Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Disclosure Petition Now Up at

New Disclosure Petition Now Up at
Posted by Stephen Cook

Geoffrey West, who is currently sitting in the host seat on InLight Radio’s An Hour With An Angel, has posted this new disclosure petition on Avaaz .org and is calling for signatures.

Global disclosure of civilizations and technologies of a non-Earth origin, including 6000+ patented technologies

Why this is important

This is a peaceful call to the leaders of the world to act in honour and integrity to those who have elected them, to the people of our planet, and to the planet herself as living, breathing system.

The truth can no longer be hidden, as most around the world are now aware that there are civilizations beyond Earth, and that a number of them have been interacting with numerous governments for many years but at least since the mid-1900′s. There are hundreds (and very likely a thousand or more) of accounts from people in respected and credible positions from a wide spectrum of official and civilian operations worldwide that have revealed what they know. It is now time to reveal all of this information to the world, as our galactic families are now making themselves known worldwide anyway.

As well, technologies and information have been kept hidden from the world, for the profit and control of smaller, privileged groups and individuals. These 6000+ patents for suppressed technologies can easily create new, Earth-friendly industries that can clean the air, water and provide abundance for all upon this planet.

In a spirit of peace, of Light and of love to all, we ask you all to honour your oaths, and release your love of power to find the power of love in your hearts and serve all of humanity and our planet! It is time to create a New Gaia, one with abundant beauty and prosperity for all!

You can sign Geoff’s petition here:

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