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Within Trinity of Flames Is Building Blocks of Spirituality Directing You Lay the Groundwork to a Glorious Beginning to Accessing Your I AM Presence

Thank you El Morya and Julie!
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El Morya’s Weekly Message~Feb 28–Mar 6: Spiritual Foundations and a Prayer

Chelas, without dedication to the will of God, you cannot be fully instructed by the other rays. I ask of you, the few that still rebel against the inner calling to follow the master of the ray they resonate with to come to grips with their own connectedness with God. One of the most important lessons my dear chelas is that the Will of God is within all of you. It is the inner design of your soul. When you rebel against God dear children, you actually are rebelling against yourself. It is pertinent to find the truth of yourself and resume the close relationship you have always had with God. Remember dear children, God does love you. He truly has never turned away from you. He, just like us the Ascended Masters and the angels, can only direct you to choices that will direct you to changes that will come about, affecting your personal life as well as your spiritual development and understanding.

In a short summary, beloved Jesus has taught that a house that is divided cannot stand. This is the beginning of the path that will help resolve and rift that is within yourself. Once you realize the Will of God is good and that committing to God and his Will, will not remove you from your own identity, and instead only add a deeper beauty to your reality. The first step to establishing yourself within the altar of your own being is within the consciousness of God. Without acknowledging God in your life and accepting him into your heart, nothing else is relevant. When you are able to let God into your life, you will find Him working all through all the tasks you do throughout your busy day. You will shine with a beautiful radiance dear children.

The pace of the people of the planet is a rapid one, it moves with incredible speed. There have been many changes, especially in regards to the people who hold positions of power in governments and some of the smaller countries. Among all the commotion of the outside activities of the world, it is to be appreciated the quiet and stillness in the solitude of your inner self. There is an incredible opportunity to participate in the acceleration of your consciousness which is essential to connect and anchor the Light of the Ascended Masters realm of Divine Light. When you do successfully make contact within our realms, you may find yourself greeted with the Sacred Fire of the Violet Flame and the immediate dispensing of its healing energy through your spiritual heart, body and soul; bringing much peace to your overall self.

I would like to remind all my chelas, no matter if you are new or seasoned on the Path to move along with serious devotion. There are still many dear children who live in an Egocentric reality and cannot accept a kind word of austere counsel from us or others that wish to help them. Each of you has come across such people. And with your assistance today dear children, I would like to extend the Divine Love and Light from our true and unconditional hearts to those that are struggling to find their way. Let these dear children know they are never to be abandoned. If you have a personal reference, please dear children use this with your invocation of healing energy. Every child of God deserves Love and of Light. May love that is free flowing from our purest intentions today find its way to all those in need of an extra boost of clarity, love and light. Thank you dear chelas for joining me in prayer.

Dear children, it does take time for true awakening and enlightenment to occur. Each of you will find yourself moving through different thought patterns, which some of them are quite binding until they are recognized by you. Once these binding restrictions from old thought patterns are removed, then the re-building of your spiritual foundation begins. The greatest tool to help you re-build dear children is the Threefold Flame. Within the trinity of flames is your building blocks of spirituality that will direct you laying the groundwork to a glorious beginning that will access your I AM Presence.

This kind of transformation will come through ways that are understood by you. I and the other Ascended Masters will help relieve any pain and discord whenever possible with your permission. It is understood that transformation can open old wounds you may have forgotten or not yet dealt with. It is through our help, you will learn to manoeuvre through each step nearly effortlessly. We will show you ways of bringing calm and patience into your life. None of us wish for you to be hindered from the Path that you have eagerly undertaken. One of the areas we work in great depth with you is Forgiveness. The act of forgiveness will bring you to the complete truth to your real self; your true self.

It must be understood dear children that no one can skip over the beginning steps of their spiritual path. And just because many dear children come with divine talent or arcane knowledge does not give them a ticket to the ending or final stages of their journey. Each and every building block of your foundation must be finely honed and fitted into its proper place. Each stone of your foundation must be laid precisely and each one that gets added brings you closer to your spiritual victory of the Oneness you have been seeking so long with yourself and with God.

For some of you this can be a simple task, but within the Path are the many challenges and lessons that lay before you that must be accomplished. Depending on how quickly you learn your lessons will affect the speed of your Path’s duration. Rushing your lessons is not encouraged. Rushing allows the opportunity for further lessons if mistakes are made. There are no real mistakes dear children, only lessons and opportunity to learn. Take your time dear child, learn well. Glean what is needed, and feel secure within yourself.

I AM secure dear chelas with my love for each of you. I will continue this discussion the next time we meet through this dear vessel, your sister.

And so it is,
Ascended Master, El Morya
through Julie Miller

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