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Big governments are in a massive state of disintegration


Truly wonderful things are happening all across the planet as the moment for Awakening approaches.  Many of you can sense the energies of change that are infiltrating the mass consciousness and leading you forward into the loving embrace of the Divine energy field now enveloping Earth and all the life forms that She supports.  You have only to relax and allow that energy to infuse you as you immerse yourselves in its soothing balm.  Doing so dramatically alters your individual energy fields, bringing them more and more into harmony with the Divine One.  Harmony is spreading across the planet in a wave of peace and compassion, softening hearts that had become ever hard and so impenetrable from eons of conflict, betrayal, and intense suffering.

This softening brings with it Light, openness, and a willingness to listen, hear, understand, and cooperate with others who profess philosophies, cultures, ethnicities, and values that differ from your own.  It gives you the interest and the motivation to look for meeting-points within them, where you can communicate meaningfully and share your experiences for the benefit of all.  This ability to communicate with people of different races, nations, cultures, and religious beliefs is of course very recent, but it is being grasped most enthusiastically all over the world.  And the resulting communications are showing you that people everywhere have the same basic needs and desires – they do not want war! – and that mostly your politicians have a totally different perspective on what is important.

This growing flow of information is guiding people to dismiss as irrelevant much of what politicians are talking about, and energizing them to put pressure on their politicians to attend to the issues affecting those who elected them to office and that they wish to have resolved.  And it is apparent that the majority of politicians have no real interest in engaging meaningfully with their constituents on these matters, and when interviewed or questioned, they do their best to dissemble and evade.

The world of politics is in the process of enormous change, as voters, disenchanted with their representatives’ refusal to represent them, start to communicate with one another to resolve issues, leaving those elected officials confused and frightened as they realize that the times of smiling and collecting donations is rapidly coming to an end.  Governments have --for a long time been-- perceived as regulatory institutions, with the power and resources to build, organize, and control the civil and military establishments assumed to be essential for the smooth running of countries, and to ensure that people can live together in peace and safety.  That perception has now changed – drastically!

In the newly arrived age of instant communication and information transfer, it is no longer possible for those in positions of power and authority to operate with impunity as they take decisions that affect everyone but benefit only a very few. Big governments, and the resultant wastage and corruption that they cause, are in a massive state of disintegration and collapse.  Accountability is being demanded, and because of the explosion in the Disclosures of secret government and corporate documentation (which previously had prevented you from knowing what was truly occurring behind-the-scenes) this will no longer be avoided.

Many of you are well aware that there is no need or excuse for poverty, starvation, or lack of education and health-care anywhere in the modern world. The only reason that these problems are still present is because of the greed and corruption of the few who have taken it on themselves to control and exploit the planet and the majority of its people for their own personal aggrandizement and glorification.

As you are frequently informed by channeled sources, Love is flooding the planet on a scale never before seen.  This is partly because so many of you have called on your Father/Mother/God for assistance in these extraordinary times, in which you wrestle with the dichotomy presented by advanced technologies powerful and efficient enough to provide easily for all your needs, or conversely, to destroy the environment in which you live, apparently, so precariously.  But mainly you are being swamped by waves of Love because the time divinely ordained for humanity to Awaken is at hand.

This divine Love field is bursting open the hearts of humanity and sweeping away the fears and anxieties that have seemingly ruled your behavior for eons.  You are coming rapidly to the realization that the only way to peace, harmony, and abundance for all is by way of forgiveness of all crimes, delinquency, and wrongdoing; And by replacing judgment, blame, and punishment with unconditional love.  All unloving attitudes and behaviors grow from fear, suffering, and a sense of being alone against all others — fighting, in fact, for your very survival.

The flow of divine Love is gently washing away fear and encouraging you all to love indiscriminately and unconditionally all of humanity: Your brothers and sisters, your neighbors, and your neighbors living across the way on different continents.  Those who resist strongly and try to continue causing strife and mayhem will be gently contained in the Divine embrace so that their unlovingness can no longer hurt anyone. Remember: Every time you feel the need to protect yourselves ...instead offer only love, regardless of the situations in which you find yourselves.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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