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If You Have Difficulties, Sensing Your Answers Clearly, In Private By Yourself, You Can Use “Angel Cards” To Serve As a Training Opening Your Powers

"Many sweet Souls have been hurt & attacked, trying to be loyal to Truth. I am here to protect, and remember, you are not alone- ALL OF US BEINGS ON THE SIDE OF THE LIGHT HAVE BEEN LIED ABOUT AND DISRESPECTED- even God. Feel embraced by our Love and Compassion, everything will be fine and you will be compensated for any Pain inflicted by another out of their Free Will."

Thank you Archangel Michael and Susan ...and so it is!
*** gavin

Archangel Michael about Activation of Self-Power

Dear beloved Souls residing on the Earth Plane.

I A.M. Archangel Michael 777, and I come to you for a last Time in 2012 through a channeled Message.

Today, I care to speak of YOU. Every single Soul on the Earth Dimension, has and can have DIRECT Communications with us, the Archangels, or any other, beloved Light-Being from higher Dimensions, including your own Higher Self. DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHER!

In the dark Times, which are about to end, first energetically, then manifesting slowly into the physical, YOUR OWN POWER OVER YOURSELF, has been taken away by Lies and Manipulation from many of you, and even more WOMEN.

That means, that the few Ones, who designed these Strategies leading to the Dark Times, tried to find a way, to make you give your Power away, by free Will. It is not possible, for anyone, to take away any personal, inner Power from you except for, IF YOU ALLOW IT- by even just believing it is possible for them to “overpower” you. WHAT YOU THINK, BELIEVE, FOCUS ON, manifests.

The trick is, it does not need to be a conscious decision you can formulate with words and are absolutely aware of. Free Will is also part of your thoughts, you decide to go with, actions you then take, or can be influenced by your Sub-Consciousness. It is possible, to program your Mind, let us say, into Motivation for Sports, healing Depression by clearing Thoughts, and many more situations. But just as YOU can program your Mind, by repeated “styles” of thought, action- another can try to program your Mind against your Will- into Darkness, trying to lower you- it is an Issue inside of them- IGNORE THEM NOW AND LEAVE THEM UP TO GOD AND HIS ANGELS.

What you see in the Media in general, is a big and very wide-spread method of this programming of the Masses. It does re-program your Mind slowly, beginning from Childhood, through Films, Music, News and the way and style in which News are presented. Mostly, you see 70% to 90% NEGATIVE News about Murder, Rape, Death, Coupled breaking up, fighting, “famous” People competing with each other aggressively and Problems in general. This helped in the past the Souls who tended toward Darkness, to lower the Vibrations of the whole Planet. They attacked WOMEN and their Soul on Purpose, to round up the Plan- Women, Mothers- they are BRIDGES TO HEAVEN- that is why Women are the Ones getting pregnant- bringing new Souls from above down to the Earth Dimension!

Individuals who have a strong Mind would from the Start see through these Lies and are “resistant” to Manipulation of their Will or Perspective on Life and Beyond Life. Some of you call them Indigo Children, Chrystal Children, Old Souls, and much more, trying to stretch the Human Language to fit. Children, are born mostly in such a clean State of Mind, connected to their Higher Self and seeing clear with their Heart.

Over time, they “form” the Children, and “make them feel used” to seeing negative News, think in competitive Ways toward others and much more, which you can analyze for yourself, by taking a closer look at your World around you, with honest Eyes.

For all of this to work, they also took original Stories of REMARKABLE Human Beings, who lived on the Earth Plane, which were Examples of the Opposite of what they teach, and changed History to adjust it to their “Image of the World and Life” they wanted to project into your Mind. Even myself, Archangel Michael, they did not Respect my Truth and literally decided with full Awareness to challenge or battle me with Lies. Many of these Souls, were doing so, to get Wishes fulfilled by Lucifer, which they wanted to make “happy” by attacking his biggest Enemy- ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

Many of these few dark Ones, and additional confused Souls, who were ordered, forced, directed by these few Dark Ones, did re-write Books, Stories, and even continue till this very Day, to spread wrong Information. Many anonymous Individuals, who claim to channel me, or any other Archangel, God or Enlightened Beings, especially on the Internet Platforms, are NOT REAL. Be careful to not give away your Power by free Will, by letting their polluted Messages infiltrate your Mind and Belief, or any low Vibration Attacks on your Energy. They are just desperate- for their old, “Ellbow” Power World they love so much, is crumbling.

I, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and all of my dear fellow Archangels, NEVER NEEDED A HUMAN TO TEACH IN OUR NAME OR TEACH OTHERS. We are powerful enough, to come directly to ANY SOUL, alone and private, who calls on our Help and Assistance or wishes to have Question answered. There were Times, as explained above, where the Manipulation and Lies confused Souls on Earth so much, they FORGOT WE EXIST- yes, back then, we did try all Ways possible to “reach” you to be heard by you. But remember, it is 2012 – HEAVEN AND EARTH ARE APPROACHING AND THE DISTANCE IS LESS, Lucifer is ascending and changed by me, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, as you read in your History- the 4th Dimension and all “Spirits” stuck previously in it- is CLEARED AND the Flow is going again.
This is very important!

As the past Dark Rests of energies are being cleansed, within all of you, and all around you and your Dimensions, we will come closer and closer to each of you, and be able to show you even clearer than before, in Dreams, in inner Images, Thoughts and Feelings, Inspirations, who you are, or what could be the best, healthiest solution in any challenge or question you encounter on your adventurous journeys.

