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Cabal Kept Advanced Technology to Themselves, Developed Ego Complex Based On Their Knowing of Such Things and Perceived Ignorance of You "Peasants"

Thank you SanJAsKa and Wes!
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SanJAsKa: YOU Are the Souls Of the Ancient Civilizations We Have Informed You Of

Each and every world and galaxy alike go through collective lessons which see such collective souls more advanced on their ascension paths. The process of ascension is one which is continually happening to each and every collective and ‘individual’. We say individual with such quotations because indeed, even what can be seen as an individual human is composed of a collective of organs, blood cells and such and these things all carry consciousness.

Imagine how your bodies are constructed of souls who are progressing along and following an ascension and awareness path such as you are, only while such souls are undergoing such lessons they are also working to keep your temple which is their planet, healthy and functional. The humans of Gaia are indeed Her cells, and your current society has been knotted up about taking care of Gaia. While many societies and cultures of your history did recognize the importance of keeping Gaia healthy and thanking Her for all that She offers you, your current society has taken to many means of harming Gaia.

Of course, the majority on your world have been fooled into thinking that drilling oil or performing other types of work that is hazardous to dear Gaia’s health, was not only the right way to go but the only option for sustaining any type of collective advanced lifestyle on Earth. If only you could realize dear souls just how primitive your recent methods of finding electricity and getting around truly are.

You have heard many times before of the atmospheric energy gates established in Gaia’s atmosphere, and indeed Her skies are not the only locations where such energy gates exist and are funneling down energies which could be harnessed and used to a functionality that far surpasses oil and your current methods of getting electricity. The harnessing of abundant electricity has been achieved on your world in many times in you distant and recent history, in ways that were far more advanced and caused far less of a harm to Mother Earth than your current means of producing such things does.

You have the power on your world to attain a state of abundance for each and every soul on your world, in ways that are much cheaper and much easier to share throughout all of your Earthly civilizations in this current time period. This has been achieved before again with other civilizations, and it is now coming fast that your planetary society begins to be reintroduced to such technologies that have been classified by your most influential governments and militaries for decades and some cases, even longer.

Of course, the measured collective Love and intelligence in a worldly society is always the biggest measure of what is achieved by such a collective. The fact that the majority of your civilizations are at this time split up into perceived differences, does make many manifestations and events difficult to come to fruition and while we work so very hard on achieving so many missions for the better on Earth, the largest factor is the manifestation powers for the good that each and every one of you as individuals and as a collective are producing at any given moment.

Of course you have heard many times of the immense need for you all to come together on your world and begin accepting each other. This is because doing so will open you all up to a whole new avenue of collective and individual expression, and you will begin to realize that you do indeed decide what occurs on Earth.
The dark on your world have tricked you into believing that you possess no power, as a collective and as individuals. They fear with all of themselves when you start getting together and demanding change. There are so many of you and so few of them, and if you were all united on the surface of Earth than you could take back this world and the state it is in for everyone. Of course we are assisting in your finding the states of consciousness that will see even many unawakened souls on your world come to such conclusions, and we are giving you assistance in integrating the pure energies which are being sent to your world and through your spirit complexes from a multitude of other Universes and realities.

This ascension is happening now, and though there will be many who are caught way off guard and who will not be ready for their boxed-in paradigms to be shattered, it is all happening and is currently going ahead with full speed. Prepare yourselves, even those of you who are awakened in your own respects, for revelations and insights into your planet’s past, your future, and the very essence of truths that many of you are still stumped on, such as the meaning(s) of Life and the true nature(s) of your existence.

You have been fooled into thinking you possess no power as mentioned above, and illusion has been pumped up since the fall of Atlantis. It became thought humans were nothing more than humans, and you all possess no other abilities past what you can do in the physical.

One very bold assumption that has been made by your most recent society is the physical plane must be the only plane of existence and reality, simply because it is all that you can currently fathom. Know dear souls, that much valuable research on your world to the contrary has been pushed aside, laughed away or purposefully forgotten about in favor of the scientific opinion of the physical plane being the only plane of reality.

This has been so with many areas of your science and civilizational development. Genuine evidence that your physical reality is only one shred of the infinite Creation that is, has and will always exist, is in many cases ignored and deliberately suppressed so the illusion that you are all just humans who possess no power or other-worldly abilities is kept fed.

