Friday, March 16, 2012

You Are A Star Being of Light, In Partnership w/Divine Consciousness and the Celestial Realms on Assignment Here, Playing In Dimension of Limitations

Thank you Team and Peggy ...and so it is!
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The Grand Re-Birth

We are here, honored to have this opportunity to once again share our energy through the medium of your words. Know however if you are reading these words or even listening to these words being read by another, they are carrying another level of energy and information that is truly beyond the frequency of the words on your page or the vibrations of the words being spoken.

It is through our energy offering that we are connecting to the many levels of your awareness that are just beyond your busy, active mental realms. May these words be the doorway perhaps to your expanded state of mind in which all things are possible.

We again want to empower you and remind you that you have all the incredible tools you might care to use in creating your new reality. You are moving rapidly into a new paradigm, a new expanded existence. Each day you are becoming more aware of who you truly are as magnificent multidimensional beings. You are beginning to own the ability as well as the awareness that you are here at this time, on this planet, in this dimension to call forth a new age.

This idea and concept is not a new realization to you. There are many who are voicing the awesome unfolding of the cycle of peace and harmony that humanity is calling forth. You are witnessing the breaking down of systems, the chaos within the whole, the pushing against the differences within cultures. If you allow yourself to step into that place of fear you become powerless and impotent. There are those who would keep the frequency of fear activated in order to render a feeling of helplessness, distrust and dread in the field of humanity's consciousness.

This frequency is being shifted by those like yourself who realize that they can and do make a difference. You are far more important to this shift than you allow yourself to realize. You are truly a part of this grand rebirthing. You are powerful beyond measure. You are creator. Now is the time to own this ability and step forth, joining others who are also realizing why they are here on this planet for this awesome opportunity of calling into being a reality that honors all living things.

You have many powerful and infinite abilities and many effective tools to use in assisting and supporting the changes in your personal reality as well as the collective whole. Trust us when we say that you did not come to this planet at this time without these countless and limitless skills and masteries that you hold in your personal matrix.

There are two gifts we would like to invite you to recognize, honor and activate fully with excitement and skillfulness. The first is the awesome multidimensional genius of your imagination, and the second is the incredible force of your emotions.

First let us consider the ability to image or imagine. These talents were very active with you as a child; however societies and cultures usually do not honor the imagination of the children. This ability, therefore, is usually invalidated and shut down very early in the child's development by the more rational adults. There are those who, once their expanded imagination has been invalidated and shut down will never consciously open that door again or creatively use that skill again.

This is a great loss to the individual as well as to society. The imagination is the doorway, the path to the invisible realms and the working within the quantum fields of all possibilities. In your physical reality it is your imagination that interfaces with this quantum field to create your experiences. You are always using your imagination. It is, however, so automatic that you do not call it imagination, yet this gift, this ability is creating at all times.

We observe that there has been a misinterpretation with your understanding of imagination. This distortion causes you to push this awesome gift to image to the background of your life and activities. It is used but it is distorted; you now use your limitless imagination to envision the worst-case scenarios. In fact you have a name for this distorted use of imagination, you call it worry. You envision all the possible terrible things that could occur in your life and the world and you infuse this vision with the emotion of your fear. Your news media also uses the imaging ability to stoke your worry and trigger your anxiety and fear; and the quantum field of all possibilities responds to what is being energetically offered and creates the very thing that you worry about and image.

Stop this distorted use of your great and grand gift of imaging, of calling forth into reality, of imprinting the neutral field of quantum energy. Shake yourself out of any feelings of being powerless. Step into the true authentic knowing that you can and do influence the fabric of reality.

Begin to use your powers of imagination, of envisioning infused with your passion and emotions to create the world and the reality that you would long to create. It is simply a shift within. Begin to practice this daily, often, even set aside time each day to visualize some reality that you would like to experience. See it and sense it as clearly as you possibly can. This is a skill that is your birthright; however you might need to be patient with yourself as you consciously exercise this genius.

Exercise the ability to visualize a new reality: stretch yourself here. Pretend that there are no limitations: what would be the most awesome and extraordinary event or occurrence that you would like to experience? Infuse your images, your visualization with your passion with your excitement. How would you feel if that event took place in your life? Really begin to use this amazing tool to create a life and a world that is supportive to your well-being and the well-being of others.

Take one idea for a period of time, something that you would like to see shift in your life and affairs. Be disciplined with this practice. Imagine, visualize and infuse those mental images with your emotions of gratitude. See the event as if it has already occurred and you are celebrating the occasion. Make this so real for yourself in ways that work for you. Know that you are imprinting the field of possibilities with your desires. Trust, knowing this neutral field of energy will match what you are envisioning and feeling. It is a universal law.

Consider yourself the true multidimensional alchemist who is here to envision and call forth a planet that honors the uniqueness in one another, who envisions the uplifting of the distortions and the mis-qualified energy of humanity. You are a star being of light, in partnership with divine consciousness and the celestial realms on assignment here, playing in this dimension of limitations, learning to express your unlimited nature.

Humanity is moving into elevated states of awareness; your planet is evolving in consciousness. It is in the throes of re-birthing itself into a higher level and dimension of existence. It is expanding into a new matrix of creation. You are a significant part of this unfolding and this re-birth. We invite you to engage actively in the play by using all your exceptional multidimensional tools. Your ability to infuse your visualizations, your imaginings with your emotions is one of your most powerful gifts.

You are always influencing the field, the collective matrix with your thoughts, words and emotions. Now step up your game and own your true power to sculpt and support the re-birth of humanity's future. Remember that you have unlimited and infinite support with this task and assignment. Call on the celestial beings in the realms of love, light and truth to embrace all that you do in your physical reality. We are hono/tred to share this energy and these words of empowerment with you. We acknowledge your courage as you face the many challenges of distortion that are surfacing in the grand re-birth. Remember that you can and do make the difference with your dedicated work and service. Envision and call it forth and we will support your efforts. The 'team'
by Peggy Black and the 'team'

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