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We Figured the Concept of Perceived ‘Gods’ Coming Down From The Heavens and Sharing Lighted Teachings w/Humanity Was A Bit Too Bold For the Majority

Thank you Ascended Masters and Wes ...and so it is!
*** gavin

The Ascended Masters: You can only be Temporarily Fooled

Dave: This message channeled by Wes is somewhat long, but it is an excellent overview of our relationships with various 5th dimensional beings, why they are amongst us, and our need to continue our communication with them.

Wondrous miracles are to grace the surface of Earth and the bodies and spirit complexes of mankind, and the daily and moment-by-moment efforts being made by all incarnate on Earth are deciding with much grace what manifests in each and every moment.

As you have seen through various physical events that have manifested recently, the exposures that you have all been waiting to see are beginning to come to fruition and we anticipate and hope in the immediate period ahead that a bit of a faith will be restored in the messages which are channeled from us ascended sources.

We say this because many of the disappointments on the part of humanity have been when predictions do not manifest immediately or in the linear timeframe given. With the exposures, resignations and arrests that are to come to fruition so very soon and that in some cases you are seeing happen in this very moment, many will see that the boldest predictions given through channeled messages will be and have already been coming true.

We hope to have restored a faith in the ability to channel on the behalf of humanity as well as the fact that there are multitudes of ascended beings reaching over the veil and making personal telepathic contact with humanity at this time.

The biggest shocks that we anticipate will be when the majority of humanity realizes that extraterrestrials from other worlds have been communicating with numerous souls on Earth and indeed even whole civilizations and societies.

It should be understood as well that there are many ascended souls whom exist in a purity of consciousness that is more advanced than those of the beautiful fifth dimensional extraterrestrial souls whom are assisting Earth at this time, and we are just as eager for a Grand Reunion with you dear souls as indeed, many of us who are speaking to you currently have been incarnate on Earth, spreading the Lighted teachings which we discovered through our own inner searching.

In many cases, we have existed and Lived on Earth for many Lives, though only in a few Lives did we garner widespread exposure with the Lighted teachings we were trying to bestow upon humanity.

The plan for many higher dimensional Ascended Masters and other Angelic souls to incarnate directly on Earth to spread truth and wisdom was garnered after the many failed experiments on the part of your beautiful extraterrestrial brethren, in helping many societies to advance along their synchronistical-decreed increases of consciousness.

We figured the concept of perceived ‘Gods’ coming down from the heavens and sharing Lighted teachings with humanity was a bit too bold for the majority of the civilizations to handle [after the failures on the part of your extraterrestrial brethren], and so the personal extraterrestrial contacts were cut-off until the final dates on your Cosmic Calendar [which will call for the ET-contact phase of your ascension test] are reached near the end of your current year 2012.

It must be remembered dear souls, that these occurrences and choices which were made exist outside of the confines of your illusory linear time, which is why there have been various ET contacts on your world throughout your history as well as various incarnated Ascended Masters throughout your history. The events and happenings have merged at times as a result of the perceived paradox.

There will be times along your continual ascension paths, dear souls, where you will experience and feel in their full distortion some of the most knotted-up energies you have been manifesting not only in your current Lives, but in many past Lives you have experienced on Gaia.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to make the purest efforts that you possibly can to keep yourselves in balance whenever such events manifest themselves before you , as doing so will see you better able to integrate the lessons behind the seemingly-negative and knotted-up events you are being shown by having them manifest in your Lives.

It must be remembered dear souls that you are receiving assistance from numerous ascended and Celestial beings, and each and every event that manifests along your Life Path is meant to get you to choose the path of Love and of looser illusory constraints over the paths of illusion that you have taken many, many times and grown quite familiar with whilst inhabiting the lower vibrations.

If you could fathom in its full purity and intensity all of the work that is being performed for the ascension of the surface of Gaia at this time, it would boggle your minds as to how many beings are assisting you in your finding of Love in its less-distorted forms.

The ascension of Earth is a process that we are all sternly committed to, and we here in the higher realms have spent multitudes of our energy assisting you with your various Life lessons as a collective and as individuals.

