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The Office of Poofness: July 27, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!

poof 1Greetings and Salutations:
POOF Said:
The issues are secrecy, discretion, and there are other eyes who read these newsletters who attempt to thwart the process. We are watching the final pieces of all of this giant jigsaw puzzle get put together and the holes are being filled, the cards are being punched, the chips are being gathered up and the folks who are needing to be caged are being handled as well. I am here to tell you that the bugs have been worked out and the ##### is getting straightened out…Everyone should be very pleased at what has been accomplished. It does mean that you should start seeing results and do appreciate all that has had to happen for it all to roll through the golden gates.- Poof.
“Those that are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed by the masses.”  -Plato

ZAP Says;
Hi all,
Here is where part of the lid comes off. Part of the news blackout is over.
Many months ago, many transactions in regard of historic bonds, dinar, dong, other currency, gold, gems, etc were completed, and funds were generated. Then they started to transfer these funds to the payees, and all attempts to transfer funds failed.

Nobody knew why, and there was much shouting and blaming everybody and everything from the cabal to other forms of vegetables to the weather. But still, nobody knew why the transfers were all blocked. There was great suffering to this day as people lost homes, families, lives as they were counting on the payments on the transactions.

Now, most of the payments were to be done in the new TRN. Since the TRN was not ready, they attempted to transfer in USD and Euro. Nothing worked.
Last Thursday, the IMF announced that the administrative block they placed on these transactions was removed, and they could complete the transfers in peace.
The cat came out of the bag.

Why did the IMF not tell everybody that they were placing administrative blocks on the transfers? Simple: if they did, their door would be pounded on 24 hours a day by principals, bankers, lawyers, and brokers demanding their funds be released. They would not be able to get any work done with that nightmare, so they kept silent.

This means that on Monday, all global transactions that affect the GCR, RV, and global reset such as the bonds and uncut, etc, will be released and paid out. The world will begin to breathe.

However, this will occur only next week. When the week is over and the majority of the transactions get paid out, the system will shut down for a month
This closure (no international transfers other than normal commerce and domestic banking) coincides with the arrests of the criminals that have raped and pillaged humanity for so long.

This includes bankers, senators, congressmen, heads of state, etc
They will not be able to hide their money, or make bail
When the system restarts, all major funds transfers (other than established normal commerce) will have to prove the provenance of the money.
The bad guys will not be able to, and their ill-gotten wealth they could not hide, and the wealth they did hide, will be an open book to the authorities. Goodbye bad guys.

I can write this because it is far too late for the bad guys to do anything except wait for the inevitable. If they try to hide their money now, they will be immediately flagged since the transactions are all logged and approved for payment, and their transfers would stand out like the proverbial thumb. Too bad, so sad.
The pigs are laughing.

In other news…
Q: Subject: WF . When you return, would you ask Susan about something and WF (Wells Fargo bank)? Exo is saying some interesting things about what WF is going to do to us all at exchange “that we have no earthly idea about.” It sounds like we will be screwed. He says they talk to WF traders and that is how they know but he isn’t telling us right now. I hope he does. Soon! He is asking us questions and saying we need to read between the lines and it is part of the bait and switch and trap at exchange… I know you and I have discussed the WF contract and that they are slated to do the exchanges, but this seems sinister!
1. Why do you really think the United States Treasury department allows Wells Fargo to do “friends & family deals” and issue SKRs and GFRs on a currency that is not internationally tradable or acceptable?
2. What do you really think Wells Fargo is doing with the trillions in IQD (Iraqi Dinar) they have taken in and issued SKRs and GFRs on?
3. Why do you really think Wells Fargo is allowed and authorized to accept currency that is not internationally tradable and acceptable, yet other banks cannot?  - SL

ZAP – In respect of 1. Because WF is the bank that will be doing the exchanges.
In respect of 2. WF is sitting on a pile of currency waiting for the signal to begin the RV exchange process.
In respect of 3., because WF has the contract to do it, and no other bank.
By the way, the Chinese family owns a great portion of WF. If the bank that was chosen to do the dinar was JPMorgan, I would say run as fast as you can.

