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The Fact You Can Indeed Reach In to Other Realities and Connect With Beings Who Exist In Such Realities Has Been Cast Aside From Public Knowledge

Thank you Collective Guides and Wes!
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Wes Annac and his Collective Guides: On Manifestation Efforts to bring Forth Disclosure

Today, our Collective Guides and I would like to take a further look at how what we feel and think Creates the reality around us and how this relates to the manifestation of disclosure and so many other things that we have been hearing about from channeled sources for some time. This is a subject that has been touched on by myself and many others, and it is an important subject to continue to bring up so that it is soaked in and understood that we are the Creators and determiners of our reality.

We have heard of Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction and as we have heard before, the Law of Attraction is in effect much more frequently and instantly upon ascending into the higher realms of ‘full’ consciousness.

Collective Guides: As your concept of time begins to speed up in accordance with your continual Life paths, the manifestation efforts on your part begin to come to you in an easier and more periodical flow. The events that are to manifest in accordance with your thoughts and feelings begin to follow looser and faster cycles of manifestation, and this happening increases as you further yourselves on your ascension paths.

Indeed, here in the higher realms the various Laws of Attraction which many of you have come to recognize are in play every single moment of our existence, and the slowed pace of your manifestations on the part of humanity with the physical experience is because you are existing in dense realms and feeling denser emotions, and as such the Creations being brought through you are themselves dense and they manifest at a slower pace than that of the Lighted manifestations and feelings experienced and Created here in the higher realms.

In the higher realms, everything is continual and constant and each and every emotion and feeling garnered is returned back to us instantly upon a Creation of our own making, design and manifesting. It is a process that one becomes quite accustomed to and skilled at upon learning such things in the higher realms. The experiences of Earth are manifesting at a faster pace now because your concept of time and resulting windows of time between manifestations is speeding up as such concepts continue to fade away and have little relevance to your soon-coming higher dimensional experience.

With the information shared by our Guides here, it seems that as we continue on our ascension ladder and move ever-upwards, our concept of time fades and with it fades the waiting periods between our manifestations. It would stand to reason that with the energies being brought in at this time, our manifestations are indeed coming back to us in increasing speed and this is something that I have certainly noticed recently.

I remember when I started to notice the manifestations and thoughts of mine beginning to manifest in my reality right before my eyes. I would make efforts to think of a certain specific song or person, and the thoughts given in such scenarios have nearly every time come back to me in some special way that really got my attention.

We are of course reaching increasingly high and pure strides along our paths at this point, and are being aided by the coming online of various energy gates established in Earth’s skies. As we are reaching such revolutionary points in our collective and individual evolution, it should stand to reason that the best thing we can do at this current point is to collectively throw all of our visualization and manifestation energies into the manifesting of disclosure and our attaining of the resulting freedoms that we have been promised. I have touched on this subject in earlier articles, because I truly feel that this is very important at this time.

Collective Guides: Individually, you all hold so very much power as the Supreme Creators of your reality. Much of the power you are granted along your individual Life path is in the form of Creations that manifest in your own Lives in accordance with your Life plans.

The collective manifestation powers that you have do indeed far exceed what you would expect them to, and this falls in line with the fact that this is your hologram and your illusion to morph and change as you so please, and one of the big reasons that many events have not yet come to fruition is because of an unwillingness on the part of the majority of humanity to find and perform the energetic healing work needed in their own Lives and in their collective conscious experience to ensure that they have received the assistance along their Life paths required to be clear and pure enough in themselves to bring through the clear manifestation energies that you are beginning to bring through without realizing you are doing so.

The distorted Creations on the part of humanity have manifested because you have not realized this power that you hold within and while your manifestations have again been very dense and slow-moving, they have manifested through each and every emotion and feeling that you have. Collectively, as you know there has been so very much density manifested on Gaia’s surface without you dear beautiful souls even realizing you were doing so.

It does seem that from across the veil we are being given not only much assistance along our Life paths, but much encouragement from our extraterrestrial and ascended sources to take charge of our Creation and begin to manifest that which we truly desire, which in the case of many would be the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and resulting freedoms among many, many other things.

We are being told continually that individually and collectively, we hold this power to bring through manifestations and Creations that we truly desire and want in our Lives rather than the manifestations we have been collectively bringing through that have made us unhappy and resulted in the collective incarnation of the souls known as the Illuminati.

Our ascended sources want to push the barrier of complacency and the ‘heard it all before’ attitudes that have been developed in many cases, to really let us know not just with our minds, but to feel with our hearts all of the truths they have been sharing with us, the most important ones being the powers of our Creation that we all hold.

So ok, we’ve realized that we hold this power within and that while it is strong individually, it is much stronger collectively. What can we do in this very moment of NOW to harness this manifestation ability and put it to good use? How can we bring this power through ourselves and use it to its and our full potential?

And what about those of us who still find ourselves alone in our higher dimensional beliefs and knowledge? Who will such souls share their collective abilities with?

I guess it should be reminded that we do indeed possess individual Creative power, and even if we do not have anyone with us in the physical to share this ability with, we can not only still harness it in ourselves but we can also reach into the etheric to join with the many other awakened souls incarnate who are performing such energy work, as well as sustain a connection with the multiple ascended beings assisting Earth by themselves aiding in such energy work.