It must be understood dear souls that the fifth dimensional extraterrestrial souls who are giving you assistance at this time have preferred the more bold, in-the-physical contacts with your various civilizations in which they appear before your various civilizations by flying down to Earth from their starships.

This is how they have preferred to make their many benevolent contacts with humanity as indeed, when they are decreed and cleared to make these contacts the very purposes of them are to ‘shatter’ the paradigms of illusion of the many souls who would be seeing their ships and learning their teachings.

This is not how we Ascended Masters who have been guiding the extraterrestrial souls in assisting your world at this time have preferred to make our contacts with humanity.

Of course we wanted to make benevolent contacts just as the fifth dimensional extraterrestrial souls were at that time, but again we preferred the incarnate form as it best suited the lessons we were attempting to give to humanity. The ‘belief’ game is one which has been played and employed during our various visits to Earth and various contacts with Humanity.

We have incarnated on your world many times and played the parts of Earth humans who have found the Light and Divinity within ourselves for indeed, upon incarnating on your world we carried within us the Light that each and every soul truly is, and being Ascended Masters who directly incarnated on your surface rather than reaching the states of consciousness we were experiencing from lower dimensions, we were able to find, feel and radiate the Light that we all hold within much easier than many unawakened souls on the surface of Earth.

We have preferred to contact humanity in these ways as again, our direct incarnations on Earth have fit in accordingly with the lessons we have been attempting to teach humanity.

Many of us Ascended Masters who have incarnated on your world have since had to deal with seeing many of our teachings distorted to fit in with specific darkly-inclined agendas of control and suppression of the very Light and knowledge that humanity holds within, that we incarnated on Earth to share with you.

Indeed, whole religions and structures of belief which in many cases are very limiting have been constructed over words we have spoken on the surface of Earth and energies we have attempted to help humanity gain a remembrance and reignited knowledge of.

It does pain us in a way to see our teachings distorted, but of course any opportunity for pain or for any types of lower dimensional experience is transmuted immediately upon feeling such illusions here in the higher realms.

We have wished to act in accordance with the decreed increases of consciousness of humanity in any given time period as such consciousness increases were meant to manifest, as have the fifth dimensional extraterrestrial souls who have assisted and contacted your world so very many times.

Upon the official announcements and disclosures that you have heard about so very much, the aspect of us celestial and Ascended Masters who have been assisting your world and who have incarnated upon your world many times will be an aspect of the discussion that is not at first discussed.

This is because there are so very many other things that humanity needs and deserves to hear about in the beginning and the most important truths for you to be exposed to as a collective in the beginning will be those about how your world has been controlled and how the Light that you hold within has been deliberately suppressed.

The information of your ascended extraterrestrial brethren whom are your genetic cousins assisting Earth in accordance with the decreed ascension of Gaia and all on Her surface will be disclosed in the beginning as well, and you will see many pictures and videos of extraterrestrials and UFO sightings that have never made their way to the general public.

By this we mean you will be exposed to much military footage of the star and motherships of your extraterrestrial brethren that have been captured on such military cameras and believe us dear souls, there are thousands upon thousands of such videos and pictures that you have never been let ‘in the loop’ about.

The reason for the existence of these videos and pictures of various types of motherships and starships is because your dark have been working on and looking into ways that they can build their own military starships and motherships, and indeed in the military base that you know as Area 51 they have been building such ships and testing them.

Of course, you do not see the testing of the motherships as they used to perform such testing out of the vicinity of Earth’s atmosphere and surface; in essence, these flight tests were performed in space when your dark still thought that they could weaponize space.

Of course, they attached many bomb systems and advanced weapons onto such starships and motherships, and their doing this was to fit in with their attempted weaponization of space, again when they still thought that they could get away with such things.

As a result of their attempts and successes in building these aircrafts though they are not allowed to use the weapon-based parts of such crafts, they have been looking into many UFO sightings that for the most part, have not been shown to humanity.

Through the Akashic records we will be able to show you such videos and dear souls they will truly astonish you as the advanced nature of many of the craft of your extraterrestrial brethren will truly boggle your minds.

We know that you have been getting very excited to hear about the immediate period ahead and we know that you as a collective and as individuals are ready to get things off of the ground so to speak, and once again we remind you to look to the events currently in manifestation on your world for solid proof that everything is truly coming to a head and coming to fruition.

