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Healing Cities Established Soon on Earth: People Will Be Able to Serve With the Galactic Federation, Return to Their Home Planets, or Stay On Earth

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Our Galactic Family with Mike Quinsey – Summary and Link

Graham Dewyea presents Our Galactic Family on March 11 with Mike Quinsey. Click on the link below to listen to the show archive for free:
(Music: Rene Aubry, La Grande Cascade)

Mike lives in Kent, England. He is the editor of Quest, a magazine devoted to spiritual growth and enlightment, he hosts his own radio show on BBS radio, and he is the channel for Salusa. Below is a summary of the interview, which I very much enjoyed:

Mike talks about how he became a channel for Salusa, and shares that extraterrestrials – our star brothers and sisters – have been with us for thousands of years. They have been in contact with every president, they are our actual family, and earth humans are part ET’s. Today’s ET’s come in peace to help with Ascension, to help heal the earth, and provide us advanced technologies. There are many ET’s that look very similar to us. He shares his personal encounters with UFO’s.

There are millions of ships around the earth right now. They are ready to assist us, but won’t do that until the remaining dark cabal are neutralized. They don’t want the cabal to stage a false attack and want to wait until the time is right before they show up with their ships as they don’t want to create fear among people of earth. Some of their mother ships are 100 miles in diameter and 4-5 stories high. They can replicate what life looks like on other planets and they include a diversity of beings from different civilizations. ET’s live much longer than earth humans – hundreds or thousands of years. There is no aging.

The dark cabal is losing strength, people are becoming aware of the truth of how they’ve been manipulated and controlled. We discuss Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, and how the ET’s destroyed underground nuclear bases and have prevented false flag operations in the Middle East to start another war. There is still some clearing of the cabal that needs to happen. We talk about Bill Wood and the convergence of timelines at the end of this year, that the timeline of the light will succeed. Cities of light or healing cities will be established soon on earth and there will be changes in government leadership. He talks about the Galactic Federation as a representation of advanced civilizations. Earth humans will be able to serve with the Federation, return to their home planets or stay on earth.

He shares how ET’s have had bases on earth, within earth, and on the ocean floors for hundreds of years. In the past there have been non-benevolent ET’s, but the earth is protected now from these beings. He tells us earth humans have come from no less than twelve other civilizations.

He describes the new earth will be like other planets with crystal cities: There will be free energy, homes will be round and made of materials not currently known to us, replicators will produce much of what we need and want, there will be no pollution, no one will struggle, there will be no disease or illness, there will be total freedom to pursue individual interests and spirituality. There will be unity/group consciousness, service to others in unconditional love, and the energy will be very uplifting.

Mike tells us there will be so much happening in the near future, with a lot of new information provided to us. He encourages us to keep an open mind, and be prepared for a totally new way of life. Things may get more chaotic for a time. Stay out of fear as fear pulls down one’s vibration. Try to live life now as you believe you’ll live after Ascension. He tells us to be patient, and to have faith. Nothing can stop Ascension from taking place.
by Graham Dewyea

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