Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beyond Time by Peggy Black

Thank you Team and Peggy!

Peggy BlackThe Team: Beyond Time, as received by Peggy Black, July 16, 2014  –
We are here; we acknowledge your courage and tenacity to hold a physical form, especially during these times of great upheaval and change.  We honor you in this stage of transforming your reality.
In order to do that, many of your beliefs must be where the transformation takes place. The biggest aspect of evolution and expansion is to release any limited concepts. We again offer the opportunity and the invitation to stretch one of your accepted and sacred beliefs.
Let’s just take the concept of time. Time that exists in your belief systems, time that is a part of this third dimensional construct, does not exist or manifest the same in the other dimensions.
There is an assumed and strongly held belief about time and the concept of time in your dimension.  Time is one of the anchors of this dimension.  Humanity has recorded time with history, past events, clocks, and calendars as the manners and methods of measure.
Humanity has relationship with time that is most interesting. We would like to offer you a suggestion that the references you make to time keep you locked in a limited reality.
Time is a concept here on this planet. All your words about time; continues to keep you in a mind-set of restrictions. Let us give you some examples that are common in your reality.
You say there’s not enough time, time is short, time is running out, time is moving too fast, rush time, losing time, wishing for more time, I wish time would hurry up, time is moving so slowly, and where did the time go?
We believe you are getting the idea. These are beliefs about time. Time, like everything else, responds to your attitude, your beliefs, your statements, your words, your vibrations.
Time is one of the fabrics of your earthly game. It is a veil; it keeps you in the illusion. It is wise to realize that time is created only to serve a certain aspect of physical reality. We can understand your puzzlement.
Let us give you this example: Imagine a large river flowing. You are on a raft moving with this river, the river is time. You step into the belief of time and it moves you or you move with it. Now expand your vision to see the banks of the river, expand to the wooded surroundings where the river is flowing and once again, expand to see the entire forest where the river flows. The flowing river is only a small aspect of the entire forest.
Time is the flowing river of frequency vibrations ONLY UPON YOUR EARTH SCHOOL that are really a very small aspect of the entire Universe. It is only an illusion of your earth-bound mind. We realized that we are touching one of your planet’s sacred beliefs.  We don’t expect this information to change the laws of the game.
We would desire that your awareness would shift. In that shifting of your beliefs about time, there is much freedom. As you transform your time beliefs, it is reflected in your physical reality and beyond.
We invite you to play with time, Stretch it, Mold it, See if you can grab some, Step out of time, Step into time. What would your day or your life be like if “time” was only one room you went in and you could stay or just pass through?
Each individual is confronted with their old third dimensional time beliefs and the conflict as they move in consciousness to the other dimensions. Imagine moving into a new frequency in which time as you have known it does not exist. Imagine experiencing an expanding state of consciousness and expanded state of awareness in which what you thought and what you expressed was manifested instantly with no time lag. You would think it and it would appear. You would think it and it would be there.
There are those among you who have expressed this concept many times and in many ways. Your sages and story tellers say it very well. Richard Bach remarks in Jonathan Livingston Seagull, “To fly as fast as thought, to be anywhere there is, you must first begin by knowing that you already arrived.”
You are awakening to realize that you are not limited by your physical body. You are not limited by your beliefs about time. You are not limited. You are awakening to your magnificent multidimensional expression of Divine Mind.
And as such, you are experiencing the inner conflict of your old beliefs and concepts about time and the realization that you are more than your physical body. You are an unlimited Being of expansive states of consciousness.
Remember, time is part of the illusion. Remember to lift your awareness beyond the beliefs of this dimension. Remember dear one, where you come from you are much bigger than time.  The essence of who you are is beyond time. The essence of who you are sees time as an imaginary game much like the ones that children play.
Yes we hear you. and we know that you do live here in this game with time. We also understand you can honor time with its limited concepts and still know the freedom of “NO TIME.” It is in the space of “NO TIME” that you will travel.
You can travel time, shift time, honor time, struggle time, collect time or try to hold on to time, or you can relax and embrace the energetic shift that is taking place with your consciousness and the consciousness of all sentient beings.
We realize we are exposing one of your most sacred belief systems, and we understand your resistance and perhaps your confusion and your puzzlement, because the laws of time on your planet and your programmed concepts about time. So for this contact, allow yourself to process and integrate this information we have presented. We invite you to be aware of the ways you hold ‘time’ and your beliefs of ‘time’ and continue to expand beyond them.
Be gentle with yourself. Make time your friend, it is very elastic, it is very flexible. Play with it in a new way.   Remember the importance of laughter. Practice laughing at time. Take time to laugh. Fill your time with laughter. Relax into your tasks, laugh, lighten up and be aware that you are experiencing a tremendous shift in evolution. Yes, we are playing with you a little. Yet these words hold much truth and will aid you in reaching a new awareness.
Remember you are a time traveler. You move and allow your thoughts and energy to go to the past and the future throughout your day without any hesitation. Energy follows thoughts. So we invite you to practice moving beyond this time and this dimension ...and your energy will follow.
Be at peace Beloved, knowing that all is well and more.
the ‘team’
by Peggy Black
©2014 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. 
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