The dark are stepping down in increasing numbers and indeed dear souls, we can promise you that the resignations you are seeing in manifestation currently are to pick up exponentially in the weeks ahead.

You have seen how fast the list of resignations has already grown and this happening is acting in accordance with the many deals that have been brokered as the Illuminati heads on your world realize that they are no longer in any types of positions of influence or sway on your world.

You have heard of the very powerful ego-programs that have been instated in the minds of such souls, and their realizing that they no longer decide what happens on Earth has been one of the most difficult lessons that they have ever had to learn, and for the most part they are still struggling with learning this.

Your beautiful ascension process is more than anything a realization on the part of the ascendee, of the hollow and truly transparent nature of the seemingly solid and dense reality which you find around you.

Whilst inhabiting the lower dimensions, naturally your reality reflects that state of consciousness, and the process of ascension is initiated in waves and cycles as one begins to realize for themselves the hollow nature of their reality.

Indeed your reality is quite hollow, and as has been expressed before is it simply your belief in the physical constructs around you that make them so real.

This is why so many souls on your world who have been working in the worst interests of humanity have taken great strides to ensure that the majority of humanity think that you are nothing more than third dimensional physical humans who possess no other etheric or [what can be seen as] paradigm-shattering types of abilities.

They have wanted you to think and feel this because as has also been expressed endlessly, you Create your reality and the overall experiences you have based on each and every thought and emotional impression that you feel, think and bring through yourselves.

This of course is why separation is so heavily played upon in many aspects of your worldly culture; separation between man and woman, between adult and child, between races, dear souls we could go on and on seemingly forever but we have wished so dearly for you to realize that you as a collective are truly not bound by such illusory linear constructs and limitations. You are the imagination of a wonderfully advanced, immensely Loving and all-knowing ascended being.

You exist as this ascended being and as the pure Logos energy which makes up the very essence of this being, the very essence of the Creator whom has been funneled down to the lower realms to temporary feel and exist in such realms.

This is who you are dear souls, and no types of illusory labels or limitations can take that away from you. You can only be temporarily fooled into believing that you are not the Supreme Creator of your reality incarnate in a dense [yet currently ascending] form.

Your ascension process is one which is so very beautiful to witness and we take much Joy in watching you find your way out of the dense jungle of shadow and illusion that you have kept yourselves occupied with for so very long.

Indeed, it was the choice of each and every soul who is on Earth to incarnate upon Her beautiful surface, and many of you are yourselves Angels who have incarnated at this time to give the energetic assistance that you have been hearing of.

You have heard of our presence on Earth in many different Lives and as many different influential spiritual teachers, and it is crucially important to express at this time that the Lightworkers and Light Holders who are incarnate on Gaia at this time are energetic extensions of the oversoul of many of us Ascended Masters and Angles who are directly assisting Earth.

This is true as well with the extraterrestrial fifth dimensional souls who are assisting Earth at this time, and this is why you have heard from many extraterrestrial sources that they are the ‘higher selves’ of humanity in many ways.

This is indeed so, as these souls are themselves less-dense extensions of a grander oversoul who exists in dimensions much more pure than those of your extraterrestrial brethren, but your extraterrestrials brethren are in fact the ascended forms of many of you who are incarnate on Earth.

This may be a bit of a steep truth to soak in, but we trust that the message will find its way to most who are extensions of the many ascended and extraterrestrial souls who are happily assisting in this beautiful process that Earth is continually undergoing.

As we make our final words and impressions for this communication, we place focus again on the importance of making your own attempts and efforts to contact us and feel our energies as well as the energies of the various guides of humanity who have been aiding in the personal Life Paths of the many souls whom they have been assigned to as guides. You have many Angels around you waiting to be called upon, which is why we place such importance in your doing so.

We wish not to push doing so onto anyone, but trust us dear souls when finding this connection for yourselves you will realize that the many souls assisting you at this time are souls who have been very close to you and very close to humanity. We are all One, and the Love that we ascended souls have for you dear humans far surpasses any purity of Love that you have felt whilst inhabiting the lower vibrations.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

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