Q: Dear ZAP, Writing this brief note to share few of my personal insights as feedback to some of ur recent posts  - First again a giant thank you for ur posts!
1) FYI gaining a passport is hard when we are in free-fall without funds to pay for it or for our other mounting bills including needed healthcare and car repairs and rent, etc. Now you have my definition of how “hard” it is.
2) Susan rocks. Your comment about her so deserving our financial help is full of impeccable integrity as she is. In my and others’ integrity we would send her regular funds IF I had them – do not. Could u honor us also? There are others of us (working our lifetimes for God Source) who have also been “attacked” health-wise (etc) to stop our creating… even close to ever since we were born. How about some gratitude we’re dedicated, strong, compassionate, ornery and magniloquently wildly lovingly naturally spirited enough to stay this creative course!?
3) When you only listed established already funded projects as those to receive funding , you left out those of us who have been working on our projects since our inception (close to forever) which need the funding and a safe enough environment within to create them… I prefer to feel and be appreciated and respected. I know u know we are also included in your planned projects – so wish for some acknowledgement and perhaps kudos please. ? Only my intent to to create these projects is stronger than my intention to retire from the “trenches.” Thanks again and may prosperity with safety come sooner than soon. - Earthmom

ZAP – In respect of 1., Yeah it is an uphill battle, and many (too many) of us have endured these hardships.
In respect of 2., There will be relief funds very, very soon. The project side will give a helping hand for immediate needs. Everybody look to the projects to provide what you really need because through the projects, you will be giving what others need. So your needs will be automatically looked after. No more pain.
In respect of 3., Please submit the projects. Get them in so we can do the budget outflows. And yes, I so much appreciate the thought that has gone into the projects, and once people see other being funded, they will come out of the woodwork and get theirs up and running properly. This is our function: to help and to fund the projects.
God bless you for sticking it out.

Q: Dear ZAP and Susan,  a) From your July 13th update, you mention St. Germain: “And you can thank St Germain for his financial engineering of these times. Pretty strong stuff.” Has beloved St. Germain embodied again on Earth, given his instructions through ancient Will documents, or have instructions come through surviving family representatives?
ZAP – Both. He is here, and also speaks through many messengers. It is the time.
b) There was a neat prophecy noted on the Stage3Alpha website earlier this month: Mahdi (English: Guided One) is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will rule for seven, nine or nineteen years (according to differing interpretations)[1] before the Day of Judgment (yawm al-qiyamah / literally, the Day of Resurrection)[2] and will rid the world of evil.[3] According to Islamic tradition, the Mahdi’s tenure will coincide with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Isa), who is to assist the Mahdi against the Masih ad-Dajjal (literally, the “false Messiah” or Antichrist).

ZAP – I have always wondered who the hell is the anti-Christ. And whether or not he is related to the vegetable or Simian family in some way.
c) I know who the “Prince-of-Peace” is. Prem Rawat (aka Maharaji) in 1970, in New Delhi India at age 12, before a gigantic crowd proclaimed “I declare that I will establish peace in this world”. He has not let up one iota over these last 44 years. His focus is laser sharp; his words are true and healing — all with a simple smile of joy.
ZAP – Cool. As long as the lesson of Mother Theresa is not repeated, or Jesus. We have already done the crucifixion thing, so no need to do that one continuously (as many still do).
Thank you for your updates!!! Much love, – JM
ZAP – Much love and light.

BAGHDAD: Iraq’s parliament on Thursday elected veteran Kurdish politician Fouad Masoum as federal president, a move that paves the way for the much-delayed formation of a new government.
ZAP – Yay! They found an acceptable monkey.
Parliament speaker Salim Al Juburi announced that Masoum, who was the first prime minister of autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan more than two decades ago, had garnered the most votes.  Masoum won 211 votes while his challenger only managed 17 in the second round, according to figures announced by Juburi.  Masoum, 76, is one of the founders of current President Jalal Talabani’s Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party. He is considered a soft-spoken moderate, known for keeping good relations with Sunni and Shiite Arab politicians.
ZAP – Excellent. Sounds good.
The vote for president — a largely ceremonial post — was delayed for a day when the Kurdish bloc requested more time to select a candidate. They named Masoum as their pick late Wednesday. Under an unofficial agreement dating back to the 2003 US-led invasion, Iraq’s presidency is held by a Kurd while the prime minister is Shiite and the parliamentary speaker is Sunni.
ZAP – Monkeys rule.

So considering everything, we are all set to go. I have discussed the sequence at length with susan so she understands, and can give a guiding hand where needed. There are some things still in blackout mode as security is still paramount, but overall, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and objects are coming into focus in this light.

I am so happy with the overall progress you have no idea. I too have been dreaming of the day we can all get to the real work at hand, and begin our 1000 years of peace and prosperity. Thanks to the white hats in all agencies, governments, communities, etc, our humanity will indeed get there rather quickly now.

I will try to get the latest picture of snuffles (Hamish) grinning. They tried to get a pic of him last week doing that, but the apple distracted him.

Be happy. We are at the end of the trek, and about to go on another path. Many technologies are now coming to remediate our planet, and give us fresh air and clean water again. Flying pigs are everywhere now.

In Love and Light in Our Service

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Love and Kisses,
‘The Office of Poofness”‘
Susan and Staff

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