati plans, and if those include rigging major bridges with explosives that can be detonated remotely, they are authorized to prevent that. While that might seem to be a violation of Creator’s law of free will, it is not—it is the honoring of Earth’s free will. After 9/11, she chose that any further attempt at terrorism on that scale would be prevented, and by God’s authorization, our universal family has successfully thwarted many attempts. (Matthew’s Message, Oct. 10, 2011.)
What Can You Do?
You also can tell interested persons about Web sites that have accurate information regarding other civilizations’ presence, “9/11” and the Illuminati, for example. If they are open to telepathic communications, please give them the sites where our messages and those from other light sources are posted—but be very discerning about which channeled messages are credible! (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 15, 2013.)
by Steve Beckow

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