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Ascension – “What If?”

According to Archangel Michael, many of us have “what if” fears around Ascension. What if Ascension is postponed, what if our loved ones don’t come with us, what if…. our questions go on. In my last reading with him on Aug. 17, he asked:
“Talk about this concern and fear that many are feeling about the ‘what if’ around Ascension. Because … it is lurking in the shadows. …
“What we are talking about is people’s fears. Their fear of ‘what if.’ There is no ‘what if.’ But the fear of ‘what if.’ … What if somehow this is all a cosmic joke. … It is not that we do not appreciate jokes. We love jokes. And our idea of a joke may be very different from yours. But it would never be a joke to hurt so many. “ (1)
So, let’s try to address some common “what if’s.”

Question: Is there any chance that ascension would be postponed from the given time of Dec. 21, 2012 or before?
Archangel Michael: This is the Mother’s Plan. It is not our plan. It is not your plan. Yes, we are the fulfillment of that plan. But there is no plan for postponement or delay. (2)

Question: Is there any possibility that I will be in the wrong place at the wrong time for Ascension?
SaLuSa: Be assured that you will all be in the right place for the end times, and follow your prompting if you feel a strong urge to re-locate yourself. At such times it is quite likely that you will feel a desire to be close to your family, and if so follow it through if you can. (3)

Question: Will families ascend together?
SaLuSa: Many families will ascend together although it will not apply to everyone, as there must be allowance made for each soul’s freewill choice. Bear in mind we are referring to groups of different souls, that come together for the purpose of furthering their evolution.
There will always be comings and goings within them, and very few souls will stay permanently for life after life. Be pleased for all those contacts you have made whether they were brief or otherwise, as they were intended as part of your experience, and each valuable in their own way. (4)

Question: Will the family’s pets ascend and ascend with the family?
Matthew Ward: Earth’s animal and plant life automatically will go along with the planet and as she ascends, the animal kingdom once again will become peaceable. (5)
The innocence of her animal souls automatically lets them journey with [Gaia]. (6)
Animals who are loved and cared for automatically will travel along with their families. (7)

Question: I’m having issues with members of my family. Must I stay with them?
SaLuSa: There is no time like the present to review your relationships with friends or family. Often when you incarnate you are placed with souls you have known in previous lives, and it is for the reason that you are likely to have issues between you that need facing again.
Because there is a block between you it carries forward to each life until it is resolved. When you are placed together again in a family you do not know why, but you may have antagonism for each other. Because family members are expected to try and get on with each other, it would be hoped that differences could be more easily overcome. However, that is not always the case and they can become worse.
So if you recognise yourself as being in such a situation, realise how it has come about and make a move to repair the damage to your relationship. Sometimes the hardest part is being able to forgive and it is not a sign of weakness on your part. Be the first one to offer the olive branch and it will release the negative emotions that you hold within.
It will be better to have addressed the problem now rather than let it fester and remain with you. Those who hold on to the idea that they are the victim, should understand that karma is the outworking of problems between two people and both are equally involved. (8)
Matthew Ward: You are your first responsibility. This is not selfishness or egotism, nor is it lack of love and caring for others. It is that only you can make decisions that are in line with your instincts and intuition, your soul’s guidance to your consciousness that nudges you into avenues that in your soul contract you chose to experience during this lifetime. This may include changes in relationships, employment, location, group affiliation or other interests and activities. (9)

Question: What if a loved one does not want to ascend?
SaLuSa: All is planned to ensure that as many souls as possible are ready to ascend. However no pressure whatsoever is placed upon those who choose to remain in the third dimension, but to continue that experience they will move elsewhere.
Neither is it considered a failure not to have reached Ascension, as you have infinite life and absolute freedom to take as long as you wish in the lower vibrations. Eventually every soul will rise up, as it is impossible to continue resisting the higher vibrations for any great length of time. (10)

Question: What can we tell young children whose parents choose to die rather than change their religious beliefs, and who will care for all the children who are orphaned?
Matthew Ward: Many whose religious or scientific beliefs are the foundation of their lives will choose to depart rather than accept the forthcoming truths that differ profoundly from what they were taught. (11)
The choice about when to leave this lifetime is made at soul level in original or amended contracts, and no one knows even his own contract, much less anyone else’s. All you can know about someone’s death is that the cause was a vehicle crash, for example, or cancer, heart failure, aneurism or any other medical diagnosis. So it is foolhardy to think, much less assume, that religiously-devout people who die when their children are young chose to do that rather alter their beliefs.
Overt devotion to religion is not the same as what is in one’s heart and mind. Persons you may think never would believe anything that conflicts with teachings of their church may be listening to soul-level messages; conversely, some of the darkest individuals among you attend church services or even hold high offices. …
If both parents die, their children will be cared for by the same family members, friends or legal guardians who would step in just as happens now. With consciousness increasing just as vibratory levels are, children are much more aware and resilient than you may think, and when telepathic connections open, they and their parents may discuss whatever they wish. (12)

Question: Will many be departing at this time?
The Arcturian Group: Many are choosing to leave at this time. Do not mourn them, but wish them well in their journey back home, for each and every one of you has been given the choice of staying or leaving for the dimensional shift. You know there is no death, no reason to sink into fear and sadness for those choosing to leave for they are simply moving to another place. Those on the other side can always hear you. Send them love and light, but do not consistently engage them, for that serves to hold them in bondage to the earth and the energy they have chosen to leave. It holds them back from proceeding with their own journey.
If someone leaves you with unfinished business, it is appropriate for you to remove any energetic cords, forgive if needed, send love, and consider the issue closed. Unfinished business involving forgiveness can often hold the loved one back because they need closure as much as those left behind. Closure is always possible whether both are in body or not. (13)

Question: What allows a person to ascend?
Matthew Ward: It is the light within a body that transforms its carbon-based cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables the body to live in the high vibrations of energy planes beyond third density. (14)
SaLuSa: Only those of you who have lifted your vibrations sufficiently, will be able to join those energies. Thereby lies the outworking of a truth, that only those of the Light can exist in the new dimension. (15)

Question: Must I at least know a great deal about Ascension to ascend?
SaLuSa: It is not even necessary to be fully enlightened about Ascension to ascend, but simply to be of good intent and live the love that is inside your heart for all life forms. (16)

Question: What is the situation of those who awaken at this late date?
SaLuSa: For some souls who have only just awakened, their reality has been shattered. And for a while, they will cling to what they believed to be the truth.
It is important that they realize that the coming changes are not to be feared. Also, that it is not too late to alter their pattern of thinking to allow their consciousness levels to be lifted and place themselves on the path to Ascension. (17)

BY Steve Beckow


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