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UPDATED WED JULY 9, 2014: Jesus on Love and Personal Transformation – Parts 1 & 2 by Steve Beckow

Thank you Christ, John, and Steve!

With John Smallman’s permission and inspired by a TV program I watched as a child (Walter Conkrite, You Are There), I’ve constructed a series of imaginary interviews with Jesus, a project I hope to continue with other Lights from the Company of Heaven. All quotes are from his site at
Thanks to John for such clear and full channelings.
Interviewer: Jesus, thank you for allowing us to speak with you this day. My first question is: why does love seem so special to us?
Jesus: Love is your nature, and at the depths of your Essence.  (1) Love is joyful, accepting, enthusiastic, comforting, and inspiring, as divinely intended. (2)
When you experience Love you find that it is irresistible, and that is what the vast majority of humanity has been seeking for eons. (3)
You cannot live without Love. It is the life force, the limitless field of infinite divine energy in which All That Is has Its eternal and utterly fulfilling existence. You are alive and therefore held closely in the warm embrace of the field of Love which supports you totally and provides abundantly for all your needs without you having to, as it were, lift a finger. (4)
I: What are our choices around love?
J: Consciousness in all its many forms – individual, family, group, collective, planetary, galactic, multiverse – has only two options: either turn towards it, accept that loving embrace and delight in the warmth, acceptance, and wonder that that entails: or turn away in denial of Reality and pretend that it does not exist. For eons, many on Earth have been doing the latter, but to deny something does not and cannot make it cease to be. (5)
I: Can you describe love as an energy field?
J: Love is the most powerful field of energy that exists. It is the only energy field that exists. Any other energy that you can conceive of or experience is of the illusion, and is an enormously diluted and weakened form of Love, which allowed you to think that you had power without the Presence of your Father.
Love is the life force; you cannot live without It. You are, every one of you, essential parts or aspects of It. However, when you constructed the illusion you attempted to exclude It, by apparently separating yourselves, shutting yourselves off from God. That is not possible, but you were and are free to pretend that it is, and that is what causes you so much pain and suffering. (6)
We are one Consciousness, God (our Source), all those in the spiritual realms, and all those in physical form throughout all physical Universes. Love and all Its many aspects are conscious energy waves in infinite abundance flowing freely throughout creation, and anything not in alignment with Love is completely illusory. (7)
I: It must be pretty powerful then.
J: I cannot emphasize strongly enough the immense power of Love. There is nothing stronger; it is as simple as that. Large numbers of you have, at various times, “fallen in love,” and when this has happened to you you have been overwhelmed with joy and happiness, and with the way it seems to empower you. You feel not only that nothing is impossible but also very intensely that the love you are feeling must be visible to everyone with whom you come in contact. What you experience as embodied humans when that occurs is but the most infinitesimal sense of what actually awaits you when you awaken into Reality and into the Love in which your Father embraces you eternally.
Love, as you have been frequently informed, is the power, the energy, and the intelligence of creation itself. Everything that exists was created in Love, by Love for the infinite pleasure that it would then enjoy, basking in and forever savoring the divine embrace in which all is encompassed.
So, when you want to achieve something, when you intend to achieve something, the way to do so is to engage with Love. You are all children of Love; Love is your eternal nature, and it is by engaging with It that all that you could possibly desire not only becomes possible, but actually occurs.  (8)
I: What is the impact of fear on love?
J: Fear is intensely restrictive. Love is infinitely inclusive. The two cannot co-exist, you have to choose between them, and only Love is Real! So, truly there is no choice, just the requirement that you open your hearts to release your belief in fear, to let it go and refuse to acknowledge it.
When you do so Love will flood in, filling the space that fear had occupied, had fenced in, so that your heart center will expand, and you will feel Love and see It and recognize It everywhere.
Love is your nature, your Source. It is all that exists. And by shutting yourselves off from It you have caused yourselves immense pain and suffering throughout the eons. Having had enough of this insane way of experiencing life you made the collective decision to awaken, and collectively you most definitely are stirring in your deep slumber, moving positively and inexorably towards the moment of your awakening.
It is your hearts which are stirring, because in truth you are all Heart, and it is your hearts that have been so closed off and restricted by the illusion. It is as though you had confined yourselves fearfully within a minute dwelling with no windows and only a tiny bolted door through which you could enter or leave, while outside, waiting for you to emerge so that He could embrace and caress you, your Father was watching over you and keeping you eternally safe and secure. To awaken is to unbolt that door and emerge into the brilliant Light of eternal day! (9)
I: Can love be destroyed?
J: It cannot be destroyed, defeated, weakened or avoided because all is contained within It. (10)  Love … is indestructible and infinitely persistent, and all will succumb to Its gentle and loving embrace which is constantly reaching up to you from the inner depths of your being. (11)
It does not impose or demand, but within the illusion you can pretend that It does not exist, and by doing so you shut out joy and happiness from your lives, replacing them with fear and anxiety which you either deny, attempt to conceal, or cower away from like helpless victims of some hideous monster.
However, Love is endlessly patient, It will wait until you choose, as you eventually will, to accept It, whereupon boundless joy will be eternally yours. That, surely, is reason enough to give thanks? (12)
I: I imagine I’m a hard case but I fear I’ll fail to experience love or, if I do, I’ll experience very little of it. I worry that I may never succeed in becoming one with God.
J: There is no such thing as “failure.” It is just another aspect of the illusion that you use to beat yourself up – or others! Just let it go, like all other forms of judgment which serve only to distract you from being yourself — namely Love.
That is what you are; you have just forgotten and have come to believe that you need to receive It, when in fact you always have It in abundance. If you do not experience It, that is because you have chosen to judge yourselves as being without It, in need of It, and by making that judgment you have effectively chosen to block It out, believing yourselves unworthy of It. And so you seek It, frequently in ways that cannot possibly help you to find It.
How could you possibly be unworthy of the substance of your being? You were created in Love, by Love, from Love – there is nothing else – which is just another word that signifies God, the Source of all that exists, and of which every sentient being is an essential and inseparable part. Separation from that Source is inconceivable, unachievable, utterly impossible.
You are constantly and eternally one with God, period. No further discussion of this divine truth has any meaning. You are all eternally loved and cherished by your heavenly Father, and nothing can change that, ever. (13)
All quotes are taken from the First Contact wiki, managed by Brian R., here:
(Continued in Part 2.)
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Jesus on Love and Personal Transformation – Part 2/2 

