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Event-ometer 23sep13: Welcome to the REAL NEWS regarding what's REALLY HAPPENING in our world, for example, in this posting and especially in this blog is where you'll find accurate info about all the unreported behind-the-scenes happenings about to globally transform our world ...for the betterment of all humankind! Glad YOU found us ...we are the confirmation and excitement you've been looking for! :^D

Thank you Buckminster and David!


Score as of 23rd September 2013 is a rise of 4% from 35% to 39%.
Bucky fuller obsolete
As previously discussed The Event is an irreversible global restructuring of our Spiritual existence and Financial well-being and will include the take down of our ruling cabal. The benefit to mankind will be so glaringly obvious in the near future which will be an unprecedented event ever on plant earth  that even  the most ignorant person will be asking questions.
For some people it will be hard to take the arrests of certain prominent figures ( some have huge fan bases) and as many as 40,000 have been mentioned. Basically anyone in government will be scooped up and all those backing them financially and militarily. We are as simply as said “Run By Tyrants and Mobsters and  bankster mafia Hench men disguised as government spokesmen and Corporate CEO’s. All religions have been distorted into slavery systems with holding vital clues in their chambers of our spiritual existence. These clues literally are clues to our endless well being , healthy & prosperous existence.
This should not be taken lightly as all indications that something major is going on behind the scenes is touching the most dumbest of dumb downed people.
In our last count on September the 1st we concluded that 35% reading of the event on The Evento-meter:
Let us explain : The event-ometer takes into consideration the changes behind the scenes all matters financial and all matters political that are not normally broadcast on Controlled TV sets and other media.
Just because it is yet to be seen on mainstream media does not mean that what is actually happening behind the scenes cannot be found.
The news is out there and times are changing for the better, it is just a matter of knowing where to get the best sources of information without confusion.
The big shift this month has to be with Putin who appears to highhandedly stopped the warring factions from starting war in Syria, To a point that it became embarrassing to even watch the puppets Cameron, Hague, Kerry, McCain and Obama on TV. Included in this was the about turn by the French and UN.
It turned out to be a Rothschilds failed war attempt which also exposed the Skull n Bones fighting factions. Bush, Clinton, Rockefeller syndicates and all those around them.
This includes Wells Fargo and a big shift in the Vatican attitude against war and towards ending poverty may be a big move too late for the Internationally recognized Criminal organization known as in the Vatican Wholly see and The Vatican Bank.
Another major plus is the rising self power in South Americas in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. News coming in banning Coke Cola Monsanto and McDonalds plus the refusal to allow corporate bullying is tantamount to the increase in scoring the eventometer.
Here we see more secrets unveiled as more and more we get closer to our key of existence:

Also The Vatican holds our secrets to our existence  within its vaults and more and more these secrets appear to be coming out to alternative media sources that prove beyond any doubt that we are and never have been alone, in fact we are part of a giant galactic matrix held back here on planet earth from excelling as we are indeed supposed to do.
Which leads to the release of advanced technologies with held from us for military use. These technologies do exist and our inner ability to cure our own health issues is becoming more clear by the day which will dispense with the need for a military and Pharmaceutical industry in the near future.
Conferences on the release of such technologies such as Global BEM in Colorado in just 2 weeks are testimony to the evidence that we are a stones throw from new technology releases seen here :
What creates a negative score on the  evento-meter are current false flags and there are many : Navy yard shooting, Nairobi Mall and Kenyan shooting are all false flags and so too is the weather in Acapulco and Hong Kong.
September 11th proved a winner also as a lot of awareness regarding  building 7 collapsing by controlled demolition hit home hard and woke many otherwise sleepy people up to at least ask questions.
However these false flags are getting so blatant these days that they appear  to be to our advantage that these false flag events occur as it goes to show the desperation and lack of control the cabal have over their own military and ultimately their destiny.
So much so that the Military are all showing signs of a giant awakening which does not look likely to go away. More and more of them are standing tall and not now prepared to fight the rich-mans war.
For these reasons and with the prospect of total shutdown now being threatened for October ( which does not affect the eventometer score yet) it appears that the September week 3 score can be increased to 39% , a rise of just 4% from last month. The reason that this total is not greater is because no other nation has shown the initiative as yet in kicking out the central banks from their country as Hungary, Iceland and Russia have.
The other reason is that the RV has not happened as promised as the cabal keep stopping it as in the Skull n Bones criminal factions ruling over Wells Fargo.
It is going to be an interesting 3 weeks and do expect another report on events by the mid October as yet again I stress,
This disclosure is of the type that is irreversible just as your awakening is ,,Once you know the truth You never go back to the lies.
The truth keeps coming out and the cabal have nowhere to run and hide any longer.
Final comment : We live in a world that is still subjecting the mass population to  chemical poisoning as standard from Air, Land, soil and sea and now even outer space and the clothes that we ware as part of a depopulation invention on the false pretext of global over population and  until that has stopped visibly, there can be no 100% for the event to take place.
Here is a good starter for 5 minutes by Fernando Vossa :

For a full description of what to expect leading up to and during the event please follow here :

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