Thursday, March 1, 2012

Each Of You Must Walk Your Own Path, Yet the Sharing of “How You Got There” Is Most Helpful When It's Done Without Bias, Presumption or Judgment

Thank you Archangel Haniel and Julie ...and so it is!
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Archangel Haniel: Remove the Clutter, and Discover a Most Perfect YOU

Dear hearts, today I would like to get to the Heart of the Matter regarding moving away from living your life solely through your emotional body where there are continual reactions to events that have already happened in your life. There is a time when you must take the initiative to enthusiastically modify the shape of the life you want to have. On your most personal level, I am trying to encourage you to lengthen your limitations and change your viewpoints. In time dear hearts, you will ascertain the expectations you have for yourself, for others and for situations are acceptable and suitable and which ones are not. This is done by recognizing with your heart the inner feelings and ability to detect patterns of behaviour much more clearly. Through practice living through your heart and more often leaving your Ego mind on its own, you will learn how to have genuine expectations of yourself and of others. The many challenges you have had already have helped support the expansion of all your senses and have assisted the growth and development of your inner-wisdom and knowledge that is meant to be shared in an unconditionally loving nature.

Dear hearts, I work within the White Ray of Purity and the Orange Ray of Logic, Knowledge and Reason. Invoke my presence by lighting a dark magenta candle, verbally identifying what it is you require from me. I will never reject you as I love you completely and unconditionally. Part of your spiritual and personal growth dear hearts is knowing your Truth. If you are going to stand for your Truth, you then need to know what that truth is. Dear hearts, for you to know your Truth you really need to KNOW yourself. This means you must look within, not from searching from what others think. Go and scrutinize and question each and every part of your existence in order to fully understand why it is you feel the way you do.

So many of you are clouded with the beliefs they have about themselves they think to be true when in reality they are not. Many of those beliefs were given to you through other people’s attitudes or words, or even from your own personal reactions to things that have already happened in your life. The belief system that has become an integral part of your life includes the past and the present. With hard work, determination and commitment you can learn to see through the core of yourself as you truly are. I encourage all of you dear hearts to find yourself first, accept what you find with open arms and an equally opened mind. Love yourself with the fullest of compassion your unconditional heart can muster then you will find your truths. Your truths, once you remove all the blockages will give your comfort and show you of your spiritual and divine direction. Underneath all the clutter, is a most perfect being and this being is YOU.

Do not dear hearts use up any more of your precious energy on events and circumstances that have already happened and passed. Live in the present. Identify what is about a specific event that continues to pull you back, see what it is trying to teach you and learn the lesson that is being revealed. Accept this lesson, Release this past event and the feelings and power it had over you to God and carry on with the uplifting energies that flow through you with life, faith and trust. Dear hearts, I have seen many dear souls become stuck here, unable to move forward. Please ask for me if you find yourself immovable.

Being that you are a child of God, it is necessary to accept the beautiful light that shines within each of you through all the functions you move through every single day and in various levels of consciousness; even levels of consciousness you may of yet not be aware of. I can strengthen your own perceptions of your psychic abilities. Being able to understand yourself, your truths, your given talents and abilities and being able to see yourself in your True Light is greatly encouraged. Each of you will blossom in Divine Time. There is no set Time on your readiness. Without artificial illusions that come from your Ego I will put a spotlight on where your strengths sit and where practice and dedication is required. When we combine our efforts - yours and mind you will see with clarity the truth and reality that is alive within you.

When you seek reflection to glean the truth of yourself and the world around you, you will discover the courage to step out of those pre-defined boundaries you set up on your own or aided by other’s thoughts and Egotistic opinions. Within each of you dear hearts is a great inner spiritual power. This inner-power, fuelled by love and knowledge has strength on its own. Believe in your own capabilities and never stop aiming for the greatness of your anticipated achievements. More will come from the selfless efforts you put forward.

The wisdom and knowledge you have gained from the experiences you have succeeded from are beneficial to others. Each and every one of you must walk your own path, yet it’s the sharing of “how you got there” that is most helpful when it’s done without bias, presumption or judgement. You are worthy of the love you have for yourself, received from me, from God and other people that are spiritual or still holding a physical body. Do not be embarrassed by what you believe to be true. Your truth and your values are yours. Being able to live by your truths through your pure heart and not being embarrassed is hopefully encouraging. Be confident for what you hold as the truth and for what is of great value to you. This does open the possibility of risking others to see your vulnerable side; do not look at this as a weakness dear hearts. At the risk of looking imprudent and still upholding what fills your heart and soul with peace is what matters dear hearts. Each of you will identify with similar truths and values, but they will still be personal to your own uniqueness. Respect each other as each of you are of equally loved and respected by the many Divine Beings you look up to. Ridicule is unnecessary and it’s an unacceptable way to behave towards others who have agreed to open up and share their story, their truths and values. Make a conscious effort to live through your hearts dear ones. Everyone on this fine planet deserves to be love; no one deserves to be judged or made fun of. I ask of you dear hearts to go out-of-your-way to be accepting of other people’s concepts and to love them for what they believe in.

Dear hearts I accept every aspect of you. I do not judge you or do not withhold my love for you for the choices you have made. I Love You. The challenging lessons you have dealt with and have yet to meet are there to inspire a greater intensity to strive for more and to be all that you can be. Look at them with a positive light, instead of low grumbled complaint. You will flow through the challenge quicker and find yourself filled with more peace that will enable you not to react in a strong emotional way. Learn to reach for your inner-power, your own strength, courage, and self-love and for me. We will walk together through your challenges, embracing the truth in each of them, hand in hand.

I AM Archangel Haniel
through Julie Miller

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