Sunday, March 11, 2012

Move To What Resonates With Your Heart At Any Given Time, Yet At the Same Time Throwing Away What Does Not Resonate With You

Thank you Sanat Kumara and Julie ...and so it is!

Precipitate Unlimited Splendour through Your Universal Body

How amazing it would be if you could project yourself to the very day of your ascension. Contemplate what it would be like to no longer have any arduous strains in your outer physical extremities. To be able to see yourself as all that you are in perfect ALL-NESS under the shelter of Love of your own God Presence. Dear hearts, all that you WILL accomplish is by your unconditional love and all that you desire will draw into you will be by that pure and unconditional love.

Think some more regarding what your life would be like, even now if you have perfected and mastered living through your dear hearts with love in every step of every action, thought, feeling, speech and written word. You would have learned how your unconditional love is what is in control of your undertakings and that is your unconditional love that controls and brings forth all the necessities of life that you require. Then dear hearts, the back and forth of the beginning of each “erg” of energy of LOVE – that is continuously moving, shaping, merging, moulding, forming, etc. – permits the accumulation in the world which you live in the acceleration you require for your ascension. All this is moving and swirling within the very core of your being. When all this and more happens, you will then KNOW you are in the right place and you will finally UNDERSTAND all that the Masters, Elohim, Ascended Masters, Cultural Deities have been teaching.

The Brotherhood of Light was long ago created and brought forth with many Chohans and other dearly loved Divine souls to assist the many sons and daughters of God in holding onto their own configuration of God’s Identity in order for them to understand the difference between God and their own weaknesses. The understanding of the differentiation became clear and no longer confusing or perplexing. The job of the Brotherhood of Light is to help ease your understanding of your spirituality and to assist you in removing the depths of unreality that is among your life and to learn to flow out and embrace the Fountain of Light of God that is inside each of you that forever connects you to God and His Merciful love for all His sons and daughters. When you are committed and devoted within the Will of God you will find clarity of consciousness, the powerful image and understanding how the Love of God is not only flowing from you through every step you take along your path on the Journey to the Light, but understanding the dominion in your life that God encompasses. You will see clearly how the Love of God is a blessing for all of mankind. Learning to think and to be in the way of love through your dear heart will allow you to see clearly without further denial the Presence of God in your life. For He is in your life when you openly embrace Him. Accepting and adapting to a more loving lifestyle that includes learning to live through your heart in all action and allowing your God Presence to shape, form, move and fit into every aspect that you move through each and every day will draw you into greater service of love that speaks God in every instance.

Let the fire of the Violet Flame and the purity of your own unconditional love scour away the disharmony caused by any past life, current life or discord from any other dimension or reality to be extinguished. In the direction of the Will of God through your own pure white fire that is alive inside your spiritual heart you will shine your own divinity by exercising God’s Wisdom. Dear Hearts, your life here on Earth can be a paradise, not only for you but for all mankind. The struggle is mankind’s perception and level of consciousness. The Divine Beings – the Elohim, the Archangels, Chohans of the Rays, and others await direction from each and every person on Earth to repair ALL wrong, to bring forth the splendid melody calling of the new day of the new Light of the new manifestation.

Dear Hearts there are a few dear sons and brothers of God that walk your Earth that still deny the total All-Ness of God. There are still incredible amounts of your brothers and sisters who do believe in God but do little, except wait for God to move, and wait for Beloved Jesus Christ to arrive. These dear hearts who believe in God have not learned the lessons of creating with God and being co-creators of their own reality. You see dear hearts there is still plenty of work at hand. And none of what is left to be done is impossible, only requires Time and Patience. All will be achieved dear hearts.

Throughout your journey during many phases that you move through, your consciousness is brought into attunement. Through this attunement you will be indicated if you are ready to continue with your steady pursuit or if you are required to stay put and refine and perfect where you are. If you are indicated you are not ready to continue then you only need to make personal applications to improve and perfect through discipline and meditation. Some stages dear hearts will more difficult than others and this all depends on your level of perception and understanding. When all that is required to forge ahead, there will be clear indicators left by the Master or Teacher that will encourage you to focus your consciousness to a mirror-like body of the Teacher and feel his or her presence for a qualitative amount of time.

There are many fine souls, not only across your planet but throughout many galaxies that correspond with the Masters. These fine souls who dedicate their time and commitment fully understand that the Oneness of Life and in the Self, there is no Time and Space. There is no such separation, which means there is no precognition of any other thought negative or otherwise to being able to be One with the specific Master to which they are studying under. It is by sheer THOUGHT that they can be One with their Master or Teacher in order to precipitate unlimited splendour for the manifestations of the life waves and patterns of their own universal body.

Dear hearts it would be advisable to consider the price of your own self-deprivation by your very own self-indulgence. If you could think of the great openings that are surrounding you even now for mere little of your energy; it is the understanding of the Will of God, the Divine Law of Light and Love derived from the Divine Source – God to be put into daily practice. Just a little bit of Light, your own pure Fire that is love induced can perform miracles. These miracles derived from pure effort will advance a universal and planetary body into a position for ascension and into harmony with the Heart of God.

Even with all this said and done dear children, there is much work to do be done by you. And you must be willing to do the work. I and others are here to guide you and support you. Each of you will reach dizzying heights of awareness and each of you will reach ascension when it is time for each of you. No lesson can be rushed or passed by. Each lesson must be learned with acute perfection and understanding. Then there is the dismantling of the Ego that can take for some dear hearts a life time to control. The Ego is tricky and requires a firm hand and observation of self. You know there is work at hand. Spiritual Ascension does not happen just once in a lifetime and then it is done. Spiritual Ascension dear hearts is an ongoing process of learning and adopting new ways into a higher consciousness of awareness that never ends. Open your hearts and your minds to all the possibilities and choices that are readily available to you. Move to what resonates with your heart at any given time, yet at the same time throwing away what does not resonate with you. You move with what you are ready to accept and move away from what you are not. Each of you are at different learning stages, and each of you will learn ALL of yourself and of others as you become One with Life, with yourself and with the Heart of God.

I am Cosmic Master Sanat Kumara
through Julie Miller

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