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False Flag Yet Again? Another Malaysian Airlines Flight Disaster as Plane ‘Shot Down’ Over Ukraine – Three Non-Mainstream Views

Thank you to these hyper-skeptical and hyper-vigilant reporters who sense that --once again-- something is not right here ...just like with the disappearing Malaysian plane from a few months ago!!

Credit: Guardian graphics
Credit: Guardian graphics
Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: Like many of you, on first hearing today that a Malaysian Airlines Flight (MH17) with 295 people on board has been shot down over the eastern Ukraine, the first thought that comes to mind is false flag – that this must be another last ditch effort to retain power.This has also occurred just as Israel has sent tanks into Gaza. A tragic distraction perhaps? It’s all too convenient, no?
I’ve just seen on the news here that a recorded telephone call says this was an AN-26 transport plane, decorated in Malaysian Airlines regalia. Go figure. So whatever we’re being told may not be the truth at all… Video footage also show what is an ‘on-ground’ explosion that doesn’t ‘explode like a plane hitting the ground; there is no ‘in-air’ footage. Kauilapele has also noted that yesterday was July 16, 2014; a 7/7/7 day (July is 7th month/  date "16" is 1+6 =7/  year "2014" is 2+0+1+4 =7). The plane is allegedly a 777.
I’ve linked a continually updating mainstream media story on this incident at the end so you can see what’s being said around the wider world. But first, here are three very non-mainstream media views on what might have happened. Discernment required, as always.
And, as always, Love and Light to all those whose families may be involved – in any capacity.

Alert: Malaysian Airliner Shot Down…Another False Flag?

By Bix Weir, Financial Commentator, Road to Roota – July 17, 2014 –
News breaking that “someone” shot down a Commercial Malaysian Air 777 over the Ukraine killing over 300 people has rocked the markets at a very significant moment.
My first thought…Is this just another false flag event?
I know it is cynical and there will be images of distraught family members blasted over the airwaves very soon but how can we believe what we are told by the mainstream media when time and time again…they have lied to us?
Many things are pointing this being just another hoax including the following:
1) Malaysian Air involved AGAIN after their “lost plane” false flag event a few months back.
2) The markets were looking for an excuse to hit the collapse button
3) Gold and Silver have been rumored to be “allowed” to run up very soon.
4) European banks are in deep, deep trouble and need an excuse.
5) Ukrainian gov’t came out immediately after the news hit with a story that they know that the Russians shot the plane down.
6) Obama and the EU have just laid new sanctions on Russia and are looking for support from the world.
All of the above leans me towards the conclusion that this is just another false flag event in a long, long string of many that our controllers have pulled off.
Let me be clear…this is just my hunch and it usually takes a few weeks/months before all the “conspiracy facts” come out proving the motives and methods behind the occurrence.
We are living in dangerous times so look at everything with a skeptical eye.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
The allegedly Israeli owned Fox News blames Russian ground based missiles... really?
The allegedly Israeli owned Fox News blames Russian ground based missiles… really?

