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NESARA: The Financial Side of a World That Works for Everyone

Thank you Tricia, Steve and your Guides!

NESARA: The Financial Side of a World That Works for Everyone

Reposted from July 27, 2011
Well, I just had a most pleasurable talk with Tricia, a former Vancouverite now living in London, who may be joining our staff as a contributor later in the summer. And we talked a lot about NESARA (“National Economic Security and Reformation Act” – the global abundance program). Some interesting matters emerged from the back-and-forth which I’ve asked her permission to share.
I noticed, at least in myself, a tendency to compartmentalize things like NESARA and consider it only a financial and an economic arrangement. But in fact, as we discussed, it’s at once more than that and at the same time simply a facet of a greater whole. How can I describe that? Hmmm….
There are many sides to that discussion. The first one I’d like to mention is that we’re moving towards unitive consciousness and NESARA is a way of behaving economically that translates unitive consciousness into financial behavior. Unitive consciousness as a social matter produces, as Werner Erhard pointed out so many years ago, “a world that works for everyone, with no one left out.” That’s where we’re headed. That’s what we’re building.
If we were to consider a world that works for everyone from a spiritual point of view, we’d be talking about tolerance for other people’s religions, their paths, their disciplines, and their traditions. If we were to consider a world that works for everyone from a medical standpoint, we’d be talking about universal accessibility to health care at no cost. We’d be talking about everyone having what they needed and the entire society operating in a manner that looked to and ensured that universal accessibility occurred.
If we were to consider a world that works for everyone from the standpoint of finances and economics, then we’d be talking about NESARA. So NESARA is an arrangement that captures how unitive consciousness invites us to operate financially. NESARA is an arrangement that expresses a world that works for everyone in financial terms or the financial behavior of people who embrace the ideal of a world that works for everyone.
Secondly, we need to consider that the society that enjoys NESARA will not be the same society that is standing here, now, looking forward. Oh, yes, the same people, but not the same mindset, mood, or experience. The energies continue to rise on this planet. By the time we reach NESARA, we’ll be happier, more blissful, more joyful. Cooperating will be easier and in fact it will seem natural, whereas competition seems natural now. Peace will probably have been declared so there will be no desire to go to war, no ability to do so, no temptation to do so.
Therefore, we probably cannot see NESARA through these eyes. We have to imagine what it will look like as seen through the expanded, peaceful, joyful eyes we’ll be seeing through then.
Do you get my drift? We cannot understand what life will be like under NESARA thinking from where we are now. Einstein once said that our social problems cannot be solved thinking from the level at which the problems were created. More competition will not make competition disappear and cooperation establish itself on Earth. More predatory conduct will not see predatory conduct disappear. As I said a while back, if we want predatory competition to disappear, we have to stop the train and lay new track.
But more to the point we cannot imagine our changed society looking from the standpoint of our unchanged society. These eyes cannot see or imagine those days. Fortunately we have a host of ascended beings who are looking through those eyes andthey can imagine it and are creating it for us or we might never have NESARA.
NESARA mandates that borders fall. NESARA presupposes that the current tax structure be gone, debt disappear, and that government serve significantly different purposes than it does now. We can’t project our current situation into the era in which NESARA exists. This current society is falling away and NESARA will see entirely new social arrangements being nurtured and put in place.
Thirdly, NESARA will be part of a wider program that will see us using replicators, if I’m correct in my understanding, robots, better computers, anti-gravity vehicles, and so on. It doesn’t make sense to consider how we’ll use Earth’s resources under NESARA because, by then, we probably won’t be using Earth’s resources very much compared to now. It isn’t as useful to consider how we’ll work under NESARA because a lot of work will disappear. And lest we think we’ll be bored, we need to remember that blissful people are very seldom bored.
So I just encourage us to understand and acknowledge all the changes that will occur along with NESARA, how our mood and experience of life will be altered by then, and how NESARA itself is just a part of a total program that will revolutionize life, and is not simply a new currency, gold standard, and debt forgiveness. NESARA is a step along the road to Ascension itself and a “middle-ground” arrangement that is better than this and not as good as that. And it can’t be imagined coming from or extrapolating from life as it is now.
So thank you, Tricia, for helping me see that and I look forward to your coming on board later and helping us to understand things like NESARA.
by Steve Beckow

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