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An Energy of Change: A Lighted Energy Being Laid In Each and Every City and Area of Dear Gaia’s Surface That Such Protests Are & Will Be Occurring In

Thank you SanJAsKa and Wes ...and so it is!
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SanJAsKa: Many Souls are Awakening to the Realities of Ascension

As all of the pieces of your beautiful Divine puzzle begin to come together and fit into your overall Life and ascension plans, the power that you hold within is increasing exponentially in terms of how pure it is and how easily you will be noticing it.

The power that you hold within yourselves has been felt by so very many dear souls over so long in the lower dimensions, and now that power is increasing to the point where your beautiful manifestation efforts will be getting not just your attention, but the attention of so many others.

We implore you to focus on your roles as the Supreme Creators of your reality. You make the decisions as to what manifests on Earth and while at times you can feel like you have been dealt a losing hand so to speak, each and every thing that happens to you is acting in accordance with your Life plans and with which karmic events are and are not meant to manifest in your Lives at this current point.

Some of the events you are given are meant to open your eyes and make you see the motive behind [such events], and some events that happen which do not seem to be in the best interest of the soul experiencing them are in fact happening for not only karmic reasons but for reasons of keeping you on an easier and less harmful [to your Life Plan] path.

There has been much density that you have been exposed to but more recently, the densities you have felt have been diluted a bit so that what you are experiencing can allow for the Light to emerge in each and every situation. The Light is emerging out of everything at this current point, and the difficult and stressful events that you feel and experience are to be a part of this as well.

Whenever something seemingly negative is happening to you or whenever you find yourselves in stressful situations, try to see the humor behind what may be happening to you for indeed, there is more humor involved in your daily endeavors than you think.

Humor is a foundational energy of Joy, and Joy is a foundational energy of Love. Can you feel the connection, dear souls? This is why humor is employed here in the higher dimensions so very much, because humor makes us happy! And as you would imagine dear souls, we quite enjoy being happy!

Many events that you would not expect to find humor in will be manifesting themselves along with the humor that you would not have expected to find within such events.

The point of such humor behind seemingly negative events is to get you to choose the energies of such humor and Joy over the stressful energies that would otherwise be invading your spirit complex and aiding to close up your chakras.

Continue in your beautiful Lighted efforts to bring as much Love through yourselves to assist in Gaia’s ascension as you can for indeed, as the surface of Gaia ascends you all ascend in leaps and bounds accordingly.

Much confusion has been garnered over the actual process of ascension and what actually happens to your bodies and spirits along the cycles that we have spoken of, and much of this confusion results from the fact that ascension is still quite an unknown event to the majority of souls on your world.

Indeed, very many souls are awakening to the realities of ascension at this point but it has not always been this way and for the most part, the knowledge and information of ascension has been deliberately suppressed on your world by the very souls who think that they are the only ones worthy of such ascension.

Humor can be employed when looking upon the situation of the Illuminati as well, as indeed it is quite ironic that they have branded themselves the only souls worthy to ascend and yet for the most part, they will be the exact souls who will not ascend this time around and who will instead spend many, many Lives living out their karma for all that they have done to your beautiful world and to you all.

The knowledge of ascension has been suppressed on your world because the dark on your world did not want you dear beautiful souls to know that there are realities and planes of consciousness to experience past your basic physical reality that so many of you have grown used to. They wanted you all to look for harmful ways to escape your reality and perceived sobriety, and to achieve this goal they have introduced intoxicants to the majority on your world that are so very unhealthy and in many cases deadly.

Indeed, the majority of drugs and alcoholic drinks on your world were and are meant to give one a different state of consciousness while hurting one’s body in so very many ways, many of which you have not even been informed of with your mainstream science.

The harm caused by these in many cases affect one’s spirit and serve to take one off of one’s Life Path and onto a path of addiction and suffering, and this is what is meant to happen with the various lower dimensional intoxicants that for the most part, are readily available on your world.

