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Transcript – John Smallman on The Light Agenda Part 1/2

Posted by Stephen Cook

Here is Part 1 of my interview with John Smallman, channeller of Jesus and Saul, from The Light Agenda on July 25. Part 2 tomorrow. Again, big thanks to Ellen for transcribing.

You can listen to the full interview here:

Stephen Cook: Hello, and welcome back to the Light Agenda. This is Stephen Cook, and hot on the heels of my amazing chat with the love-filled, 82-year-old Suzy Star last week, I’m delighted to say my guest today is a man who has a direct connection to two, incredible Ascended Masters.

Their names are Saul and Jesus, and his name is John Smallman. And today’ you’re going to be hearing from John about his very own light agenda. But first, let me tell you a little bit about John Smallman.  John was born in England — hence, his accent, I might add — and he now lives in the United States where, after almost 20 years of living there, he has finally received his US citizenship, earlier this year.

John stumbled into channeling quite by accident and only set up his first blog,, in 2009, which I found quite remarkable. And, since then he has brought us all much assistance as we return to full consciousness with his twice-weekly channeled messages from Saul – who, I might add, nagged him into writing a book; and also, more recently, his weekly messages from Jesus.

Now, John is an intensely private man. By his own admission, he does not seek the limelight. So, I am really delighted to welcome him to The Light Agenda today, and for being so brave as to come and chat with us all.

John Smallman, welcome.

John Smallman: Thank you, Stephen, and good evening.

SC: Your first real venture into the spiritual realms occurred in 1978, when you first read the book Seth Speaks by channeller Jane Roberts. Can you tell me about that first intro and why you suddenly picked up that book?

JS: Yeah. It was kind of interesting. I was at my parents-in-law’s house over a weekend, I think it was, and a friend of theirs brought this book in for my mother-in-law to read. And my mother-in-law tried it a bit, wasn’t interested, passed it on to my wife Eugenie, and it was just lying around. And I thought, ‘what is this? Seems kind of strange’. I picked it up and started to read it, and I was just captivated.
Seth spoke so wisely, from a spiritual point of view, and he seemed to be so accepting and so wise. And everything he said resonated with me. It was just fantastic. And as a result of that, I went out and bought all the books as they got published, and read all of them.
I can’t remember much about them now, because my memory is not that good on books. I remember what I’ve read, and if somebody talks about it, it’ll come to me, but if you ask me to, say, “What did you learn from that book?” I have no idea.

SC: But it was also how it made you feel at the time.

JS: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. It was a very nice confirmation that my belief in a loving, spiritual God was there for all of us – having had a Catholic upbringing where I was told basically that I was a bad sinner and I’d be damned lucky if I went to heaven.

SC: [laugh] Well, we’re going to talk about that Catholic upbringing in a little while. But after the Seth books, you then found the Theosophical — is that the correct pronunciation? — Bookshop …

JS: I think so.

SC: In New York? Yeah? … And you found the works of Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, Joan Borysenko. And that really ignited your interest in reading about spiritual life and about spiritual life.

JS: Yeah. Deepak Chopra was great. I think his first book was Quantum Healing, and it really resonated for me. And again, I don’t remember very much about it, but at the time I thought it was great. And Bernie Siegel… with his sort of very spiritual, loving attitude to patients who were dying of cancer and in dire straits, basically.
And it was lovely to hear of people like that out there, who were so concerned for people and for the suffering they were going through. One’s most experience was, you know, you see someone suffering, you say, “Oh, dear. I’m sorry to hear that.” And that’s it. And these guys were so into helping and listening and encouraging. It was, you know, quite a new idea for me.

SC: Now, the other really interesting book for you, at that time, was Helen Schucman’s A Course in Miracles, which of course Marianne Williamson now talks about. But Helen was the original writer of that book.

JS: Yeah. Fascinating woman. In the mid ’60s, Jesus started to talk to her in her mind, and she was kind of taken aback. And he said, “Please take notes.” And so she started taking notes of what he told her, and over about seven years, the book A Course in Miracles was created.

SC: Aahah… And what effect did it have on you in 1986?

JS: It had very little. I read the introduction where they talk about Helen’s first getting introduced to Jesus. I mean, psychotherapists talking to Jesus? Hey!


And it was just, wherever I read it, the words just made so much sense. And I just felt I had to have the book, as I say. But then, picking it up was never the right time, until 2003, and found there was a local group meeting and discussing it. That’s when I really got into it.

(Rest of interview can be read at the address below...)
by Stephen Cook
The Light Agenda


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