The Illuminati have been exposed to truths and abilities that surpass the physical, and like a child who does not want to share their cookies with the rest of the play group, such souls kept this information to themselves and developed an ego complex based on their knowing of such things and the perceived ignorance of those on your world who they brand as peasants. Many of the attitudes of these souls [Illuminati heads] are quite childlike, and when dealing with them we must remind them of the many things they are no longer allowed to do on the surface of your world or anywhere else.

Despite their near-complete crumble, the heads of these families still think fully with their hearts and minds they will be able to start a third World War. As many of you know the third World War was to mark the beginning of the end of your current civilizations as foretold to such souls in the bogus prophecies they were given. World War Three was to be the biggest act of mass, ritualistic sacrifice against the unawakened souls whom they despise so much, and they wished to stage the war in the locations they did because these location have been hotbeds of activity for many centuries.

In many cases, the lands which are seeing the most violence and destruction are lands who are themselves sacred and possess much harness-able electrical or otherwise Creation energy. Such places are targeted specifically by the Illuminati in any of their incarnations in your periods of time, in a warlike effort. Campaigns are started in and against such areas and the souls who inhabit such areas. Especially if an abundance of oil which is the Lifeblood of dear Gaia becomes known to exist in an area, such an area will be targeted brutally with warlike attacks and a takeover of the land by the souls we speak of.

Some of the sacred areas that have and do exist on your world were not targeted in a way that the dark would remain in control, though all of the areas we speak of are currently being occupied by your dark or are in a territory that they already ‘own’ such as the United States. The sacred areas that do not exist on land they already ‘own’ are targeted again, in warlike ways in an attempt to gain occupation over the area and eventually take the area over.

Your dark have been working on the ‘takeover’ of areas such as Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan for many, many decades of your time. Of course many of you know of the small wars which took place against similar places in your recent history, and indeed as you have been learning, even before and after such small wars military activities in such areas did not cease, not by far. You may even be surprised to find out that there are still areas of Vietnam and even Japan that are being occupied by US and British military, and again such places which are being occupied by such armies are sacred sites which give off much beautiful, Life-sustaining Creation energy.

Of course, we have informed the Illuminati heads on your world countless times that despite their efforts to get you all to create a World War three scenario through articles about such things on their mainstream news and through many other desperate methods, the plan for ascension and the Lighted energies which are laying its foundation are too strong for such gruesome vibrations to exist in any more of a mass scale than they currently are.

In fact, even as we informed them and have informed you in other messages, the areas which are going through such brutality are having such vibrations cleaned at their cores at this time, and this is being done in accordance with the Core-clearing of Gaia and the Core -clearings of all of you.

Also, as mentioned before the areas being targeted because of their sacred nature and oil reserves are themselves [the areas] remembering the sacred energy which graces them every moment, and as these areas begin to feel and radiate these sacred vibrations once again in accordance with the opening up of atmospheric chakras and energy gates from the Cosmos, the lower gruesome vibrations are cleansed at an exponential rate and in a very short amount of your fading and accelerating time, such vibrations will have been cleansed and the aforementioned foundation of Loving vibrations will have long risen to the surface, of not just these areas but of each and every area of your beautiful Gaia.

Remember that your own awakening process and the opening up of your own chakras does again, decide what happens on Gaia’s surface and your acceleration in your awakening process directly decides how and when the pure foundational energies will arise to dear Gaia’s surface. This is happening as the Lighted cores which you have all been working in the dreamscape to make so Lighted, rise up in yourself and as with the events that manifest on Gaia’s surface, you have the choice each and every moment as to how far your core will be reaching the surface you, and how far the Lighted and cleansed core of dear Gaia will reach the surface of such sacred areas who need the Lighted energies the most.

Live in Love, happiness and Peace and make every effort to keep yourselves open and receptive to the higher energies you are being graced with. Past the recent synchronistic cluster of dates you have just went through [Feb 21, 22, 23] your Sun has also sent you a precious gift of pure, high-intensity Universal energy. We all wish for you to make your intent to be open enough to receive this energy, and feel it in its full purity or in a purity that you can handle.