As long as humanity is kept in ignorance of the higher states of consciousness that exist all around you and are easily accessible by you, you will think that the reality you are experiencing is the only one and thus, will make no efforts to find a higher state of consciousness as a higher state of consciousness is not perceived to exist by the majority of humanity.

Even the plants and aides that are meant to give one the perception of higher states of consciousness, have in many cases been distorted by your dark to fit in with their agenda of a simple stimulation of the senses.

Meditation has been very important in your endeavors in finding higher states of consciousness, and indeed if everyone on your world were to meditate and make the effort to feel higher states of consciousness for yourselves, the Lighted energies being manifested would far outweigh any lower energies that have been felt and experienced on Gaia’s surface.

You can feel in your spirit complexes what carries the energy of Love and what carries the familiar and old, dense energy that you have more than grown used to throughout so very many Lives in the lower dimensions.

We know that you will be able to discern accordingly which substances and choices on your part will expose you to lower states of consciousness that you are currently growing away from.

Meditation is greatly recommended for when you do so you are finding for yourself the energies of the higher realms without the perceived need to indulge in any type of substance to find such energies.

Indeed, the pure realms of consciousness you are to experience are in fact the opposite [experience] of what you would term sobriety, as the regular third dimensional limits that you experience during your Lives on Earth are indeed easily transcend-able and one does not need any type of substance to feel the energies of the higher realms as especially now, such energies are being made available to you in increasingly pure strides.

The ‘ignorance’ of the higher realms that has been deliberately perpetrated on your world is indeed not the fault of humanity, but the fault of the elite souls on your world who have taken to deliberately misinforming humanity of so very many things through the positions of influence and power that such souls have gained.

In many cases, if something revolutionary happens on the surface of your world that sees potential and a possibility for the manifestation of anything outside the paradigms of humanities current understanding, there are usually the few influential people who will publicly come out against such things and you have seen this so very many times with the ‘Occupy’ movement.

Of course, Lighted souls who are also famous and in the public arenas at this time have shown unending support for the Occupy movement, and we would recommend you put your support into this movement as well for beyond the surface protesting and demanding of accountability for the benefit of humanity, there is an energy of change; a Lighted energy that is being laid in each and every city and area of dear Gaia’s surface that such protests are and will be occurring in.

With each and every Lighted endeavor that each and every one of you lay out for yourselves to perform and experience, there will be those souls who speak up against the actions you are taking. Plenty of souls on dear Gaia would rather continue the old paradigms of illusory limitation forever than be exposed to revelations, truths and changes that expose them to higher and more pure states of consciousness and knowledge.

Many of the souls who are harsh and judgmental toward the souls protesting injustice and in general, toward any souls who make an honest effort to ‘fight’ for real truth and accountability, are themselves feeling quite unhappy with their own limitations which they have placed before themselves.

Rather than realizing such illusory limits and working to transcend them and progress along these souls’ Life paths, they instead take to berating and belittling the efforts of others in an attempt to hide themselves from the paradigms of consciousness and intelligence that such souls are not yet ready to be used to.

You are all realizing slowly but surely the illusory constructs and limitations that you have put over yourselves to be experienced in many Lives and finally transcended in these Lives you are all currently undergoing.

There are souls who will not choose to ascend this time around and who will rather continue their lower dimensional experiences on other planets that are being terra-formed at this time, but those of you who are awakening are taking the energies you have been feeling, and radiating them through yourselves and these actions that you have all been performing are and have been aiding in this entire beautiful event exponentially.

As you make these efforts, naturally the exposure and diminishing influence of the Illuminati is aided as it always is. The wonderful thing about this entire event is that now, millions upon millions of souls on Gaia’s surface have awakened and laid the foundational energies for the exposure of the Illuminati and your resulting freedoms and ascension as a collective consciousness.