777 Shot Down Over Ukraine: Getting Past The Lies

By Gordon Duff with Jim W. Dean, Veterans Today – July 18, 2014 –
Unconfirmed: Malaysian plane mistaken for Putin’s private jet which had flown over the area only moments before, leaving Israel and the Kiev junta as prime suspects. This may well have been an assassination attempt on Putin.
We have people on the scene now (1:45PM EST) who have found a bag of passports and medical equipment. We will keep you updated.
With the beginning of the Israeli ground attack on Gaza, might they well claim the plane was:
1: An “Egyptian horse barge,” shot down by mistake
2: Spying on Israeli troop movements
(ref: USS Liberty Israeli cover stories)
From Mike Harris:
Malaysia hosted the war crimes tribunals which found George W Bush and company guilty as well as Israel guilty of war crimes, perhaps this is why they were targeted.
Initial stories, traced back to Israeli intelligence, that a Russian jet is responsible for downing the Malaysian Airlines 777 with all aboard, are being disseminated to anyone stupid enough to listen. Showing their hand this early is a monumental blunder.
Here is what we have so far, unconfirmed. An American built F 15 fighter took off from an airfield in Azerbaijan. Back in 2010, Azerbaijan claimed that this and one other airfield was taken over by Armenian militants. However, these two facilities were home to Israeli aircraft that relocated there as while participating in training exercises with the Turkish Air Force. Turkey allowed Israel to train pilots in strategic bombing in areas selected because they closely resembled potential Israeli targets in Iran.
Israel would send 8 aircraft in for training with the Turks, 6 would return to Israel, two went on to Azerbaijan in preparation for a planned air assault on Iran. To aid this effort, Saudi Arabia put out cover stories stating that it had denied Israeli requests to cross their territory to attack Iran.
These bases are supplied through the Georgian seaport of Poti. Armaments for the “attack that never happened” were offloaded in Poti by the USS Grapple in 2010 and shipped with help of Chechen extremists working with the Jamestown Foundation and Rand Corporation.
Those two organizations were recently found to be working with groups in Turkey in support of ISIS operations in Iraq as reported by Jeffrey Silverman, Veterans Today Bureau Chief working out of Tbilisi.
The reason for the attack on the airliner is not clear and can only be speculated on. This is an extremely serious incident. Pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine have no air defense systems capable of operating that high, or a need for them with air ground attack being their main concern. US surveillance which includes AWAC, drones and satellites is capable of detecting the launch of any air defense missile, ground based, capable of reaching the necessary 32,000 foot altitude.
Such a weapon would have been spotted in seconds and, as all such systems in the region are under continual surveillance due to the sensitive nature of the conflict and the history of allegations made, making claims we expect to be made outlandish.
There are questions. Why two Malaysian Airlines planes? If someone or something so threatening that this act was seen as ”reasonable and justified,” even by the Israelis, was undertaken, we will never hear the truth. Minimally, biological or chemical agents capable of global holocaust would have to have been onboard.
After the disappearance of Flight 370, author Chris Bollyn published photographs of a plane that looked identical to flight 370 stating that plane was in Israel and was likely to be used by that nation in a terror attack. The story, both fascinating and yet reeking of wild conspiracy theory, dominated alternative media for some time. There is now serious reason to reassess the story, why was it written, what were the sources and was it simply a hoax or tied to something far more serious.
The only other possibility is destabilization of the region and to push for a world war. It is reasonable to suggest that an Israeli plane was involved because we know they have the only clandestine capability within the region.
As to the plot or reason, simply blaming Israel is not supportable, no more than blaming Hamas for murdering the 3 children a few short weeks ago.
Thus, we assume these as high probability:
◾An aircraft was used, most likely an American built F15 because of range and capability.
◾Azerbaijan was used because we know of clandestine bases there, which were confirmed by military officers who defected to Iran in 2013.
◾We know Israel has some role, yet undefined, because they are spreading stories blaming Russia.
◾As this is a second Malaysian Airlines plane to go down, we look for false stories regarding Israel and Malaysian planes and reassess their meaning.
◾As is always the case, que bono, who benefits?
We ask readers to watch the world news and those in the region, report directly to our bureau there.
Location map of the point (marked in red) of the air strike against Flight MH-17 according to the flight tracking data.
Location map of the point (marked in red) of the air strike against Flight MH-17 according to the flight tracking data.

Who Shot Down the Malaysian Jet Over Ukraine?

By Oriental Review – Jul 18, 2014 –
On July 17, 2014 the madness of three-month-long Ukrainian military conflict in the East has brought the first shocking international consequence.
At 3.20PM GMT the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200 jet flight #MH-17 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur disappeared inside the Ukrainian airspace right above the area of intense military combat in Donetsk region and crushed near Grabovo village, around 60 km to the east from Donetsk. All 285 passengers and 15 crew members have reportedly died.
According to data available the airliner “was moving at the altitude of 10,600 meters on the 350th flight level”. This flight level was opened for international transit flights, despite since July 8, 2014 the Ukrainian aviation authorities “did not recommend” international transit flights in the area below 302th level i.e. 9600 meters due to the “anti-terrorist operation” unleashed in the area involving Ukrainian pursuit aviation and air-defense capabilities in action. So formally the Malaysian company complied with the ruling of Ukrainian civil aviation authority although the security risk for the flight was evident.
The area of the catastrophe is indeed the epicentre of the ongoing fierce fighting between regular Ukrainian army units and rebellious armed militias of Novorossia opposing anti-constitutional February coup d’etat in Kiev. An informed source monitoring operational situation in the area has revealed earlier on Wednesday that a battery of Buk antiaircraft missile systems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was deployed near Donetsk. At present, another battery of the same missile systems is being loaded in Kharkiv. The aircraft flying at the altitude of more than 10 thousand meters might be hit only with weapons like S-300 or Buk. The militias don’t have such weapons, and cannot afford them as it was acknowledged even by the Ukrainian Defense minister Valery Galetey in a statement on another issue two days before the Flight MH-17 tragedy:
“…a “powerful weapon” must have been used to down the plane flying at 6,500 meters, an altitude the shoulder-fired missiles used by the separatists can’t reach.”
The Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko argues that the catastrophe in Donetsk was most likely caused by the incompetence and non-professionalism of the Ukrainian operators of the Buk systems during its testing after the battery was deployed in the new location. He said that the Ukrainian antiaircraft unit did not have any kind of proper training for the last 23 years since the collapse of Soviet Union.
What happened today is hardly the first case of “errant shooting” of the Ukrainian military on civilian air targets. On October 4, 2001 the Russian Siberia Airline flight #1812 Tel-Aviv-Novosibirsk carrying 66 passengers and 12 crew members was erroneously hit by a Ukrainian missile over the Black Sea during military exercises, which was eventually admitted by the Ukrainian side. No one on board survived.
So regardless the MH-17 incident was caused by the criminal negligence and incompetence of the Ukrainian military or deliberate (and reckless) Kiev’s provocation to put blame on Russia, the strong international committment to make Kiev immediately halt its punitive actions in Novorossia until all the circumstances of the tragedy are thoroughly investigated is urgently needed.
And now to a mainstream story from The Guardian (London) which is being constantly updated:
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