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Wes Annac Looks at Discernment, Usefulness and Disclosure Dates


I Would Like to Retract my Previous Message About August 4th

I would like to retract my previous message about August 4th and the falsity of channelings coming out which are claiming this date to absolutely be disclosure day. I still stand by the core beliefs expressed in that message, though after writing it I noted the shell, the box I had squeezed myself into whenever writing it.

We’ve taken to such dualistic, separate mindsets as a culture and as Lightworkers, especially in relation to disclosure. Because of the sheer monumental importance of this event, we have taken to a collective mindset of ‘yes’ or ‘no’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and I strongly felt myself playing into that mindset with the writing of my previous message.

I stand by my belief that issuing concrete dates for disclosure can only hurt the collective. I am still wary about the intents of the Pleiadian channel Micah, because of his most recent message and because of previous ones. I accept that these are my feelings entirely, and should not be passed off and expressed as concrete fact, because I don’t know of his intents. And neither do you. The only one who truly knows the intents of this channel [Micah] is the channel himself.

However, I felt myself feeding the outdated, dualistic mindset of right or wrong as well as nearly denouncing the manifestation of a decloaking during the Olympics.

Even just writing those last few words made me feel tired and depleted, and I think it is clear that I am being led to detach entirely from this subject. As I have always expressed, I feel that we could and can manifest a spectacular decloaking, during the Olympics or sometime after. We truly do have the collective power to manifest this, and the Galactics and Ascended Masters seem increasingly ready as of late to ‘get off the ground’ with everything.

I feel that messages, including mine, with titles like ‘August 4th is not disclosure day’ can be a bit disheartening to certain individuals who have been working to manifest this coming about and who may feel that the issuance of such a down-putting message may hinder the work they could have been doing to manifest this.

I do not think that we should hang ourselves up on the date of August 4th and I accept that no matter how hard I may try to prevent what I see is damage being done to the Lightworker collective, messages are going to come out that make predictions which get everybody amped up and excited, whether the messages are coming through a cabal entity or through an honest channeler who is simply trying to assist with our ascension in, what to me is a bit of a misaligned manner [giving dates in their channels].

I understand and accept that people who have not yet gotten the ‘message’ that it is more important to focus on our immediate ascension than on dates, will be disappointed and upset and those certain few individuals working for the cabal will take advantage of such disappointment to attempt to steer us away from Galactic and channeled messages.

I may see all of this happening on the 4th and 5th if manifestation efforts do not prove helpful enough, and it may be disappointing and disheartening to see the onslaught of criticism that can be aimed at anybody who supports this movement. I may even see formerly dedicated Lightworkers throw in the towel and say, “that’s it. I’m done. Enough with channels and predictions…”etc.

I may see this and it may hurt for a minute. I may wish that I employed my ‘warrior’ spirit and done all that I could to stop it. But eventually, the pain, sorrow and hindsight will heal and be transmuted. Those who may be vastly disappointed if nothing happens on what to me is a misrepresented date, may choose another path than those of receiving and believing in channeled Guidance. Even so, that person will be ascending, and so will I. And so will you, if you make the true and tried effort.

I used to take to a warrior mindset and defend my channelings and those of fellow channelers who I resonate with, and then I stopped and looked at why. The way I see it, all of us who are becoming aware of ascension and who make the honest effort, are going to ascend. You are going to ascend whether you read a message through me, Mike Quinsey, Sheldan Nidle, Tom Kenyon or any other source that I personally feel is credible.

Some appreciate and integrate the advice and energies given within channeled communications. They find such energies and guidance very helpful along their Life Paths, yet know the importance of not fully and completely absorbing themselves into the messages they read, and know the importance of turning within for all aspects of Divinity.

There are some who do not accept the validity of channeled messages and who will instead turn toward different directions on their Life Paths. For some, this turn in direction may ultimately be caused by messages like Micah’s, or similar messages making predictions that serve to gear up the collective and turn this awakened Earth experience into an interesting rodeo of opinion.

I guess what I’m saying, is that I’m ready to lay down my warrior mindset and detach. I give what I give to help you to ascend, and giving this work is about all that I need to do. I do not need to argue my case on any particular issue as no matter what, you and I will be ascending if we show the effort.

Upon sitting down after writing my previous message and after doing some chores, I asked our Galactic brethren if what I had done would be ‘right’ or helpful. I expressed that my only intent was to assist, and not to put down the possibility [and it is only a possibility] of disclosure on or around August 4th. The subtle impressions that I received went along the lines of – this event’s manifestation is a possibility and is not set in stone, but we are monitoring collective reactions to the discussions of this event in an effort to determine if it is a good idea.

Please know that the above is not channeled text. It is a recall of impressions I received earlier. Upon receiving such impressions, I then thought about my message and the impact that even just the title could have on our manifestation efforts. If looked at in a certain context, it could be said that I was now inhibiting something that I very much wanted to happen. This, dear friends, is when detachment and the writing of my final message on the subject became needed.

Seeing the discussions of this event as well can always be disheartening as in my personal opinion, much misunderstanding is being garnered and we are once again forcing ourselves, as a collective and as individuals, into those polar, dualistic mindsets that we are attempting to grow out of. I was as well forcing myself into this mindset with the issuing of my previous message.

So, that’s my take. With the writing of this final message I am now to detach completely from the 4th and all of the discussion surrounding the 4th, and work on my own personal ascension, my spiritual-based work that benefits some and not others, and my own personal efforts to manifest a decloaking on or around the 4th. If it doesn’t happen, I won’t be disappointed because my personal evolution is delivering a sense of calmness, wholeness and completeness that I’d been missing for so long.

I felt this completeness diminish a little whenever allowing myself to play into duality about this subject.

You’re a tricky one duality, but I thank you for your lessons and no longer wish to feed you.

Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC [but hey, you don’t have to believe it.]

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