(Continued from Part 1/2.)
Thanks to John Smallman. All quotes are from his site at

Jesus: Love is the Source from which all that exists flows, because It is That from which all is created, it makes absolutely no sense whatever to deny It, avoid It, or hide from It.
To do so is to be like an infant that on putting its hands in front of its face believes that what it can no longer see is no longer there. Humanity has collectively chosen to remove its hands from in front of its face and once more see its Mother looking at it adoringly.
You have played at hiding yourselves from Her for far too long, but She has never lost sight of you, She never will, and your awakening is divinely assured. (1)

I: I thought coming home to God was the purpose of all our lives, the reason for our awakening.
J: To come Home to God is your reason for awakening, for removing your hands from your eyes, and the joy that you will then experience is beyond description. You have yearned for this for eons, and yet you have avoided taking the necessary steps to achieve it until now.
Only now is the realization that Love is your nature breaking into your awareness. The illusion would persuade you that Love comes from another, or from God, but, as is now finally breaking into your awareness, God is Love and you are all aspects of God Consciousness created from Love, and therefore, of yourselves, you are Love incarnate.
Your bodies, and their apparent unending needs have hidden the truth from you, but now you are no longer able to keep that truth at bay. You have chosen to awaken, and that choice has intensified the power of the Divine energy field in which you are securely and eternally enveloped, so that you can no longer deny or ignore it. (2)

I: Must we wait to come into the Divine Presence before we experience perfect harmony?
J: God is Love and He could not and would not wish to create anything that was not in perfect harmony with Himself. In Reality, in the Divine Presence there is brilliant, awe-inspiring Light, in which there is total clarity, total understanding, total wisdom, and unconditional loving acceptance of all of God’s creations. (3)

I: What is the impact of love on awakening?
J: Love is the key to spiritual awareness because all that is spiritual, all that exists, rests in Love. Love is gentle, kind, compassionate, accepting, forgiving, and yet It is the most powerful energy, the most powerful Will because It is infinite, and there is nothing apart from It.
To Love is to awaken, and to awaken is to Love. It is that simple, and that is what is happening on Earth at this moment. You are about to start rubbing your eyes and splashing water on your faces as the new day dawns – the eternal Day that the illusion hid from you and which is not new but is brilliant and unchanging, just as it was created.
You are Love, you have always been Love, you always will be Love, and that truth is finally breaking into your collective awareness, leading to enormous changes all across the planet. (4)

I: What is the impact of awakening on love?
J: Awakening is the release of the imaginary, of the unreal – which is anything, any aspect of an entity that is not completely in alignment with Love. Your egos are a vast, imaginary field of seemingly individual needs, wants, and desires that extremely frequently conflict with each other and display this disunity in arguments, disagreements, and war. You can see this all around you, and it is continuously demonstrated throughout your human history. …
That is why we are constantly telling you that Love is the answer to every problem. (5)

I: I find it hard to love some people.
J: Love is all-inclusive. If you exclude anyone, and that most definitely includes yourselves, it is but an imitation, a pretence of Love. When you are having difficulty with self-acceptance and with letting go of self-judgment, remind yourselves that God loves you unconditionally in every moment, and if that is the case, as it most certainly is, then you have absolutely no valid reason for not accepting yourselves just as you are: perfect children of God.
If you still have difficulty, then remind yourselves of occasions when your own children misbehaved and you lovingly forgave them, and then open to the realization that God is infinitely more loving and forgiving than you, as humans, can ever be! (6)

You all are Love, even though you have difficulty in recognizing this. Therefore, by responding lovingly in every situation, the lessons presented will be far more easily learned. You know you are learning and evolving spiritually when you can deal with the majority of events and situations presented to you with equanimity. Peaceful acceptance, instead of angry resentment of unfavorable or unpleasant events in which you are involved, demonstrates clearly to you that you are on your holy path to awakening.

When you are in peaceful acceptance of whatever comes your way, you have the power and the desire to offer only Love, and by doing so you further your spiritual evolution and also that of any others involved. That is what you incarnated to do, so be glad that the opportunities you require for growth keep happening, allowing you to evolve and therefore remember who you truly are. And that is something I do not need to spell out for you again, because you absolutely know it. (7)

I: All of you who attend us have certainly been patient with us.
J: We, your guides, mentors, and angels in the spiritual realms, have been with you through all your Earth lives – and some of you have certainly had many – offering and providing assistance whenever you asked for it. Now we are rejoicing as we observe you moving forcefully and powerfully into and melding with the Divine field of Love within which all of creation enjoys eternal existence.

It always has enveloped you because absolutely everything is contained within it – there is nowhere else. But, you have free will, and Love never imposes, forces, or directs. It waits patiently, until those who have chosen to ignore or deny It change their minds. Then Its loving embrace enfolds them with utter joy.
The choice to deny or ignore Love is always a very temporary state of affairs, because the insanity of denying or ignoring Reality cannot be maintained for more than a moment. However, while that state is held – and it is totally illusory – it can seem to last forever. (8)

All quotes are taken from the First Contact wiki, managed by Brian R., here:

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