Many of these before mentioned REMARKABLE Human Beings that walked the Earth before, have been called “Gods” and “Goddesses” later on- it served the purpose to raise their Example so high onto a Pedestal, that YOU WOULD ALWAYS BELIEVE, YOU ARE LOWER, WORTH LESS, OR WEAKER in any way. This is the basic Lie which made naïve, innocent hearted Human Beings in the Past “worship” other Human Beings- that literally means, that you STOP your own Development into higher Power and Dimensions, sit down or kneel down even, in front of another Human Being just like you, and give them by free Will your Power and Focus, as well as Life Energy is the worst Case. You never needed another Human Being to BE POWERFUL. YOU ARE! Each of you, has this Door open now, to discover yourself and rise and rise in Beauty.

I myself, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, do not prefer any of you worshipping me as well, nor any of my dear, compassionate, fellow Archangels. I prefer you looking at me as a FRIEND, always there to help, when needed. At some point, the goal is always for the “Baby to walk by itself” and grow beautiful!

At this point, there have been many deceptive Messages put out, in writing and human words, which are very limited, that contradict themselves. It is an endless list of abuse of our Names, to disguise a Lie with a gold, shiny Cover, LOOKING AND SEEMING LIKE TRUTH- only because our Name is mentioned. Many sweet Souls, I personally assist right now, have been hurt and attacked, trying to be loyal to Truth. I am here to protect, and remember, you are not alone- ALL OF US BEINGS ON THE SIDE OF THE LIGHT HAVE BEEN LIED ABOUT AND DISRESPECTED- even God. Feel embraced by our Love and Compassion, everything will be fine and you will be compensated for any Pain inflicted by another out of their Free Will.

I would like to advise each of you, dear beloved Souls taking in this Message, to distance yourself now from other, fellow Human being’s BELIEFS and MESSAGES. It can be an inspiration, naturally, to feel enlightened, or get a new idea of meditation or learn about the higher Dimensions, IF YOU consume A REAL AND TRUTHFUL Message, Book or Advise, personal or non-personal. We have done so, through many wonderful Souls on Earth, as a “Push” of Motivation for your Development and Ascension. We have many Ways, to keep up Communications, besides Human WORDS.

But now, for the rest of 2012, the energies are shifting more and more toward your own Reactivation of YOUR INNER POWER and Soul- every single one of you has in their Body and Soul, in all of your Being, “Equipment” to directly receive any Message you need individually at the Time. Now, use and expand your new Energies and Abilities! Do not RELY on what other Human Beings like you are telling you to believe, and shield yourself by relaxing, spending Time in Nature regenerating your Energies and meditation, imagining a white, bright Light covering you and all your Aura, advisable every Day in the Morning and before you sleep. If you have difficulties at the beginning, sensing our answers clearly, or perceiving the communication clearly, in private by yourself, you can use “Angel Cards” to serve as a training at the start. Nothing more is needed. Pick in any Store the Cards that “resonate” the strongest with you, or pick simply by “Intuition of the Heart.” You can also make Cards yourself, name 7 Cards with each Archangel, add any other Being you like and resonate with, and chose keywords which are basic in Life, for the other Cards- again, use your Heart and let it lead your Designs. Decorate them, according to how YOU SEE THE WORLD and us, since every Human Being imagines us different. Some imagine me being a blonde Man, others see me having dark Hair- it helps to personify me and resonate with me, while you are in Human Form.

Angel Cards have been made by many beautiful Souls on Earth, which I personally inspired.

Again, be careful during these Times of great Changes.

I want to give you an example from your society, demonstrating what I am talking about:

In quite a few places on Earth, so-called “Psychics” became popular: They opened reading rooms, tv shows, and little counseling stores. Some of you have made the experience, that when going to such a “Psychic,” they give you unsatisfying answers, or even worse, tell you that you are “cursed” and “need their human help,” and ask you for more Money, or to come back. Some, ask over and over, until all your Money is gone- while your Issues or the Issues YOU THINK YOU HAVE based on believing them, remain the same.

Rare and beautiful examples of “Psychics” are the opposite: Some, make exactly ONE Session with you, and give you sometimes heavy answers, who touch your Core, you can feel at times even under shock, for real Skill is felt. Truth literally can hurt at first. This type of help or counseling, is not about telling you what you wish to hear, but the healing Truth. You go out of the Door, and have had realizations and do not need to go back and pay again and again. These Souls, work for the Light, and send you your Way with Inspiration, not more, not less- so you can find your own Power.

With all the Information Battle, which is intensifying now until Dec 2012, you have to learn how to RELY ON YOUR OWN INTUITION AND INNER GUIDANCE. I am here, always, to help. Faster than Light-Speed, I can be at your Side and uplift you and remove negative Energies, give you Hope for a challenging Situation and much, much more. Every One of you is individual, has different challenges and questions.

Always remember, that there is only ONE GOD ABOVE ALL CREATION, who created everything and every One- including us, the Archangels. Do not let anyone confuse you, to distract your Focus onto them- keep your Eyes on God’s Love and TRUST IN GOD. Always remember, how powerful God is, and that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If you never seen, felt or heard an Angel before, trust me, IT IS POSSIBLE and will be easier and easier, the more the Change progresses. You will be amazed at how much you are able to do.

I love you with all my Heart and am excited with Joy, to see you develop and empower


by Susan Elsa

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