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The Office of Poofness: I can now see the path clear for project starts within the next weeks, and getting to the real work at hand as the first funds flow this week. Yes, the money has been released, and will now escalate. We will begin experiencing changes very soon, and it should be a wonderful Christmas time for everybody.

Thank you Poof, Zap, Stephen and all your Guides!

The Office of Poofness: September 29, 2013

poof 1Poof says:
“Everyone needs to hang in, be at peace, do the things that are in front of you, and be grateful. Gratitude goes a long way toward helping to free up the blockages that have been occurring. There is no way to know the outcome of all this when these funds are released through the spigots and the monies are on the street. The cons and the crooks are waiting. They know; they always know. And the bankers know. And they have friends who are in the know. So it isn’t like you can be anonymous and think that no one knows. Too many know. You have to use discretion, and you have to play it cool. Be smart. Do the right things. If you don’t know what those are, then do your legwork. It can be a melee or it can be high drama or it can be soft and easy. You will decide…”
Greetings and Salutations:
There have been some interesting ‘signs of the times’ this week. Panama announced the closing of its banks from Friday, September 27th through October 2nd. The explanation to its people has been a software upgrade and a complete auditing of the country’s banking system. The German government announced on Friday, “the world banking system is experiencing a complete ‘melt down.’ “
The changes are slowly appearing. The corruption this country has sustained since the US became a corporation in 1872 is beginning to be exposed with its long-awaited remedies. The Fat Lady has entered side stage --mic in hand-- and the band is queued up, rehearsing The Party’s Over. The final sound-check has begun, and it’s been awhile since she hit a ‘High C.’ Stay tuned: Our “party” is about to begin.
And now from Zap:
HI All,
The pigs have been measured for their flight suits, and the runways have been cleared of the muck on the surface, but not completely clean yet for the take-off. Won’t be long, though, so keep your shirts on, be patient, and smile. There is nothing more to do, worry about, make today's rumors into gospel the next day, or support the negative energies that lend well to the delays by manifesting negative thoughts.
The cabal and the good guys (first and foremost the Chinese families) have established a truce and worked out the details of what is to come. The cabal will be allowed to survive in some measure, but without their previous power. That power was dramatically stripped weeks ago by the removal of their vast wealth which they stole from humanity. Talk about a wake-up call.
They did not realize the extent of the real power of the good guys even when warned many times, so they forced their hands and got slammed. Realizing that power, they came to the table and negotiated their redemption. Why is it that you can tell somebody that the stove is hot and the pot will boil over and ruin the food for everybody, but they still keep the heat on? Is it that incredible arrogance that comes from having some form of power?
Anyway, this will all change now as the RV comes to pass. Mountain Goat (Mtn Goat) has wonderful insight into it all and is bang on the button. Right now, the redemptions of the historic assets (bonds) have begun, and the stage is set for the RV and the installation of the Basel III protocols. The new republic of the United States may come to pass shortly as well. We do know that the USA (corporation) has managed to get the debt ceiling raised yet again to stave off bankruptcy. It would not do to have the world reserve currency take a dive. Chaos and war would follow.
The Chinese want to see the USD (US dollar) be strong. It is in the best interest of our humanity, and they are doing everything to help with that. Obama is negotiating well on many fronts in these end times, and is doing a good job. The armed forces and the agencies are also doing a massive job during these times of change to ensure this changeover is done with as little fuss as possible, but still there are casualties as in any war of such magnitude (not reported by mainstream media though).
By the way, I hear noises from ghosts, but still, nothing too intelligible at the moment. Once I hear some good thoughts, I will know that dick had a change of heart.
Questions this week are thoughtful.
Q. I hear that Obama is on the side of the People and we should put our support behind him. Yet, a week doesn’t go by that I don’t hear in the news – mainstream and alternative – about another whopper he/his administration has told. Help me to see three material things he’s done lately that show he is for the People.
A. Obama has a lot on his hands right now. Give the guy his due. Despite the difficulties, he has the insight and the drive to carry this changeover through. I do admire his strength and willingness to frontline the work effort despite the handlers and lobbyists he has to work with. Not easy.
He is fighting on not only a couple of fronts, but also on many in these times. I would not want his job, and I bet he did not imagine what his role would really transform to. So, yeah, I would support his efforts. His wife certainly has a large heart, and sustains her man through these extraordinarily difficult times. Think of Obama coming home, and his wife embracing him and caring for his daily wounds. Bet that is exactly what is there. He is blessed with her.
Q. Do you know if the rumors that FEMA is going to run a huge operation in FEMA Region 3 (the Mid-Atlantic area in the US) starting next month? If you do, can you please provide details? If it’s accurate, will this be another sign of something seeming negative but is really a positive such as the banking changeover?
A. This is a tough thing to comment on, as this is a two-faced event. On one hand, if the cabal had not called truce then the event could have gone the negative way. Now, it is headed in the other direction, and may be a protective umbrella during the changeover (nee global reset). Let us pray, as the first scenario was planned to happen, and many would have died.
Q. Is timing for the programs to reach the readers of this newsletter before or after the shift of the financial system?
A. After. The programs will kick over and spit out their results after the reset. This is inevitable, planned, and waiting for the signal only.
Q. Poof said that our assets will be paid out of a 5-star trust, so are safe. I’ve not told anyone about my blessings, so what protection do I have that the bank could freeze my account if the Federales tell them to? Even the banks are agents of the government.
A. Hmmmm. Five-star trust again. Remember that the five star headed by Marion Horn Jr is a cabal structure installed many years ago for specific, covert reasons. It is still not useful for humanity s needs, although they are trying like mad to get it on that track. In regards of the funds people will receive, they will come from the major banks that are duty-bound to carry out the programs and disburse funds. No, the funds will not be blocked and will be usable for the economic stimulus they are meant for. Rest easy. Poof thought it would be five-star, and for a while it looked like it, but, no. The answer is different.
I can now see the path clear for project starts within the next weeks, and getting to the real work at hand as the first funds flow this week. Yes, the money has been released, and will now escalate. We will begin experiencing changes very soon, and it should be a wonderful Christmas time for everybody.
I wish I could say so much more, but the sensitivity of these times is critical. Just know all is well, always has been, and always will be under the Divine plan for humanity. Sleep well, and dream good things. Like purple pigs.
In love and light in our service
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Love and kisses,
From The Office Of Poofness
Susan and Staff

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