Keeping your moods high and refusing stress at every turn will help keep you open enough to receive this energy and will help to see the foundational awakenings of both your and Gaia’s core reach the surface of Her and you all who will take such energies sand manifest the beautiful ascended world of Light that you have been both waiting for and growing toward.

The underlying goal of this whole event and of those which are leading up to this event, is to bring the pure energies of Love to your world in a way that they have not seen for so very long during your most recent society. With everything that we know you are doing, the importance of all of it is to bring Love through in a way that is much more pure, eye-opening and revealing than any types of decloaking of the pure energies of Love that has been attempted in your recent time.

Indeed, the cultures of your recorded history which existed up until your current culture have themselves been exposed to what we speak of in their own ways and when we say this, we want you to know dearly that you are all the souls of the past civilizations that we speak of.

We have been telling you recently of our benevolent contacts with civilizations once they are ready, and we wish you to know that indeed, you were such souls in such civilizations whom we contacted. May we remind you dear ones, that you have spent thousands and for some, millions of Lives on the surface of Earth, learning and growing?

You have all been a part of each and every civilization that has existed on the surface Earth, and while you all have different origins you remain united in that you are the collective consciousness and expression of the higher realms in a lower dimensional form, incarnate on and Creating Earth. While you are now coming to a head with your lessons, the past Lives of yours that we speak of have been spent by you slowly but surely climbing up the ladder of your dimensional experience.

It has all lead up to this very moment you are experiencing now, and indeed when we contacted you in your collective past Lives in various different civilizations in your history, we let you know back then of this time you are now currently in.

We knew that nearly every soul we were, did and are contacting in those times would be the very souls who are you all, incarnate on Earth who we speak to [telepathically] in this moment. We wished not to warn you of illusory disasters to come and strike dear Gaia at this time, as indeed She is performing cleansing work but as you have seen, it has not been as bad as it could have and the cleansing She is performing is very measured-out in terms of the inconveniences or damage it causes on Earth.

Instead of preaching such illusory fear, we wished to let you know that as you climb up your ascension ladder through more and more Life incarnations and finally reach the ‘time’ in Earth’s history where all of your experiences and timelines converge, the realities that you have Created and known as concrete and ‘real’ for so long whilst under the lower dimensional spell will be coming down as they now are.

Your consciousness changes when you are presented with differences in your environment, and this is something that we have noticed with not just humans, but with many souls incarnate on Earth or in the lower dimensions. Of course the lower dimensional experience is offered in other universes and planes of reality but the Laws of established reality that exist in such places is in many cases much more different than your Earthly reality and so we will stick to informing you about your lower dimensional habits and natures that we have noticed whilst studying you and attempting to get through to you to communicate as we did freely in Atlantis and in many times in your recent or ancient history.

When certain experiences are offered to you or seemingly taken away from you, you naturally respond with a fluxuation of your moods which is quite interesting and serves to show that your emotions and what you are feeling truly do drive your Creation experience. Many of you have taken to asking your higher self and your guides to test you in such ways so that you could see your reaction and indeed, when tested this way and in any other ways there are those ascended fragments of yourself who will be studying your reactions and how you feel about the changes presented to your experience.

Feeling and emotions drive each Creation you give to the surface of Earth and to yourselves. Of course, this is why you have been reminded time and time again of the importance of keeping yourselves in balanced and happy states of mind. With the lower dimensional experience it is not always easy to keep ones emotions and feelings grounded and balanced, but the beauty is that you are now transcending such illusory constraints and realizing that indeed, you are in control of your emotions and feelings as well as what you Create by feeling purer emotions and feelings.

The more you come to your core which in many of you has and is ascending, the more you will find easiness when it comes to navigating the lower dimensions. Again, your feelings and how balanced out you are is a very considerable deciding factor in how close you feel to your core and to your Higher Self in any given moment.

Respect yourselves and all others during this delicate period, and know that as always you have our assistance and our Love. Simply calling upon us to be with you will warrant a very happy response, as it is considered a real accomplishment to ‘get through’ to a soul incarnate on Earth as the majority of you are very trapped within your own illusory shells. Animals and other types of creatures and consciousness enjoy interacting with you dear, beautiful Humans, and we enthusiastically enjoy sharing what we know and feel with you as you begin to remember the states of consciousness that your ascension is seeing you return to.

Thank you to SanJAsKa

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