Thursday, March 29, 2012

Once We're Confident Our Presence Is Well Received By the Vast Majority of the Earth’s Population... We Will Make Un/Official Contacts With You

Thank you Sfhs and Laura ...and so it is!
*** gavin

On Decloaking, Disclosure, Abundance and Ascension

Laura: Good day Sfhs, I believe you would like to share a new message.

: Yes a new message for your readers today, Laura. Times and preparations for great changes are in plain sight. The arrests are speeding up the system’s collapse. People have disbelief in an unfair system, with a different set of rules depending on your social class and your name. These times when one is judged by the colour of one’s skin, by one’s position in society or by one’s bank balance is over. Over. Over. The great inner revolution taking place at a soul level for each and everyone of you, will eventually spread and amplify to the entire population.

The days of hiding behind lies are over, all is now brought into the light. With this process the shift in consciousness will also take place also.

Laura: one of my readers was asking if there would be Disclosure and mass landings before Ascension, and if Galactic beings will be allowed to help us with cleansing Mother Earth and our finance system, or new technology for us?

: These are always a difficult questions to address in public. But I will try to give it my best here. There is a threshold, a point of no return, a point that human society must reach alone, without direct help from us. I am afraid you will have to do most of the clearing work, as part of clearing your final karma and setting things right on your own planet first. The help we are allowed to provide until such time needs to be discreet.

When you, as a collective Human Consciousness, will reach that precise point, sometimes call the Zero Point, your way into Ascension will be more than assured. Your level of consciousness will be more or less equal to ours, and we will then begin our talks with your legal and free governments. So there is still work to be done until the vast majority of governments will be run by balanced people. Perhaps politicians will at this stage be no longer needed, but a different system of self governance will also be needed.

You may believe it will take years for this to pass, but just look at how fast all have been set into motion regarding the corrupt banking system. Is it possible for you to believe the same cleansing will take place in the political arena in an equally short period of time?

Once we are fully confident our presence will be well received by the vast majority of the Earth’s population, and your level of consciousness will be such, that we will be working as equals among you, we will make official and unofficial contacts with many of you.

Bare in mind that Disclosure, Mass decloaking, Abundance and Ascension will take place in a very short period of time between one another.

Blessings from Sfhs
by Laura Tyco

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