The Illuminati continue on and make their threats as usual, but for the most part the purity of the collective consciousness of humanity which has been shown to them, has let them know that they are in no positions of influence to decide what manifests on Earth anymore. This has been quite a difficult realization for them to come to, and we have offered advice and guidance to these souls which has of course been rejected quite harshly.

They themselves do not want to feel the energies of the higher realms or the energies of us ascended souls in our full purity, and even though they do not wish to feel such things they still assumed that they would ascend into higher states of consciousness, the energies of which they continually deny each and every moment.

They deny these feelings in favor of the usual anger and lower vibration-producing hate, and such energies are drawing these souls closer and closer to the realms of fourth density-negative that they have been getting their hateful energies which they feed off of, from.

The densities that are manifestations on the surface of Earth are fed to the realms and voids of fourth density-negative, and using their own ‘brands’ of dark-energy manipulation, the heads of the Illuminati have forged an unnatural connection; a wormhole of sorts, with the realms of fourth density-negative where they feed off of the lower energies that are manifested on the surface of Earth.

Many of the rituals that have been discussed [on the internet] that the Illuminati perform involve sending themselves and their children to the realms of fourth density-negative.

They have been conned into believing that fourth density-negative is their natural land in which they were Created, and they have been taught to believe that the more energy they give to the realms of fourth density-negative and the more dense emotions they are able to squeeze out of souls on Earth to feed fourth density-negative, the more of a heaven will open up in such lower vibratory realms and see them ascend into Light body forms, and this belief simply is not so.

Indeed, they will be drawn to the lands of fourth density-negative where they have so wished to go, but they will not experience anything close to heaven and their experiences will be as close to ‘hell’ as your religious constructs have defined such a place.

These souls have forced their young to feel and inhabit the realms of fourth density-negative, and one of the many lessons the Illuminati heads will undergo in such lands is seeing the torture and illusory ‘training’ they have forced onto the younger souls of their families who in many cases, are Angles who have incarnated into such families to bring Lighted energies and real change to the surface of Earth from the deepest and darkest depths of Her collective consciousness.

Upon your exposure to the existence of the Illuminati and all that they have done to your world, the existence of many Angels incarnated into their families will be known as well, and the souls in such families who are the ‘heads’ in charge and who have manifested the most hate and death on Gaia’s surface will be pointed out.

Those souls who are innocent and in many cases incarnated into such families for Lighted purposes will also be ‘exposed’ [for their true Lighted purpose] and humanity will be let know just what each and every soul in the Illuminati has done, and the lower actions committed by the bodies of the Angles who have incarnated into such families will be explained as not having been perpetrated by the actual souls in question.

What we mean by this is that the heads of the Illuminati have many times and still continue to ‘give up’ so to speak the bodies of their young to lower astral beings who take over and possess such bodies as a part of the Illuminati’s many rituals.

What then happens is that the lower astral beings use the body of the souls in question to commit murderous and truly heart-wrenching acts to whomever is the target of such heinous acts, in hope that the karma will stay attached to the body and thus, to the souls inhabiting the child or adult body in question.

Therefore, the bodies of many children and adults in these families have been used for such horrible things but the souls, the very essence that make up these beautiful people do not experience the karma, because they themselves have not committed such acts but were instead forced to feel the intensity of such acts as if they themselves committed them, when they did not.

Indeed, all we have to explain to you regarding this and so many other things will be quite complex and intricate, and we have barely come to a full discussion about even what we have discussed with you on this night because each subject that we have discussed with you goes so very much deeper than the energy levels of our scribe will permit us to share.

As always dear souls, we continue to guide you to keep on the Lighted paths you are manifesting for yourselves and following, and know that all truly is as it should be and you are feeling your continual ascension in wonderful leaps and bounds now. You will not have much longer of a wait, and the freedom that you have been waiting for and growing toward every moment of your experience is to burst through quite intensely, and you will be glad you waited!

Thank you to SanJAsKa
by Wes Annac.com


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