Collective Guides: Many of the higher dimensional and etheric abilities you hold within yourselves are not expressed and brought through properly because again, you have not realized your powers in holding such Creation and manifestation abilities. You have not known or heard of in many past Lives the concept of the higher realms of consciousness which we speak of, and while the concept of underworlds and spirit planes after death were very relevant in many cultures in your history, the actual concept of ascension and the many resulting revolutionary revelations that come along with your ascension have not been known by the majority of unawakened souls on your world.

The fact that you can indeed reach in to other realities and connect with beings who exist in such realities has been cast aside from the public knowledge in not just your current culture, but in so very many other cultures as well. The connection with the ‘Gods’ and with souls who do not exist in the psychic realms were in many cases left to the more royal and famous souls of any given civilization, as idol worship on the part of the general public of such civilizations saw that the elite’s establishment was very pumped-up, respected and they were the only souls granted the special privileges of speaking outside of the natural physical paradigms established in many cultures.

Of course, upon your discovery of the higher realms as well as your ability to bring the energies of the higher realms through, you will discover not just ascended souls who are assisting you and watching over you on your Life path, but you will also find your fellow awakening starseeds and awakening Earth natives incarnate on your world at this time, who are themselves discovering the energies of the higher realms and resulting communications and interactions with such energies at such a pure pace and fast rate.

As you discover your connection with your fellow awakening souls on Earth which in many cases are validated and sustained in the dreamscape, you will begin to realize that you have all been leaving energetic imprints of the Logos energy that is you, with every soul you interact with on your internet or elsewhere.

Many of you dear souls have forged new relationships and remembered past flames and Loves from past Lives over meeting your fellow awakening souls on the internet, and believe us dear souls these meetings did not just start with your internet.

You all meet up in the astral realms while your bodies lie sleeping, and help each other to plan out your Life events and various experiences to be had. The many of you who feel close with each other but do not feel that you have ever physically ‘met’ another, have indeed met these souls in much more real and concrete ways than in the psychical as you have again, all been meeting up and holding meetings in the astral realms of Earth.

As such, in these meetings you discuss the Life paths of each soul involved in these meetings and how they are to fit in with the overall plan for ascension. You arrange for you to meet each other in the physical in various different ways, but in every case a connection and remembrance is formed and sustained in both souls, and this is how very many souls who are close in spirit and in their natures have reignited their Loving bonds that have been maintained throughout many Lives in the lower dimensions and indeed, even before such Lives.

This is the Law of Attraction at work dear sols, because you are always lead back to souls who you have been close with over your lower dimensional experiences and again, even before such experiences.

Based on what our Guides have said here, it would make sense that as we find and sustain these connections with each other, we can naturally begin to use our collective manifestation powers for the good on Earth.

So many of us have met over the internet or otherwise, and through every encounter with every fellow awakening soul that we have all experienced especially as of late, there are always the few main themes that we all share and have in common.

These themes are that we are all awakening to the Love that surrounds us, we have all awoken to such Love and to the manipulation and collective fog that has been placed over the eyes of the general public of this world, and we are all looking for many other souls who are also awakening to share all that we know and feel with, for many of us do indeed feel alone with what we know and feel inside of ourselves.

I think that in the physical, we should all start planning meet-ups in the astral realms to be felt and experienced while our bodies lay sleeping. This model is one that has been presented by some very good friends of mine, and these incarnate souls have been planning and scheduling such meetings and having very strong positive remembrances and results.

Such souls are performing truly revolutionary work, and I think that we should all take this model and use it to its full potential. We have been told seemingly endlessly by our ascended sources that we all sustain a connection with each other through the collective consciousness of Earth as well as through knowing each other before our endeavors on Earth, so why not take this connection and use it to the advantage of the Light and to the advantage of manifesting all that we have wished to take place?

I think that if we truly began to utilize the mass potential we have to collectively Create and bring into manifestation the changes we have wished to see, the results will be so very positive. Complacency can and has gone a long way in stopping us from utilizing our collective potential and realizing the connection we have each other and how we can use it to manifest disclosure among many other things, but if we can transcend complacency on a collective and individual level we can again, work together to manifest all of the changes that we know are to come to fruition.

Collective Guides: It should be expressed dear souls that at the rate in which you are awakening now and at the speed in which your Lighted manifestations are now coming through you, the manifestation of all that you have wished to see is truly not far off, and the energies that you bring through yourselves have not been the only energies that may bring forth these outcomes.

Indeed, as you have heard before, the year you are currently experiencing has been predicted many times in your history to be a time of mass changes and of turmoil and resulting freedom and ascension. Deep within yourselves, you have known that all you have heard about is going to come to fruition. You have known that you would be reunited with your star families in the end, and you have known that you would forge and sustain the long and lasting connection with each other that would see you ascend back to the realms of pure Love in which you Created the illusory realities of separation that you have experienced for so very long from.

You have known that your illusion was going to burst at some point, and even the souls who are in opposition to the Lighted changes being enacted have known that such changes were to take place deep within themselves. As long as things continue at the pace they are, the manifestations being bought through every moment by so many awakening souls will result in all that you have wished to see happen.

While this is so, in this infinite moment of Now you can all make the collective and individual choice to speed up the manifestation of these events by integrating and absorbing the advice and methods given by us and our scribe alike on this night. This is something that you truly can do dear souls, and this is indeed a crucial test for you as a collective at this time.

We implore you to make your efforts to connect with each other in the psychical and in the astral and as always, a refined and practiced meditation will aide you greatly in doing this. Keep your channels clear dear souls, for you will want to remember the marvelous dreamscape contacts you will be making.

Thank you to my Collective Guides.
Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC


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