Monday, July 28, 2014

Now is the Time for Doing by Steve Beckow

Thank you Steve and all your Guides!

DoingIf we combine some of the things we’re being told right now with some of the things we see, I think we’ll get the central importance for lightworkers at this time of concentrating on raising the vibrations of love and light on the planet – of ourselves, our families, society, every unit of the human community.

Why?  Well, take what the Galactic Group said recently about the Reval. They said that the Reval would occur when the vibrations on the planet were such that the money would not and could not go to the forces of darkness because they would only use it to create more death and destruction than they already have.

They said that, as the vibrations rise, we’ll reach a level that, when the money is released to lightworkers, the dark won’t even see it happening.

They said that, as the vibrations rise, the dark ones will sicken and die or be taken off-planet by their overseers and minions. They won’t be able to tolerate the higher levels of light and love.

Consciousnesses burdened by pillage, torture, extortion, and subversion of the social order won’t be able to endure what comes up for them when those deep fissures in their personalities open up.

The Tsunami of Love is raising those vibrations. Linda Dillon said to me that that need not take a long time and I agree.  But what we need to do at this time is to pierce through what it is that we can do that raises the vibration on the planet.

What kinds of actions might these be? In a certain sense, the kinds of actions are the mirror opposite of what the Illuminati practiced. In place of perpetrations, we’ll need to put into place integrity. In places of the lies we’ve been fed, as Stephen Cook has reminded us, we’ll need to put in place the truth. In place of the cold-hearted concentration on amassing wealth and damn those who fall behind in “the race,” we’ll need to put in place compassion and an accent on sharing and the common good,

Look at the pattern in what the Company of Heaven has been sharing recently. Have you seen how much emphasis they’re putting on using the tools they’ve been giving us? The violet flame, containment boxes, the Mother’s waves of clarity and purity, love and grace, Archangel Michael’s sword and shield, the services of our guardian angels, invocation of the universal laws, etc.

They’re reviewing the tools we’ve been given to make a difference in our world. And that difference is in raising the world’s net quotient and frequency of love and light.

The mechanism for the overall elevation of the planet’s vibrations is already in place (the Tsunami of Love). But we still need to open up to it. We can turn our faces from it and lessen its impact on ourselves and those who benefit from our radiating that love out into the world.

But what I think we need to do, for reasons connected to all that’s happening right now, the most important of which is the total success of Ascension, is to open to the vibrations and do everything we possibly can to lift the levels of light and love on the planet.

Walk down the street radiating love to everyone. Visualize yourself as a stream for golden prosperity to come from above (or inside) and radiate out to all you meet.

Instead of drawing back from some scene that would have repulsed you yesterday, today move further with or into that scene. It may be that you can only remain neutral today. It may be that you can only refrain from judging. It may be that you can actually assist. Whatever step you can take to raise the vibration of your response, perhaps do that.

Perhaps meditate. Perhaps listen to soft or pleasant music. Turn off the TV. Every channel I turn to is simply about death and destruction, violence and betrayal anyways.

Perhaps extend yourself to a friend. Take care of someone you know who’s sick, infirm, or aged. Look after someone else’s kids for an evening. Help a neighbor.

Take any of the divine qualities and begin practicing it. Take any spiritual teaching and set about applying it in your life. And another and another. Do anything by way of outreach, compassionate action or caring concern.

I now know that it isn’t “time” that’ll solve our dilemmas and difficulties. It’s raising the vibration, the frequency of love.  That’s Job One and it’s something that everyone can do.

Anything that raises the light or love quotient on the planet is what we can do. And, if ever it was so, now is the time for doing.
by Steve Beckow

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