Monday, July 21, 2014

Photos: 67 Years Later Cloaked UFOs Seen Moving Over Roswell, New Mexico Crash Site

Oh, our beloved cloudships are so amazing!!  They park in our skies directly above us right out in the one giving it a second thought that these cloud images that "just look like ships" are actually really our space family simply hiding out in plain sight!  We've seen them ourselves many many times, and in this very blog,  We've actually snapped a photo of them (click here to see).  ENJOY.

Thank you Galactic Brothers & Sisters, Roswell and Scott!

roswell 7
Photo Jody Miller
By Scott C. Waring, UFO Sightings Daily – July 18, 2014 –
These amazing UFOs cloaked in clouds were seen near Roswell, New Mexico in June.
This cloud swirled, keeping it tightly together surrounding the UFO to hide it, but nevertheless, we know what it is. Remember the old UFO cloud over Russia years ago taken by a driver…I enlarged it back then and saw several black orbs shooting from the upper part of the UFO cloud and shooting straight up! Back then, few UFO researches exist studying these so it was overlooked and forgotten.
UFOs and clouds…often people do not understand or comprehend how these two are related, however with a few hours on online UFO research you should find that there are a lot of ties.
You see, I myself have had a UFO sighting and the UFOs I saw made long cloud straight tunnels. I saw the balls of light bigger than a 777 jet appear out of nowhere overhead and they slowly moved into the beginning of these cloud tunnels which in a cloudless sky went as far as the eye could see. I saw over 25 that day…me and a lot of others staring straight up in confusion.
This is my main reason, however I have recorded other UFOs in or around clouds. One moved wheel like with three star arm only. Others small fast orbs entering and leaving clouds.
Free your mind from the chains that the media has put upon it.
All Photos taken by Jody Miller.

roswell 7
roswell 6

roswell 1

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